Divorce Lawyer in Love Episode 17 Recap

Our leading lady – Cheok Hee – is the modern mix of smart, sassy, tender, and pragmatic – I like her! Best episode of the series…and it is the first of 2 extension episodes!

Our leading lady, Ko Cheok Hee (Cho Yeo Jeong) and our leading man, So Jung Woo (Yeon Woo Jin) know that she saved him in the 2008 subway accident. Cheok Hee further stuns him when she says “You wanted to get married right? Let’s give it a try. Let’s live together.”

dll_ep16_1b dll_ep16_1a
Pragmatic and supportive Cheok Hee takes Jung Woo to the subway, to help him conquer his fear which has rendered the subway system a terrifying mode of transportation every since the accident. To calm himself while walking to the subway, they both recite their favorite things.
* Jung Woo’s list – Nanjoon’s Diary, rolled omelette, animal farm, etc.
* Cheok Hee’s list – Seasoned chicken, osobusco, black out curtains, etc.
She gently leads him to the platform. Jung Woo does NOT want to get on the subway. He does but suffers a panic attack during the ride. She helps him without embarrassment from all the staring people. She declares tomorrow they will travel 2 stops.

dll_ep16_2b dll_ep16_2a
At her apartment door, Jung Woo declares he doesn’t want to leave but he’ll be patient until they marry. He wants to start planning the wedding tomorrow. Cheok Hee tells him she does not know the details but he should see Soo Ah as she told her about the subway connect they share. Awesome that she is matter of fact and not accusatory of Soo Ah in any way.

The next day in the subway, Jung Woo asks Cheok Hee, shouldn’t they tell his mother that she saved his life years ago? That would guarantee his mother’s support. Pragmatic Cheok Hee says their subway encounter, when he worked for her, when she worked for him, etc. it isn’t fate…it is coincidence. She reasons that because they met and met again by chance, they will work harder to stay together. She doesn’t want to rely on the fate/destiny line of thinking. She wants his mother to accept her when she is ready, not because of fate. I find this refreshing, so many kdramas use fate and destiny as reasons for couples to exist.

dll_ep16_4b dll_ep16_4a
Cheok Hee and her staff, Hye Ri and Lee Gyeong, start checking into Han Mi Ri  and Joo Wo Sang. They find out the house is being sold by mystery woman, Chae Yoo Ran, with the rare purse that was blackmailed by Han Mi Ri to leave before giving Cheok Hee the second half of the video recording. Posing as the buyer, Cheok Hee surprises Yoo Ran. Caught, Yoo Ran tells her that Wo Sang is gambling addict and has used Mi Ri as a source of cash for years.

Jung Woo finds Jo Soo Ah (Wang Ji Won) in her office. Jung Woo is gracious and Soo Ah is sorry for her actions. She is surprised that Cheok Hee nixed telling Jung Woo’s mother she saved Jung Woo. “That woman knows how to put someone to shame” she says with chagrin, approving of Cheok Hee’s choice to earn Jung Woo’s mother’s respect. Jung Woo shares that he and Cheok Hee are going to get married. Graciously Soo Ah congratulates him.  I like how they’ve gotten back in balance and Soo Ah sees that Cheok Hee has some good points. Nice!

Ma Dong Mi is also investigating Mi Ri and learns that see secretly married Wo Sang and had a child with him before becoming involved with her brother and getting a large settlement in the divorce. Incensed she demands that Mi Ri be found immediately.

Mi Ri finishing acting and finds Dong Mi’s men in her dressing room. They escort her to the top of the DK building where Dong Mi is waiting. Dong Mi throws her previous marriage and secret child in Mi Ri’s face. She is incensed Mi Ri sent her brother to his death with her schemes for divorce money. She demands that Mi Ri jump from the roof and commit suicide just like her brother did years ago. For a second it looks like Mi Ri will be forced over the edge, but Dong Mi elects not to resort to homicide. Instead she tells Mi Ri she’ll destroy her publicly so she will wish she had jumped. Mi Ri begs for a delay in her public exposure until after her son has the crucial surgery. Just one week Mi Ri pleads.

