Tell Me What You Saw Episode 13 Recap

Tell Me What You Saw Episode 13 “Random”

The masked peppermint candy killer Kang Dong Sik (aka Kim Yo Han) approaches Team Lead Hwang Ha Young (Jin Seo Yeon) who staggers out of her car after the accident when she swerved to hit his jeep. She aims her gun at him and falls down unconscious. Dong Sik tells her to stay alive as she’ll be the tool he’ll torture Hyun Jae with.  Dong Sik looks inside the car and sees his dead friend Shin Gyeong Su, who killed himself to protect Dong Sik’s identity. Dong Sik murmurs well done. He walks away.

The police and RIU team arrive. Detective Yang Man Soo, Detective Jang Tae Sung, Detective Lee Ji Min, and Detective Cha rush to Team Lead Hwang who is barely standing. Senior Chief Choi Hyung Pil watches from across the street.

Detective Yang finds Team Lead Hwang and asks what happened. She lies that she caught Gyeong Su when he was running away and got into an accident when driving him to the police station. Detective Yang knows she’s lying. He sighs and walks away.

Genius profiler Oh Hyun Jae (Jang Hyuk) arrives. He tells Team Lead Hwang he knows she was behind this. Team Lead Hwang admits she almost had him but blew it. Hyun Jae tells her catching him was impossible. Hyun Jae says he’s cut off his tail.

Forensics dust the scene.

Hyun Jae drives away.

Flashback… Hyun Jae asks Jeong Hwan is he’s Kim Yo Han’s loyal servant. Jeong Hwan counters that’s the wrong question. Jeong Hwan says the trio cannot be separated. He tells Hyun Jae there is an important task to finish.

Flashback…Hyun Jae takes the recording device from Jeong Hwan’s body.

Hyun Jae plays the recording device. It only has a snippet of THE recording.  Hyun Jae hears “name someone you want killed”. We know the voice is Dong Sik.

Dong Sik sits alone pondering his next move.

Is he listening to Hyun Jae via the earpiece?

Hyun Jae reflects on Kim Yo Han’s first murder and looks at the doll from his childhood.

Dong Sik murmurs that Hyun Jae doesn’t know him like he thinks.

Hyun Jae comments that the trio in the orphanage as described by the former head priest, Kim Yo Han (aka Dong Sik) was Lucifer, Shin Gyeong Su was Gabriel, and Jeong Hwan was Michael, were the attackers.

Flashback…20 years ago…
the trio tosses a kitchen worker that disrespected the trio off a roof. The trio enjoys the thrill of the kill and laugh as the view the dead man’s body.

Hyun Jae says the thrill of the kill bonded them. But SG and Hyun Jae didn’t realize they were used by Dong Sik.

Dong Sik cuts up the picture of the trio until only he remains.

Hyun Jae says Dong Sik doesn’t care that he cut of his support team because he feels nothing for others….just like him. Hyun Jae stares at the doll.

Hyun Jae says “I see your shape”.

Dong Sik says “Do you think you can find out who I am?”

Hyun Jae says “We will meet soon”.

Dong Sik says “You can never find me out”.

Terrific summary intro. We have two masterminds going head to head. It’s time for the next phase of this battle.

Cue Intro…

Team Lead Hwang visits the memorial of the other woman held captive, Lee Ji Seon, by the peppermint candy killer.

Flashback… Ji Seon betrays her. The peppermint candy killer strangles her. Team Lead Hwang screams. After the incident Team Lead Hwang watches a news report on Ji Seon’s death.

Team Lead Hwang vows to catch and kill the peppermint candy killer.

Commissioner Cho meets Hyun Jae and gives him the flash drive with the requested details. He tells Hyun Jae to keep his friends close and his enemies closer. He tells Hyun Jae to catch the peppermint candy killer. He leaves.

Detective Lee and Team Lead Hwang listen to the medical examiner Han say that Gyeong Su and Jeong Hawn died of poison. As Detective Lee talks further to the coroner, Team Lead Hwang remembers someone else there when she was held captive. She believes it was one of these two. She and Detective Lee leave the room. Team Lead Hwang asks Detective Lee to help her catch the peppermint candy killer. She asks him to dig into Jeong Hawn’s background, specifically what happened on the day he died.

