Pinocchio Episode 19 Recap

Pinocchio Episode 19 “The Sun, the Wind and the Traveler”…  

Bum Jo does what no one else could do. He gets his mother’s attention about her wrong doings by taking a drastic step. Will she elect to take the blame herself or let Bum Jo be the focal point for the blame? The Bum Jo and Dal Po bromance blooms this episode.

The news reports are numerous about In Ha’s mother’s reporting to shield the guilty in the 13 year old explosion case and the current explosion case. In Ha’ s mother states that a MSC director pushed her to agree to the slanted reporting.

MSC coworkers cannot believe that In Ha’s mother is exposing herself and their management. Camera guy notes that finally In Ha’s mother is acting like a real reporter.

In Ha’s mother tells In Ha (Park Shin Hye) that YGN needs to be more hard hitting with their reporting. Now is not the time to soft sell the facts. She notes that Bum Jo’s mother’s legal time will be looking for a way to extricate her from this mess. She asks In Ha to talk to Dal Po about all of this and be on his guard for all the counter moves Bum Jo’s mother will make. Captain Kim interjects that he believes she will avoid questioning.

Bum Jo’s mother meets with her legal team. They recommend she avoid questioning by going on a foreign trip. She asks her secretary to make the arrangements.

In Ha tells Dal Po (Lee Jong Suk) that Bum Jo’s mother will likely go to her local villa. Dal Po informs Captain Hwang who is surprised the tip came from In Ha’s mother. He respects her determination to have Bum Jo’s mother submit to questioning. He sends cub reporter to the local villa who then reports that Bum Jo’s mother lied about her location to avoid talking to the police.

Bum Jo’s mother must now submit to questioning and she is not happy about this turn of events. Her influence is not working for her in this case.

As Bum’s Jo’s mother comes in for questioning early morning through the parking garage to avoid publicity, the press are waiting for her thanks to tips from In Ha’s mother and Captain Kim. The reporters swarm around Bum Jo’s mother who is visibly irritated. Dal Po asks what she wants to say to her senator friends who will be upset at these news reports. Bum Jo’s mother snaps an irritated “shut up”. The satisfaction of her exterior cool cracking is awesome! She glares at Dal Po and he stares right into her eyes, like a wolf would with their prey.  Awesome scene!

Next Bum Jo’s mother’s team tries to divert public attention to another story. They drop the bomb that an idol has a drug habit. Yoo Rae, who is a fan girl, is upset at the news. She’s not alone because the fan clubs are there when the idol goes to make a statement at the police station. The idol states he used the drug for medical purposes and is innocent. Yoo Rae blurts out that she believes him earning the ire of the camera person. Yoo Rae is determined to prove her idol’s innocence.

The idol is indeed proven to be innocent of recreational use of the drug instead using it for medical reasons. Yoo Rae reports the news with glee. Bum Jo’s mother is upset the diversion story backfired. Her team recommends she apologize to Chang Soo.  This will effectively end the case against her. In Ha’s mother and Captain Kim tell In Ha seeking a settlement with Chang Soo will be Bum Jo’s mother’s next move.  When they ask if Chang Soo would be swayed by money she says no and hiccups her disbelief immediately. LOL! She and Dal Po meet with Chang Soo around the upcoming settlement offer. Chang Soo claim he cannot be bought by money. In Ha states she knew he would not be tempted by cash and hiccups her immediately after this lie. LOL! Chang Soo recommends they show their gratitude of him not taking a settlement by bring a housewarming gift to his party this weekend. LOL!

At home, In Ha admits her concern that Chang Soo will be tempted to accept the settlement that Bum Jo’s mother will surely offer. Dal Po believes Chang Soo will be able to resist. In Ha catches Dal Po using his injured arm. He admits he is enjoying staying with Grandpa, her father and her while his arm was healing. She urges him to stay with them and throws the sling in the trash.

