Divorce Lawyer in Love Episode 8 Recap

Our couple gets around obstacles to have a truthful moment where they finally connect.

dll_ep7_18bOur leading man, So Jung Woo (Yeon Woo Jin) and our leading lady, Ko Cheok Hee (Cho Yeo Jeong) have a sweet moment when she reveals the necktie she bought for his first trial. She states she didn’t want to upset his girlfriend Soo Ah with her competing necktie. Jung Woo clarifies that he is not dating Soo Ah. He asks that she put it on him. They are physically drawn to each other as she puts the necktie on him.  Jung Woo admits the necktie has given him the courage to admit the truth. He tells her the last thing he said in the subway…was her name.

dll_ep8_1aSoo Ah interrupts the moment. She stares at their obvious closeness. She sees her blue tie in his hand. She crumbles Cheok Hee’s business card and to hide the truth that Cheok Hee is the mystery “mint candy” woman that saved Jung Woo and others in the subway accident. She asks Jung Woo to take her home.

dll_ep8_1b dll_ep8_1cAs they walk away Cheok Hee calls to Jung Woo. He returns to her and asks her for dinner the next evening. They sweetly smile at each other. Nice!

As Jung Woo drive Soo Ah home, she decides lying to get Jung Woo is acceptable. She tosses the Cheok Hee’s business card out the window.

The next morning both Jung Woo and Cheok Hee have a spring in their step as they go to work. Cute! Love that Jung Woo chose Cheok Hee’s red tie to wear.  Love that Cheok Hee bought Jung Woo’s favorite book so she could share his love of it.

dll_ep8_2b dll_ep8_2aThey smile sweetly at each other in the office with knowing glances about their dinner date that evening.

dll_ep8_3b dll_ep8_3aCheok Hee tells Min Gyu that their fake dating relationship must end. She likes Jung Woo and is ready to admit this to him. Min Gyu asks her to only reveal she likes Jung Woo after Jung Woo admits it first. Puzzled she agrees. Hmm, is Min Gyu planning something?

Cheok Hee does not know that Jung Woo hates watching her with Min Gyu. His jealousy flares when others suggest Cheok Hee and Min Hyu are a good match.

dll_ep8_4The next divorce case is underway. Jung Woo’s client is the wife. She has been ill for years. Her husband is suing for divorce and custody of their daughter. He stopped paying the hospital bill 5 years ago. He has a new woman and wants to move on. Sounds like a case of abandonment to me.

Much to Jung Woo’s dismay, Min Gyu’s father is the husband’s lawyer. Yikes, he is going against the experience of one of the most powerful lawyers in town.

Jung Woo takes his client’s mother to talk to the husband. The husband disavows knowing his mother in law. He refuses to drop the petition for divorce. His wife is not a wife to him. He wants to move on.

Jung Woo is racked with guilt remembering his client’s mother impassioned words that a person that steals people is horrible. Believing Cheok Hee to be dating Min Gyu, Jung Woo sees himself willing to steal another man’s woman. His ardor for Cheok Hee cools because of that guilt. Kinda of a weak plot point, but there is it.

dll_ep8_5Because of Jung Woo’s guilt, his dinner with Cheok Hee is stilted. After dinner, she waits for him to tell her he likes her but the words do not come. Visibly disappointed Cheok Hee leaves.

When she returns home, Min Gyu is waiting outside hoping that the dinner did not go well. He is pleased to learn of the schism between Cheok Hee and Jung Woo.

dll_ep8_6b dll_ep8_6aSoo Ah is determine to drive a wedge between Cheok Hee and Jung Woo. To that end, she asks Jung Woo to join her as she opens her own law practice. Jung Woo admits he wants to put distance between himself and “someone” at his firm. He tells Soo Ah once he’s done with the current case, he’ll consider joining her.

Soo Ah lies to Jung Woo she found the mystery “mint candy” woman that saved Jung Woo and others in the subway accident…but she’s dead. Jung Woo asks that Soo Ah get permission from the family so he can visit the grave. Soo Ah agrees wondering how she’ll get out of the mess her lie created.

The next day at work Jung Woo hurts Cheok Hee’s feeling when he tells her to stay out his current divorce case. He “needs distance from her”. She is stymied by his reversal of feelings.

dll_ep8_7Cheok Hee recommends that Jung Woo utilize Min Gyu’s insights into his father’s tactics. Clinging to his pride, Jung Woo refuses the help, electing to handle the case solo. They say pride goes before a fall…

That night Cheok Hee thinks maybe the financial aspect of the divorce should be investigated. If only Jung Woo would listen to her advice.

dll_ep8_8The next day at court, Jung Woo’s case is weak and he is trounced in court by Min Hyu’s father. It was cute before the trial when Jung Woo likened himself to a local bakery that produces better products than the bigger grocery stores. After the trial Min Gyu’s father comment that the big bakery won that round.

