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Maybe (aka Rabbit and Lizard) is a 2009 Korean film about an adopted girl who returns to Korea as a woman to find answers to her past. After being orphaned as a young girl, she was adopted and moved to America. At the airport, she meets a taxi driver with a heart condition that could end his life any moment, though he doesn’t share his medical condition. He becomes interested in her, knows his time may be short, and therefore offers to help her. She isn’t interested in his help. Why would a stranger offer to help her? Eventually they join forces to in the search for answers. What will they find? Will the answers be revealed? 

What I liked.

Jang Hyuk as taxi driver Eun Seol.
 Chain-smoking soft-spoken Eun Seol’s story unfolded slowly. He knew loss. His Grandmother was his primary living relative and she was in a home due to memory loss. Dealing with the heart condition and knowing he could die at any moment primed Eun Seol to want to help the lost and lovely woman. What was his mystery? Eun Seol wanted to remember where he saw a red rabbit when he was a boy.

Sung Yu Ri as orphan May who returned to find answers
. She found her aunt who gave her up for adoption after her parents died. She languished for a period unable to move forward with purpose. She was guarded and hesitant to trust Eun Seol. She connected then rejected Eun Seol multiple times. The decision to return to the town she lived in with her parents before their death was the turning point. What was her mystery? May wanted to remember how she got the lizard scar on her shoulder when she was a girl.

Ju Ji Hong and Writer Kim Jae Hwan crafted a slow build script and production. Our leads both had mysteries from their past. May’s search for her truth was aided by Eun Seol’s consistent support. Their connection took time. While not a traditional romance, a caring relationship grew between our leads.

What I didn’t like.

Slow first half of the film
.  As May searched in Seoul, her efforts meandered and progress felt slow. However, that allowed Eun Seol and May to be thrown together and build trust to the point where they joined forces to find the answers. Neither one of the characters were articulate or initially compelling, but they grew on you.

Would I recommend 
Maybe?  Yes. While this film takes its time drawing our leads to join forces to find answers, it is worth the wait.

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2 comments on “Maybe Review
  1. beez says:

    @kjt – I was hoping reading your review would explain something that I missed that would make me like this film and maybe go back to watch it again.

    But nope. I still feel like this movie was a waste of film and Jang Hyuk.


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