Chang Soo and his wife are tempted by the gifts and envelope of settlement cash but refuses once the YGN news team arrives.

Bum Jo’s mother is angry the settlment offer was taken. She advised to offer an agpology to Chang Soo. She is irate at this suggestion. She correctly states if she apologies she will be admitting to the charges and her senators friends will be exposed.  She suggests it is time to  get mean and firm with Chang Soo. Bum listens to the conversation, tears streaming with the pain of a mother that cannot admit her wrongdoings.

In Ha’s mother is fired from MSC. In Ha finds her sleeping in the newsroom. Her mother groggily states she is surprised they did not fire her sooner. She takes In Ha’s hand and asks her to stay while she naps just five more minutes. Sweet moment, the physical soothing contact between mother and daughter.

Dal Po know In Ha’s mother has been fired and finds In Ha to see how she is doing. She claims she is fine but hiccups proving that is a lie. Dal Po hugs her and offers her comfort. Another sweet moment between them.

Dal Po asks Yoo Rae if she wants to come to Chang Soo’s housewarming party with him and In Ha. Yoo Rae doesn’t want to be a third wheel so she asks cub reporter to go with her. He declines. Captain Hwang walks by and she asks him to go. He agrees. I don’t know who was more surprised Dal Po or Yoo Rae when Captain accepted her invitation.

At the house warming party, no one understands why Captain Hwang is there. He eats with relish. Chang Soo complains the house warming gifts that were brought are meager and notes one attendee did not even bring a gift looking pointedly at Captain Hwang. He is unfazed and notes that Bum Jo’s mother may resort to threats now that her settlement offer has been rejected.

After supper Chang Soo puts in a video of their quiz show battle in high school. Dal Po tries to stop the tape but cannot. Everyone watches and laughs at Dal Po’s “mop hair”.

Bum Jo stands outside the home and hears the laughter inside. Believing he would not be welcome he retreats to his car. Dal Po sees him from the window and goes outside. Bum Jo admits that he planned to apologize for his mother. He is embarrassed to say his mother will not apology and admit wrong doing in the matter. Dal Po takes Bum Jo by the shoulder and admits he likes him, surprising Bum Jo. He tells Bum Jo he isn’t holding grudges and desiring revenge anymore.

Dal Po’s brother, Jae Myeong, is impressed with Dal Po’s no revenge policy. Dal Po admits that he was walking a dangerous path seeking revenge and potentially becoming just like In Ha’ s mother. His brother tells Dal Po he must do what is right for him. He give up the right to judge when he committed murder.

Bum Jo sees his mother practicing her speech for the ground breaking ceremony. He hugs her and tells her he lived unaware of how hard she worked and to give him the easy life. She hugs him grateful to see him appreciate her efforts.

Cute scene when cub reporter sees Yoo Rae’s pictures from Chang Doo’s housewarming party, several of which show Captain Hwang staring at Yoo Rae.

Bum Jo visit motorcycle driver in prison and tells him to rest easy, the promises made to him will be kept. I must say, that visit surprised me.

YGN Il Joo calls Dal Po and tells him to try and interview the senators attending the ground breaking ceremonies today. If they won’t talk, then make sure and film their refusal to talk. MSC’s Il Joo gives In Ha the opposite assignment. Only say positive things about Bum Jo’s mother. In Ha chafes at the directions. She wants to give a real report not just a fluff report.

Bum Jo runs into In Ha at the police station. She asks why he is there. He demurs telling her asking her instead to pass a message to his mother at the ground breaking ceremony.

Bum Jo turns himself into the police officer in charge saying he is the one that ordered motorcycle driver to terrorize YGN and MSC. Yoo Rae and the police officer are stunned. I’m surprised too but seeing where Bum Jo is going with this tactic. Yoo Rae calls Il Jo with the details. He cannot believe the timing of Bum Jo’s confession and his mother’s groundbreaking ceremony.  All the senators in route to the ceremony receive phone calls about Bum Jo’s confession and they immediately turn around electing not to attend the ceremony.