Jung Woo pulls an all nighter at work. When the team comes into work the next morning he gather them, including Cheok Hee, and apologizes for going solo on the case. He assigns all of them task to crack the case. But nothing comes to fruition. The next court day looms and Jung Woo has nothing.

dll_ep8_9b dll_ep8_9aMin Gyu’s finance, Ah Jung, arrives in Korea. He asks her to end the engagement. She refuses.

dll_ep8_10adll_ep8_10bdll_ep8_10cWhen Min Gyu’s finance shows up at work, Cheok Hee hides herself. Jung Woo is stunned to meet Ah Jung. He can’t believe Cheok Hee is dating a man with a finance. She tries to explain that she’s not really dating Min Gyu, but Jung Woo cuts her off declaring her a woman having an affair. He declares he can’t stand the sight of her. Ouch! Another misunderstanding thwarts our couple.

dll_ep8_11aAt home, Cheok Hee cries. Her father asks what is wrong. Cheok Hee pours out her heart. There is man a work she likes. She pretended to date another man because she thought the man she liked was in a relationship. She even memorized the man’s favorite book to have a common like between them. Now that man believes she is a bad person for dating a man with a finance. Her father tells her to face it head on. Cheok Hee agrees. She declares she is going to find the man and tell him “the truth is, the person I like is you.” She sweeps out of the apartment leaving her cell phone and copy of Jung Woo’s favorite book in view.

dll_ep8_12bDriving home, Jung Woo cringes remembering his harsh words to Cheok Hee. He goes to her apartment and find her father alone. Her father shares the Cheok Hee told him she likes a man at the law firm. Jung Woo thinks it Min Gyu and confirms he knows this. But when her father tells him Cheok Hee was crying over this man, she pretended to date another guy, and memorized the man’s favorite book. He shows Jung Woo the book. Finally Jung Woo realizes Cheok Hee likes him, not Min Gyu. He sees he misjudged her and was unfairly harsh. He dashes off to find her.

Unfortunately they miss each other that night. Neither of them able to confess to each other.

dll_ep8_13b dll_ep8_13aThe next day, Jung Woo is struggling with he strategy for the trial when he sees irregularities in the husband’s finances.  He calls the wife in her hospital room to ask questions about his suspicions. The wife is clueless about her husband’s unexplained money. Cheok Hee is vising the wife and realizes at the same time as Jung Woo that the husband must have sued and settled with the hospital. She grabs the phone and tells him at the same time he tells her.  She tells him she’ll go the administration office and secure proof of the settlement, he must stall in court.

dll_ep8_14In the courtroom the judge asks Jung Woo if he has new evidence. Jung Woo is helpless. Cheok Hee runs into the courtroom and provides Jung Woo the settlement documents. Jung Woo turns the trial upside down when he reveals the husband had a secret settlement with the hospital. He further notes that the husband abandoned his wife emotionally and financially when he took the money without her knowledge then cruelly forced her to take on the hospital debt. Min Gyu’s father is blindsided by the reveal. Why you’d want to stay married to that loser is a head shaker but the wife wants it to maintain the lifestyle and custody for their daughter.

In the empty courtroom, Jung Woo thanks Cheok Hee for her efforts that saved the day. She demurs saying he realized the issue, she merely got the documents to support him.

dll_ep8_15b dll_ep8_15aHe seats Cheok Hee at the witness table. He asks her to swear to the tell the truth. She is flustered.

dll_ep8_16bdll_ep8_16adll_ep8_16cJung Woo asks Cheok Hee if she likes him. She tries to evade answering but he will not allow it. She admits she likes him.

dll_ep8_16dJung Woo kisses Cheok Hee. Nice!

dll_ep8_16eCheok Hee kisses Jung Woo back. Nice!

Final Thoughts
* This episode was the breakthrough moment for our couple. Jung Woo and Cheok Hee finally realize they are both available and interested. I liked Jung Woo’s cross examination of Cheok Hee about her feelings for him. This show has a cookbook feel about it but what it executes well, it executes well.
* In the opening scene the stylist appeared to put Cheok Hee and Soo Ah in the same pair of shorts but different colors. The stylist has a fondness for business shorts. Both laides have good legs, so they make it work.  The stylist’s staples for this show – skinny jeans, circle skirts and business shorts.

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