Hyun Jae watches Team Lead Hwang and Detective Lee walk away. He enters the room. Medical examiner Han greets him warmly. Hyun Jae says these two dead men worked with the peppermint candy killer 5 years ago. Hyun Jae tells him that the peppermint candy killer faked his death 5 years ago and someone in the office turned a blind eye to the swap. Hyun Jae shows him the flash drive the Commissioner Cho gave him and states all those issued handcuffs and keys 5 years ago are on the list. Hyun Jae says the peppermint candy killer is on this list. Hyun Jae states either the peppermint candy killer is on the list OR the cop he killed and swapped the body with is on the list. Hyun Jae pats Medical examiner Han’s shoulder and says it is time to tell the rest of the story.

Flashback… Medical examiner Han tells Senior Chief Choi that he’s checked the handcuffs but can find nothing but Hyun Jae’s fingerprints. Senior Chief Choi tells him to keep quiet about this. Senior Chief Choi takes the handcuffs.

Medical examiner Han says that the handcuffs had only Hyun Jae’s prints, Senior Chief Choi took them and deleted them from the evidence log. Hyun Jae nods and leaves.

RIU…Dong Sik stares at the RIU team photo and smiles. Temporarily transferred to RIU, Dong Sik cleans each desk and plants listening devices on each desk and in Team Lead Hwang’s office. He smiles when he sees the photo of Team Lead Hwang, Hyun Jae, and Han Yi Soo (Hyun Jae’s fiancée and Team Lead Hwang’s friend). The team arrives to start the morning.

An officer delivers a plaque for Senior Chief Choi. He waves at the bookcase and the officer puts it there.

Wanna bet that has a listening device?

Detective Lee reports on his initial findings of the trio to Team Lead Hwang. She tells him to determine where each person in the trio was at the time of each killing, where the killing occurred, etc.

Hyun Jae texts Detective Cha Soo Young (Sooyoung) to come to the hideout. She makes her excuses and leaves. Detective Yang notes the cases keep getting bigger.

Hyun Jae asks Detective Cha to find the connection between Chim Sa Bong (unregistered car POC and loan shark to Detective Bang) and Kim Sang Gil (hit and run driver that killed Detective Cha’s mother). Hyun Jae notes Detective Bang was killed when he looked into Kim Sang Gil. Detective Cha is surprised Hyun Jae knows this.  Hyun Jae says he’s guessing. Hyun Jae tells her to get a confession from Chim Sa Bong. Detective Cha agrees.

Detective Yang and Detective Jang eat and tell Detective Lee to join them, but he’s knee deep in work. He says he’s not eating lunch. Detective Yang grouses the food will go uneaten. Detective Cha arrives. Detective Yang offers her the food. She declines. She asks to interrogate Chim Sa Bong.

Detective Cha and Detective Yang interrogate Chim Sa Bong. Hyun Jae listens in. Dong Sik listens in. Detective Cha asks when Detective Bang asked about Kim Sang Gil and his death. Shortly before is Chim Sa Bong’s answer. Via earpiece, Hyun Jae directs Detective Cha to show her the death scene. She says didn’t kill Detective Bang. Hyun Jae points out Chim Sa Bong knows who the killer is. Hyun Jae directs Detective Cha to say this is a dangerous game.  Chim Sa Bong claims she didn’t kill Detective Bang or anyone else, but flips that around and she becomes the culprit and the peppermint candy killer will dispense with her, no matter where she is. Detective Cha demands to know the truth. Unnerved, Chim Sa Bong says Jong Soo heard weird sounds.

Detective Yang and Detective Cha interrogate Jong Soo who claims Detective Bang he went back for items he left at the crime scene and saw the murder.

Hyun Jae tells Team Lead Hwang Detective Bang’s murderer might be known. The team (including Dong Sik) gather to hear Hyun Jae’s update. Hyun Jae declares the peppermint candy killer killed Detective Bang. Hyun Jae sites Detective Bang and Kim Sang Gil in Chim Sa Bong’s ledgers. He says they know KSG is the peppermint candy killer’s father. He believes the peppermint candy killer was irritated by Detective Bang looking into his father and killed him. Hyun Jae says Jong Soo returned to the scene and saw the peppermint candy killer kill Detective Bang.

Flashback…Jong Soo sees the peppermint candy killer murder Detective Bang. He also sees Jeong Hwan arrive and meet with the peppermint candy killer.

Hyun Jae says Kim Yo Han is the peppermint candy killer’s birth name. Hyun Jae reveals the peppermint candy killer is a police officer. That gets everyone’s attention. Hyun Jae says the peppermint candy killer is hiding among them like a rat.

Bold move, Hyun Jae.

