Arthdal Chronicles Episode 18

Arthdal Chronicles Episode 18 Recap

Part 3: The Prelude to all Legends

Taealha (Kim Ok Vin) steps close to Tagon (Jang Dong Gun) and whispers that she’s pregnant with his child. She says she’s pregnant with Araman Haesulla’s child inside her. There’s a god on the way. She steps away from Tagon and asks what he’ll do. Torture her? Kill her? She states do it know or everyone will know. She tells him his lifelong loneliness is his Achilles heel. She strides out of the room brushing past Saya (Song Joong Ki) and bodyguard Mung Tae. Outside the room she stops and gasps her relief and grief. She tells herself human learn through pain. Not knowing what Taealha said to Tagon, Saya asks. Tagon strides out the room without saying a word.

Taealha has moxy!

Cue final intro symbol…

Taealha informs Hae Tauk and Mi Ho’s assistant that her father is dead. She says she killed him. She tells them to go get the body. Both women are shocked. Taealha walks away. Mi Ho’s assistant falls to her knees in grief. Hae Tauk attempts to comfort her.

Saya demands to know what happened with Taealha. She killed her father, has the secret of the bronze, but she walked away without punishment. Tagon tells him he’s got meetings to attend. Saya presses. Tagon states they’ll talk later. Saya can’t believe he’s been shut out.

Tagon’s meeting doesn’t bring good news. Moo Baek reports the soldiers torched the sacred place of the Bato gods. They are leaving Arthdal and returning to their homeland. Gil Sun reports the Ago clan raided Doldambul and freed slaves. Tagon doesn’t care. Gil Sun reports two tribe could be plotting rebellion. He recommends sending soldiers to squash any potential rebellion. Tagon stands and states none of this is unexpected. He directs them to follow Saya’s instructions for the coronation. He starts to walk out the room. Gil Sun asks if they should send soldiers. Tagon says no and exits. Everyone in the room is surprised at his non-reaction. Gil Sun worries not sending soldiers is the wrong response. Moo Baek counters it won’t make any difference. They ask Saya if he knows anything. Saya says no. The meeting ends.

Moo Baek considers Tagon’s statement that this is what he expected. He wonders what Tagon’s plan to counter this is.

In Tagon’s chambers, Tagon’s assistant Dundae falls to his knees and says he must speak even if he’s killed. Tagon allows him to talk. Dundae worries that unrest will sweep throughout all the tribes of Arthdal, each wondering when the axe could fall on them. Tagon reminds Dundae they are the only two that know about “red claw”. Dundae states red claw is their spy in the Ago clan. Tagon says the current unrest can be quelled by an even bigger crisis. Dundae leaves. Tagon sits on his bed and considers Taealha’s words. He wants to continue Araman Haesulla’s bloodline and his.

The key question is red claw in the Ago group with Eunseom?

Saya wonders what Taealha said to Tagon that changed everything.

Taealha stands at Gochiju rock and recalls her father telling her the fingers stand for those that destroyed their homeland. Mi Ho wanted the Hae tribe to be prepared. Taealha vows to her father to accomplish what he wanted and more.

A sobbing Dottie chokes the Harim and his wife have been killed. Susu is stunned. She continues that no one knows what happened to Chae Eun and Nun Byeol.

Nun Byeol won’t let Chae Eun remove her Neanderthal ability links. Instead she wants them fully restored. Chae Eun declares she could kill her. Nun Byeol doesn’t care, she wants it done even if she dies during the process. Chae Eun asks why. Nun Byeol counters Chae Eun knows why. She’ll get revenge on Tagon and Taealha for the death of her parents. Her eyes glow.

Nun Byeol can’t do it alone. But the “I hate Tagon” club is steadily growing.

Dottie and Susu go to see Tanya (Kim Ji Won), the Wahan great mother, direct descendant of Asa Sin and now high priest. Tanya sends her assistant out of the room. Dottie reports Chae Eun went to the apothecary and hasn’t been seen since. Saya reports he saw Eunseom. That gets Tanya’s attention.

Eunseom (Song Joong Ki) tells the freed slaves they can return to the homeland no questions asked. He asks the Argo to tell their tribe to do what he has done…rescue Ago slaves, free them and allow them to return to their homeland. One Ago freed slave believes there is a catch, a nefarious plan, they aren’t being told. Eunseom counters that he wants them to spread the message that even though they be subjugated, they can reach for a better life, be a better person. Eunseom announces this direction comes from him, the reincarnated Inaishingi. The freed Ago are gobsmacked. The Myo tribe Chief confirms that this is the reincarnated Inaishingi. Furthermore he will call for a meeting of the tribes and announce that Inaishingi has returned. Everyone but the stunned freed slaves chant “Come before Inaishingi”.

Eunseom is speaking with authority, I like it!

As the freed slaves walk home, they wonder if it is true. One says it doesn’t matter; they are free. And who but Inaishingi could pull this off? They chant “Inaishingi”.

The head of the Tae tribe is stunned when beloved members sold as slaves return. He asks what happened. They tell him first they must deliver a message from Inaishingi. Everyone’s eyes widen.

It’s celebration time at the Myo tribe. They circle Eunseom and chant his name. Eunseom raises his first and smiles.

Digging the tribal chant!

At Mi Ho’s funeral, Taealha lights the pyre. She stares at her father in the open casket. Tagon and his entourage arrive. They lock eyes. Taealha turns and looks at and old man. She recalls her father’s words to ask Hae Alyeong about the fruit of Hae Detu.

