Welcome 2 Life Episode 13

Welcome 2 Life Episode 13 Recap

Mr. Jang follows the humming to finds his blood splattered illegitimate son cleaning his hands with the bloody hammer nearby. Mr. Jang is shocked. CEO Yun stands and declares once again he protected his father. He laughs.

The team rushes and finds a dead and bloody Mrs. Jang. Prosecutor Lee can’t believe his eyes. How did this happen? Shi On looks at him knowing this operation was rushed.

As Mrs. Jang’s body is carried outside, Detective Koo Dong Taek (Kwak Si Yang) tells Prosecutor Lee Jae Sang (Rain) the culprits have confessed. He points to the two men that kidnapped Mrs. Jang’s son. Detective Koo says they claim all the murders – the two bodies on the mountain, the orphanage murders and Mrs. Jang.  Prosecutor Lee rushes to them and declares they are lying. They laugh in his face saying the police were too stupid to find them 10 years ago. One of them tells Detective Ra that his face still hurts from where she punched him at the orphanage 10 years ago.

Mr. Jang calls CEO Yun crazy and goes to strike him for killing his wife. CEO Yun blocks the blow. He tells his father that his wife was about give evidence against him to the special investigation unit. He points to the hammer. CEO Yun states she brought it on herself. He advises his father to prep for the press conference. He advises that Mr. Jang claim he was working on planning ideas. He states the public will love that Mr. Jang was working for the public’s good when he heard of the tragedy. When Mr. Jang meets with the press he falls to his knees. CEO Yun kneels next to him and recommends he cry.

Goodness, CEO Yun is a manipulator and crazy.

Mr. Jang wins the election for mayor by a landslide.

Officer Ha gives Chief Oh the report on the hammer which was found 100 yards from Mrs. Jang’s body. It contains DNA from Mrs. Jang and the orphanage murder victims. She concludes a single weapon was used for all the murders.

Detective Koo and Detective Ra interrogate the two thugs that claim to have committed all the murders. They state their motive was simple, money. They’d invested in Mr. Jang’s redevelopment project but the orphanage wouldn’t sell. Murder time. They needed Mr. Jang to be elected so their latest development investment would begin per Mr. Jang’s campaign promises. Killing his wife was the guarantee to gaining public sympathy and the win. Detective Ra Shi On (Lim Ji Yeon) asks the man who claimed she hit 10 years ago where at the orphanage they fought. He knows the correct answer. He laughs her niece went down with a single hammer blow. Detective Ra loses it. Detective Koo has to pull her away. Prosecutor Lee stares behind the two-way window feeling her pain.

Mr. Jang meets with Lawyer Kang and Pastor Park. His son is under psychiatric distress and non-communicative. Mr. Jang scoffs he’s weak like his mother. Lawyer Kang informs him the murder weapon and thugs are sufficient evidence. The thugs’ families are keeping their mouths shut as their internal organs have been pledged against the thug’s large debts. Lawyer Kang knows the press and police will press the special investigation unit to wrap up the case. Then they’ll press to have it dismantled. Mr. Jang states Prosecutor Lee must be taught a lesson for going after him.

Investigator Ji Ho tells Prosecutor Lee there is evidence for all the murders in the two thugs’ apartments.

Jae Sang and Shi On have it out. She points out his plan got an innocent woman killed and muddled the truth perhaps forever about the orphanage murders. She demands to know why he became a prosecutor. Was it for fame? As a steppingstone to a political office? Jae Sang says the dream drove him. Shi On can’t believe that lame excuse. Jae Sang doesn’t care if she believes him, but his motive was simple…protect her.

The news reports growing public distrust of the special investigation unit and the desire to have it dismantled. A young man watches intently when the report details the anger at Prosecutor Lee.