None of Bum Jo’s mother’s senator friends show and she is wondering what is happening as are all the reporters including Dal Po and In Ha covering the event. When her secretary quietly tells her that Bum Jo turned himself into the police, she visibly sags and is helped off the stage. Dal Po gets a phone call from Captain Hwang that Bum Jo turned himself in. Dal Po is stunned, In Ha is stunned, and everyone that hears the news is stunned too.  Dal Po believes Bum Jo turned himself in to spare his mother. In Ha recalls Bum Jo’s message. The reporters swarm Bum Jo’s mother asking about his arrest.  In Ha calls out to Bum Jo’s mother that she has a message from Bum Jo “Everything I have and will come to have, tell her I’ll assume the responsibility with my mother. I’m sorry I left the burden for her to carry alone. From now on, I’ll be there for her.”  The reporter see that Bum Jo has drawn a direct link to the actions “he ordered” to his mother. The reporter notes that In Ha is a Pinocchio and cannot be lying. Ah, the irony of using a Pinocchio just like 13 years ago – perfect! Bum Jo’s mother leaves to go to the police station. In Ha laments to Dal Po that MSC will be the only station not reporting the story. Dal Po notes every other station will carry to the story.

Bum Jo calls Dal Po who immediately tells him though he understands why chose this path, this is the wrong way to proceed. With tears in his eyes, Bum Jo tells Dal Po if only he had said he still hated Bum Jo’s mother, then he could continue to ignore his mother’s misdeeds. Bum Jo continues the truth needed to be told. With tears in his eyes, Dal Po asks Bum Jo why he doing this. Bum Jo states he was on Dal Po’s side, and this was his way to show it. Bum Jo asks if Dal Po believes in his loyalty now. Dal Po tells him he believed in him from the beginning. Both men cry as the episode ends.

* This episode was packed with developments that pushed the story closer to resolution. The redemption of In Ha’s mother continued. She and Captain Kim understood every counter move Bum Jo’s mother would make. Finally Bum Jo’s mother, who acts sweet but is scary steely, got a taste of her own medicine with Bum Jo confessed to her crimes. His message through In Ha linked her to the crimes. Well done writer!
* Lee Jong Seok portrays Dal Po with a humble nature this episode. Gone was the revenge driven reporter replaced by understanding the people do bad things and hurt others in the process. The bromance between Bum Jo and Dal Po has been a slow build due to their mutual affection for In Ha, but it blossomed in this episode. Any good drama as romance and bromance. I also liked Dal Po’s tender support of In Ha. He sought her out when he heard her mother was fired. Certainly in past episodes he was fueled by revenge and not aware of the ripple effect on In Ha. Nice to see him put her first.
* Park Shin Hye portrayed tenderness when her mother was fired. I enjoyed the interactions between Dal Po and In Ha this episode – they were cute in the police station as she bemoaned MSC not reporting the story, they were darling when they held Chang Soo’s son (thank you writer for giving viewer a taste a potential glimpse in the future for them) at the housewarming party, they were supportive of each other when Dal Po soothed In Ha after her mother had been fired.
* Bum Jo took the fall for his mother’s actions. I cannot fault his logic. It was obvious her mother would never admit wrong doing. When Bum Jo admitted the wrong doing his linked his actions to his mother. Well played Bum Jo. The ending scene between Dal Po and Bum Jo about why Bum Jo took the blame for his mother’s actions was nicely done.
* Yoo Rae gave an invitation to Captain Hwang and his surprise acceptance continued to reveal he has more than professional feelings for her. I’m not sure the smart and good looking Captain Hwang is a match for Yoo Rae who is the polar opposite of Captain Hwang.
* The final scene where Dal Po and Bum Jo have their touching phone call ended with “Non Fiction” by Every Single Day OST 3.  Listen via the link or the embedded video below.

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