Flashback…Hae Alyeong shows Taealha a sword made out of steel. She wants to know who made it.

Wanna bet that Tanya’s father made the steel sword?

Tagon and Taealha meet privately. He tells her he shouldn’t have to apologize for exercising a king’s authority, but he is sorry. Taealha chuckles how she used to feel sorry from him; one against so many. Tagon says he vowed to one day does not need anyone’s authority but his own. Taealha states that’s the day he became a king. Tagon declares he wants her and the baby. He wants them to marry. Taealha agrees but on the conditions that she will not share the secret of the bronze and he share his power. Tagon agrees. Taealha asks if he knows what she will do if he doesn’t keep his word. Tagon knows she’ll try and kill him and kill the baby. She agrees but wants a prenuptial agreement laying out all the details. Tagon agrees. Taealha says getting a marriage proposal on the day of her father’s funeral suits them. They both hated their fathers. They both killed their fathers. They were meant for each other.

Taealha’s parallels are spot on. This once super couple has lost that loving feeling.

Taealha tells Hae Tauk to bring the legal counsel to her. She also asks to meet with Asa Sakan.

Tagon tells Dundae that the Hae legal council will arrive to negotiate a prenuptial agreement before he and Taealha marry. He tells Saya to get the coronation ready for a king and queen. He says the secret of the bronze is off limits now. Saya asks if Tagon is giving up on becoming king. Tagon sends Dundae out of the room. Saya states the king must own everything. Tagon says he will, with Saya’s help. He orders Saya to find out the secret of the bronze but do it quietly so no one, especially Taealha and the Hae clan, knows about it. Tagon states he won’t divulge what he and Taealha discuss. Saya states he’ll need someone smart but not crafty to make it happen. Tagon states Yeonbal, one of Tagon’s warriors, is the man for the job.

Taealha walks with Hae Tauk and remarks that world teaches hard lessons. But you either give up or embrace the lesson. Taealha vows to embrace the lesson.

Saya states he’ll need someone smart but not crafty to make it happen. Tagon states Yeonbal, one of Tagon’s warriors, is the man for the job.

Taealha visits the mother of the white mountain, Asa Sakan who surmises Taealha needs something from her. Taealha counters Asa Sakan needs her too. Asa Sakan grabs Taealha’s shoulders and declares by the god’s will.

Taealha’s assistant tattles to Saya that Taealha cried after a visit from Dottie and Susu. It was something to do with Harim and his family including Chae Eun and her sister.

Flashback…Saya tells Taealha that Eunseom and other slaves were betrayed by Mung Tae. Eunseom managed to help everyone escape.

Tanya cries and tells her assigned guard Yang Cha that she’s crying from determination. Her tattletale assistant arrives to inform her Saya wants to see her. She instructs her assistant to find a place where many people deserving of pity can be housed.

I dig Yang Cha now, not the one that slung his chain around Tanya and pulled her of Eunseom’s horse.

Tanya finds Saya in her chambers and assumes he wants to discuss the coronation. Instead he wants to come up with a name for their new country, one with no individual tribes, and with Tagon as king. He points out Arthdal needs to unify to protect from other countries such as Ago. Tanya retorts that proves unified tribes are a bad thing. Switching topics, Saya asks what she discussed with Moo Baek. She replies the religious ceremony for his dead brother. Dropping that Saya asks why she met with Susu. Tanya snaps she wanted to learn what happened to Chae Eun. She tells him she doesn’t want to him to question her every move. Saya sees the necklace she wears (Eunseom’s necklace) and leaves.

Mung Tae meets Saya outside and follows per Saya’s direction.

Tanya, Yang Cha and her entourage visit a child labor room. She sees their shackled feet. The slave master rushes forward and kneels. Tanya orders him to unshackle the children and put the shoes on their feet. The slave master protests the children will run away. Tanya asks if he’s implying her orders would cause problems. He backs down. She orders him to free the children 3 times a day. All the children turn towards her when they hear that. She walks to one of the children and kneels to put shoes on the child. The slave master unshackles the child. Tanya puts the shoes on the child. The child says, “you give us hope”. All the children begin crying.

That was a powerful scene. The little girl’s statement “you give me hope” brought tears to my eyes. Isn’t hope essential for life?

Tanya walks away knowing it was a good thing to do on the one hand but could be dangerous for the children on the other. Yang Cha wonders why she would do this unnecessary kindness. He asks her. She replies it wasn’t unnecessary. Yang Cha wonders if she can hear his thoughts. Tanya states the kids need to run outside and tell everyone she was kind.

Saya and Mung Tae visit Susu. He remembers Dottie saying a man that looked like Eunseom exists but to keep his features neutral should they meet. He doesn’t do so, and Mung Tae realizes he knows Eunseom. Mung Tae steps in front of him and states who Saya is. Saya asks why he meet with Tanya. Susu explains they discussed his late master’s daughter Chae Eun. Saya grabs him by the throat and order him to be forthcoming. Mung Tae throws Susu to the ground. Susu says Chae Eun sent him to Doldambul but he doesn’t know why. When he got there the slaves had rioted and escaped including the Wahan slaves. Tanya was worried the Wahan slaves might have died during the riot. But he told her the Wahan ran away. Saya assumes that is why Tanya was crying. He strides out.

As he walks Saya realizes the Igutu that looks like him was at Doldambul. He’s not happy.