dll_ep16_8b dll_ep16_8a
Cheok Hee is surprised to find Mi Ri at her office door asking for help. She’s afraid Dong Mi’s public exposure will stop Wo Sang from donating the crucial bone marrow to save her son. Cheok Hee needs the background or she can’t help. Finally, Mi Ri shares the details. She met Wo Sang early in her career. She fell in love. They married and had a child. He abandoned her. She worked as an actress hiding that she was a single mother. She met and fell in love with Dong Mi’s brother. When she got engaged, Wo Sang reappeared demanding money for keeping her secret. In exchange for money, he would care for their child when she married. After she married, all was well, for a time. Then Wo Sang demanded she divorce so he could get a large lump sum of money. When her husband killed himself, Mi Ri realized she’d betrayed the best man she’d ever known. When their child got sick, she once again returned to and married Wo Sang. Now all she wants from him is the bone marrow, then she wants a divorce to rid herself and her son from him. Cheok Hee asks how she can trust Mi Ri. She hands over the second half of the video recording which reveals that Wo Sang was willing to use their child , force her to divorce and hurt another, all for money and he did not care. Mi Ri simply tells Cheok Hee, she has the power to destroy her now, she is trusting her and her life is in Cheok Hee’s hands.

Shaken Cheok Hee seeks out Jung Woo. She tells him everything. She is conflicted. She should help Mi Ri. Calmly, logically, Jung Woo probs – isn’t riding herself of the guilt from Dong Mi’s brother’s suicide the burden she’s carried for the last three years. Shouldn’t she think about herself and take this opportunity to resolve this issue?

Cheok Hee tells Mi Ri she’ll take the case. After her son’s successful surgery, she must public expose her actions. Mi Ri agrees. Cheok Hee tells her to rename her number in her cell phone to something innocuous.

dll_ep16_10b dll_ep16_10a
Cheok Hee goes to Dong Mi and tells her to stop the press conference to expose Mi Ri.  Dong Mi can’t believe the request. Cheok Hee points out Mi Ri’s son may die. She highlights Mi Ri’s son is under Dong Mi’s charity’s care. Cheok Hee understands the hell Dong Mi has lived in the last 3 years. Mi Ri will join her if she loses her son. She asks for mercy this once. Dong Mi, a mother herself, can’t let the child die and relents cancelling the press conference.

Jung Woo tells his mother he is getting married. His mother is not happy. She tells him he will marry without her blessing or her support.

Jung Woo tells Cheok Hee his mother will not bless or support their marriage. After the Mi Ri case is done, Cheok Hee suggests they see his mother together. He suggest they turn their attention to wedding planning. They declare they are rational and reasonable. They vow not to fight over the wedding plans like so many couples do.

dll_ep16_11b dll_ep16_11adll_ep16_11c
Wedding dress shopping time! Jung Woo is thrilled. Cheok Hee tries to get out of it but acquiesces and tries on the gown. She is stunning. Jung Woo is gobsmacked. Cheok Hee is horrified when she hears the cost. She refuses. She’ll get a cheaper dress on line.

dll_ep16_12b dll_ep16_12a
Venue location scouting time! Jung Woo shows Cheok Hee a lovely outdoor setting. Cheok Hee thinks the venue is nice but too big. She wants a small wedding. Or better yet, why not get married privately and avoid the cost of a public wedding.

Thwarted twice, Jung Woo pleads for pictures. Cheok Hee agrees and puts her camera on a selfie stick. She comments this is more cost effective than a formal portrait. LOL! Jung Woo does not look happy in the pictures.

They declare they are rational and reasonable but have had enough for one day. As Cheok Hee walks away she mutters “He is so frustrating”. As Jung Woo walks away he mutters “She is a pain.”

dll_ep16_15b dll_ep16_15a
Jung Woo is ring shopping when Bong Min Gyu (Shim Hyung Tak) enters the store psyching himself up to return the second bath of rejected engagement rings. Jung Woo explains he is ring shopping. LOL as Min Gyu points out the selected candidates were already rejected by Cheok Hee when he offered them. He asks Jung Woo if he knows Cheok Hee and her tastes. He takes his leave, telling the sales clerk he will return tomorrow. Jung Woo ponders Min Gyu’s words. He asks the sales clerk for easy to wear, simple rings.

At dinner, Jung Woo anticipates giving Cheok Hee her ring. When Cheok Hee arrives, she offer him a prenuptial agreement. Jung Woo is shocked. She tells him as divorce lawyers they know how simpler things would be if all couples signed a prenuptial agreement. Jung Woo thinks she is already planning their demise as a couple. Irritated Cheok Hee leaves with Jung Woo in hot pursuit.

