Pinocchio Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3 “Eye of the Queen”

Episode 3 focuses on Choi In Ha (Park Shin Hye) and her desire to become a reporter just like her mother Song Cha Ok (Jin Kyung). She has a job interview where her mother works. Her mother is on the interview panel. In Ha believes that her mother texted her “fighting” (aka good luck) and is rooting for her to succeed. Unfortunately at the interview her mother is brusque. She dismissively states that In Ha cannot be a reporter because of her Pinocchio syndrome. In Ha is crushed. After the interview her mother approaches her. In Ha admits “Mom, I’ve really missed you.” You think maybe, just maybe her mother will be sensitive and caring. Mother hugs In Ha. That is a good start. But during the hug her mother says “I have not had time to miss you.” Wow, that was cold! In Ha asks her mother to take out her phone. She calls the number that texted “fighting”. It is not her mother’s phone that made the call.

Devastated by her mother’s rejection In Ha calls the phone that texted her. She rages about pretending to be her mother and the pain this person has inflected. Of course the pain is primarily due to her mother’s rejection. Who is this guy that sent the text and has been receiving her texts for 13 YEARS…yes I said…13 YEARS.

Choi Dal Po (Lee Jong Seok) sees In Ha sitting on a bench sobbing outside the TV studio. She pretends everything went well via text, hiccuping due to her lies. He is upset to see her upset by her mother. Recall In Ha’s mother is the reporter than cruelly insinuated his father was responsible for 9 co-workers’ death. She also shamed his family stating his father fled justice with his mother’s collusion. Dal Po has the unexpected opportunity to drive Cha Ok in his cab. He asks how the interview went for In Ha, his friend. Cha Ok states In Ha could not be a reporter due to the Pinocchio syndrome. Angry that In Ha, the woman he loves, was hurt by Cha Ok, the woman that hurt his family, he jabs at her verbally. However he is no match for her. Cha Ok coolly tells him that he is no match for her. He agrees and promises her one day he will match her.

Dal Po finds In Ha ready to burn her books and bury her dream of being a reporter. Why she decided to do this on the rooftop of a building is unknown. LOL when her lighter fails to ignite the books in the trash barrel. Dal Po had mistakenly believed she was considering suicide as he rushed up numerous flights of steps to reach her. Desperate to cheer In Ha up, keep her dream alive, as well as becoming a worthy opponent to take on Cha Ok, Dal Po blurts that they should become reporters together. In Ha is stunned.

Side characters:
a) Who is text guy? Why does he want to meet In Ha after 13 years of receiving her texts without responding until before the interview?

b) In Ha’s father finds her picture in Dal Po’s wallet. He is not happy that Dal Po likes his daughter, In Ha. He recommends Dal Po not consider In Ha as a love interest.

c) Dal Po’s brother found out that night his father was told 2 employees were in the burning building that kill 9 co-workers. BUT in actuality, the workers were fine. They nor the manager ever came forward. This allowed his father to be incorrectly blamed. BIG reveal!

* I like all the I Hear Your Voice tie-ins. Lee Bo Young (Jang Hye Sung character in IHYV) is the voice of Dal Po’s GPS. An actor that works with Cha Ok played a judge in IHYV. The music played in certain scene sounds like music from IHYV.
* Clever production following Dal Po’s progress up the many flights of steps in the building through the automatic stairwell lighting. I like the drawing on her dictionary book that turned into a cartoon on screen.
* I like Lee Jong Seok’s portrayal of Choi Dal Po. He is earnest, kind and caring. That comprises a triple threat for a main lead. Somehow he manages to rock that awful wig.
* I am neutral on Park Shin Hye’s portrayal of Choi In Ha. She is a pretty crier. In Ha had more emotional substance this episode.
* In Ha’s mother, Cha Ok, is a cold woman. This show desperately needs this character to spice it up and provide an antagonist for our couple.
* Dal Po’s brother finding out the manager misinformed his father and kept silent when he found out his two employees were not in danger the night of the fire, was perfect. Awesome reveal. This show needed to ratchet up the interest in Dal Po’s brother who has been ancillary and separate. This also furthers the mystery surrounding their father. Is his dead or alive?
* Who is the guy that pretended to be In Ha’s mother via text? Why does he want to meet her? What is the connection?
* I’m intrigued to find out more next episode. I am not emotionally hooked by this show…yet.

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