Divorce Lawyer in Love Episode 5 Recap

The 5th episode provided bonafide cute scenes between our leading man and woman. Definite improvement in the quality of this episode.

Our leading lady, Ko Cheok Hee (Cho Yeo Jeong) and our leading man, So Jung Woo (Yeon Woo Jin) have established a stakeout at the rendezvous location for the divorce client’s husband to catch him in the act with his lover. This show pulls off a bonafide cute moment as our Cheok Hee and Jung Woo pretend they are in a James Bond opening segment. Hats off to the production team for getting it correct. As a James Bond fan, their interplay and homage to the Bond series was welcomed. In the end they succeed snapping pictures of the divorce client’s husband getting amorous with his lover. Cheok Hee bruises her back right where she cannot reach it. Jung Woo steps in and purchases and applies the pack to sooth it. They realize it is a potential intimate moment and play it off like a joke. But their subconscious minds have grabbed hold of the moment.

After some after office drinking, Lee Gyeong and Woo Yoo Mi are equally surprised when they wake up together in bed. He is thrilled. She is horrified.

Cheok Hee and Jung Woo end up at her old law firm when they meet with the divorce client’s husband, lover and lawyer. She is affected being at her former office. He sees that offer to have her lead the meeting as a lawyer. It is an act of kindness but still she is not legally a practicing lawyer. The meeting goes well and Cheok Hee nails them with the evidence and threat they could lose their civil service jobs for improper behavior. The divorce client’s husband must agree to drop the assault charges and give his soon to be ex-wife custody of their daughter. When the lover attacks Cheok Hee, Jung Woo yells for her to stop because she is not a real lawyer. Embarrassed Cheok Hee flees thinking Jung Woo wanted to humiliate her.

As they argue Jung Woo is able to convince her that he wanted her to feel the power of being the lawyer as he knows all too well what being the assistant feels like. For a moment, Cheok Hee realizes his actions were meant to empower her not belittle her. She still stalks off after spouting off. They are both riled up. Decent scene, they seemed to connect.

At home Jo Soo A (Wang Ji Won) wonders why Jung Hoo is so worked up.

The next day at work, Cheok Hee refuses to talk to Jung Hoo and texts him instead. She does childish well.

The husband and wife become ex-es under Cheok Hee’s watch gaze.

dll_ep5_6b dll_ep5_6a
Cheok Hee finds out that Jung Hoo did NOT betray her confidence years earlier, which led to her downfall and suspension. Livid that he did not tell her the truth, she confronts him. He simply states he could not destroy the betrayer’s life just to save himself. Cheok Hee is stunned he would do this for another person.

They hash it out over drinks. Cheok Hee offers an apology (kinda) when the Elton John song “Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word” plays in the background and she references it. When she tries to leave, he stops her by grabbing her wrist – skinship! He kindly offers her former business card and hold her hand (skinship!) when he shares that it signifies a happy time and she shouldn’t forget it.

The next day at work Cheok Hee is so agreeable everyone is thrown off kilter.

dll_ep5_8b dll_ep5_8a
While visiting Bong Min Gyu (Shim Hyung Tak), Cheok  Hee sees the lying client from the first episode interviewing with an actor she claims is not a friend but Cheok Hee knows differently.

Yoo Mi becomes convinced Jung Woo likes Cheok Hee and tells her so. Cheok Hee brushes this off. Impossible she scoffs. But as she reflect, she thinks…maybe just maybe…he does like her. Yep, you know this isn’t going to go well for her.

dll_ep5_10b dll_ep5_10a
While visiting Min Gyu who tells her the skinship means the unnamed guy likes her. He asks Cheok Hee is she likes the unnamed man. She’s unsure but willing to date him to find out.

  dll_ep5_11adll_ep5_11bdll_ep5_11d dll_ep5_11c
Cheok Hee becomes further convinced Jung Woo likes her by his naturally polite ways at work. At the office after work drinking stop, Cheok Hee has too much to drink. At the karaoke bar only Cheok Hee is enamored by her singing directly to Jung Woo. Min Gyu takes her home. Enroute to her apartment she decides she will confess to Jung Woo. She heads to his address. Much to her pleasure he answers the door. Much to her horror Soo A comes to the door too. Convinced they live together, she leaves embarrassed hoping they don’t realize why she came.

Humiliated she shares her pain with Min Gyu. Jung Woo has a girlfriend! She blames him for the bad advice that the unnamed man liked her. Now she cannot face Jung Woo at work! Min Gyu offers to be her pretend boyfriend to save face at work.

dll_ep5_13b dll_ep5_13a
Stunned looks abound as Cheok Hee and Min Gyu stroll into the office hand in hand. Min Gyu announces “this woman is mine”. LOL as Min Gyu stays even thought this could be considered interoffice dating because he is only in the office 3 minutes a day, it does not qualify.

dll_ep5_14b dll_ep5_14adll_ep5_14c
Soo A can’t shake the feeling the Cheok Hee likes Jung Woo and visits her in the office. Cheok Hee claims she has a boyfriend. Min Gyu arrives with a ginormous bouquet of roses. He confirms they are dating and claims he didn’t share the news with Soo A because she’d tell his father.

Cheok Hee asks why Min Gyu didn’t tell her that Soo A was Jung Woo’s girlfriend. He does not counter her wrong belief.

At home, Soo A shares that Min Gyu and Cheok Hee are dating. She notes the strong willed Cheok Hee could be a good match for the carefree Min Gyu. Jung Woo scoffs no man could tame Cheok Hee.

The next day at work Jung Woo is appalled at the ginormous bouquet Min Gyu sent Cheok Hee.

Min Gyu tracks down Soo A and asks if she’s interested in Jung Woo. She blithely states they are like family to each other.

Min Gyu calls Cheok Hee to share the news that Soo A and Jung Woo are not boyfriend and girlfriend but she hangs up when the next client arrives.

The woman wants a divorce because her husband won’t kiss her. Yep, you read that right. No kissing in 7 years from the husband is the problem for the next client. Jung Woo tries to tells her this is insufficient grounds. The woman gets irritated. He texted her that this was suitable grounds for divorce. Jung Woo immediately knows that Cheok Hee sent the text.

dll_ep5_19b dll_ep5_19a
In his office he berates Cheok Hee for sending the text. They argue if kissing is an expression of love. Jung Woo makes his point that is it not by planting a kiss on a stunned Cheok Hee. Min Gyu walks into the office and spots them kissing.

Final Thoughts
* This episode was a step forward. Jung Woo and Cheok Hee stepped up their chemistry. Min Gyu’s offering to pretend to be her boyfriend showed the chemistry with Cheok Hee. This episode have genuine cute moments. Nice!

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