Pinocchio Episode 20 Recap

Pinocchio Episode 20 “Peter Pan”…  

Bum Jo’s mother breaks down under skillful questioning by Dal Po. In Ha’s mother apologizes…kinda. Dal Po and In Ha seek Grandfather’s blessing so they can become a long term couple. This series wraps everything up with a nice bow on top in an epilogue after a 1 year time jump.

In Ha (Park Shin Hye) and Dal Po (Lee Jong Suk) arrive at the police station to see Bum Jo who refuses to see any one. When they protest Bum Jo is not guilty, the police officer admits he doubts the story too. But Bum Jo did visit motorcycle driver in prison. So either Bum Jo fingers the guilty party or the guilty party comes forward. They learn Bum Jo’s mother will go the police station.

In Ha’s mother believes Bum’s Jo’s mother is going to the police station to confess to the crimes to save Bum Jo. How come I do not think it will be that simple?  In Ha’s mother plans on attending. She urges In Ha to ask any questions she wants so Bum Jo’s sacrifice is not in vain.

While in route to the police station, the lawyer urges Bum Jo’s mother not to confess. She yells that she cannot let her son stay in jail another minute. The lawyer urges her to keep her composure in front of the reporters.

In Ha’s mother tells In Ha and Dal Po that Bum’s Jo mother will only say 2 things: 1. She will offer full cooperation to the police investigation. 2. She is sorry for any pain she has caused.  In Ha’s mother counsels them to elicit Bum Jo’s mother to make additional statements. She urges them to be relentless until she confesses. In Ha’s mother finally admits to Dal Po that Bum Jo’s mother ordered her do the slanderous reporting. To my way of thinking, saying someone made you do bad isn’t exactly an apology. In Ha’s mother says she is ready for any and all questions he has.  Dal Po flashes back to promising his brother (who looks better not dressed in prison garb) that he would question In Ha’s mother in front of the world until she confessed. Dal Po asked his brother what question he wanted Dal Po to ask In Ha’ mother. Present day, Dal Po tells In Ha’s mother he will ask all his questions today.

The moment we’ve all waited for finally comes…

Dal Po, In Ha and other reporters swarm Bum Jo’s mother when she arrives at the police station.  Her statement is brief: 1. She will offer full cooperation to the police investigation. 2. She is sorry for any pain she has caused. As she moves towards the police station the swarm of reporters pepper her with questions, She repeats her statement again. Dal Po flashes back to asking his brother what question he would want Dal Po to ask. His brother wisely told him to ask the question that everyone wants to know the answer to.
Dal Po: Is Bum Jo is innocent?
Bum Jo’s mother cannot resists affirming her son’s innocence.
BJM:  Yes, my son is innocent.
Dal Po: What did you think when the news reports said your innocent son was guilty of a crime?
BJM:  I believed an error had been made.

Bum Jo’s mother’s lawyer advises her to keep quiet.
Dal Po: Do you believe those errors should be corrected?
BJM: Yes

Bum Jo’s mother’s lawyer advises her to apologize for the pain she’s caused.
BJM: What pain? What pain have I caused?
Bum Jo’s mother is almost frothing at the mouth, livid, indignant, and unrepentant. Her calm and collected veneer is in tatters.
Dal Po: It seems you think you’ve been wronged. Why don’t you tell us why?
BJM: My son is model citizen.
Dal Po: Then why did he turn himself in if he is innocent?
BJM: My son is innocent.
In Ha: Your son said he’d share the responsibility of the crimes with his mother. What did he mean by that?
Dal Po: Why would he say that if he is innocent of the crimes?

The other reporters pepper her with question and Bum Jo’s mother loses her self control one last time.
BJM: I told you my son is innocent. My son is kind. My son is willing to go to jail for crimes his mother committed! You know nothing, so stop blaming my son.
Yes! Cracked her like a raw egg! The reporters pour on the questions but they go unanswered as Bum Jo’s mother and Dal Po lock gazes with each other. Wow! Both actors deliver without saying a word. That was extremely satisfying.

Dal Po and In Ha agree that Bum Jo’s mother won’t be able to escape criminal charges. In Ha asks him why he didn’t ask the questions he wanted to ask. Dal Po shrugs it off, saying he does not know why. In Ha’s mother wrly notes that Dal Po has a knack for humiliating people. She leaves. In Ha admits she feels guilty that her text messages all those years ago led Bum Jo to seek her and find out his mother wasn’t who he thought she was. Dal Po logically reassures her the truth would have come out.

Chang Soo gets a call from Dal Po asks for a favor. Chang Soo quips – who do you want me to sue this time? Dal Po asks him to drop the lawsuit. Chang Soo asks if he got an apology from In Ha’s mother. Dal Po says he did.

