Divorce Lawyer in Love Episode 15 Recap

Our leading man surprises our leading lady with a plan for the future. What was her reaction?

Our leading man, So Jung Woo (Yeon Woo Jin) arrives to stop his  love from committing to another man. Our leading lady, Ko Cheok Hee (Cho Yeo Jeong) has rejected the other man and is surprised to see him. She looks at him steadily.
JW: I can’t forget you.
CH: I can’t either.
JW: Let’s just love each other.
CH: And if it’s hard?
JW: Then it is hard.
CH: And if it hurts?
JW: Then let’s hurt. If it is painful, it is painful, It is sad, it is sad.
CH:  Let’s just love each other.

They kiss, reunited with a realization they will work through life’s challenges together.

The next day Cheok Hee is cleaning her new office and Jung Woo stops by. Cheok Hee comments that nothing has changed. His mother still hates her. Jung Woo believes that his mothers negative feelings will fade with time. Cute interchange when his new office gift options (choose 1, 2, or 3) are all kisses.

Bong Min Gyu (Shim Hyung Tak) decides to throw away the 10 engagement rings that Cheok Hee rejected. This guy throws away money like crazy! Cheok Hee cannot believe he is really going to throw away the rings. Once he puts them in the recycle bin (LOL – recycle or garbage bin?, LOL – he hates getting refunds because it bums out the store employees), Cheok Hee retrieves the rings.

Cute when Cheok Hee texts Lee Gyeong about a job and he ditches the law firm to take the offer. The horror, complete with Chucky sounds, when Cheok Hee turns around in her chair to reveal she was the new employer was cute. This show does moments like that well.

dll_ep15_3b dll_ep15_3a
Min Gyu learns the law office is being leased. He’ll lose it. He knows this is his father’s reaction to breaking the engagement to former finance, Ah Jung, also angering her mother, Ma Dong Mi, now putting financial payback demands on his father. Namely give back the new building on the land that was a wedding gift. Min Gyu goes to his father and asks for latitude. No, is his father’s answer.

dll_ep15_4b dll_ep15_4a
Cute pantomime in the park between Jung Woo and Cheok Hee. They are talking to each other to keep client confidences. They can turn on the cute in this show.

dll_ep15_5b dll_ep15_5a
Min Gyu goes to Dong Mi and asks for latitude. She appreciates that he’s apologized and asked to make it right. But those words are not sufficient she tells him. You have to figure out how to resolve this mess you created. Frankly, I cannot fault her. It is good advice. You make a mess, you clean it up.

dll_ep15_6adll_ep15_6b dll_ep15_6c
Jo Soo Ah (Wang Ji Won) makes Jung Woo’s mother her favorite soup for her birthday. Cheok Hee has given Jung Woo a hair clip she purchased for his mother while shopping with surly sister, Ko Mi Hee. Jung Woo’s mother loves the hair clip…until Jung Woo tells her it is from Cheok Hee. Jung Woo’s mother is written in a rigid manner and therefore not as likable due to her hard stance against Cheok Hee.

Soo Ah tells Min Gyu Cheok Hee is dating Jung Woo. That hurts his heart. Soo Ah admits to Min Gyu that she’s lied to Jung Woo. Good friend that he is, Min Gyu tell her to take responsibility for her actions. Hmmm, sounds like he’s learning from his own actions. I like it!

dll_ep15_9b dll_ep15_9a
Jung Woo stuns Cheok Hee when he suggest they get married. Ok, that surprises me too! Cheok Hee doesn’t want to marry. She sees couples divorcing every day. She doesn’t want to join them. Jung Woo keeps a positive attitude. He vows to help Cheok Hee see that marriage is a blessing.

Everyone learns that Han Mi Ri is going to marry long time co-worker (and we know lover). Dong Mi is upset to hear the news. Cheok Hee sees the news too. When she hears that Mi Ri will adopt a child, a child Jung Woo recognizes from kicking ball when she went to snoop around Mi Ri’s fiance’s house, the pieces fall together. The first part of the video. The child is Mi Ri’s. She believes that Mi Ri had an affair and a child while she was married.

Divorce case in a nutshell:
Former coworker Yoo Hye Rin is the next divorce case. Her mother-in-law plasters the apartment with nagging post it notes. She hires Cheok Hee. The husband hires Jung Woo. To preserve client confidentiality Jung Woo and Cheok Hee agree not to talk to each other until the case is done. The husband and wife move out of his mother’s home but she plasters their new place with post it notes. In court the wife states though her husband loves her, he does not protect her from his mother’s disapproval. This is clearly shown to the court when the mother-in-law enters the court and slaps her for daring to divorce her son. Stunned into clarity, the husband agrees to the divorce. LOL when Cheok Hee tells Yoo Hye Rin that the contract she signed for her expertise included the cost deducted from her paycheck. Cheok Hee has now assembled the same team (minus Jung Woo, don’t worry he’ll be there by the end of the series) that we saw in the initial episode.

Final Thoughts
* Our cute couple faced each other in court for the first time.  I appreciated that they put their client’s interest first. Not speaking to each other was a bit silly, but that’s what this show does well. I embrace it.
* Min Gyu realized his choices have consequences. Min Gyu is charming and likable. His character faced the facts, breaking an engagement that was based in business between two families has consequences. What he’ll do to resolve it, I don’t know. I like that he was told and concurred he made the mess, he must clean it up.
* Cheok Hee and Jung Woo are they long term?. I must admit Jung Woo’s suggestion of marriage surprised me. Cheok Hee’s reticence makes sense. Thinking about it, they are a good fit, they are mature, why not?
* Only 3 episodes to go. What’s left? Mom is an obstacle. The identify of the mint candy lady has yet to be revealed. Soo Ah’s lying about the mint candy woman has yet to be revealed. And Cheok Hee must get the goods on Han Mi Ri and restore her honor with Ma Dong Mi. Is Cheok Hee’s learning that Mi Ri has a child the key finally getting the advantage on Mi Ri?

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