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Writer Review – Jung Hyun Jung – Love her or Leave her?

As I watch more and more dramas I’m seeing I have two primary drivers for selecting to watch a drama or not – the acting leads or the writer. I’m becoming more and more aware of the writer, and their

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The Merchant Gaekju Review

The Merchant Gaekju Episode Review Synopsis: Merchant Gaekju is a 41 episode Korean drama becoming a great merchant. Our lead rejects following his father’s path of becoming a great merchant as a boy. As an adult he realizes being an

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Ghost Doctor Review

Synopsis. A brilliant surgeon with limited people skills, ends up in a coma. The hospital relies on his mastery and can’t function as well without him. An first year resident who has the ability to see ghosts can see the

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Premise. A ghost appears to randomly selected person and intones when they will die and go to hell. At the appointed reckoning day and time, 3 hulking black Hellbound demons appear and kill the person; first by applying physical force,

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Ip Man 4: The Finale Review

Synopsis. Kung Fu Master Ip is diagnosed with cancer. He decides his teenage son should study in America to expand his perspectives. His son doesn’t want to leave China. His son wants to study martial arts, but his father won’t

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Vincenzo Review

Vincenzo Review Synopsis. Vincenzo is a 2021 kdrama about Mafia lawyer, Vincenzo Cassano, that returns to Korea after a change in family patriarchs in Italy merits an expedient exodus.  As young boy, sent to the orphanage by his mother, Park

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My Roommate is a Gumiho Review

My Roommate is a Gumiho is a 2021 kdrama about a non-human entity, gumiho, which is a nine-tailed fox that after living a thousand years become gumiho and has powers of transformation. In this series, the male lead is the

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Bossam Steal the Fate Review

Bossam Steal the Fate Review Synopsis. Bossam Steal the Fate is a 2021 historical kdrama about the struggle for power and those swept up in its wake.  One man, living his life as a commoner, has a side hustle of

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Doom at Your Service Review

Doom at Your Service Episode Review Doom at Your Service is a 2021 kdrama about a non-human entity that handles the end of human life. He’s like the doom button when people die. He can hear human thoughts. A woman

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Maybe Review

Synopsis. Maybe (aka Rabbit and Lizard) is a 2009 Korean film about an adopted girl who returns to Korea as a woman to find answers to her past. After being orphaned as a young girl, she was adopted and moved to America.

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