Cub reporter asks Yoo Rae for story ideas but she won’t share. She’ll share her ideas at the upcoming meeting. Captain Hwang walks by and comments that he is looking forward to hearing her ideas. Yoo Rae tells cub reporter she thinks he is right. Captain Hwang does have a romantic interest in her. At the meeting Dal Po’s idea earns Captain Hwang response to investigate further. Yoo Rae’s idea is an analysis of Bum Jo’s mother’s fashion when she went to the police station. Captain Hwang asks what fashion has to do with this story. He rips into her saying they should all be concentrating important questions – Is any thing else being hidden? Why did she do this? What else has she done? Yoo Rae sits down deflated at his criticism. After the meeting tells Hyun Gyu she will join his team now. He is thrilled and does a happy dance.

Dal Po reports that Bum Jo’s mother has admitted to her crimes with the caveat that she did not authorize the motorcyle driver to try and kill the 3 reporters that she wanted to send a warning message to.

MSC reporters take a stand and sign petitions that they will not be muzzeled or directed by their managers.

Bum Jo’s mother divests herself of her stock in MSC news and stops the building the mall.

Bum Jo is released from jail. Dal Po scolds him for his tactics. Bum Jo says Dal Po showed admirable restraint when he questioned his mother. Dal Po says now that it is all over, he’ll grant Bum Jo whatever he wants. Just then In Ha runs up and asks if Bum Jo is okay. Bum Jo slyly looks at Dal Po and asks anything I want? LOL! He asks for 30 minutes of In Ha’s time. Dal Po moves In Ha behind him and objects. Bum Jo reassures them that he wants to say a special goodbye to In Ha.

Bum Jo takes In Ha to the convenience store she used to work at. Bum Jo reminds her of her birthday when her mother visited, not to wish her a happy birthday but to ask her help in promoting MSC news. In Ha calls that her worst birthday ever. Bum Jo admits he had a birthday gift for her but elected not to give it to her, something he has regretted ever since. He proceeds to give her the gift. He was happy to meet her and have her in his life. She is touched. He jokes he is cool. He says his 30 minutes are up and proceeds to leave. He ducks back for a firm hug startling In Ha.

Chang Soo drops the lawsuit. Captain Kim is thrilled for In Ha’s mother. She resigns anyway. She tells Captain Kim to keep going.

Bum Jo visits his mother in jail. She is concerned about him and he is concerned about her. But she doesn’t yet understand that she did anything wrong. This frustrates Bum Jo.

MSC Director asks In Ha’s mother what she told the police because he received a summons. She calmly states she told them everything. Wait, she forgot to mention the stock fraud he committed. He flips out pounding on the elevator door as she leaves with a smile on her face. Another satisfying moment. As she rides down the elevator she remembers back to Dal Po’s probing questions. She realizes that she lied too many times and was not a real reporter.

The pictures from the housewarming party are cute including the one of them holding the baby. In Ha’s father tells them that Grandpa won’t accept them dating. Dad suggests they lie about their relationship. In Ha is opposed to that. Dal Po says they will think about it.

Captain Kim is back in the bull pen. Captain Hwang claims not to have missed him at all. Captain Kim asks why they changed the lock door code. He asks how did Yoo Rae get in a locked room when she was drunk? Cue Yoo Rae drinking. Cue Yoo Rae at the YGN guard shack demanding they notify Captain Hwang. Cue Captain Hwang taking Yoo Rae to the bull pen and letting her sleep it off on the couch. He even drapes his coat over her.

In Ha tries to avoid Dal Po afraid he will say they need to break up. She is frustrated he would give up on their relationship after they’ve worked hard to get were they are at. Dal Po tells her he will talk to Grandfather and try and get his blessing. Dal Po knows “happiness earned through deceit will come to an end.” They both agree facing the truth must be done head on, avoiding it will not work. In Ha wants to know what happens if Grandfather will not accept their relationship. The answer is simple, they would break up. Dal Po cannot go against Grandfather. They go to speak with Grandfather.

…1 Year Time Jump…

We learn YGN camera lady is married to Hyun Gyu.

Dal Po and In Ha are both leading the interviews for the reporter recruits for their respective stations. Bum Jo plans to interview for MSC. At YGN, one of the recruits gives the same answers Dal Po gave. Turns out his college professor used those examples in her class. And the college professors turns out to be In Ha’s mother.

At MSC, one of the recruit believes In Ha only holds her position because of her good looks and the fact that she is a Pinocchio. In Ha rips into her and Captain Kim tells the recruit to go home because her assumptions were not verified. In Ha calls the next bunch and Bum Jo (looking cute as can be) is in that group. In Ha complains Dal Po always sees him but she never does. Bum Jo complains that he tells Dal Po to bring In Ha but he never does. In Ha gives him her trademark hard high five and wishes him luck.