Yeonbal is waiting for Saya in his chambers. He introduces himself. Saya sees the way he looks at him. He remembers what Yeonbal told Kitoha. He repeats what was said between the men. Yeonbal can’t deny he said the words. Then it dawns on Saya. He recalls the Wahan warrior named Eunseom who killed Tagon’s father. He asks how he was caught and killed. Yeonbal is forced to admit the man that was boiled alive wasn’t Eunseom. He states Moo Baek stabbed Eunseom in a river and his body was never found. Therefore the presumption is that he is dead. Saya questions Moo Baek’s report. Yeonbal declares Moo Baek would never lie. Saya recalls Moo Baek telling Taealha he was the mirror.

Finally, Saya starts to buy a clue. This is the last episode it has to happen.

Eunseom worries that the Ago leaders won’t come to the meeting. Ipsaeng admits the Tae clan leader isn’t a cooperative man.

The Tae tribe leader declares he won’t go to the meeting. The freed Tae members regale others with the reincarnated Inaishingi’s words. The Tae leader joins and declare he won’t go. The members are aghast. He states the Myo tribe has no authority to call a meeting and they are a bunch of liars. The priestess tells him that he should attend to ascertain and prove the Myo are lying. She states his tribe will love him for agreeing with them and going. His ego properly stroked, he agrees to go. Everyone smiles.

As promised the great shrine provides the food for the slave children. Tanya dishes up the food. One slave asks if she has to be a slave the rest of her life.

Flashback…Tanya asks her mother if she has to be the Great Mother or if she has choices. Her mother assures her, the choice is hers and there are many other options.

Tanya echoes her mother’s words and tells the slave she has many options. That gets the children’s attention. The slave is excited and hopes she has more than 10 options. Once again, she echoes her mother’s words and says there are many stars in the sky each represent what each person after death. Tanya turns to the slaves and states it is their choice. She thinks “Eunseom, I’m doing all I can. I won’t give up, just like you.”

Appreciated the weaving of Tanya’s mother’s words in those scenes.

The Sul tribe and Tae tribe arrive. The Myo leaders and Eunseom worry that more than the leaders have come. Do they plan to fight? Eunseom remembers what Ipsaeng said and tells him this might be important. Ipsaeng doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The Sul and Tae leaders enter the room. Ipsaeng makes a quick exit after looking at the Tae leader. Laughter if the Tae leader’s response to the story. He prompts Eunseom to lay out Inaishingi’s words. Eunseom does so – kindness to others, free slaves and reap the benefit or face misery if they don’t. The Sul leader and the Tae leader start pointing fingers at each other for the past. They both leave. Eunseom hangs his head. Ipsaeng reenters and asks how it went. He sees it was a bust. Eunseom states Ipsaeng’s words might turn the tide and strides out of the room. Ipsaeng still doesn’t know what he is referencing.

The Tae leader reports to his people Eunseom is a fake. Eunseom appears and address the tribe. He says the Ago were once brothers. He admits he’s not sure he’s the reincarnated Inaishingi everyone gasps. Ipsaeng shakes his head. With sincerity Eunseom declares if Inaishingi is within him, then his mission is the one they all must embraced. He declares if he’s real the Tae leader will die tomorrow. If he’s fake, he’ll die tomorrow. Everyone gasps.

Bold move Eunseom!

The Myo leaders can’t believe what Eunseom just did. He tells them to let it play out.

Outside Ipsaeng asks why Eunseom did that. Eunseom states Ago is made of 30 tribes that need to be united. He’s taking a change just like Ipsaeng once said. Ipsaeng still can’t remember what he said.

The Tae leader prepares to leave. The returned Tae members declare he is making a mistake. That doesn’t go over. They insist they’ve seen Inaishingi in Eunseom. Infuriated the Tae leader stabs one of them to death shocking everyone. He asks the other returned member if he has anything else to say. He kneels. Everyone kneels. The Tae leader smiles in satisfaction of his power being confirmed.

Power is key in this series. I just checked to make sure this was the finale episode. There’s only 20 minutes to go and we are no where near Arthdal. Yep, 18 episodes is the count.

While Saya reviews the coronation ceremony with Taealha he thinks he’ll learn the truth about what she’s hiding but she won’t like how he does it. She asks him to write the word star and tell her how to say it. He does so. She smiles.

Tanya’s father is frustrated he can’t recreate the steel sword. Yeonbal enters the forge.

Tagon enters the throne room and thinks tomorrow it will be done.

Yeonbal gathers the Wahan. Saya arrives and smiles at the trussed Wahan.

Taealha enters a room with Hae leaders.

Tagon stares at the throne.

The Tae leader stuffs his face. The priestess and his second in command enter looking somber.

Ipsaeng wakes Eunseom who says he had a dream for the first time in ages. Ipsaeng takes him outside and shows him….

Moo Baek tells Tanya when to enter for the ceremony. She states she’s still memorizing. Saya enters. Tanya stands and says she needs peace and quiet. Saya takes Moo Baek aside and informs him he was the Wahan. If Moo Baek doesn’t share what he knows about Saya, he’ll kill them after the coronation ceremony. Moo Baek stares at him in shock. The pipe sounds for the ceremony to begin. Saya smiles and states Tanya should be escorted now.

Saya, Moo Baek, Tanya, and the entourage walk to the coronation. They look at each other. Moo Baek leans in to talk to Saya. As they walk, Saya digests what Moo Baek said; Eunseom is alive and he is your twin. He looks back and Tanya and remembers her questioning about his parents and siblings. Saya stares at Tanya reeling from her betrayal. She looks at him no knowing why he is looking at her that way.

Cry me a river Saya. You aren’t trustworthy, why should others trust you? If only Tanya could read his mind, but that would be too easy wouldn’t it?

