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Jirisan Episode 12

It’s a busy day at the mountain. A ranger finds Seo Yi Gang (Gianna Jun) musing. They hear a strange noise. Team Lead Ranger Park and Chief Kim lead the cable car development personnel across the stream urging care.  Team

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Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Episode 12

Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah) and Hong Du Sik (Kim Sun Ho) enjoy couple hood. Du Sik has a nightmare where he tells himself he’s not worthy of happiness. Du Sik sinks to his knees in pain. He wakes to

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The Devil Judge Episodes 12 – 13

Background. It’s a dystopian South Korea. Homeless and poor abound. The public has little faith in the justice system and with good reason, it is corrupt and slanted toward the rich and powerful. One man, Judge Kang Yo Han (Ji

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Doom at Your Service Episode 12

Myul Mang (aka Doom ) (Seo In Guk) stops a bad man from committing arson. He points out that his previous crime cruelty to animals and the elderly make him unworthy to live. Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young) arrives

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Bossam Steal the Fate Episode 12

The official interrogation begins. All the ministers are present. King Gwanghae enters. At the king’s signal, Kim Ja Jaeom orders the prisoner brought forward. Ba Woo, his face covered, is led to the interrogation chair. He’s seated. Won Yeob orders

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Vincenzo Episode 12

The secret Chairman of Babel Group Jang Joon Woo (TaecYeon) arrives home. Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong Ki) is there waiting for him. Joon Woo is surprised when Vincenzo reveals himself and aims a gun. Joon Woo pretends not to understand

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L.U.C.A.: The Beginning Episode 12 (Final)

Wife and mother Ha Goo Reum (Lee Da Hee) runs away with her daughter. Husband and father Ji O (Kim Rae Won) watches them go. Sidekick declares they will fight to the death. He swears he’ll kill Ji O’s wife

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Tale of the Nine Tailed Episode 12 Recap

Nam Ji Ah (Jo Bo Ah) steps inside the house and sees her parents standing there. They turn and look at her. Ji Ah calls to them. She hugs both of them. She worries they don’t know her, but they

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Alice Episode 12 Recap

Alice Episode 12 Recap Tae Yi’s voiceover “I cannot go back to yesterday because I’m a different person than I was then.” At the church, Captain Go’s phone rings. He tells Yoon Tae Yi (Kim Hee Seon) to be quiet

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Alice Episodes 11 and 12 Delayed

Broadcast of Alice Episodes 11 and 12 Delayed One Week. Alice’s 11th and 12th episodes will not air this week due the Chuseok holiday. Chuseok, commonly known as the Korean equivalent of Thanksgiving, falls on October 1 this year. Broadcasting

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