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Wok of Love Review

Wok of Love Review Synopsis. Wok of Love is a 2018 kdrama with 17 episodes (34 split episodes) about a trio of people – a chef, a newly married rich woman, and a gangster/loan shark – who find themselves at a

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Would I Date Him? Wok of Love

This time on Would I Date Him? I reflect upon the second leading man from the series Wok of Love. Our candidate: Doo Chil Seong, portrayed by Jang Hyuk, is the gangster / loan shark with a heart of gold from Wok of

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Wok of Love Episodes 37-38 (Final)

Wok of Love Episode 37 Sae Woo (Jung Ryeo Won) asks if Seo Poong (Lee Joon Ho) will break up with her if her mother asks him to. She says she’s coming back to work tomorrow. Seo Poong won’t agree.

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Wok of Love Episodes 35-36

Wok of Love Episode 35 Seo Poong (Lee Joon Ho) takes an exhausted Sae Woo (Jung Ryeo Won) to his room. He lays her on the bed. He takes her jacket off. They stare into each other’s eyes. She asks

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Wok of Love Episodes 33-34

Wok of Love Episode 33 First round: Lobster. The lobster breaks down begins. Chil Seong’s men watch while Seo Poong breaks down he lobster just like Seol Ja taught him. Seo Poong tells Go Ra if she won’t help him,

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Wok of Love Episodes 31-32

Wok of Love Episode 31 Sae Woo (Jung Ryeo Won) admits she loves Seo Poong. Hoping to hear the same three little words back, Sae Woo is surprised when Seo Poong (Lee Joon Ho) says “I know everything”. He says

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Wok of Love Episodes 29-30

Wok of Love Episode 29 Seo Poong (Lee Joon Ho) drives to the address on the wedding invitation. He stares at the big house. Seo Poong is startled when he sees Chae Seol Ja (Park Ji Young), Sae Woo (Jung

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