Chief Oh and Prosecutor Lee are chewed out by the district attorney with Mr. Jang, Lawyer Kang, and Lawyer Min watching in satisfaction. Lawyer Min produces evidence that Mrs. Jang was unstable. Lawyer Kang states that Prosecutor Lee’s meeting with Mrs. Jang outside official channels was a violation. Mr. Jang states he’s suing Prosecutor Lee. The district attorney barks at Prosecutor Lee for using unethical tactics. Prosecutor Lee can’t believe Mr. Jang is willing to label his wife a mental case to go after him. Mr. Jang counters that Prosecutor Lee made his bed. They stare at each other.

Back at bio research lab hell, the two latest human lab subjects are chained and being used for testing. They scream in horror.

CEO Yun learns one lab subject did not have a negative reaction to the drug. He orders the dose be increased. He wants her non reaction to be the continued result.

When CEO Yun walks to his car in the underground parking lot he sees a man flattening a sign with a hammer.

Flashback… Pil Woo (CEO Yun) goes to the orphanage and kills Shi On’s stepbrother Ahn Soo Ho by a hammer blow to the back of his head. Then he heads to the annex where the family slept and kills all of them with hammer blows. He pours gasoline all over the interior and sets an aerosol can in the microwave and turns it on. The explosion ensues.

Flashback… Pil Woo goes to Mr. Jang and introduces himself as his son. Mr. Jang declares he’s just like his mother. PW counters that Mr. Jang covered up that he bashed his mother’s head in all those years ago. PW states he’s here to help his father. He declares he killed Ahn Soo Ho and everyone in the orphanage. Mr. Jang and Pastor Park are startled. PW slides the grant papers Ahn Soo Ho was going to submit. He tells his father to use these to forge a bill of sale. He puts the bloody hammer on the table to be used as evidence if Mr. Jang is questioned.

CEO Yun is a manipulator, cruel and crazy.

Detective Yang and Ji Ho get sick of eating hard cooked eggs. Officer Ha tells them to continue as she needs the shells for her lab work. Bickering ensues.

Prosecutor Lee surprises Chief Oh by joining him to drink and reflect. He insists he wants this investigation to succeed. Chief Oh warns him a successful investigation could cost him what is dearest to him. Prosecutor Lee asks if that’s why his wife divorced him. Chief Oh says his young daughter once wrte her father was good at going to work. That gets Prosecutor Lee. He asks if Chief Oh asked for forgiveness. Chief Oh confirms. Prosecutor Lee states he should do the same.

At the police station Shi On thinks over Jae Sang’s visit to the hospital to see Mrs. Jang’s son.

Flashback…As Shi On arrive to see Mrs. Jang she sees Jae Sang  heading to the same room. She quietly listens unobserved from the doorway. Jae Sang tells Mrs. Jang’s son that he offered a deal to his mother he should not have, and it got her killed. He says his mother was willing to take the deal to save her son. Mrs. Jang’s son starts crying. Jae Sang apologizes for taking such a wonderful mother away. He gets on his knees and sincerely apologizes. Jae Sang cries. Shi On slips away.

Awk tears! That was touching.

Dong Taek finds Shi On working. They agree the case is frustrating. Either the two men are the killers, or the two men were given a script by the killer. Dong Taek gifts Shi On with socks. She tells him these gifts make her uncomfortable. Dong Taek says that’s exactly what he wants.

I thought he backed off so she could sort out her feelings for Jae Sang.

Shi On arrives home and sees footprints. She whips out her baton. She follows the footprints to her bedroom where a man is sleeping on her bed. She pokes a drunk Jae Sang awake. He sits up wondering what universe he’s in. He hugs her and apologizes for not protecting her and Bo Na. He promises to protect her know. He cries. Shi On decides not to push him away and let him cry it out.

Detective Yang and Ji Ho commiserate about the amount of eggs and the aftereffects. Officer Ha texts and states the eggshells samples allowed her to catch the criminal. She promises to buy them more eggs. They react to that.

Chief Oh thinks about Prosecutor Lee’s admission that he joined the special investigation unit for one person. Ms. Bang enters and asks what he’s thinking about. Chief Oh asks, hypothetically, if someone joins to team for another person, could that person change to be a better person. Thinking Chief Oh is referring to himself. Ms. Bang states it is possible. She winks at him. Chief Oh asks what is wrong with her eye.