Inspectors visit Senior Chief Choi wanting to know about past manipulations to make it look like the peppermint candy killer was dead. Senior Chief Choi declares he personally verified the peppermint candy killer was dead 5 years ago. The inspectors want all the files on the case. They leave. Senior Chief Choi visits Chief Park to report the visit. He’s not happy that he wasn’t forwarded. Chief Park reminds him that he told him to back off. He recommends Senior Chief Choi admit to his wrongdoings and resign. He says the organization won’t save him. Senior Chief Choi suggests the real solution is to find and kill the peppermint candy killer without anyone knowing. Chief Park doesn’t feel the odds are good for that option.

I enjoyed Chief Park telling Senior Chief Choi beloved organization would not save him.

Senior Chief Choi yells at Team Lead Hwang for not finding the peppermint candy killer. She reveals the peppermint candy killer is a police officer. That gets Senior Chief Choi’s attention. Team Lead Hwang says she’ll keep Dong Sik for the extra manpower. Senior Chief Choi orders her to wrap it up quick.

Back in his office, Medical examiner Han calls Senior Chief Choi and states they may be able to extract more DNA evidence from the handcuffs now than they could 5 years ago. Senior Chief Choi agrees to that and orders him to keep it confidential. Senior Chief Choi agrees to bring the handcuffs. Senior Chief Choi unlocks the safe in his desk and takes the handcuffs out.

Flashback…Senior Chief Choi finds the handcuffs at the scene.

Senior Chief Choi says killing the peppermint candy killer is the only way.

Dong Sik tells Detective Cha that everything seems complicated and wants her to explain the details. He asks why she didn’t tell him about the man that killed her mother. Detective Cha says it was hard and emotional so she didn’t share it. Detective Cha admits she wants to see her mother alive but knows she never will.

Senior Chief Choi hands over the handcuffs to Medical examiner Han. He wants results quickly.

Team Lead Hwang talks strategy with Detective Lee. He asks if they should open this to the team. Team Lead Hwang says she can’t trust anyone but him. She tells Detective Lee to first look at the police officer that took the day of the accident off.  Dong Sik listens to their conversation.

Senior Chief Choi gets a call from Medical examiner Han who states it will take 24 hours. Dong Sik listens to their conversation via the planted plaque. Team Lead Hwang comes to Senior Chief Choi’s office per his request. She says they are sorting through the possible suspects. She asks why he’s rushing this. Senior Chief Choi says he’s tired of hearing about the peppermint candy killer. Team Lead Hwang confirms Senior Chief Choi can take the credit. Senior Chief Choi calls the some and states investigating the station Detective Bang worked at is step one and the rest will be shared in person. Senior Chief Choi meets with RIU Team #2 Team Lead Hwang and orders him to get DNA samples from the 60 officers on the list and keep quiet about it.

Team Lead Hwang tells Detective Lee that Senior Chief Choi is working an angle. She tells him to find out what it is.

Dong Sik considers what’s heard. He considers how to deal with Senior Chief Choi and Team Lead Hwang’s investigation paths.

Gotta say it, having Dong Sik plant bugs in Team Lead Hwang, Senior Chief Choi and RIU Team #1 bull pen seems like lazy story telling.

RIU Team #2 gets DNA samples from the 60 officers on the list. Detective Lee watches from his car. Dong Sik watches from a street corner. Dong Sik calls his former boss who asks why a hair sample was taken. Dong Sik claims it is for a cold case investigation. Dong Sik murmurs that Senior Chief Choi and Team Lead Hwang might find him before Hyun Jae.

Detective Lee reports that RIU Team #2 is getting DNA samples from the 60 officers on the list. They wonder what the plan is. Team Lead Hwang remembers the handcuffs. She tells Detective Lee the handcuffs must have the peppermint candy killer’s DNA. She asks where Senior Chief Choi is. Turns out he’s attending a lunch for top officials.

Commissioner Cho tells Hyun Jae he’s having lunch with Chief Park and Senior Chief Choi.

Detective Cha tries to understand why Hyun Jae told the team about the peppermint candy killer being a police officer. She remembers seeing Hyun Jae’s clean gun on the table. She wonders if he’s planning to take action.

At the lunch of top officials, Commissioner Cho notices Senior Chief Choi isn’t there. Team Lead Hwang arrives. She sees that Senior Chief Choi isn’t there and leaves. Detective Cha calls her worried that Hyun Jae is doing something rouge.

Dong Sik arrives at the medical lab. He finds the handcuffs. Hyun Jae points his gun at the peppermint candy killer and says he knew he’d come.

Flashback…Hyun Jae directs Medical examiner Han to tell Senior Chief Choi that an unidentified fingerprint might be found on the handcuffs.