The Tae tribe arrives. The Myo tribe stares in shock. The priest declares Eunseom is the reincarnated Inaishingi. The leader displays the former Tae leader’s head and states Eunseom was right. Eunseom’s hope soars.

Throwing off tyranny is the theme of this finale.

Everyone is assembled for the coronation. Tagon and Taealha are in their finest. Tanya begins the ceremony. She calls Tagon to the front. Saya kneels with the crown.

Flashback…Taealha meets with leaders of the white mountain tribe that promise to back her.

Tanya crowns Tagon king. He turns to the crowd. They cheer.

Flashback…As Tagon and Taealha walk to the ceremony he says he wants her with all his heart. She returns the sentiment.

Taealha smiles and thinks she wants all of Arthdal.

Tanya thinks of Eunseom.

Back at the Myo Clan…Eunseom tells Ipsaeng his words were correct. Ipsaeng finally remembers telling Eunseom that if he didn’t respond to the 30,000 that were willing to follow him, he was dead. Ipsaeng stares at Eunseom disbelief that he bet everything on that piece of advice. The Tae priestess asks if he’ll accept their support. Eunseom declares he might have been born Inaishingi, but he is him now. He accepts the Tae tribe as brothers. They kneel before them. Eunseom crouches to the priestess and helps her to her feet. He nods and the remaining Tae rise. He declares to all “I, Eunseom of Wahan, bring back Ago’s glorious Inaishingi. I promise to take you all in as brothers.” Everyone cheers.

And with that, the leader that will smite Arthdal is born.

Tanya announces the union is dissolved, the tribes are united, and a country is born. She states they are all calls subjects now. They crowd cheers. Tanya thinks “I cast a spell on you. A subject may start at the bottom of the social standing, but you can become anything. My fate is intertwined with yours. I hope to protect you as long as I can.”

Eunseom is lifted to their shoulders. He wonders if he will succeed or die trying and will he finally be reunited with Taealha?

Tagon makes his first royal decree. Let Arthdal’s power spread throughout Arth.

His assistant Dundae wonders if Tagon wants a bigger storm to swallow the smaller storm.

Tagon announces he will conquer the east. He declares he will bring those clans including Ago to their knees. Tanya stares at him in shock. Kitoha declares they will conquer the Ago. The war drums sound. Moo Baek understand this was Tagon’s plan all along.

This a cliffhanger. We’ve only got a few minutes left.

The Ago celebrate unaware that war is looming. The priestess notes that a reincarnated Inaishingi is now their hero. She writes a note to Tagon…Eunseom will be a powerful enemy to Arthdal and sends it via hawk…she’s the red claw!

Tagon looks at his subjects.

Eunseom celebrates with his brothers.

My Thoughts

I did not know this would be a cliffhanger. Writers Kim Young Hyun and Park Sang Yeon couldn’t accomplish what had to be done in a single episode, though I thought they would. Nope, this series must continue. I am assuming there will be a season 2.  Frankly, I’m okay with that, though I wish I’d known. It made watching this episode a bit trying as I counted down the clock as things were not happening as rapidly as needed. Still this episode was full of satisfying moments. To Arthdal Chronicles Season 2!

Saya (Song Joong Ki) knows about Eunseom. Saya showed his ruthless side in this episode. He’s not to be trusted. While he isn’t Tagon’s biological son, Taealha and Tagon raised him to be a mini-me.

Hae Mi Ho (leader of the Hae tribe) was present in flashbacks with Taealha. He passed on several key items. Taealha immediately began using them to align a coalition behind her.

Tagon (Jang Dong Gun) was crowned king. Tagon used the coronation to announce war with Ago. This is a classic move. Distract the people from domestic problems by creating an external foe. Tagon asked Taealha to marry him and claimed he wouldn’t seek the secret of the bronze. He broke that promise immediately. Now these two will outmaneuver each other in the next season.

Taealha (Kim Ok Vin) swore to win. Taealha is smart and capable. She’s aligned backers to her cause. She and Tagon smile prettily at each other while both working separate agendas. They are mirror images of each other in many ways.

Tanya (Kim Ji Won) crowned Tagon. Tanya was shocked by his declaration of war. When she interacted with the slave children, it was touching.

Eunseom (Song Joong Ki) consolidates his leadership of 2 of the 30 Argo tribes. Eunseom’s bold prediction that the Tae tribe leader would die was facilitated by the priestess and the second in command. Little does he know, the priestess is Tagon’s spy, the red claw. Frankly I don’t know why she empowered Eunseom. She could have crippled his leadership by letting the Tae tribe leader live. Regardless, after 18 episodes, it is good to see Eunseom rise to leader.

My wish list for the final episode did not come true. But I stand by everything for Season 2.

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as almost terrific. My rating chart is below:

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47 comments on “Arthdal Chronicles Episode 18
  1. Snow Flower says:

    Excellent cliffhanger episode. I am invested in this show and want it to reach a satisfying ending. Bring on the next season!


  2. Snow Flower says:

    Tagon and Taealha achieved absolute power, but each has secret plans. Mutual destruction is very likely.
    Tanya has achieved a different kind of power. Its foundation is the love and loyalty of the Arthdal people. She is getting closer to figuring out the big picture with the help of Mubaek.
    Eunseom is learning leadership skills. His path is the total opposite of Tagon’s.
    Ipsaeng is growing on me. He is the rightful chief of the Ago tribe. I hope he rises to the occasion.
    Yangcha seems both puzzled and impressed by Tanya. I hope he stays by her side.
    Mubaek is one of my favorite characters. I get the impression that he is the one narrating the story.
    The secret of the bronze is about to become obsolete. Looking forward to the beginning of the Iron Age!
    Saya is getting closer to figuring out the big picture and his role in the prophecy. I hope he is not totally corrupted by Tagon and Taealha.
    The Red Claw reveal was a masterstroke of a cliffhanger!
    Nunbyol’s quest for revenge looks exciting. I hope it does not exhaust her in the end.

