Pinocchio Episode 18 Recap

Pinocchio Episode 18 “Red Shoes”…  

Bum Jo’s mother sends a warning to In Ha, Dal Po and In Ha’s mother to back away from the story linking her to the explosion. Will they continue to pursue the story or yield to her threats?

In Ha (Park Shin Hye)  returns to work full of vigor and resolve to be an outspoken reporter serving the public just like Captain Kim encouraged during her training with MSC.

Dal Po (Lee Jong Suk) tells YGN’s Captain Hwang that he will be able to prove the connection between In Ha’s mother and Bum Jo’s mother because he has an anonymous informer. We see the informer is Bum Jo.

In Ha’s mother tells Bum Jo’s mother that she has the cell phone and the text evidence and Dal Po’s promise not to use them. Bum Jo’s mother does not trust Dal Po’s word but she trusts In Ha’s mother. Speaking of In Ha, Bum Jo’s mother asks when will she meet her. In Ha’s mother tells her a relationship with her daughter is not needed now that the incriminating evidence has been retrieved. As she leaves Bum Jo’s mother comments this is the first time In Ha’ mother has refused one of her requests.

At MSC Captain Kim is thrilled when In Ha’s mother tells him she will not attend the team meeting. After she leaves he clicks his heels together with happiness. Il Joo finds his reaction a bit over the top. Cute!

The meeting isn’t has calm as Captain Kim hopes because In Ha pushes investigating her mother’s shoddy reporting of the explosion story. In Ha states if MSC investigates, it will be introspective, otherwise, another network will investigate and call it an expose. In Ha’s idea is denied. Later Captain Kim muses that letting In Ha’s mother know about a potential investigation will give her a heads up and save him hassle.

Captain Kim is stunned when In Ha’s mother approves of the introspective investigation. She states she’ll report the findings herself.

Il Joo tells MSC’s director that In Ha’s mother approved the investigation story. He calls Bum Jo’s mother who is not surprised. She tells the MSC director to wait until she devises a plan to handle the problem.

Dal Po walks In Ha home. As they stand chatting on the sidewalk a motorcycle nearly hits them. Dal Po pulls In Ha out of harms way.

Dal Po finds Bum Jo outside his apartment door playing with his dog. Bum Jo quips that “unlike his owner, the dog is cute”. LOL!  Flashback to Bum Jo telling Dal Po he was quitting to satisfy his mother’s wishes and hear the truth from her about her activities. Bum Jo promised Dal Po that once he found the truth from his mother, he’d let Dal Po know.  Back to the present, Dal Po invites Bum Jo inside to talk. Bum Jo confesses that being an informer is very difficult. Dal Po is understanding. Bum Jo asks how In Ha is doing. Dal Po states she mistakenly believes that Bum Jo is under his mother’s  control. Bum Jo opens the beer Dal Po gave him only to have is spray all over him. He accuses Dal Po of shaking his beer deliberately. Dal Po does not deny it. Cute!

Looks like the motorcycle driver is delivering a package to Dal Po at the YGN newsroom. To everyone’s surprise, he opens the package and pulls out a pellet gun and opens fire. Everyone ducks. Dal Po disarms the guy and they fight. Why no one helps apprehend the motorcycle driver and lets Dal Po fight him alone is beyond me. The motorcycle driver manages to escape as the police arrive. Cute moment when Captain Hwang is concerned when Yoo Rae has blood on her hands.

In Ha’s mother surprises In Ha when she offers to find more examples of MSC positive reporting on Congressman Kim. Motorcycle driver enters MSC looking for In Ha and her mother. Back at YGN, Dal Po realizes that motorcycle driver might be targeting In Ha next. He runs to MSC. Motorcycle driver enters MSC’s newsroom yelling for In Ha and her mother. He finds them in the video room and breaks through a window grabbing at them. Dal Po hurtles himself at the motorcycle driver and the second fight between them ensues. In Ha knocks the knife away from motorcycle driver so at least it is an even fight. The security police come and take motorcycle driver away after Dal Po effectively hog ties him. Dal Po and In Ha make sure each other is ok but Dal Po isn’t, he’s bleeding, his arm injured.

