Secret Love Affair Episode 7 Recap

He drives her while she sleeps. He sees her bandaged forehead and cut on het hand. He stops the car. She wakes but won’t tell him how she got hurt. He asks why she called him instead of going home. She states “because going home feels like work.” Propping up her whiny husband’s ego would be a never ending task.

He goes to get her a room to sleep in for a couple of hours. She gets scared and leaves him. She tells him she won’t go into a room with him.

She arrives home only to argue with her husband who is more concerned that people will think he beat her than that she is hurt. The argument creates a fissure between them.



He walks all the way to her place and texts her that his jacket is in her car. She retrieves the jacket and puts it just outside the front door. They text each other furiously. She accuses him of getting the hotel room to sleep with her. He counters that he only wanted her to rest. He blows her away when he texts that he loves her and does want to sleep with one day. That gets her out the door but he has stalked off.

The good news is his audition goes well and he receives a full scholarship.

The rest of the episode is filler with her trying to navigate the petty egos of the chairman, his wife, and his daughter. Two surprising moments: 1. The chairman’s mistress is forthright stating she dumped him because he was not good in bed. 2. Chairman’s wife unexpectedly knees him after she is certain his mistress dumped him.

She sinks her further into misery over her sorry life. He gets mad and miserable watching her be disrespected but is powerless. The episode ends with him brooding and her crying alone.

Secret Love Affair
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