Secret Love Affair Episode 8 Recap


He invites her over but the girlfriend stops by unexpectedly. He takes the girlfriend out to dinner while she watches from her car. She is not happy to see him with the girlfriend. The next day he comes to the house for a lesson. She gets angry with him over him his girlfriend showing up. She pushes him into the piano twice and lets him know that she is jealous. He is thrilled that she came to his apartment the previous evening AND that she is jealous. He asks why people were disrespectful to her. She says that her job is to help rich people spend their money. She calls herself “an elegant slave”.

She then puts distance between them reestablishing the student teacher relationship. They listen to music together. As she gets ready to leave the practice room he tells her that her world is scary. She recommends he focus on himself.

Her husband sees a fortune teller. The fortune teller says his wife will never cheat on him. He goes on to say that his prodigy is his ticket to advancement and not to let him out of his life. The husband does not totally believe his wife will not be unfaithful.

Best part of the episode…She surprises him by coming over to his place, changing into his clothes, with the goal of hanging out together. He is so happy she came.

They talk, drink, wrestle, and he plays for her. Their physical interactions are off-camera with voice overs. I did not care for this. I wondered if on-camera making love was considered not appropriate with the 20 year gap. I hope going forward the show isn’t afraid to show the age span doesn’t matter.

The quiet moments they have together…this is when the show works. The song that is played when they are together is lovely too.

The episode ends when she leaves without telling him. She’s adept at leaving him in the lurch.

Secret Love Affair
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3 comments on “Secret Love Affair Episode 8 Recap
  1. zhaoul says:

    I’m so behind on this drama but I can’t help but read spoilers. It’s a good drama, but I find myself bored in some parts. Is that just me? I also do love their interactions.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I find no one of interest besides our main couple. That is why I only discuss them. Everyone else bores me. Our couple has chemistry. She is the controller of the relationship and isn’t always nice to him. His earnest affection for her is touching. Who wouldn’t be enticed by unconditional love?

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