Pinocchio Episode 12 Recap

Pinocchio Episode 12 “The Magic Flute”…  

Our brothers “revenge wish” comes true as In Ha’s mother, reporter Song Cha Ok, is exposed as slanting her news reports to her liking. The rapid fire story this show has told in 12 episodes other writers would use to fill 16 episodes. 

The pressure is put on Song Cha Ok as she interviews Dal Po’s older brother, Ki Jae Myeong. She reveals interview footage from 13 years ago where he passionately declared his father’s innocence to Cha Ok. Jae Myeong nails Cha Ok to the wall when he states she only used a portion of that interview 13 years ago and that portion is conspicuously absent from this footage. Cha Ok tries to cover but Jae Myeong will not let her off the bad reporting hook. He notes that he has killed people and if you want the exclusive story turn on YGN news. Wow! Jae Myeong eviscerated Cha Ok with an entire nation watching!

YGN provides an exclusive report on Jae Myeong’s revenge murders and the on-air reporter is Dal Po who ends the report with his real name Ki Ha Myung declaring himself Jae Myeong’s brother. Wow! I did not see that reveal coming! Holy smokes, this episode started in high gear!

The two brothers meet outside the TV station with police waiting to take Jae Myeong to jail. They congratulate each other’s efforts for the evening and realize now everything changes. Jae Myeong sweetly initiates their old pinky swear / stamp / copy hand gesture. He’s crying, Dal Po is crying, and I’m crying too. Jae Myeong tells Dal Po “I leave it (revenge) in your hands”.

Grandpa is stunned to learn Dal Po’s identity on TV. He is then devasated when Dal Po tells him he must move out of the house. Grandpa asks if living in his house all these years was painful. Dal Po lies and tells him it was. Grandpa believes him and cries. Awk, more crying from me.

In Ha’s father asks Dal Po to stay while he packs but he refuses saying it is best he leave the household. With Grandpa weeping in his room, In Ha silently crying in her room, Dal Po leaves. That was a crying jag!

May I say I dislike the “I don’t deserve to be happy” mindset and making everyone that loves you miserable in the process.

At his brother’s house, Dal Po unpacks, putting out a picture of the two of them next to the old family photo. Dal Po finds a engraved pen from his brother. More crying, not fair to get me with the pen!

Dal Po quietly supports Jae Myeong by attending the field investigation.

Dal Po is emotionally and physically drained and In Ha sees this. She goes to him, but he rebuffs her attempts to support him.

In Ha declares to her mother that she is a “daughter of a murderer. You killed someone with your words”. These words sting Cha Ok.


Cha Ok sees Dal Po walking on the sidewalk. She confronts him but this time, Dal Po has the upper hand. He cooly tells her he will reveal her for what she is and he will do it slowly and thoroughly. Wow! Great exchange between them. The balance of power has shifted to Dal Po. Awesome!

At MSC, Cha Ok asks Il Jo to look into the story that is currently undermining her reputation. Captain Kim instead assigns In ha and Bum Jo to look into the story.

Meanwhile at YGN, Gyo Dong assigns Dal Po and Yoo Rae to look into the story. Love the lip pout Yoo Rae uses to get Gyo Dong to assign her to the story!

Poor Bum Jo is in a quandary. He confesses to his Mom he is hurting with unrequited feelings for In Ha. He declares he will reveal that he stole texts from her for 13 years. He imagines this will anger her and she will reject him. LOL that he is concerned about physical hitting from In Ha. Bum Jo reveals he intercepted In Ha’s texts to her mother. Instead of being angry, she thanks him. Bum Jo is surprised and a bit mystified how the encounter did not go the way he imagined. LOL at the stapler use in the scene!

Our fabulous foursome of reporters converge on a joint interview of the bus driver accusing Cha Ok of misreporting the news.

Dal Po takes In Ha aside and tells her to back off that her presence is distracting. In Ha calmly tells Dal Po not to hesitate or concern himself about her as he pursues revenge against her mother. She knows his true heart (that this is difficult) but will not offer support because she does not want him to crumble and fall. In Ha’s message is straightforward “Do what you must”. Terrific scene, I love that In Ha has a backbone and moxy!

Bum Jo offers Dal Po support and his mother’s support (to put pressure on Cha Ok). Simply darling scene as Bum Jo realizes he sounds like a spoiled rich kid that can sick his mother on someone.

Bum Jo reiterates his support as he offers his MSC badge so Dal Po can get into the building to talk to Cha Ok. Bum Jo declares to Dal Po “I’m totally on your side”. Another darling exchange between Bum Jo and Dal Po! I love Lee Jong Seok’s smirky smile.

The second interchange between Dal Po and Cha Ok has heat. Dal Po finds her in the cafeteria and simply asks if she ever saw the death certificate before declaring suicide? She sides steps this and claims all the accusations against her are false rumors. Dal Po nails her to the wall when he asks “Can you prove they are false rumors?” Oh, the irony of Cha Ok’s own words used against her. She flashes back to saying to Dal Po’s brother “can you prove they are false rumors” as she spread lies about his father.

Dal Po will not relent and asks her about the death certificate again and again. She claims the circumstantial evidence supported her suicide claim. Then Cha Ok loses control and yells that she did not see the death certificate. Dal Po smiles and thanks her for her response.

Cha Ok receives a text from the MSC director telling her to resign.

Dal Po walks away with a smile on his face.

* If you wanted Cha Ok to pay for her cruel reporting of Dal Po’s family 13 years ago, this was the episode for you. The punches at Cha Ok started early from Jae Myueong’s fabulous live interview to Dal Po’s closing jabs. Simply superb and I enjoyed every hit Cha Ok took. She must understand the unjust nature of her slander and feel the pain of slander to have any hope of change.
* The tears were streaming when Dal Po left Grandpa’s house. Grandpa’s tears slayed me. I strongly dislike the story telling device of “I do not deserve to be happy”. This hurts all parties and never seems to yield good things.
* When Dal Po walked away from the final encounter with Cha Ok, the music sounded a lot like music from “I Can Hear Your Voice”.
* Standout episode for Lee Jong Seok as Dal Po’s revenge took front and center this episode. Jong Seok was fiercely intense yet calm as he pursued Cha Ok. Frankly, what happened to Cha Ok in this episode could be considered sufficient revenge, but it looks like there is more to come.
* Park Shin Hye can portray a character with moxy! Who knew? I love the confident yet tender In Ha. The way she supports Dal Po and calmly handles his rebuffs without crumbling…awesome!
* I am already missing Yoon Gyun Sang as brother Jae Myeong. I understand that his story has run it’s course but Gyun Sang has been so impactful these last several episodes, I will miss his brooding intensely.  I hope the writer continues to have Dal Po visit him in jail so I can see his yumminess at least once each episode.
* Bum Jo was simply darling this episode. He was completely surprised In Ha did not rebuke him for intercepting her texts for 13 years. He offered sweet support to Dal Po. Those scenes made me smile.
* Yoo Rae had a couple of moments this episode. She uploaded a cutting video of Cha Ok that helped fan the flames of discontent. Her lip pout made Gyo Dong feel guilty and he assigned her to help Dal Po. Cute scene!
* The writer, Park Hye Ryun, has jammed packed these 12 episodes with a constantly moving story. I looked forward to the last third of this series. Let’s see what is in store next!

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