Hyun Jae tells the peppermint candy killer there was no DNA on the handcuffs. Hyun Jae states he knew the peppermint candy killer would plant bugs, so Hyun Jae leaked false facts. He knocks out the knees of the peppermint candy killer forcing him on his knees.


Team Lead Hwang and Detective Cha head the medical lab.

Hyun Jae directs the peppermint candy killer to remove his mask. His back to Hyun Jae, Dong Sik complies. Hyun Jae asks who ordered Yi Soo killed. Just then Senior Chief Choi arrives and shoots out the light in the room.  The peppermint candy killer escapes. Senior Chief Choi and Hyun Jae give chase.

Team Lead Hwang and Detective Cha arrive.

The peppermint candy killer goes down the stairs. Hyun Jae and Senior Chief Choi follow. Senior Chief Choi blocks Hyun Jae’s progress. Team Lead Hwang and Detective Cha run through the halls. Detective Cha finds Senior Chief Choi’s badge.

Senior Chief Choi chases Dong Sik into the parking lot. Dong Sik evades him. Then Dong Sik comes up behind Senior Chief Choi. He reveals his face. Senior Chief Choi is outraged. Dong Sik strangles Senior Chief Choi partially, lets him go, then starts again. Senior Chief Choi vows to catch him. Dong Sik strangles him.

Hyun Jae rushes into the parking lot and finds Senior Chief Choi bleeding out. He tells Hyun Jae to catch him. Hyun Jae sees a man go into the stairwell. Detective Cha and Team Lead Hwang arrive. Team Lead Hwang orders Detective Cha to call for an ambulance. Team Lead Hwang takes after Hyun Jae.

Hyun Jae chases Dong Sik. Team Lead Hwang chases Hyun Jae. Detective Cha tries to stop the bleeding from Senior Chief Choi’s wounds.

Dong Sik, Hyun Jae, and Team Lead Hwang end up running in the woods. Hyun Jae lines up a shot and takes it.

My Thoughts

The peppermint candy killer, Dong Sik, plants listening devices that gives him advantages. Writers Ko Young Jae and Han Ki Hyun had Dong Sik plant listening devices in the RIU Team #1 bull pen, Team Lead Hwang’s office, and Senior Chief Choi’s office. I dislike it when bad has an unfair advantage, and this felt like cheating that NOW Dong Sik had all the intel about the investigation through listening. For goodness sakes, he’s part of the RIU Team #1, how much closer to the investigation could Dong Sik be? Hyun Jae cornered Dong Sik and revealed he knew the listening devices were planted. But greedy Senior Chief Choi, eager eliminate the peppermint candy killer to save his position in the organization, ruined the moment and allowed Dong Sik to escape. Will Senior Chief Choi die? He knows who the peppermint candy killer is. Seem like he must die. Frankly, I’m okay with that.

Genius profiler Oh Hyun Jae (Jang Hyuk) cornered the peppermint candy killer and asked who ordered Yi Soo killed. Hyun Jae was close but didn’t get the answer. I found it interesting that Hyun Jae didn’t ask the unmasked peppermint candy killer to turn around before he asked the question. I found it interesting Hyun Jae revealed he knew the peppermint candy killer had planted listening devices. Not sure those were genius moves. My question from last episode, where did the recorder go that Jeong Hwan had the peppermint candy killer’s voice on go was answered. Hyun Jae took the voice recorder from Jeong Hwan’s body but it only contained the snippet of the conversation between the peppermint candy killer and the captive and tortured Team Lead Hwang, so he didn’t hear Team Lead Hwang say Yi Soo’s name. Commissioner Cho offered tried and true advice, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Hyun Jae followed it.

Detective Cha Soo Young (Sooyoung) realized Hyun Jae was going rouge. Detective Cha reached out to Team Lead Hwang, who she implicitly trusts not knowing that Team Lead Hwang has her own agenda. Interesting that Hyun Jae didn’t share that with Detective Cha. I was glad that Detective Cha didn’t suddenly share every detail with Dong Sik. She’s always kept much to herself and I’m glad Writer Ko and Han didn’t change that to give Dong Sik even more of an advantage.

Team Leader Hwang Ha Young (Jin Seo Yeon) decided to work secretly with Detective Lee. I’ve got no problems with Team Lead Hwang working with Detective Lee who she knows Senior Chief Choi used. Detective Lee rightly sees Team Lead Hwang as an officer to admire. He doesn’t know her secret. That secret will explode in Team Lead Hwang’s face sometime in the next 3 episodes.

