I Hear Your Voice Episode 7 Recap

EPISODE 7: “Why is a sad premonition never wrong”

Such a darling episode that took a deep dive into the dark at the end.

Kwan Woo and Hye Sung are in the flirty stage much to Su Ha’s chagrin.  Kwan Woo and Hye Sung share chocolate he’d bought for their aborted date.

ep72 ep73
I loved the elevator ride where Kwan Woo and Su Ha spar over her. Su Ha has the advantage being able to read Kwan Hoo’s thoughts.

Kwan Hoo impresses me (and I’m assuming Hye Sung) when he fights to restore her dignity with a client that had no faith in her. He wants to show the defendant, “That we’re trying to see the world through the same eyes, that we truly understand. And I’m going to win that case, and then I’m going to ask that grandpa to apologize to you. That’s why I’m working this hard.” Score!

ep76 ep77
Su Ha impresses me (and I’m assuming Hye Sung) when he helps her out with the client. She asks for his help, telling him to wear a suit so he looks older when they talk to the guy pressing charges against the client. He looks great in the suit and her reaction is visible and delights him. His minding reading help her secure dropped charges for the client. They are stoked and plan to go to the aquarium after the trial. Score!

Kwan Hoo hugs her in court when she brings the papers dropping charges against his client. He impresses me and Hye Sung when after the trial he high fives her in the park, transitioning to kissing her hand. He tells her they should date and she cannot deny she likes him. Score! Su Ha sees this exchange and is bummed out.

The best part of this triangle is that you like both guys. They seriously dig this flawed woman. How lucky is she?

Ok, that’s the cute, now for the dark….

Murderer Joon Gook approaches Hye Sung’s Mom with a wrench in his hand and yep, you know something bad is going to happen to our dear Mom. Joon Gook allows Mom one final call to Hye Sung who is oblivious when Mom tells her “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth—if we lived by that law, then all the people in the world would be blind.” After the phone call she musters amazing moxy and tells Joon Gook  “I’m not afraid of you. I pity you.” This unfortunately goads and agitates Joon Gook.

ep711 ep712
The episode ends with Su Ha taking a phone call, the one we never want to get, and his face tells Hye Sung everything she doesn’t want to know. Hye Sung (in voiceover): “I knew it then—that the nightmare my mother had dreamt wasn’t over, but just beginning. And that the nightmare… was worse than I could ever imagine.”

I Hear Your Voice
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