Secret Love Affair Episode 9 Recap

Episode 9 starts with Hye Won leaving Seon Jae’s apartment without telling him the morning after their first night together. I note their first time was off camera with voice over. Why is Secret Love Affair afraid of affection between these two? Why is a 40 year old woman and a 20 year old woman scandalous? If it were a 40 year old man and 20 year old woman it would not be scandalous. The show is skittish about showing physical interactions between these two characters.

Back to the episode….

Hye Won sends Seon Jae a long text on her personal phone. We go back to yesterday when she entered his apartment. Hye Won writes she was nervous going up the unlit stairs. Later in the episode Seon Jae puts lights in the stairway and cleans the stairs, sweet guy. Hye Won writes that she is an expert liar but doesn’t want to make him one. Hye Wons says she can’t yet declare that she loves Seon Jae but she wants to learn from him. Hye Won calls him bright. Hye Won notes they’ve committed adultery and it can’t be good for Seon Jae. Hye Won ends the text declaring she’ll take care of the messy part of the affair as that is her specialty.

Other characters in the show notice something is a bit off about Hye Won. The chairman’s wife suggests that Hye Won be the sole teacher for Seon Jae noting they have a certain chemistry. Her husband graciously agrees. Seon Jae can scarcely believe his luck.

They share another cute scooter ride together and decide to head to his place for some together time. They kiss and he pulls her off camera but they are interrupted when his two friends stop by for dinner. Seon Jae tells his girlfriend that he doesn’t see her as a woman but values her friendship. She accepts this with seeming good grace. Hye Won hides on the roof until his friends go. She asks him to call her a cab and he finds two cells phone in her purse (one business, one personal).

ep91 ep92
The girlfriend finds out that Hye Won is connected to Seon Jae. The girlfriend is suspicious. At the salon Hye Won runs into his girlfriend who directly asks if she knows and is connected Seon Jae. Hye Won is surprised the girlfriend has figured out who she is. The girlfriend asks Hye Won to take good care of Seon Jae. The episode ends there, another abrupt break point.

Secret Love Affair
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  1. Herbert Hunsberger says:

    The flight up the steps is a metaphor for the slippery slope she is climbing. He is the reward at the top but the fall could be catastrophic


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