    To anyone involved with this drama: Please let the story continue until it reaches a satisfying end. Many fans will be thankful.


    • Tagon and Taealha achieved absolute power, but each has secret plans. Mutual destruction is very likely.
      It’s almost too bad, I liked this couple, but this is best for the story.

      Eunseom is learning leadership skills.
      My quibble about part 3 is that Eunseom was a slave far too long.

      Yangcha seems both puzzled and impressed by Tanya. I hope he stays by her side.
      I like this chain welding warrior now. You perfectly put his reaction to Tanya. She will need her warriors until Eunseom returns. I’d like Moo Baek and Yang Cha to be the guys.

      Mubaek is one of my favorite characters. I get the impression that he is the one narrating the story.
      I like your idea of Moo Baek as narrator. He’s been on the fringe. I want him to engage more.

      Saya is getting closer to figuring out the big picture and his role in the prophecy. I hope he is not totally corrupted by Tagon and Taealha.
      His pleasure in pain and ownership of Tanya and therefore jealousy of Eunseum make me wonder if he can reform.

      The Red Claw reveal was a masterstroke of a cliffhanger!
      That surprised me. Good move by Tagon. Still don’t understand why she didn’t nip Eunseom in the bud. She saw he was a threat. Instead the Tae leader was murdered.

      Nunbyol’s quest for revenge looks exciting. I hope it does not exhaust her in the end.
      She’s going to need help which I hope will lead her to cross paths with our favorite last of the lineage twosome.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        MuBaek’s 🎖⚔ voice HAS been the narrator since the first episode.

        I also like the idea of MuBaek 🎖⚔ and Yang Cha😷⚔ being Tanya’s🌸🏵 warriors as I think they recognize she is the true spiritual power. I wonder if both, Yang Cha 😷⚔ especially, still feels allegiance to Tagon 🦊⚔. I concur that I wanted MuBaek 🎖⚔ to take overt action against Tagon🦊⚔ … is he waiting for Eunseom 🐯🏵 to return … if so, you are going to have to wait for season 2 MuBaek 🎖⚔, just like the rest of us.

        I found it odd that Red Claw assisted Eunseom 🐯🏵 to solidify his power by assassinating Ipsaeng’s 💰🐔 uncle, the chief of the Ago Tae tribe … is she supposed to incite conflict with Arth so Tagon 🦊⚔ has an excuse for war❓⁉️

        I’ve come to the conclusion that short of a miracle, Saya 🐯⚔ is not redeemable; his “nurturing” courtesy of Taealha 🎭⚙ and Tagon 🦊⚔ has damaged his character beyond repair. Like his foster parents he only wants power, he has no genuine concern for anyone other than himself or Tagon🦊⚔. Will Saya 🐯⚔ seek all the power for himself when he recognizes Tagon 🦊⚔ is more invested in his own bloodline than his foster son Saya 🐯⚔❓⁉️

        I was VERY pleased NunByeol ⭐⚕ wanted to connect her Neanthal 🐯 lineage … I want her to join Eunseom 🐯🏵 and Tanya 🌸🏵 in her fight against Tagon 🦊⚔ … I want her to survive and rejoin her people.


        • beez says:

          @Jane Tilly and @kjt
          I’m very surprised by this article (and the trailer too) because Kim Tae ri is the Captain of Space Sweepers, not Song joong ki. It makes it all that much more interesting, I think.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Jane Tilly says:

            Kim Tae Ri, the female lead of Mr Sunshine❓⁉️ It is not a stretch to see her as a spunky ship captain. I wonder how long it will take to see in the U.S.


            • beez says:

              The illegit sites have been having movies right away. I watched Yoo Ah in and Park Shin Hye’s zombie movie, Alive, yesterday. They’ve had Gong Yoo’s movie, the one based on the book about how daughter-in-laws are mistreated in S.K., for a while but I haven’t felt up to having my emotions wringed so I’ve put off watching it.

              Sometimes the subs are machine subs on the new movies and then they’ll fix them later. Sometimes much later. 😦

              They’d not a lot of talking in Alive so the subs, while not perfect are understandable.

              Liked by 1 person

            • beez says:

              I’m even more excited now for Space Sweepers! I was reading a review of one of my favorite movies, Phantom Detective and it mentioned the director-writer is the same one who did A Werewolf Boy! And to top that, he’s also behind Space Sweepers! I’d been afraid that Space Sweepers would suffer because of budget issues but this director has proven with A Werewolf Boy that he can bring a meaningful story even with crappy special effects.

              Liked by 2 people

  3. beezrtp says:

    I’m reserving judgment. Y’all know with my memory problems and all these characters, then add the break in between…

    Show makes me tired cause so much to keep track of. (Is Eusom the reincarnation of the first diety that can ride that magical horse or is he the second diety that can survive in waterfall and beat the first diety?) I wouldn’t mind putting in a real effort (because the potential is so great) except I know there won’t be a payoff if they don’t announce another season. Which I highly doubt because I can’t see that without Song Joon ki and after the stink the media placed on his personal life and all the ridiculous blaming of low rating placed on him… I just don’t see another season happening.

