Pinocchio Episode 8 Recap

Episode 8 “One Lucky Day”

Two brothers meet and measure each other…one reporter gets their first on air assignment…a first kiss with sizzle…big brother saves his imagined little brother…this is episode 8.

Story 1: Two brothers meet and measure each other

Choi Dal Po (Lee Jong Seok) and Dal Po’s big brother, Ki Jae Myeong, finally meet. Jae Myeong does not recognize Dal Po believing him dead long ago. Dal Po weighs whether or not to reveal his identify. His gut reaction is fear that his brother is walking a dark path. He elects not to tell his brother his identity. Instead he lies that he is an unemployed ex-taxi driver. It is a bittersweet moment, the long imagined joyous reunion cannot materialize. There is something between the two of them but is it an undercurrent.

Little does Dal Po know that Chan Soo (police officer and high school quiz show rival) saw Dal Po meeting someone. When he casually questions Dal Po about where he was the previous evening, Dal Po lies. That has Chan Soo seriously wondering why Dal Po lied and what he is covering up.

As Dal Po scouts shooting locations for a story he ends up outside his brother’s house. Jae Myeong sees him snooping around and decides to follow Dal Po. To his surprise, Jae Myeong finds that Dal Po is a reporter working at YGN. He confronts Dal Po as he exits YGN. He grabs Dal Po and with fierce intensity and grits out that all reporters frighten and disgust him. Sounds similar to Dal Po’s stance not too long ago. In that moment, Dal Po is scared of his brother. I am scared too!

Story 2: One reporter gets their first on air assignment

Choi In Ha (Park Shin Hye) hopes her mother, MSC Manager and top reporter Song Cha Ok, will praise her in depth digging from the previous day…but no. Mom is icy and straightforward telling In Ha she cannot be a good reporter because she has Pinocchio syndrome (cannot lie without hiccuping). There are too many times reporters must be evasive or shade the truth to get the story in Mom’s opinion. She declares In Ha “too unreliable”. Ouch! The experienced reporters Gong Joo and Il Joo as well as partner Seo Bum Jo (Kim Young Kwang) overhear Cha Ok’s negative assessment of In Ha.

Gong Joo decides to give In Ha her first on air assignment. It is winter and the steep stairways and paths have become a slip hazard for the citizens of Seoul. In Ha, Bum Jo, and their camera man must set out to get footage of spectacular falls and interviews with the fallen for the evening news.

When In Ha gets the call at the police station, she is excited and frets she needs fresh clothes and must wash her hair. She calls her father to bring clothes and heads to the bathroom to wash her hair. Just as she is ready to rinse the shampoo out, the water is turned off. Resourcefully, she utilizes the toilet water to rinse. Her father and grandfather bring the fresh clothes. They are dismayed at the cramped sleeping room. But they are impressed to learn that Bum Jo is an heir to a department store. That news puts a gleam in father’s eyes.

On assignment In Ha is unable to watch people fall without helping them. Bum Jo is also compassionate and helps people. Their considerate nature does not garner any footage much to the frustration of the experienced reporters. Cha Ok states In Ha should be fired. Gong Joo knows In Ha’s job is at risk. When In Ha and Bum Jo return to the station empty handed, Gong Joo yells and makes the valid point that reporters OBSERVE not intervene. In Ha grasps the difference and returns to the field and gathers the needed footage and interviews with the observation mind set. In a bold move, Gong Joo tells Cha Ok that In Ha can be a good reporter and compliment from her mother would be nice. That exchange was a pleasant surprise. I never thought Gong Joo would go head to head with Cha Ok.

Story 3: A first kiss with sizzle

In a beautifully staged scene, after dinner they find themselves agreeing about fantasy reunions not working out. A flip switches in Dal Po’s head. He confronts her feelings for him and the denial of them. Dal Po stares intensely at In Ha. Her radar tells her his feelings at that moment are not platonic but romantic. To ward off his kiss, she puts her hand to her mouth. Sweetly, gently, deliberately Dal Po kisses her hand. In Ha gives the standard wide-eyed reaction. But now In Ha is caught in the magic of the moment. She lets her hand fall away from her mouth.  In Ha stares intensely at Dal Po. Sweetly, gently, deliberately Dal Po kisses her lips. Then he deepens the kiss. Wow! That was more sizzle and lip action than expected from their first kiss. It is subtle why Dal Po crossed the line to take their relationship romantic but their in sync mindset, his love for her, her love for him, the moment had come.

Story 4: Big brother saves his imagined little brother

In Ha, Bum Jo and their camera man are shooting final footage at an icy intersection. Jae Myeong is in his truck at an intersection waiting for a light to turn. A little boy with a cast and crutches (that looks like Dal Po 13 years ago) begins to cross the street. A truck fleeing two police cars comes down the road. The driver brakes and the truck flips on its side. Now the truck skids towards the boy who has fallen. In Ha, Bum Jo, and the camera man observe in horror at what looks to be sure death for the boy. Without thought for himself, Jae Myeong’s truck rams into the skidding truck stopping it’s forward progress from hitting the boy. Stunned, the boy escapes uninjured and the reporting team rushes towards the accident scene. Jae Myeong staggers out of his truck and kneels next to the boy. He asks if the boy is ok. The boy assures him he is fine. Jae Myeong calls the boy Ki Ha Myung (Dal Po’s real name) and tells him he had to save his brother. Then he slumps unconscious with blood coming from his head.

* Dal Po looked his brother in the eyes and realized that Jae Myeong may be behind the disappearance of those that slandered his father 13 years ago. Lee Jong Seok did a good job portraying the worry that his brother may have taken a dark path. He was afraid of his brother when fronted outside the YGN building. The question Dal Po posed himself “Will I be able to handle the truth?” is a good one.
* LOL, Gyo Dong’s fantasy at the excessive joy Dal Po would shower upon him when provide his brother’s telephone. Dal Po’s non reaction stunned and confused Gyo Dong. Dal Po did not offer much of an explanation.
* That was a heck of a first kiss. Shin Hye moved her lips (yes, you read that correctly). The kiss scene was beautifully staged and shot. The cinematographer used the snow (either real or added) perfectly to soften the visual and the arches lights on the street were lovely.
* In Ha rinsing her hair with water from the toilet was resourceful. I hope the bathrooms are cleaned more frequently than the reporters sleeping quarters.
* Funny when Bum Jo claimed to In Ha’s father that Dal Po liked Yoon Yoo Rae (Lee Yoo Bi). Everyone was surprised at this revelation.
* Yoo Rae’s best scene to date is when she tells Dal Po that while she respects his feelings (romantic for her), he in turn must respect her non interest in him.
* In Ha’s mother’s insight that In Ha would help people navigate the icy streets was correct. Coldly, she was willing to fire In Ha for it. Color me surprised that Gong Joo helped In Ha redeem herself by giving her another chance and then told Cha Ok she should compliment her daughter. That was a terrific scene.
* The confrontation between Dal Po and Jae Myeong was chilling. Jae Myeong asked why Dal Po lied about being a reports, looked into his truck, and came to his house. Jae Myeong’s freak out that reporters were not trustworthy spooked me a bit.
* The accident scene was well staged and shot.

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  2. Tee girl says:

    wow xo fantastic nd romantic,most especialy d kiss,its a wow.

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