Secret Love Affair Episode 14 Recap

Episode 14 boils down to one question: How much can Hye Won take before she cracks? The Evil Quartet (Chairman, Chairman’s wife, Chairman’s daughter, Chairman’s son-in-law) all work to add fuel to the fire so Hye Won will break down and agree to their demands. The Evil Quartet demonstrate teamwork. Per the business dictionary the definition of teamwork: The process of working collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a goal.  Yep, the Evil Quartet are a team.

We start the episode at the party after the interview. Hye Won’s husband takes every opportunity to order Sun Jae around and show him that Hye Won is HIS wife. Sun Jae is in misery, Hye Won is in misery, and I’m in misery too. A piano playing battle of twinkle, twinkle, little star has horribly sad overtones when Sun Jae takes his turn. The music rips Hye Won’s heart. To top off the fun evening, Hye Won’s husband gets drunk, turns belligerent and embarrasses himself and Hye Won. After he has passed out on the couch…

Hye Won shakily tells Sun Jae “I’m ashamed. I asked you to do something terrible.”

“I thought wrongly. I was overconfident. I shouldn’t have done this.

Sun Jae just looks at her and she pleads “Say something to me! Please, Sun Jae”.

She tries to kiss him but he stops her. He looks at her then hugs her saying “Please don’t make yourself pitiful. I can’t kiss a pitiful woman.”

Hye Won pleads “Don’t talk like that”.

Sun Jae gives her a look which I interpreted as buck up and tells her to sleep. Then he leaves.

Hye Won curls up in a chair alone.

Sun Jae weeps outside.

This qualifies as an awful evening.

The next day the articles implying illegal actions by Hye Won (planted by the Evil Quartet) appear on-line and in print. The chairwoman’s staff disavows any knowledge of Hye Won’s actions reported in the articles. Hye Won and her secretary read the articles. The reporter doing the article on Hye Won and her husband comes. Hye Won immediately lets her off the hook to print the article considering all the unflattering things being written about her.

The Evil Quartet discuss Hye Won’s affair. The son-in-law reminds the others that they can’t really use the affair with a 20 year old because everyone in this household has made similar choices and Hye Won could easily reveal evidence of this. Thwarted but not chastened they look away and say nothing. The chairman’s wife draws his daughter to the side and recommends that she drop her young lover, it’s so embarrassing. The daughter asks “Isn’t being the old serpent a drag?”  Touche!

Our Mahjong studying secretary is practically floating around the office with glee…soon she’ll take Hye Won’s seat at the Mahjong table and as the confidant of the Evil Quartet. What more can you ask for out of life?

The chairman’s wife decides to turn up the heat on Hye Won and calls upon the department head to convince Hye Won’s husband to sue for adultery. Seems like the financial evidence isn’t strong enough so playing the adultery card is next. Hye Won’s husband does not want to sue her under penal code 241. The department head soothes him saying Hye Won has to go to jail at the right time like a martyr so she’ll be sympathetic and get a short prison term. The husband asks Hye Won to dinner texting her that he wants to support her. Hye Won agrees to the dinner. First she stops by the hair salon and talks to Da Mi who tells her everyone is gossiping about her. Hye Won asks what evidence Da Mi was given. Da Mi says it isn’t photos but won’t say what it is. Hye Won tells her to show it to Sun Jae and leaves. At dinner Hye Won’s husband drops the bomb, if she has to serve jail time, he’ll wait and take care of Sun Jae but he must have power…IF he elects to sue her for adultery then Sun Jae will be forever tainted as an adulterer. He is hitting Hye Won where it hurts as Sun Jae is her Achilles heel. Hye Won recommends that he be patient so he can get what he wants. She calls for the check and splits.

Meanwhile Sun Jae practices with the quintet. He and Cello girl talk and Sun Jae says he’s heard she’s quitting school. She replies it is a no win situation for her.  He encourages her to do well in the quintet. She is dubious he’ll be able to continue practicing with them thinking he’ll have to focus on the upcoming competition. He assures her he will keep working with the quintet.

At home Hye Won’s husband yells at her to turn herself in, saying she owes them and him this. She says nothing. He is angry. He is also a jerk.

The Chairman’s son-in-law and the Chairman’s wife agree that they must get Hye Won to turn herself in. He recommends they inflict the most painful shame on her before they resort to legal maneuvers. The Chairman’s wife believes the Hye Won will reach out to Sun Jae. The Chairman’s son-in-line calls his team to be on standby 24/7 .

Meanwhile Sun Jae, Da Mi, and his other friend are chatting. Da Mi tells Sun Jae that Hye Won said to show him the evidence. Sun Jae does not want to see the evidence. They are worried he’ll be kicked out of school and have to pay back his scholarship. Sun Jae says no big deal and splits.

Near the breaking point Hye Won drinks alone. Sun Jae texts her that he is outside the house. Oh no, they will catch you red handed. Hye Won wants to go to Sun Jae, will she give into temptation?  ….and the episode ends.

Comments: A depressing episode as the noose tightens around Hye Won’s neck. EVERYONE is out to get her OR enjoying her downfall. She only has a couple of friends on her side. Where is the self-proclaimed clever and cunning Hye Won? I thought she was smart and would have the goods on the Evil Quartet to take them down. It does not seem like she has any power, it appears she is collapsing. I expected more fight from Hye Won.

It bears mentioning two annoying production decisions 1) this show is dimly lit. 2) They like to shoot scenes with something obscuring the characters.

Secret Love Affair
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2 comments on “Secret Love Affair Episode 14 Recap
  1. Only says:

    YES, on the shooting people with things in the way. I guess it’s to prove a point that we’re not getting the whole picture on anyone? Or to make it look more claustrophobic? Either way, it’s driven me nuts the whole show. Good recap! I like the details you picked out.


    • kjtamuser says:

      Yep, I buy the obscuration camera shots reference the “secret” part of SLA. Glad I wasn’t the only one that didn’t like that particular production choice. Thx!


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