Officer Kang Dong Sik (Eum Moon Suk) planted listening devices and learned his adversary’s actions…or so he thought. Dong Sik heard Team Lead Hwang and Detective Lee planning to find the officer that took off on the day she was abducted. Dong Sik learned RIU Team #2 was taking DNA samples from the 60 officers. Dong Sik believed that the handcuffs Hyun Jae forced him to put on 5 years earlier had his DNA. He went to the lab to get them. But Hyun Jae was waiting and Senior Chief Choi ruined the moment allowing Dong Sik to get away. Here’s my problem. Writers Ko and Han have done a terrific job with the mystery of the peppermint candy killer. Now we know who he is. His two trusted henchmen are dead. Planting Dong Sik in RIU Team #1 is an advantage. Having Dong Sik plant listening devices is a big advantage. Then having Dong Sik escape Senior Chief Choi, Hyun Jae, and Team Lead Hwang’s clutches (he has to or the series ends) is practically a gift from the writers. I want balance. If Dong Sik has every advantage every time, I won’t be happy. I know we’ve only got 3 episodes to go, but I’ve come to expect a certain level of storytelling from Writers Ko and Han. Don’t disappoint me.

The six song of the OST is sung by Fondres and titled “Price 2 Pay”:

I rate this episode as very good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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10 comments on “Tell Me What You Saw Episode 13 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    What did I miss … how did PCK 🍬➰, Dong Sik, get onto RIU #1❓⁉️ I thought he came in to give a statement about Chief Bang.

    In his greed to catch and kill the PCK 🍬➰ #2 Choi 💩 sealed his demise when he locked Hyun Jae out of the chase. Is he actually dead❓⁉️

    Yep, I’m tired of the PCK 🍬➰ having all the advantages. I’m waiting for Soo Young to connect the dots and recognize that her sundae, Dong Sik, IS the PCK 🍬➰.

    The writers have created a very cohesive story that has been revealed like the layers of an onion being peeled off one by one 🌰.

    Liked by 1 person

    • What did I miss … how did PCK 🍬➰, Dong Sik, get onto RIU #1❓⁉️
      The temporarily transfer was a bit too convenient. Team Lead Hwang deciding to keep him until things were resolved, was glossed over.

      In his greed to catch and kill the PCK 🍬➰ #2 Choi 💩 sealed his demise when he locked Hyun Jae out of the chase.
      Hate to say it, but some of the folks killed in this series didn’t bother me.

      The writers have created a very cohesive story that has been revealed like the layers of an onion being peeled off one by one
      Yes, they’ve impressed me.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jane Tilly says:

        “Team Lead Hwang deciding to keep him until things were resolved, was glossed over.” -KJT Not only that, but Dong Sik didn’t come across as a particularly skilled policeman, who would contribute much other than his statement about Chief Bang’s murder scene.


  2. beezrtp says:

    This is the first time that I can recall seeing Jang Hyuk running straight forward. Has anyone else noticed that he usually runs side to side (almost a waddle for lack of a better description)? I’ve often wondered if he does it because I know sometimes they want actors to run but not too fast as they can run out of frame so I wonder if that’s why he does it?


    • I’ve often wondered if he does it because I know sometimes they want actors to run but not too fast as they can run out of frame so I wonder if that’s why he does it?
      I didn’t notice the non-straight forward running. Good catch. Good conjuncture.


  3. beezrtp says:

    In the early episodes, I thought Genius Det. Oh was looking for some higher up big-wig political person/reason that had ordered his wife’s killing but, as fascinating as it is that Pepps makes his victims name other victims, it seems that if Team Leader had just told him about it immediately after it happened – who wouldn’t understand? I doubt Genius Det. Oh would’ve held it against her and he might’ve been able to protect his wife. (Of course, we wouldn’t have such an interesting story…)


  4. beezrtp says:

    The actor portraying Det. Choi 💩 played almost the exact same role in Signal (which I just recently binged). There are many other similarities in the storylines as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jane Tilly says:

      It seems everything I’ve see actor Jang Hyun Sung (Choi 💩) in, he has been an antagonist of varying degrees. He makes a good villain.

      I liked “Signal” a lot, but I think this story was even more tighter and cohesive.

      Liked by 1 person

      • beezrtp says:

        I have to disagree on that, JT. Signal had me on the edge of my seat and I only spotted one little plot thingee (I won’t call it a plothole because of the time travel paradox that all time travel has); whereas there’s been the usual OCN plot holes in Tell Me. Not to say it hasn’t had some good writing but I just like these types of shows that depend so much on clues and evidence to be really tight.

        Liked by 2 people

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