Pinocchio Episode 6 Recap

 Episode 6 “15 Year Old Boy Drifter” …  

Episode 6 focuses on competitiveness between our cub reporters, the experienced reporters they support, the rival networks both needing a scoop for their first head-to-head newscast, and our two males romantic rivalry begins as they circle our female lead.

Choi Dal Po (Lee Jong Seok) and Choi In Ha (Park Shin Hye) are both cub reporters for rival stations YGN and MSC. Team YGN is Dal Po paired with Yoon Yoo Rae (Lee Yoo Bi). Team MSC is In Ha paired with Seo Bum Jo (Kim Young Kwang). They are both sent to the Han River police station where much to their surprise, they find scads of bleary eyed reporters, all sniffing around trying to find a tidbit of a story from the police officers, who wearily ignore the reporters like icky stuff on the bottom of their shoes. Sleep is minimal during the assignment, sleep quarters are a single room, and food is whatever you’ve got in your backpack.

The story our fab four converge on is an overweight woman that collapsed and died after working out many hours on a treadmill. They divide fact gathering between them. The ladies head to the hospital where In Ha and Yoo Rae sabotage each other’s quest for information. The gentlemen head the health club where they both share snacks to interviewees and learn identical facts. Their frustrated station mentors, for YGN it is Hyun Gyu (LOL on his Darth vader ringtone) and for MSC it is Il Joo (LOL when he had to eat his mockery of the YGN team) direct them to get the video from the health care club of the woman collapsing. The health care manager appears to be affected by Yoo Rae’s sweet pleading which In Ha cannot pull off because of her Pinocchio syndrome (cannot lie without hiccuping). Dal Po surprises them telling the manager just seeing the video will be sufficient. The fab four gather around the screen, view the video and walk away empty handed. But wait…Dal Po secretly recorded the video on his phone.

Team YGN is thrilled they have the video and prepare to send their story to the station for the 10pm news. Dal Po has a nagging feeling that he is missing a crucial nugget of information, the “quiet truth” eludes him. Shrugging he sends the video to YGN reporter Gyo Dong (who he revealed his true identity to last episode). Gyo Dong crows to MSC reporter Gong Joo that YGN has an exclusive. Earlier in the episode Gong Joo set up a pool betting which network would garner the higher ratings in their head-to-head battle. Like all his co-workers at MSC, he bet on YGN.

Team MSC is frustrated their story lacks zip. In Ha cannot send their story to the station as is. In Ha has a nagging feeling that she is missing a crucial nugget of information, the “quiet truth” eludes her. In Ha declares they must visit the morgue one more time. Bum Jo is not excited but agrees. After In Ha calls Gong Joo with the story, he crows to himself MSC has an exclusive, and switch his bet to MSC.

Other moments of interest:

1. MSC Manager and top reporter Song Cha Ok, In Ha’s mother, visits In Ha’s father much to his surprise. Even more surprising is that Cha Ok offers good advice to father – let In Ha do what she wants and support her if he wants to keep her by his side. He follows this advice and earns In Ha’s gratitude.

2. In Ha surprises Dal Po that HE is the reason she decided to be a reporter NOT her mother. She shares that Dal Po’s appearance on the quiz show in high school sparked her interest in being a reporter.

3. In Ha telling Dal Po giving back the button from her necklace and declaring she was over him. The hiccups started immediately and In Ha recognizes she spoke to fast. How Dal Po does not hug and admit his feelings at darling moments like this is beyond me.

* This episode was solid and the story simpler. The writer, Park Hye-Ryun, made smart choices this episode:
a) The over arching competition at all levels was fabulous and woven well among all the characters.
b) The theme of the truth tickling to reveal itself was the end of the episode teaching moment. Loved that Dal Po ignored the truth tickle while In Ha sought to find the truth.
c) Having the quiz contestant Chan Soo return as a police officer that both In Ha and Dal Po tried / succeeded to recriut as a source was clever.
d) Dal Po’s older brother, Ki Jae Myeong’s plan of framing the manager is working. Recall last episode Jae Myeong trapped the manager that lied about their father. Love that Chan Soo is the police officer assigned to the case and his intuition tells him there is more to the story.
* Bum Jo shined as the horrified rich kid dropped into “this cruel world”. Best episode so far for Bum Jo who previously had been one-note as a smiling stalker-of-In Ha. His internal dialog to his mother about the trials of the job was terrific. The rivalry over In Ha, though in the initial stages, is working. Loved his cryptic comments to Dal Po that he has known In Ha longer than he thinks. I am intrigued what the connection between In Ha and Bum Jo is. Young Kwang rocks the bangs much better than the swept back look.
* LOL when Grandpa stole money from Dal Po’s piggy banks to get the money to buy him gloves.
* Loved the male posturing around In Ha. Sweet moment when Dal Po air found himself face-to-face with a sleeping In Ha at the police station. He could not hide his tender feelings as he gently stroked and covered her with a blanket. Bum Jo saw the whole thing from his bunk and confronted Dal Po about his actions which are not like an Uncle’s.
* Dal Po’s inability to admit his feelings to In Ha because he promised her father that he would hide his feelings chafes me. Why doesn’t In Ha’s father want Dal Po to be involved with his daughter? This obstacle feels flimsy to me.
* Love the irony that it is Dal Po that does not listen to his intuition that the “quiet truth” was eluding him. Undoubtedly he will find himself in the position of leading to the misrepresentation of the victim just has his father was misrepresented years ago.
* It is odd having Kim Young Kwang tower over Lee Jong Seok, he is usually the tall male on a show.
* Fact for myself, the title of the episode references the Jules Verne book “Two Years’ Vacation” about a group of schoolboys stranded on a deserted island in the South Pacific and of their struggles to overcome adversity. Certainly our fab four were stranded at the police station in new jobs struggling to overcomes the challenges of finding stories, fleshing out stories, and listening or ignoring their intuitions.

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