Their miscommunication laden relationship has cute moments.

Dong Taek looks for a report on Shi On’s desk. He’s dismayed to find the holster Jae Sang gave to Shi On on top of his (and still in the box).

Take the hint Dong Taek.

Jae Sang wakes by falling off Shi On’s couch. He’s handcuffed. She smacks him with a fly swatter for coming into her house uninvited. He retorts her passcode is ridiculously easy to break. Detective Yang calls and tells her to get to the station right away.

Shi On and Prosecutor Lee walk together to the station to find protesters demanding Prosecutor Lee resign. One boy, the one that stared at him the previous day, hits him over the head with a sign and vows to kill him. He’s taken away.

In the interrogation room, Prosecutor Lee recalls how he wrongly put the young man prison in this universe (in favor of a rich client) where he put in the rich client in jail in the opposite universe. The father begs Prosecutor Lee to be lenient. Prosecutor Lee agrees to a warning. The young man rails that scum shouldn’t be prosecutors. Detective Koo warns him not to push it. The young man demands to know why Detective Koo is protecting Prosecutor Lee. Detective Koo replies whether Mother Theresa or Hitler his job is to protect the prosecutor.

Prosecutor Lee thanks Detective Koo for his support. Detective Koo admits he’d like to thrash Prosecutor Lee. When Prosecutor Lee was a lawyer, he wished he’d quit. Now that he’s a prosecutor, he wishes the same. Why should Prosecutor Lee’s past taint everything the team does? Why should his hard work not be appreciated because of Prosecutor Lee’s stain? Chief Oh finds them and tells them to follow.

At the team meeting, Chief Oh announces that Prosecutor Lee will be indicated for abuse of power and the team will be dismantled. Everyone knows the two thugs will likely be declared the killers. Chief Oh surprises Prosecutor Lee by asking if in the remaining week before Mr. Jang’s inauguration and the team’s dissolution if he can solve the case. Prosecutor Lee is willing to try. Ms. Bang has found a woman who was attacked (and her son murdered) in the orphanage mass murder. She’s staying at Mr. Jang’s foundation’s private hospital. Prosecutor Lee remembers visiting the hospital in the opposite universe. Detective Ra suggests using hypnosis on the woman to help her remember. After the meeting ends, Jae Sang wonders if his mind could be unlocked. He asks Shi On to connect him with the hypnosis expert.

CEO Yun, Mr. Jang and Lawyer Kang discuss the short week until the inauguration. CEO Yun asks who will assume CEO of the construction company. Mr. Jang plans to promote one of his executives. CEO Yun suggests himself. Lawyer Kang doesn’t like that. Mr. Jang says he’s willing to make him CEO of the construction company. CEO Yun smiles and promises he’ll to be Mr. Jang’s biggest supporter. Both men smile.

Detective Koo and Detective Yang arrive at the private hospital. They are told the patient doesn’t respond. They enter the room to the humming woman. She doesn’t answer when addressed. Detective Koo recalls the butcher describing the prostitute in the mural house. He says her name. She turns and asks what took him so long.

Jae Sang and Shi On drive to the hypnotist. She thinks they are meeting a new witness. Jae Sang says he’ll explain when they arrive. Shi On introduces Jae Sang to the hypnotist. Jae Sang says he’s the subject and his last recollection is August 27. The hypnotist goes to prepare. Shi On snaps that if this is about Jae Sang’s dream, they are wasting time. Jae Sang counters he saw the culprit’s face in the dream. In fact he wishes this were a dream. Shi On stares at him, not understanding.

CEO Yun’s mother tells Detective Koo that the father of her son named him after his own company, so he’d become something great. When Detective Koo starts to ask about the day she was attacked, she grows agitated and writhes.

