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The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 12 Recap

The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 12 Recap 2019…Kingdom of Corea… Jo Eun Sub (Woo Do Hwan) startles another patient, a man with a flip phone which clatters to the floor. Flashback… Song Jeong Hye (looks like Lee Gon’s mother) tries

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World of Marriage Ep 12 Recap

World of Marriage Episode 12 Recap Da Kyung ignores Tae O’s repeated phone calls. The police ask him question about the night the abusive jerk died. Lee Tae O (Park Hae Joon) says nothing. Chairman Yeo asks Ji Sun Woo

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Tell Me What You Saw Episode 12 Recap

Tell Me What You Saw Episode 12 “Motion” Team Lead Hwang Ha Young (Jin Seo Yeon) arrives at her office and sees the box on her desk. She opens the box. Inside is a recorder or mini phone. She presses

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The Game Towards Zero Episode 12

The Game Towards Zero Episode 12 Detective Seo Joon Young (Lee Yun Hee) finds the location of the car. She runs to the car with the men. Voiceover “I should have known. I shouldn’t have let it slide. I knew

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Crash Landing on You Episode 12

Crash Landing on You Episode 12 Recap South Korea… Officer Jo searches the cars in the parking lot for Se Ri. She’s hiding behind a post. Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) goes to the attendant office and watches Officer

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My Country: The New Age Episode 12

My Country: The New Age Episode 12 Recap 7th year of the King’s reign, 1398…the first strife of the princes… The King is told Bang Won has arrived. He murmurs he must shake things up. Lee Bang Won (Jang Hyuk)

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Melting Me Softly Episode 12

Melting Me Softly Episode 12 – To Die or to be Mad 2019… CEO Lee and his henchman arrive at the secret lab. CEO Lee is giddy that he finally found it. He’s livid to learn his twin brother is

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