    But y’all know it’s just the Eeyore side of me speaking. I hope they can pull it off but it seems they would’ve announced it by now since there’s only 2 episodes to pull off the unpullableofftness.

    If a second season is announced, I’d start over viewing this and take notes and draw myself a chart so I can follow.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Beez, I agree it is harm to keep track of the characters in this drama. I chart would be helpful.

      I don’t understand Korean citizens dissing the series due to Song Joong Ki’s divorce, especially since neither party is talking about it at all, unlike the ugly mess Koo Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun’s (who met while filming “Blood”) divorce has become. Because this is a Netflix drama, I think there is a chance for another season, provided the ratings were high enough. According to this article I found the series was originally planned for multiple seasons:


      • beezrtp says:

        I do feel there’s lots of potential for a good show here but y’all know how I feel about unexpected second seasons after we got burned with Mystery Queen 2. I kind of think it’s an abuse of viewers who commit to a show to not be informed the show is hoping for a second season. I understand why they do it, but if you’re not sure of another season, put a little bit more “meat” in the story of the first season to make the fans clamour for a second season (and also so we look back on the show and think “I wish they had done a second season but what they did leave me with was daebok!” I wish they’d left Mystery Queen as it was, even with no resolution rather than come back with the weak trash that they did.

        If anybody here ever watched Farscape, then you’ll know what I mean. The last season (unexpected cancellation) finale ended with a horrific nail biting cliff hanger and if they’d never made a movie to tie up the story, it still was an amazing ride (thank you Ben Browder for turning down amazing career offers to complete the movie out of loyalty to the Farscape fans). But even if they’d never done the movie, I’d have great memories of it. The same with Firefly.

        I think I’d have more fondness for Arthdal if they’d given me more time with key characters. I really enjoyed seeing a glimpse of Saya’s true self as he “evil smiled” “at the wrong time”. I suddenly sat up and was interested in him for the first time (besides the fact that he’s Song Joong ki).

        I’ll stop ranting…
        for now.


        • Jane Tilly says:

          Yep, I think they should have given us the satisfaction of resolving some plot points, such as Saya and Eunseom coming face to face … Eunseom is clueless about having an identical twin. I think dropping new plot points like Red Claw being Tagon’s spy is perfect to keep us intrigued for another season. I felt they gave us SOOO FEW answers to questions raised throughout the season … OK, Tanya’s prophecies to Mugwang were proven to be true … it was truly satisfying to NunByeol rip out his heart (I wasn’t sure he had one) of this ruthless killer to stop him killing her last family member.


          • beezrtp says:

            But, JT, Mugwang was jusssst sssoooooo cute! I had to constantly remind myself he murdered those children.


            • Jane Tilly says:

              Maybe you should ask KJT to write a Would I Date Him column for Mugwang. Mugwang was a volatile, violent man that I would pass on. The closest I would get to Mugwang would be dating his brother MuBaek, who is a more thoughtful,
              kinder man … no baby killers for me.


              • beezrtp says:


                I didn’t say I wanted to DATE him, JT. I prefer my serial killers to be more like Lee Bang won (in the form of Jang Hyuk or Yoo Ah in, preferably). lol

                Liked by 1 person

                • Jane Tilly says:

                  Point taken … I’d just as soon have them be scary looking, so there is no need to be taken in by their good looks.


                  • beezrtp says:

                    Lee Min ki was so skinny in Monster but… I don’t know. I still…

                    But now, Kim Sung oh lost weight to the point of looking emaciated and just the still pic of him has scared me off from watching the film Missing You (he plays a serial killer). I’m afraid i won’t know him sexy any more. (Right now I don’t have to share him with a ton of fans. My own personal boo.) ☺


              • The best thing about Moo Gwang was his passion. The worst thing about Moo Gwang was his passionate cruelty when ordered. He didn’t use his head. Rather he was a loyal brain-off do anything for Tagon warrior.


        • Part of me is okay if a second season never comes to be. Why? Because my imagination can provide the ending I want (and I’ll get there quicker than any writer).

          IF a second season is done it must be the same core cast and writer. My writer reference point is Gilmore Girls season 7 without the writer who penned 6 seasons. Didn’t work. I used to watch soap operas where recasts were common. Sometimes they worked, but more often than not, the new actor couldn’t click with the character and the viewers.


          • beezrtp says:

            But, JT (in my whiner voice) – YOU have a writer in you! The show is made for general people who need the story told to us. Plus, even if I had a great imagination. I can’t imagine what those two lonely neandrathals are getting up to in those cold lonely mountains all by themselves. I just can’t imagine where all the story threads might go where. So I need some kind of closure, even if it’s a bad one. lol. (I can’t properly b*tch about how the writers disappointed me if they don’t finish). lol


  4. Snow Flower says:

    I agree that the show was difficult to get into. There were many characters with their background stories, many tribes with their own mythologies etc. For me things started clicking towards the end of season 2 (right before the break). I found the last 6 episodes relatively easy to follow, with a fast moving plot. From the beginning this felt like a 50-episode drama. I can only speculate what the writers’ original vision might have been.


    • I struggled with the first three episodes, sorted out the characters, tribes & stories and enjoyed episodes 3-10, then felt jacked in and loved episodes 11-18.

      From the beginning this felt like a 50-episode drama.
      It could be. I’d be curious if it was sold to the network as 2 seasons from the beginning.