The hypnotist puts Jae Sang under. He has Jae Sang describe where he is. The abandoned mural house. What happens next? He sees Shi On tied up. Then what? He’s hit and falls unconscious. When he wakes there’s a man and he’s across the tied-up Shi On. Another man enters with a bag. He’s humming. Jae Sang panics when he sees the hammer. The hypnotist gets him to focus on the men in the room. One of them has a bat tattoo on his neck. The hammer killer a muttering three circles. Then he prepares to hit Shi On. Jae Sang panics. The hypnotist wakes him. Shi On stands in disbelief at what she just witnessed.

That was intense.

Back at his office, Jae Sang sinks into a chair. Shi On enters and demands to know what that was about. She’s not his wife. He was in a coma and visited the mural house? She was never tied to a chair. Is this grandstanding? Jae Sang snaps while he was in a coma, he was in a parallel universe.

Detective Koo asks the nurse who pays for the patient’s room and care. Detective Yang spots a picture on the wall of Mr. Jang and CEO Yun.

Jae Sang tells Shi On they are connected by a complicated web.

My Thoughts

It was national “hate Prosecutor Lee day”.  Writer Yoo Hee Gyeong keeps the terrific episodes coming. Last episode I wondered what would tip the team that CEO Yun was the hammer killer? We got one step closer today. Jae Sang was hypnotized and remembered the hammer killer humming and the tattoo on the other man (no doubt CEO Yun’s security man). Detective Koo and Detective Yang visited CEO Yun’s humming mother who stated her son’s father named her son something important and a company name. Then they saw the photo of Mr. Jang and CEO Yun. I’m ready for the next link to establish CEO Yun as the woman’s son. Other than that, Prosecutor Lee was hated by everyone. But Chief Oh was willing to give him one week for he and the team to solve the crime before they were disbanded.

Lee Jae Sang (Rain) told Shi On about the parallel universe. Jae Sang’s hypnosis session must have been shocking for Shi On. She doubted what she saw. Jae Sang responded while in his coma he was in a parallel universe that gives insight into this one. Glad this finally came out. Even if she doesn’t believe him, Jae Sang needed to share this. Jae Sang’s hospital visit to Mrs. Jang’s son was touching. He saw the effects on the father and son he’d wronged all those years ago while defending the rich son. Jae Sang took a licking and kept on ticking.

Detective Ra Shi On (Lim Ji Yeon) heard Jae Sang’s declaration that she was his wife in a parallel universe. No one can prepare for that revelation. She saw his sincerity when she overheard his apology to Mrs. Jang’s son. In her heart, she knows he’s sorry and evolving. But can she take the leap to believe the parallel universe?

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as terrific. My rating chart is below:

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2 comments on “Welcome 2 Life Episode 13
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    CEO Yun 👨‍💼⚗ seemed so nice in the parallel universe, but his humming was his tell, so he had to be the murderer there too. CEO Yun’s 👨‍💼⚗ guilt doesn’t exonerate Mr Jang 🛢👿, as he was complicit by covering up the crimes and let’s face it, Mr Jang 🛢👿 benefited from his psychotic son’s crimes.

    I hoped ShiOn 👮‍♀️👊💢 could sense JaeSang’s 👨‍💼💼 sincerity through his repeated protection of her and when she overheard him apologizing to Joo Won. Is it too late to save Joo Won from continuing to repeat his father’s behavior ❓⁉️

    I don’t think ShiOn 👮‍♀️👊💢 believed JaeSang
    👨‍💼💼 about the parallel universe, but maybe with time and repeated evidence she will believe it. I 💗 JaeSang 👨‍💼💼 for staying focused in protecting ShiOn 👮‍♀️👊💢.


    • CEO Yun’s 👨‍💼⚗ guilt doesn’t exonerate Mr Jang 🛢👿, as he was complicit by covering up the crimes and let’s face it, Mr Jang 🛢👿 benefited from his psychotic son’s crimes.
      Mr. Jang did benefit from his crazy kid’s actions. He’s still scum just not the overt murderer.

      I 💗 JaeSang 👨‍💼💼 for staying focused in protecting ShiOn 👮‍♀️👊💢.
      He’s determined to make it right in the normal universe. I respect that.


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