Pinocchio Episode 11 Recap

Episode 11 “Mid Summer Night’s Dream”  

Nutshell summary: Who will take the lead in seeking revenge? Jae Myeong confirms Dal Po’s fears by admitting he has killed people. Now Dal Po wants to relieve his brother’s burden to seek revenge against In Ha’s mother, but how can he when he loves In Ha? A drunk In Ha learns his feelings when he confesses them while taking her home believing she will never remember. But In Ha does recall. In a self sacrificing move, In Ha releases Dal Po from their relationship and urges him to do what he must to seek revenge against her mother. In an unexpected twist, Jae Myeong tests Dal Po by sending incriminating evidence against himself. At first, Dal Po refuses to act against Jae Myeong. In the end, Dal Po elects to turn the evidence over to the police. Jae Myeong stuns Dal Po when he reveals he gave Dal Po the evidence. Jae Myeong now trusts Dal Po to carry the burden of getting revenge against In Ha’s mother. He urges Dal Po “If you do it, do it with flair”.

* Surprising reveal at the end of the episode that Jae Myeong sent Dal Po the evidence against himself. Now that Jae Myeong has passed the revenge torch to Dal Po, how will Dal Po proceed?
* Park Shin Hye had another solid episode with her portrayal of In Ha. Couple of moments were she nailed it:
** Realizing the burden of her man. In Ha retraced her steps to the park bench where Dal Po confessed his brother was a murderer and Dal Po’s guilt that HE is the reason why his brother turned to murder. The scene was well crafted with present day In Ha watching the previous evening’s encounter with Dal Po. The pain of Dal Po’s confession became her burden…you saw her take that burden. This led to the second awesome moment for In Ha.
** In Ha is frank with Dal Po that she must let him go so he can pursue what he needs to. My original reaction was no, no, no, this smacks of noble idiocy. However, the writer, Park Hye Ryun, tinged the scene with a realization from In Ha and Dal Po that this was the right decision to make for both of them. Her goodbye kiss to him was bittersweet, both of them crying at losing their brief moment of couple-hood. Attention to detail as she returned the button to him during the scene.
* Lee Jong Seok portrayed Dal Po’s earnest belief that he was the reason that his brother Jae Myeong turned to murder. Dal Po sold himself because he never sought to find his brother, Jae Myeong lived with the bitterness of a robbed life with all his family dead and his only recourse was revenge. My reaction was no, no, no, this is short sighted logic. That is still my opinion.
Highlights where Jong Seok nailed it:
** The opening scene where he reveals his true identify to his brother was terrific. Both actors “let it go” in the scene and delivered a raw emotional feel.
** Confession of murder scene felt surreal when Jae Myeong confirmed Dal Po’s fears…he had killed people. Both actors portrayed an earnest emotion in the scene.
** Dal Po’s breakup scene with In Ha had emotion rippling throughout it. I love the consistent way Dal Po puts his arms on either side of In Ha to keep her there. Jong Seok cries as pretty as Shin Hye.
** I did like Dal Po deciding to face reality and turn over the evidence on Jae Myueong to Hwang Gyo Dong and the police. Not sure who was more stunned, Dal Po or me, that Jae Myueong provided the incriminating evidence against himself. The phone call between the brothers crackled with pain and pride as the revenge torch was passed from Jae Myueong to Dal Po. Dal Po is smart and resourceful. Now that revenge is the burden he has decided to take on, will he be able to achieve it without destroying In Ha or his own soul?
** I adore all the voice overs and narrations that the writer has Dal Po provide. It adds more depth to a scene.
* Yoon Gyun Sang had a stellar episode as brother Jae Myeong. Gyun Sang is the surprise of the series. He is riveting, commanding, but all in a quiet intense way. I am loving Gyun Sang’s performance. Who ever cast Gyun Sang should get a bonus. Moments where he nailed it:
** The brotherhood reveal between Dal Po and Jae Myeong was intense! Both actors delivered during that scene. The shock, the denial, the test, the confirmation, the acceptance, Jae Myeong cycled through all that with ease.
** When Jae Myeong admitted to Dal Po that he killed people. That scene was quiet but powerful.
** When Dal Po confronted Jae Myeong about his revenge focus, Jae Myeong forced Dal Po to think when he asked “if you were me, could you stop?” (seeking revenge against In Ha’s mother).
** Jae Myeong did not overtly scoff in Dal Po’s face when he initially offered to take the torch of revenge, but he pointed out that In Ha was clearly a stumbling bock to Dal Po being able to extract revenge.
** The phone call between the brothers when Jae Myeong stated “I am the informer. I trust you now. I leave the revenge in your hands. If you do it, do it with flair.” That was perfect dialog from the writer and Gyun Sang delivered those lines perfectly.
* Bum Jo was a friend to In Ha even after he realized their relationship was not going to be romantic. He struggled to accept this as he cares for her. The struggle was on display when a drunk In Ha was spotted by a fellow reporter and Bum Jo had to help her, turning his car around after dumping the reporter to make sure Dal Po got her home safely. My hats off to Bum Jo for calling Dal Po in that situation. Loved his stare down with Dal Po when he arrived to take In Ha home. Now that In Ha was ended her relationship with Dal Po will Bum Jo have a chance with her?
* Yoon Yoo Rae had a bit more to do this episode as she hypothesized that Jae Myeong may be involved in hurting those that were cruel to his family 13 years prior. She came off more as a petulant child than an angry adult when Dal Po was assigned her story by Hwang Gyo Dong. Cute scene when a Yoo Rae sleeps off her drunken evening in the newspaper bullpen and the reporters gather around her in the morning surprised she is in their area.

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