  5. Yesran says:

    I was so confused reading your review, you sometimes mistaken Tanya’s name with Taehalla. Anyway I love how the Myo clan just forget about Yesran, their chief’s daughter they’re supposed to save initially lol


    • Thanks for mentioning this. I’ve revised the review. Looks like when I did my find and replace for my “Tanya” abbreviation, I entered “Taehala” not “Tanya”. Good point about the Chief forgetting his daughter!


  6. Jane Tilly says:

    OMO, this was a good episode, but didn’t seem like a final episode … hardly any plot points were resolved … we needed closure of some plot points. I expected to see the return of Kanmaru 🐎 and the Neanthals 🐯, Eunseom 🐯🏵 and Tanya 🌸🏵 reunited, Eunseom 🐯🏵 and Saya 🐯⚔ face to face, a confrontation between Eunseom 🐯🏵 and Tagon 🦊⚔, MuBaek 🎖⚔ taking overt action against Tagon 🦊⚔ and possibly NunByeol ⭐⚕ and EunChae 🌻⚕ avenging their parents. The need for a season 2 was fully established. Did Netflix consider the ratings were good enough for a second season❓⁉️ How long would it take to reassemble this cast❓⁉️

    Eunseom 🐯🏵 solidified his power with the Ago tribe, Tanya 🌸🏵 is solidifying her power as a spiritual leader winning the hearts of the people, although I cannot imagine slaveholders approved of her charity and words of hope to slaves. Tagon 🦊⚔ brutally solidified his power over the people of Arth with fear. Saya 🐯⚔ is under the impression that his power is solidified as Tagon’s 🦊⚔ heir and advisor, although he knows there is a secret between Tagon 🦊⚔ and Taealha 🎭⚙. Taealha 🎭⚙ is done with Tagon 🦊⚔ and Saya 🐯⚔ and plans to solidifying her power on her own … how does she plan to eliminate Tagon 🦊⚔ and Saya 🐯⚔ …will she play the Igutu card or is Taealha 🎭⚙ really pregnant❓⁉️

    I find it ironic that Taealha 🎭⚙ HATED her father MiHol 👤⚙ throughout the entire series, but now that SHE killed her father, she wants to avenge him by eliminating Tagon 🦊⚔ and taking ALL THE POWER. The whole business of avenging their former land Remus was another thing that was never disclosed.

    I think Father Yeolson ⚒🏵 is the one who discovered steel (or was it iron … as iron came after bronze), but Yeolson ⚒🏵 either needs to keep it a secret or tell EVERYONE about it to preserve his life … afterall, Taealha 🎭⚙ killed her father for the secret of bronze, she would have NO COMPUNCTION about killing Yeolson ⚒🏵 for the secret of iron.

    I was DISGUSTED that Saya 🐯⚔ captured the Wahan 🏵 tribesmen as leverage against MuBaek 🎖⚔ to find out about his doppleganger and the mirror etal. That tells me Saya 🐯⚔ does not love Tanya 🌸🏵, but is obsessed with her; if he was in love he would protect the people she cares about, not threaten their lives. With Tagon 🦊⚔ and Taealha 🎭⚙ as Saya’s 🐯⚔ role models it is not a surprise he doesn’t understand love. As far as we know Saya 🐯⚔ still has the Wahan🏵 tribesmen captured, will he use them as leverage against Tonya 🌸🏵❓⁉️ How angry is Saya that Tanya has been deceiving him❓⁉️ I concur with KJT, I wish Tanya 🏵🌸 was hearing Saya’s 🐯⚔ thoughts…why could she hear them before in part 2, but not now❓⁉️

    Yang Cha 😷⚔ is growing on me too; Tanya 🌸🏵 has had a good effect on him. Is Yang Cha 😷⚔ more loyal to MuBaek 🎖⚔ or Tagon 🦊⚔❓⁉️ We never did learn why Yang Cha 😷⚔ was being punished, by not being allowed to speak.

    It is so unusual that your wishlist was simply unfilled. About episode 16, I started to think there was not enough time to resolve all the plot points … that was an UNDERSTATEMENT❗


    • good episode, but didn’t seem like a final episode … hardly any plot points were resolved … we needed closure of some plot points…It is so unusual that your wishlist was simply unfilled.
      Exactly. It irked that I kept watching the clock and thinking this can’t be the finale. But as the netflix or forbes article (can’t remember which) stated this show was envisioned to be multi season ala Game of Thrones. I only want 1 more season to resolve everthing (and I mean everything) then put it in the done pile. The longer it goes, the less effective the story will be and less likely all the actors will sign on again.

      Agree that everyone is positioning their power base. If I recall Eunseom has 2 of 30 tribes of the Ago clan. I can see next season spent getting more and more tribes onboard. Then there’s the upcoming battle as Arthdal strikes.

      I concur with KJT, I wish Tanya 🏵🌸 was hearing Saya’s 🐯⚔ thoughts…why could she hear them before in part 2, but not now❓⁉️
      We’ve mentioned this before in other shows, a writer’s inconsistent use of special abilities irks.

      Is Yang Cha 😷⚔ more loyal to MuBaek 🎖⚔ or Tagon 🦊⚔❓⁉️
      At this point, Tagon, but the potential to switch sides is there.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        “The longer it goes, the less effective the story will be and less likely all the actors will sign on again.” -KJT

        I AGREE one more season would be perfect❗

        I think ALL the Ago tribes came to the Ago tribe. The Tae tribe was the vocal opposition, my understanding was once the chief’s head was presented, there was no more opposition to Eunseom 🐯🏵 being considered to be Inaishingi. Essentially all the tribes need to be unified to stop the practice of capturing and selling slaves to Arth.

