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Melting Me Softly Episode 2

Melting Me Softly Episode 2 – Resurrection 1999… Police search fields. Dong Chan’s family rush into the police station. His mother demands to know where her son is. Assistant Director Son Hyun Gi doesn’t know. She faints. Chief Director Kim

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Melting Me Softly Episode 1

Melting Me Softly Episode 1 – Origin of Cryogenics 1999…Director Ma Dong Chan (Ji Chang Wook) enters a room with people pods, two of which are empty. Doctor Hwang Kap Soo head of the science team explains (we can’t hear)

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Welcome 2 Life Episode 13

Welcome 2 Life Episode 13 Recap Mr. Jang follows the humming to finds his blood splattered illegitimate son cleaning his hands with the bloody hammer nearby. Mr. Jang is shocked. CEO Yun stands and declares once again he protected his

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Welcome 2 Life Episode 12

Welcome 2 Life Episode 12 Recap Pastor Park arrives at the private hospital with the woman. She looks around suspiciously. She’s chloroformed and injected by on the security men. Pastor Park calls CEO Yun to report all went as planned.

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Welcome 2 Life Episode 11

Welcome 2 Life Episode 11 Recap Lee Jae Sang (Rain) visits Shi On’s brother’s family memorial. He apologizes for taking 10 years to visit. To her niece Se Rin, Jae Sang vows to protect her aunt and catch her killer.

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Welcome 2 Life Episode 10

Welcome 2 Life Episode 10 Recap Lee Jae Sang (Rain) wakes from the coma. Paralegal Moon Ji Ho calls the nurses and Lawyer Kang. Jae Sang asks Ji Ho about Shi On and Bo Na, his daughter. Ji Ho states

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Second Season for Arthdal Chronicles?

Will there be a second season for Arthdal Chronicles? I was surprised that the 18th episode left viewers with a cliffhanger. I did not know that would happen. Granted there was too much story to play out in a single

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