At the hospital Captain Kim and Captain Hwang arrive full of questions. Dal Po is in surgery for a torn ligament. They puzzle why motorcycle driver would target In Ha, her mother and Dal Po…what is the connection between them? In Ha’s mother realizes that Bum Jo’s mother has a grudge against the three of them.

Motorcycle driver tells the police that his father was the bus driver exposed as a fraud and he had a grudge against the 3 reporters for that. Bum Jo watches the Yoo Rae report the incident. He listens to a recording on his phone of his mother complaining about pests (In Ha and Dal Po) that are bothering her. He wonders if his mother is behind the attacks.

At the hospital In Ha’s father tells Dal Po he is staying at their house until he is better. Dal Po tells In Ha their attacker drove the motorcyle that almost ran into them the previous evening.

At YGN, Captain Hwang wonders why the bus driver’s son attacked in a doomed to be caught way. He wonders if it was really a message to limit their current investigation to link In Ha’s mother and Bum Jo’s mother. Cub reporter and Yoo Rae listen but cannot hear their conversation. Cub reporter tells Yoo Rae he thinks Captain Hwang likes her. She dismisses this saying it is only his imagination not reality.

In Ha’s mother tells Bum Jo’s mother she got the message loud and clear to watch what they say. Bum Jo’s mother acts confused about her accusation.But then she tells In Ha’s mother IF she did send the message, shouldn’t she realize their relationship is in jeopardy?

Bum Jo asks his mother if she ordered the attacks on In Ha, her mother, and Dal Po. His mother confirms she ordered the attacks. She confirms it was a warning for them and him. Bum Jo is taken aback. His mother takes his cell phone and sees he is recording their conversation. She knows when he is lying to her. She is sorry he is disappointed in her. She wants to return to the way things were before. He has a beautiful life and she takes care of the dirty work. He watches her leave tears in his eyes.

At home everyone is happy that Dal Po is there and safe. In the super cute scene, In Ha shaves Dal Po. They are darling together when they get the chance to be playful.

In Ha’s mother stuns Captain Kim when she says she will report the text message and link between her and Bum Jo’s mother. She tells him the attack was a warning. It is time to go on the offense and stop being passive. Unfortunately they’ve both been moved to different departments and cannot carry out the plan. In Ha’s mother declares her microphone may be gone but she will not be silenced. She looks directly into the MSC director’s eyes.

In Ha asks Captain Kim about the sudden transfer. He states her mother ordered him to look into the connection between Bum Jo’s mother, In Ha’s mother, and the MSC director. Captain Kim believes the sudden transfer is a warning from Bum Jo’s mother to watch what they say. He thanks In Ha for pushing him to report the truth.

In Ha’s mother tells In Ha she cannot report anymore with the transfer. She gives the text evidence and cell phone to In Ha. She tells her to return the evidence to Dal Po. She says they must name her as the whistle blower not In Ha.

Dal Po is surprised when In Ha gives him back the cell phone and text evidence. In Ha’s states her mother wanted to report the information but has been demoted and is no longer a reporter. Another surprise is In Ha’s mother’s request that Chang Soo sue her for slander so a current criminal can be established as the statue of limitations ran out on the slander against Dal Po’s father. This will provide In Ha’s mother the opportunity to identify Bum Jo’s mother as the mastermind behind Chang Soo’s slander. In Ha’s mother will be able to tie the slander against Dal Po’s father as well. In Ha’s mother counsels In Ha no matter what, report the facts of the case, do not be swayed by emotion or public opinion.  She is concerned the Bum Jo’s mother will use every opportunity to weasel out of the case. She needs the reporting to be factual and not swayed by Bum Jo’s mother’s influence. In Ha is upset that her mother’s career will now end. Her mother now knows the trappings of status are not important. As In Ha cries (Park Shin Hye is such a pretty crier) her mother gently cups her face and encourages her to report the facts and not waiver.