        I found it interesting that Tagon 🦊⚔ announced war with Ago before Red Claw sent her message, unless that was a flashback


        • I think ALL the Ago tribes came to the Ago tribe.
          If so, that streamlined the unification behind Eunseom.

          I found it interesting that Tagon 🦊⚔ announced war with Ago before Red Claw sent her message
          I believe this was in his game plan from the get go. Distract domestic issues with foreign threats. A tactic used to this day.


        • beezrtp says:

          Why did Tago pick Ago to go yo war with? Aren’t they already divided and subdued (Tagon doesn’t know yet that Eusim is changing that)? Why wouldn’t he go after the MoMo (water tribe) instead since they seem more of a competition for power?


          • I’m banging on the drum on my take that Tagon is distracting domestic issues with foreign threats. I’ve never seen a map of their world, but I am assuming Ago is the easiest tribe to reach, and considered an easy mark as Arthdal already controls them. Tagon could easily sweep in, take control and a major celebration as he brought home fresh slaves to Arthdal.


            • Jane Tilly says:

              I concur with those thoughts. Tagon pitted the clans within Ago tribe against each other to keep them divided, which makes them easier to conquer … Eunseom uniting them will make them much harder to conquer. They will not be the easy pickings Tagon thinks they will be … at least until he gets Red Claw’s dispatch.

              Liked by 1 person

            • beezrtp says:

              Ohhhh yeah. I wondered why all the citizens were so excited. I forgot the people like acquiring slaves.


    • beezrtp says:

      Hopefully, Netflix will see the value in giving Arthdal a second season. I hope a lot of people watch it later, perhaps during a lull between Kdramas, and maybe that would push things forward.


  7. beezrtp says:

    Please help me out – y’all know how I tend to snooze unexpectedly:

    So just when did all this unnie and dongsaeng bonding happen between Tauk and Mi Ho’s assistant? Last I saw them they were duking it out in a hallway.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Who knows exactly, but like was likely MiHol’s death. Yeobi’s loyalty to MiHol never wavered. Since Taealha decided to avenge her father (even though SHE killed him) Hae Tuk would naturally follow Taealha’s lead … blood is thicker than water.


      • beezrtp says:

        Hmmmmm. It still seems like a leap that should’ve been filled in.Just another example of so many characters and not enough time to flesh them out individually so even less so as far as their interaction with other characters.


        • It struck me as odd too. I rationalized it as Hae tribe solidarity, respect for each dogged support of their primary person, and the fact that Yeobi doesn’t know how Mi Ho died.


          • beezrtp says:

            I’m confused by that one, JT – she was standing right there when Taelha told both of them that she, herself, killed her own father…?

            Yeobi immediately collapsed and Taehla’s guard reached for her shoulders saying “Unni! Unni!” Hence my question of when did this bond happen?


  8. beezrtp says:

    Besides looking like she’s been thru the fire, the mother of the white mountain, Asa Sakan, has deep purple lips! Unless they decide to reveal that there are lots of hidden Igutu in the next season – my advice to show is they need to inform every makeup artist on set, even for those doing the extras, NOBODY gets any purple, or near purple, lipstick unless you’re given specific instructions. I swear Song Joong ki’s lips were the same as Taelha’s most of the time.


    • beezrtp says:

      And… Eosum’s lips are magenta instead of deep purple which means he somehow kept the pot of lip stain even thru his captivity and running through rivers and waterfalls, etc.

      I’m sorry, but wigs and makeup can totally distract me from anything else. And while I’m on the subject, show did a really good job on wigs, but in this episode, Saya’s lace front was slipping. lol


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I’ve thought all the older folks in this fantasy world seemed to be REALLY leathery looking (yep, I’ve thought they resembled some of the older Neanthals), as if these seniors had a unlimited pass to the tanning salon and wanted to get their money’s worth … any idea what their lifespans are … 100, 200❓⁉️ Younger Neanthals Neanthals don’t look discolored, except for their lips … think how pale and pasty Rottip and NunByeol, who are in their twenties look versus Yiseuroobeu, who indicated he had been around for a long time, but again I have no idea of his age.

      If these people have long lifespans, sun exposure would affect the color and texture of their skin.

      The thought of many hiddened Igutus is intriguing.


  9. beezrtp says:

    Does anyone else have issues with Netflix’s subs disappearing from the screen to soon? Not so much with Arthdal Chronicals because there’s no heavy or super fast dialogue. Most of the characters speak rather slowly compared to shows set in modern times – but their other Korean shows.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like when the subbers can keep the sub on the screen at the coordinated time with each speaker, so if that’s fast, I’m fine with it vanishing to make room for the next speaker, but when the very next moment, no one is speaking, there’s no reason for the text to vanish as soon as the last speaker is done. I swear, in an hour long episode on Viki or Kocowa, I may rewind anywhere from 3-10 times (depending) to catch a sentence ending but on Netflix, I’m rewinding and pausing every single scene! It’s annoying. (And I read VERY fast.)

    I called them to give my feedback and hopefully others will too and we’ll get changes. I know they’ve listened when we’ve complained in the past when they were doing that whole air 8 episodes, hold them for weeks and then air the remaining 8.


  10. beez says:

    Here’s another article all-out Space Sweepers

    @Jane Tilly even if you don’t read the article take a look at Kim Tae ri’s dress that truly looks like curtains or men’s dress pants. It seems liked a weird wardrobe choice for a tiny person like her.


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