Pinocchio Episode 10 Recap

Episode 10 “Ten Sheep Stealing Boy”

A quiet episode that solidifies our couple and ends with another big reveal.


In tears on the rooftop, In Ha reels with the knowledge of Dal Po hating her and her mother. Dal Po cannot deny that he used to but now he has different feelings for In Ha. Dal Po honors In Ha’s request that he share about his past. Refreshing to have Dal Po be forthright and tell In Ha everything and not “protect” her by hiding the truth.

After dinner In Ha and Dal Po hold hands as they walk back to the station. In Ha’s father spots the hand holding and is not happy. He remembers asking Dal Po for the truth about his past but Dal Po declining to share the details. The unknown past is a stumbling block for In Ha’s father.

Dal Po’s decision NOT to reveal his suspicions about his brother is understood by Gyo Dong but he warns that the truth will not go away. Some way, some how, the truth will be revealed.

Bum Jo admits to his mother that he likes In Ha and is suffering a bit of heartache because In Ha likes another. Bum Jo’s mother marches to see In Ha’s father and requests that he look favorably upon her son as a potential suitor for In Ha. Rich son-in-law, what father wouldn’t consider him?

In Ha’s father asks her directly if she likes Dal Po in a romantic sense. In Ha confirms she is romantically interested in Dal Po.

Dal Po is lulled into a false sense of security by hiding his suspicions about his brother.

Jo Ho and Bum Jo follow Jae Myeong in hopes of stopping him from hurting In Ha’s mother or In Ha. Cute moment when Jo Ho asks Bum Jo to help him because he cannot drive. When Bum Jo shows Jo Ho his garage full of sports cars in an array of colors, Jo Ho’s jaw drops to the floor. Jae Myeong spots them following him and gives them the slip by having a friend drive the truck.

In Ha’s mother gives a lecture on being a reporter that is well attended by the established and junior reporters from YGN and MSC (the established YGN reporters keep a low profile).

The lecture goes well. When she asks for questions she drills Dal Po with a look taunting him to take her on like a wolf (a statement he made to her in an early episode). Dal Po declines to engage her. In Ha stands up for her man and she asks her mother the same questions Dal Po asked her at the YGN interview. In Ha’s matter of fact tone strips her mother’s justification that 13 years ago she was only asking the questions the common man wanted asks. In Ha nails her mother to the wall when she forces her to admit that she had shaded the truth to be more impactful. Jae Myeong is in the audience and astonished at the in depth knowledge that In Ha has of his family’s history.


Everything comes to head when Jae Myeong decides to get the truth out of In Ha. Dal Po watches In Ha being followed by Jae Myeong and rushes to stop his brother. When he arrives, Jae Myeong has In Ha pinned to a wall demanding to know how she knew details that only a family member would know. Dal Po tears Jae Myeong away from In Ha and with tears streaming admits HE is Jae Myeong’s presumed dead little brother.

* Another big reveal at the end of the episode. Couple of plot choices surprised me this episode:
1. In Ha quickly and easily  accepted Dal Po’s back story and his former negative opinions of her (because of her mother). At a later pount in the episode, In Ha did not want Dal Po to tell her a secret because she cannot keep secrets due to her Pinocchio syndrome (cannot lie without hiccuping). Then isn’t his secret past at risk?
2. In Ha was brutal to her mother in the lecture question and answer period. She really ripped into her. Loved that she made her point by echoing Dal Po’s words to her.
3. Dal Po revealed that he is Jae Myeong’s brother. This reveal came earlier in the series than I expected. I like that the writer is surprising me. Keep it coming!
* Park Shin Hye is pleasantly surprising me with her portrayal of In Ha. Frankly I’ve never considered Shin Hye as a great actress. I’ve thought of her as pleasant, pretty, and a good crier. Pinocchio is offering Shin Hye a character with bite because of the forced honesty. Shin Hye is delivering a fine performance.
* Lee Jong Seok made me feel Dal Po’s desperation to protect his brother from suspicion. He was like an ostrich with his head in the sand but he had to admit Jae Myeong was a threat to In Ha when Bum Jo called him. He was willing to throw himself on Jae Myeong to save In Ha. He stunned Jae Myeong with his revelation that he did not die all those years ago and he was Jae Myeong’s brother. He is a pretty crier.
* Yoon Gyun Sang had a quiet episode as brother Jae Myeong. This guy can look menacing with ease. He still has something about him that leads you to believe there still may be good in Jae Myeong. Will Dal Po’s revelation that he is the presumed dead brother soften Jae Myeong’s anger and desire for revenge?
* In Ha’s mother and top reporter Song Cha Ok was put through the wringer this episode. Her puzzlement over In Ha’s about face interactions with her proves she cares about In Ha. She looked shaken and upset when In Ha delivered her diatribe during the question and answer session.
* Every actor in this ensemble cast is delivering solid performances. This is a well acted series. Only Yoon Yoo Rae is largely ignored and underdeveloped.

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