In Ha asks Dal Po how he was able to handle the pain of watching his brother walk his self destructive path. With an arm of comfort around In Ha, Dal Po confirms it is difficult. In Ha cries and sinks into him.

Dal Po’s brother, Jae Myeong, is happy the truth of the past and present cases will finally be revealed. He notices Dal Po is not happy. Watching In Ha’s pain is difficult and this dredges up the pain of watching him walk a self destructive path. Jae Myeong admits he had been planning to kill himself and In Ha’s mother but realized Dal Po’s non violent method was the better path. Dal Po saved his life.

In Ha’s mother receives her notice that Chang Soo is suing her for slander. Bum Jo’s mother secretary tells her about the slander suit clearly worried that she will be investigated along with In Ha’s mother.  Bum Jo’s mother clearly sees this was a calculated move by In Ha’s mother to tell her story since her reporter position was taken away. Bum Jo’s mother does not believe the local reporters will pay much attention to the case. I’m a bit surprised at her indifferent stance. You’d think at this point she’d realize more is at stake than some bad publicity.

In Ha’s mother enters the police station to give her statement. Yoo Rae and the other reporters cluster around her peppering her with questions. In Ha and her mother exchange supportive glances. In Ha’s mother answers the reporters questions chiding them for their subpar questions. She tells the reporters to have better questions which she will answer after she is done giving her statement. The reporters watch her walk away and remark that she is tough and intimidating. I was thinking classy and cool.

In Ha’s mother sees Dal Po in the hallway. He tells her once she is done giving her statement he’ll look for her with questions. She flashes back to taxi driver Dal Po telling her that once he figured out what a reporter was, he’d come looking for her. He’d take her on like a wolf would take down his prey. In Ha’ s mother asks Dal Po if he has figured out what a reporter is. He tells her he knows the hard parts of reporter. She nods and tells him it is time for him to take her on like a wolf.  His respect for her is evident as he nods and assures her he will.

* This episode was packed with developments that pushed the story close to resolution. The redemption of In Ha’s mother is in full swing. The actress that plays In Ha’s mother, Jin Kyung, had the opportunity to show more emotion than the steely reserved woman. Bum Jo’s mother decided an aggressive threat would send a message to remember. The motorcycle driver attacking YGN with the pellet gun was hostile. Charming when Captain Hwang revealed he had feelings for Yoo Rae. Of course she elected not to believe that his feelings were personal. Everyone around the two of them could see the truth. I’ll admit to a crush on Captain Hwang, one of the smartest characters in this series.
* Lee Jong Seok portrays Dal Po with a unflagging determination to expose those that deserve it. What I like about Jong Seok is his easy chemistry with all the actors. Jong Seok does not show a wild range of emotions but centers around portraying a gentle but determined Dal Po that values those helping him in his quest. Dal Po interactions with Bum Jo had true friend potential. Dal Po’s interactions with In Ha were white knight to the rescue and sweet, especially during the shave scene.
* Park Shin Hye must love portraying In Ha’s candor and determination to right wrong. The best scenes to date with her mother. Finally her mother reached out and touched her (literally). The shaving scene with Dal Po was a perfect mix of playful and subtly sexy.
* Bum Jo was unmasked by his mother as she revealed she knew he was recording their conversations. She desperately wanted Bum Jo to return to the days when he was naive about her true nature. Sorry that train has left the station, he knows who you are and cannot pretend otherwise. His scene with Dal Po had a buddy vibe which I liked.
* Yoo Rae had her best episode of the series when Captain Hwang revealed he has more than professional feelings for her. She did not see it, but it was there. Another good scene for Yoo Rae was when she texted the police officer interrogation the motor cycle driver asking to speak louder so the eavesdropping reporter could understand what was happening. Her admiration of In Ha’s mother was done well.
* During the darling shaving scene Park Shin Hye’s contribution to the OST “Love is Like Snow”, OST Part 5 released December 12, 2014, was featured. It is a breezy easy song with Park Shin Hye’s signature soft voice. Listen via the link or the embedded video below.

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