Grandfather and In Ha’s father stock Dal Po’s refrigerator with food. Grandfather finds Dal Po’s wallet. He looks inside and sees the picture of Dal Po and In Ha from Chang Soo’s housewarming party. Grandfather sees their couple potential. In Ha’s father chimes in that Dal Po has liked In Ha for 10 years. He’s proud they have honored Grandfather’s wishes but sad for them too.

At YGN, Yoo Rae startles the recruits and tells them in a no nonsense tone for follow her. She slips on her headband. Hyun Gyu (sporting his headband) says he’s raised Yoo Rae well.

Dal Po is reporting at the courthouse. Grandfather stops by. Dal Po asks him what business he has at the courthouse. Grandfather says that he is going to un-adopt Dal Po so he can assume his birth name. He takes Dal Po by the shoulders and tells him to love In Ha well. They hug and Grandfather thanks him for being his son for so many years.

Dal Po reports the request for a retrial for Bum Jo’s mother has been denied and she has been sentenced to 3 years in prison. Bum Jo’s mother complains while being led to prison that she was supposed to get 5 years probation not 3 years of prison.

In Ha reports that Bum Jo’s company has avoided bankruptcy and a new CEO is being brought to run the company. Bum Jo’s mother sold her shares in the company.

Yoo Rae reports Senator Kim, who Bum Jo’s mother protected, as been convicted of taking bribes.

Lucky us, we get to see In Ha and Dal Po in their wedding finery. In Ha asks Dal Po why he wanted to go on the quiz show in High School. She’s asked before but he has not answered. Dal Po kisses her and says because he liked her. They stare, smile and kiss.

* The highlight of the episode was Dal Po and In Ha’s confrontation of Bum Jo’s mother at the police station. Dal Po broke Bum Jo’s mother’s resolve to say nothing beyond the prepared script. Bum Jo’s mother’s Achilles heel is Bum Jo which Dal Po effectively used in his line of questioning. The production values of this pivotal scene were terrific. I felt sorry for Bum Jo that his mother never saw her wrong doing but was willing to sacrifice herself for him. To my way of thinking In Ha’s mother never apologized fully, but Dal Po was satisfied. This episode had 2 parts: Part 1 – the riveting confrontation of Bum Jo’s mother that led to her arrest and imprisonment; and Part 2 – everything after Chang Soo dropped the charges against In Ha’s mother including the wrap-up section where we see the characters after a 1 year time jump. This part equated to a well deserved long epilogue.
* Lee Jong Seok portrayed Dal Po as a character that finally was able to question and understand his own motives with a clear head. When he nailed Bum Jo’s mother with his line of questions, that was perfection. I thought the picture session with his brother was a compelling scene as well. It was sweet to see Grandfather bless his relationship with In Ha. They deserved to be happy in the end.
* Park Shin Hye played In Ha with internal resolve and fortitude but with softness too. I was glad that she and her mother came to point where their relationship included an emotional connection with her mother finally showing maternal love. In Ha waited so long for her mother’s love. I was glad she finally got it. It was sweet to see Grandfather bless her relationship with Dal Po. They deserved to be happy in the end.
* Bum Jo’s willingness to take the blame cracked his mother’s ability to deny actions. I did feel sorry for Bum Jo when his mother did not admit her own culpability and still believed her actions were justified with minor consequences.
* We finally understood how Yoo Rae ended in the senior reporter’s bull pen couch by calling Captain Hwang when she was drunk and he would deposit her on the couch. This character was the weakest link but became more relevant in the last couple of episodes.
* Final thoughts. I will write a review of this series. Here’s a snapshot of my impressions:
a. The writer, Park Hye Ryun, crafted an story and characters that were strong and interesting throughout the entire series. The only fluff you could complain about would be in the 2nd half of the final episode, but I considered that a well deserved long epilog.
b. Lee Jong Seok and Park Shin Hye had a sweet chemistry. The kiss between them in episode 8 was the best kiss Park Shin Hye has ever delivered.
c. I crushed on Jae Myeong (Dal Po’s brother) portrayed by Yoon Gyun Sang. He was riveting on screen.
d. My hat’s off to the entire team that created this series. The casting director did a terrific job. Each actor made their character their own. This was a true ensemble among the characters. The production team delivered. Pinocchio was a great ride.
* Let’s end with Park Shin Hye’s second contribution to the Pinocchio OST “Dreaming A Dream” track 9 on the compilation OST.  Listen via the link or the embedded video below. If the embedded video does not play, use the link to access the video via youtube. The complete Pinocchio OST is available on youtube via this link.

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