They get stuck in the revolving door and are forced to talk while waiting for the maintenance man. Jung Woo reads the prenuptial agreement and sees sweet clauses like “unless the house is on fire, we will not yell at each other”.  Cheok Hee admits she is not a romantic, she is a realistic and wanted their life forged by protecting themselves and setting ground rules for a successful marriage. Jung Woo is touched. He admits he wants certain formalities of getting married. He produces the rings. Cheok Hee loves the ring and asks him to put it on her finger which he does. Sweetly she tells him, it is his turn. She slips the ring on his finger. Jung Woo declares he’ll sign the prenuptial agreement if she’ll do item number five, right now. Cheok Hee declares she loves him. He signs the agreement. They balance each other beautifully. Something about her being realistic and him being romantic (opposite of most relationships) is darling!

Soo Ah resigns. Min Gyu’s father is disappointed at losing someone he cares about. He counters with a six month assignment in New York.

Soo Ah tells Jung Woo’s mother she is leaving.  Soo Ah asks Jung Woo’s mother not to hate Cheok Hee because of her. Nice!

dll_ep16_17b dll_ep16_17a
Soo Ah tells Min Gyu that she is leaving. He asks her to explain why he no longer has water or gas. She explains he must pay the monthly bills. Min Gyu is taken aback. Monthly bills? Could the electricity be the next to shut off? Of course, the lights go out! These two have a nice rapport.

Mi Ri is talking to Cheok Hee when Wo Sang enters the room. Suspicious who she was talking to, he demands her cell phone. He checks the call log and sees that she was talking to her manager. Recall Cheok Hee asks Mi Ri to rename her contact to something innocuous.

Cheok Hee talks to Dong Mi’s brother’s secretary. She asks if Wo Sang saw her boss on the day he died. Staring at Wo Sang’s picture she recalls he did visit. She overheard Wo Sang tell her boss that Mi Ri just married him for the money. Cockily Wo Wang said that Mi Ri would always return to him. What was said after that, she did not know.

Mi Ri is nervous in the hospital room. Wo Sang tells her he is leaving for his room. His surgery is in the morning. Stupidly Mi Ri exits the room and calls Cheok Hee in the hallway (sloppy plot point). Of course, Wo Sang overhears. He leaves the hospital.

dll_ep16_120b dll_ep16_120a
Wo Sang cannot be found when it is time for the bone marrow surgery. Mi Ri calls him. He accuses her of plotting against him. Either she muzzles Cheok Hee or the bone marrow surgery will not happen. Distraught Mi Ri cries their child’s bone marrow has been removed. Wo Sang coldly tells her take care of Cheok Hee or the boy will die.

Final Thoughts
* What a pleasant surprise this episode was. Often extension episodes are filler or opportunities for weird plot points to get inserted. This episode was my favorite of the series. The Mi Ri plot was a strong story. But the best part of the episode was our couple trying to plan a wedding when unbeknownst to each other, they had very different expectations.
* The Mi Ri story is revealed.  Addicted to gambling, Wo Sang’s need for money outweighed everything – feelings for Mi Ri, their child, etc. All that mattered was using Mi Ri to secure as much cash as possible. Not a nice guy. Now he is in the driver’s seat demanding Mi Ri eliminate Cheok Hee’s ability to hurt him publicly. Is it the strongest plot point? No, but it suffices as a decent cliff hanger heading into the final episode. Mi Ri warranted a certain amount of empathy dealing with Wo Sang the parasite husband and father to her child all those years.
* Jung Woo and Cheok Hee vowing NOT to fight over wedding planning meant they were doomed but in a cute way. Darling plot point that Cheok Hee is realistic and not willing to spend to excess on the wedding stating they are only showing off if they spend big money. Jung Woo’s romantic dress selection was gorgeous and Cheok Hee looked lovely…but no, too expensive. Jung Woo’s venue location was lovely…but no, too expensive. The selfie engagement photos…LOL! Jung Woo’s interaction with Min Gyu when he was shopping for a ring was cute. Min Gyu offered good advice that Cheok Hee would not appreciate an ostentatious ring. Poor Jung Woo was in no mood for a prenuptial agreement. Stuck together in the rotating door, he finally read Cheok Hee’s carefully crafted clauses and had to smile. Now the rings are on their fingers and they are ready for forge forward.
* Only 1 episode to go. What’s left? Mom is an obstacle. How can Cheok Hee win her over?  How can Cheok Hee help Mi Ri while avoiding the selfish despicable Wo Sang and the embittered Dong Mi?
* The seventh song of the OST is released, “One Person that Makes Me Laugh” by Kang Sung Hoon. Check is via the link or the embedded video below:

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