Would I Date Him? Tell Me What You Saw

This time on “Would I Date Him?” I reflect upon the leading man from the series Tell Me What You Saw.

Our candidate: Tell Me What You Saw’s Genius Profiler Oh Hyun Jae, portrayed by Jang Hyuk, is an emotionally wounded police officer on a mission to find the truth…at any cost.

Jang Hyuk, my favorite of my cadre of cuties, is an actor I’ve followed and recapped most series he’s been in since my blog was established.

Background. Genius profiler Oh Hyun Jae tracked the infamous peppermint candy killer until one night he faced a choice…catch the killer or save his fiancée trapped in a burning car. He chose her, but to no avail. He believes the killer was told to kill his fiancée. He’s willing to do anything to learn who ordered her killed.

His pluses:
DISCERNS MOTIVATIONS. Hyun Jae understands what drives people to do what they do. Not only does he understand, but he doesn’t judge and accepts each person’s truth.
FOCUSED. Hyun Jae’s devotion to finding the truth never wavered.
FOUND A PATH BACK. Hyun Jae began the series in an emotional vacuum, unable to feel for others or himself. Each case in the series, chipped away at the block of ice that surrounded his heart. By the end of the series, he’d demonstrated empathy, bravery, understanding, and acceptance. In the finale, he looked into the depths of hell and decided not to jump in.

His minuses:
WILLING TO USE OTHERS. Hyun Jae wanted to find the person that directed the peppermint candy killer to eliminate his fiancée. He was willing to lie (pretended to be wheelchair bound), and use/risk his colleagues to further his quest (Doctor Han used as bait).
TUNNEL VISION. Hyun Jae put his need to find the truth in front of everything.

Is he my next date?
👎No. Hyun Jae isn’t ready to date. While on the path back, at the end of the series, he wasn’t ready to rejoin the world and chose to self-isolate. He needs a friend more than a love interest.


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18 comments on “Would I Date Him? Tell Me What You Saw
  1. Drama Fan says:

    Yes, agreed. He is super attractive physically (I mean duh! Lol) He is so pretty but so unavailable emotionally. If there is a second season and he shows more “emotions” then maybe I’ll consider it 😋


  2. beezrtp says:

    Agreed. He’s not ready and I don’t think he ever will be and never was. Not unless it’s someone similar to his deceased wife in the sense of someone who can feel secure with that closed off-ness. I think that’s a reason he’s a good profiler as there’s something dark, very dark, there although he suppresses it and works for good. I even felt like his wife’s music “soothed the savage beast”.


    • He’s not ready and I don’t think he ever will be and never was…he’s a good profiler as there’s something dark, very dark, there although he suppresses it and works for good. I even felt like his wife’s music “soothed the savage beast”.
      Interesting thought that he never was ready. Did he tap his dark side to understand the criminals he profiled?


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    I concur 👎 no thank you. Hyun Jae could use a good friend … Oh that’s right, he already did … Dr Han. Great profiler, but not even a candidate for being my friend …

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  4. Drama Fan says:

    Ugh guys! What are you guys watching these days? I’m so bored


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I’m making progress with my watch list. Just finished Psychopath Diary, which I enjoyed and recommend. I’m currently watching Prison Playbook (Interesting, but a lot of bad language and some violence) and Welcome (AKA Meow, secret boy) just because I 💘 L’s (Kim Myung Soo) dimples and his evolution of his acting (Ruler: Master of the Mask was a turning point for his acting).

      Last week I finished Stairway to Heaven … I was looking for the references to it in Crash Landing on You (which I heartily recommend if you haven’t seen it yet).

      Stairway to Heaven was probably considered to be a makjang … just about every cliché that can separate a couple was used as a plot device … I tend to like happy endings … no satisfaction for me … but I knew that going in. BTW the female protagonist did make the maroon knit hat with a ridiculous bunny on it (as shown in Crash landing on you) for the male protagonist when they were teenagers and he later wore the silly hat as an adult to spark her memory of him (of course what is a makjang without memory loss). ✳SPOILER ALERT✳ The male protagonist even pulled the hat over his eyes the way North Korean soldier Ju Meong did in Crash Landing on You when he had lunch with the actress who played the female protagonist.

      Last month I watched Deserving of the Name, which is available on that well known online streaming service, for the third time … Kim Nam Gil is hilarious and I’m a sucker for time travel dramas.

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      • Drama Fan says:

        Thank you! I’ve already watched some of these dramas. I think I’ll give kdrama a short break until I feel like watching again.

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      • beezrtp says:

        Ohhh, thank you, so much, JT! For watching Stairway to Heaven and explaining about the hat’s significance in CLOY. I know Stairway is a classic but I just can’t bear the thought of all those tears.

        I knew the hat scene had to have some meaning but sites like Soompi that reported about the scene really didn’t explain but rather seemed to assume we’d all know or would’ve all seen Stairway.

        Again, thanks for enduring and reporting back to us. 👍👍👍

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    • beezrtp says:

      I’m finally getting around to the Answer Me (Reply) series. I started with Reply 1988 (which was totally awesome) and right now I’m watching Reply 1997. I’m not enjoying ’97 as much. I think it’s because it centers around the main female character’s Kpop fanaticism and I’m not a big current Kpop fan so I have even less knowledge of Kpop of the ’90’s. So I’m not getting the references. Plus the female lead is super annoying. Also while I admit Seo In guk is handsome, something about his looks is unsettling to me.

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