Secret Love Affair Episode 13 Recap

Here’s what I wish I could tell you  happened this episode: Hye Won turned the tables on the evil trio -Chairman, his wife and his daughter – and the ever grinning son-in-law. Hye Won realized that her pursuit of the upper class lifestyle and position was meaningless. She saw it had enslaved her so much that she has morphed into a hollow shell of her former self. Hye Won ditches this worthless life and starts over with Sun Jae.

But that’s not what happened in Episode 13 of Secret Love Affair.

Da Mi gives Hye Won a well deserved verbal smack down. Da Mi tells her she thought Hye Won could control herself, after all she has a husband, but then she met Sun Jae again. Hye Won says there was something she needed to discuss with with Sun Jae. Da Mi counters, that discussion took 2 days and 1 night? Busted Hye Won says nothing. It is distracting that part of her face of obscured by the desk lamp. Da Mi states she thought Hye Won was a nice person. She counsels Hye Won that passion only lasts a moment (that is amusing coming from a 20 year old).  Hye Won has had enough and tells Da Mi that she is not exercising proper manners discussing this with her.  Spunky Da Mi states that she is exercising as much manners as she can in this situation. Hye Won brushes her off saying they should eat with Sun Jae soon. Da Mi discloses a much higher up lady (the chairman’s wife) is pressuring her to pressure Hye Won. Da Mi says Sun Jae is too precious for this ridiculous game. Wow…Da Mi let Hye Won have it and she was correct in every comment. Hye Won does the womanly thing and faints much to the glee of the chairman’s wife.

s13_3 s13_2
Hye Won texts Sun Jae telling him Da Mi is a good friend to keep. Sun Jae wonders what did Da Mi say? Hye Won texts that she can’t be his girlfriend. Da Mi stops by his place and admits that she went to see Hye Won and advised her to stop seeing him. Sun Jae is not happy and asks why she did this. Da Mi says she does not want him to become corrupt too. Sun Jae states that Hye Won says she wants to change because she loves him. He tells her to leave Hye Won alone. Da Mi says if Hye Won forsakes her current life and comes to him, then she’ll believe in Hye Won. Sun Jae is not happy with his friend.

Smiling son-in-law gets the Chairman’s consent to throw Hye Won under the bus to save him. The chairman meets with Hye Won and gives her a envelope of money. Guilt money? Entrapment money?

Hye Won texts Sun Jae to meet her. Hye Won tells him that things will only get worse. Sun Jae says once he’d thought about pretending he knew nothing and letting her handle everything. She asks if he is embarrassed or angry. He tells her he used to tell her that he loved her constantly. Hye Won says she is going to pretend she has a good marriage. She says she WILL NOT LOSE everything she’s gained in life (including Sun Jae). She tells him until she wins over her enemies he has to stay hidden. She tells him to be nice to her husband and go to school. Sun Jae counters why don’t you get away from these horrible people? Hye Won says not now. Sun Jae asks will she waste the rest of her life on this? He asks what did you dream about that you wasted your 20’s?  Hye Won admits in heart she wants to belong to the upper class. Sun Jae says it is funny and sad that she blew her youth trying to get the rich crowd to accept her. Hye Won counters that if she wasn’t in an esteemed position he wouldn’t have liked her. Sun Jae is insulted and tells her clearly, he is not into money, and yes he would have liked her if she was poor. He recommends that she not consider him an excuse but instead look at how she is choosing to spend her life. She’s walking away from his love back to a love-less marriage. He continues she could live the rest of her life without love. She tells him to stop talking to her like that. Good grief, yet again, the 20 year old Sun Jae is the more mature of the two of them. Hye Won admits her goal in life is to be in the upper class but how shallow a goal to have spent 20 years of her life for. Why? Her rich friends are NOT her friends, they are using her, and are willing to toss her under the bus to save themselves. Get a grip Hye Won, see the situation for what it is.

Hye Won meets with smiling son-in-law and FINALLY shows a glimmer of a backbone when she tells him she won’t go quietly and be arrested as the sacrificial lamb. She tells him “this is only the beginning” and leaves. Smiling son-in-law is not happy and reports back to the evil trio (chairman, his wife and daughter). The next day the chairman’s wife tries to hug it out with Hye Won who stands there stiff as a board. She leaves the office and receives fake sorrow from the secretary who has been working against her too. Hye Won passes the chairman’s daughter in the hall, gives her a finger nod and tells her to be careful. I loved that playful word of advice from Hye Won.

Sun Jae sees discarded Cello girl who has no teacher (ditched by the department chair) who will fail without a solid performance but no one will take her. Sun Jae tracks down Cello girl and offers to play a duet with her. Cello girl quickly texts other discarded students who show up in a flash, instant quintet! Sun Jae is surprised others have joined but soon they are all playing and enjoying themselves. Sun Jae acts as director. Teacher Kang about has a hissy fit when he sees Sun Jae working with the undesirables. That guy is a self centered jerk. Sun Jae texts Hye Won about his work with the quintet, excited to be sharing music with others. He says he is nervous to come to her house for the interview the next day. Who can blame him? Who would want to go watch their love pretend to be loving to another?

The next day is as awkward for Sun Jae as he feared. Her husband takes him to their bedroom to get changed. Sun Jae sees the two beds and the book on her nightstand. When he comes down the stairs the husband and wife are acting loving for the reporter. Sun Jae is not happy to be there. The episode ends with the most awkward photo session with the 3 of them, Hye Won, Sun Jae and her husband.

First shot, the only one smiling is the husband…

Second shot, the photographer urges them all to smile…

Third shot, the photographer urges Hye Won to close the gap between she and Sun Jae and we end the episode there. I don’t think Sun Jae will be putting that photo on his next Christmas card…


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