Secret Love Affair Episode 10 Recap

Sun Jae’s recital goes well. Hye Won watches from the sound booth and cries at his beautiful playing. Sun Jae meets her later in her office and she tells him his playing was so breathtaking it brought her to tears. They watch his performance on her laptop, sitting close to each other on the couch, holding hands and enjoying the music and each other. These quiet moments between them are the best moments of this series.
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Sun Jae is late to the after party so the husband goes looking for him. He approaches the office and you are sure they will be caught. He opens the door briskly but they are gone. The husband goes to security searching the closed caption TVs to find them. Sun Jae takes her to a “blind zone” (an area without cameras). Sun Jae recalls how he first saw Hye Won on stage.  They draw closer together and he closes the curtain. The husband continues to search, he’s like a bloodhound. He ends up in the auditorium where they are behind the curtain. They are kissing and Sun Jae knocks something over alerting the husband that someone is there. The husband creeps closer but receives a text message to find Hye Won, that there is an investigation underway. No longer concerned about catching them but rather saving his own skin, he loudly looks for them. They break apart aware someone is there. He yells for Hye Won telling her she must go and meet the prosecutors. Having delivered his message, the husband leaves. The message effectively kills the mood and Hye Won tells Sun Jae she must go. She leaves first. Hye Won drives off unaware that her husband is following discreetly. Sun Jae sits dejectedly in his dressing room, alone.


The chairman and his son-in-law (the one his daughter is cheating on) leave with the prosecutors. Hye Won tells them that it will be a short investigation.  The chairman’s wife asks why Hye Won was unreachable. She lies that she fell asleep in her office. When she arrives home the husband asks what happened and if she knew he was looking for her. She lies that she didn’t know he was looking for her and was alerted from a phone call. This lie angers the husband and he throws a glass of alcohol. The husband does not know that when he returned home Sun Jae’s girlfriend was watching and wondering where Hye Won is.

The next day the chairman’s wife asks to see Hye Won. She does not trust Hye Won and wonders if the investigation was something she instigated. Hye Won denies this and leaves her office uneasy. The episode ends with the chairman’s wife wondering if Hye Won is having a relationship.

The sharks (her husband, the chairman’s daughter, the chairman’s wife, his girlfriend) are circling and all suspect Hye Won and Sun Jae are having an affair. We are rapidly losing the “secret” part of “Secret Love Affair”.

Secret Love Affair
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