Tell Me What You Saw Review

Tell Me What You Saw Review

Synopsis. Tell Me What You Saw is a 16-episode 2020 kdrama about a reclusive profiler, a lead of a team of detectives, and a detective with a photographic memory of everything she sees. They seek to find answers to past traumatic events. Their search for resolution intertwines them. Hyun Jae, the profiler, lost the most important woman of his life, Yi Soo, in a car accident. Team Lead Hwang was Yi Soo’s best friend and saw the accident and was affected in aftermath. As a young girl, Detective Cha lost her mother in a hit and run accident that was never solved. As a team of detectives, they work together to solve crimes, each one providing building blocks that will lead them to the answers to the questions they’ve been haunted with for years.

What I liked.
Superior Story and Production. Writers Ko Young Jae and Han Ki Hyun penned an intense, intricate drama that was miles above any standard police procedural. Producer Director (PD) Kim Sang Hoon deftly delivered episodes that built the tension and brought the Writer Ko and Writer Han’s vision to life. The series hung on the trio of leads, each strong, each wounded, and their need to resolve the past. Most series tie a story to one maybe two leads, but Tell Me What You Saw engaged all three leads and the bulk of the secondary characters. It was superb storytelling and made it personal for a majority of the characters.

Genius profiler Oh Hyun Jae (Jang Hyuk). Hyun Jae’s ability to assess and understand motivation gave him insights on an above average level. He was deeply wounded by the loss of Yi Soo and became a shell of the man he used to be. Can he find himself again? Jang Hyuk’s performance of the hurt, haunted, driven man was superior.

Team Leader Hwang Ha Young (Jin Seo Yeon). Ha Young is a strong, resilient, leader of a team of detectives. She’s hated by her boss but manages to keep her team and autonomy intact. She too searches for answers to past traumas. Jin Seo Yeon perfectly portrayed the badass and broken Team Lead Hwang.

Detective Cha Soo Young (Sooyoung). Soo Young’s ability to recall a scene and zoom in on details was incredibly useful. She and Hyun Jae formed a special partnership, whose evolution was one of the great pleasures of this series. She had heart and smarts. Sooyoung impressed me from the first episode to the last as the impossibly brave and determined Detective Cha.
What I didn’t like.
Graphic moments. If you are squeamish, there are moments in this series that will make you uncomfortable. I found the gruesome bits weren’t overdone but emphasized the cruel and brutal nature of the crimes. I closed my eyes when I didn’t want to see it.
Would I recommend Tell Me What You Saw?
Yes. This series had rich characters, close ties among them, and emotional punch. While I didn’t love every case, each had a nugget the moved the overarching story forward. My hats off to new Writers Ko and Han. PD Kim is a master in this genre. The stellar cast and crew created a series that delivered more than I anticipated. It was a satisfying series.

OST. This drama’s OST had six vocal tracks. The full album’s track list can be found at dramawiki (link). My favorite track was This Game sung by Lee Ba Da (link). Check out the six track OST below:

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