Welcome 2 Life Episode 12

Welcome 2 Life Episode 12 Recap

Pastor Park arrives at the private hospital with the woman. She looks around suspiciously. She’s chloroformed and injected by on the security men. Pastor Park calls CEO Yun to report all went as planned. CEO Yun declares they’ll start tomorrow. He looks out the window and hums. In the labs the woman thrashes on the table that’s she’s chained to.

In the hospital emergency room, waiting for her forearm wound to be stitched, Ra Shi On (Lim Ji Yeon)  asks why Lee Jae Sang (Rain) is there and she wants an honest answer. Jae Sang says he’s there to protect her.  The medical team arrives to stich her up. Jae Sang tells her to look into his eyes during the procedure. He promises to protect her.

At the police station Detective Koo Dong Taek (Kwak Si Yang) learns Detective Ra was injured. Detective Yang reports a passerby took her to the hospital. Detective Koo learn the attacker was the man that made the threatening phone call. When he confronts him, the man taunts that Detective Koo wasn’t by her side as promised. Detective Koo knocks the man’s chair over and orders the officers to take him away.

Investigator Ji Ho, Detective Yang, and Officer Ha Min Hee sit at table. Officer Ha says Ji Ho can tell fortunes. Detective Yang asks about the special investigation unit. Ji Ho does his magic and declares there is a love triangle amongst them. Officer Ha asks if they both like her. Both men take that as their cue to exit.

Jae Sang and Shi On bicker as they leave the hospital. Dong Taek arrives and asks why they are together. Both men stare at each other. Dong Taek drives them both home. He’s not thrilled that Jae Sang is her new next-door neighbor. Shi On assures him she’s not either. They walk to Shi On’s door. She thanks them both and goes inside.

Dong Taek asks why Jae Sang is lurking around Shi On. Jae Sang assures him that once the case is done, he’ll be gone. Dong Taek doubts that. Jae Sang doesn’t care. He thanks Dong Taek for looking out for Shi On and hopes he’ll continue after he’s gone.

That was classy.

Mr. Jang isn’t happy that his poll numbers are slipping. Pastor Park and Lawyer Kang suggest he meet with the district attorney who can discredit his association with the murders. Mr. Jang points out there is a special investigation unit focused on finding him guilty. Lawyer Kang states once he’s elected, the special investigation unit can be dissolved. Mr. Jang agrees to meet with the district attorney.

Jae Sang has nightmares about the night Shi On was killed in front of his eyes in the mural house in the opposite universe.

The next morning Chief Oh overhears Ms. Bang on the phone saying it will be hard to slip away undetected, but she’ll try. Chief Oh wonders if she’s the mole for Yulgaek Law Firm.

Jae Sang recalls in the opposite universe on that fateful night Shi On went to the mural house. He wonders why.

Chief Oh closely watches Ms. Bang as she reports the victim’s home, dubbed the mural house, is now abandoned. Chief Oh asks if Ms. Bang has shared this information with anyone else. She snaps she has not. Chief Oh sends Detective Koo and Detective Ra to investigate. He looks at Ms. Bang and wonders.

Mrs. Jang gets a rude awakening when the school calls her in to report her son has been fighting. The teacher explains that her son has done this regularly, but Yulgaek Law Firm has swept it under the rug with settlements.

Flashback…Mr. Jang’s son doesn’t beat the boy that caused the issue but rather his friend. He barks to the pleading boy that beating his friend is a bigger punishment.

Mrs. Jang realizes her son is mimicking his father’s beating of her while her son watches. The teacher recommends she get her son help.

Detective Koo and Detective Ra arrive at the mural house. Detective Koo goes to find neighbors and Detective Ra goes inside. She’s startled when she hears a rattle and Prosecutor Lee rushes out. She pops him in the nose. She demands to know why he’s there. He asks if she’s following him. She informs him this is the first victim’s house. Prosecutor Lee processes that new information. Detective Koo arrives with a neighbor. He’s surprised to see Prosecutor Lee. The neighbor reports the victim was a prostitute with a son. She’d claim to the neighborhood that the son’s father was a powerful man. She states twice a year, only a night, an expensive car would arrive, a man would visit then leave. She never saw the man’s face and wonders if the victim’s claims were correct. She surprises all three when she informs them the victim didn’t die from the attack. Rather she was paralyzed. The twice a year visits stopped after that.

Aha, now we know who the woman is in the hospital bed.

Chief Oh can’t believe Ms. Bang is the mole. His daughter calls him and informs him that Ms. Bang’s father is in the hospital. Because Ms. Bang works, she relies on her aunt to visit. Chief Oh realizes Ms. Bang was talking to her aunt. He strolls wondering why Ms. Bang didn’t confide in him. He spies her talking to Lawyer Min at a coffee shop.

Inside the coffee shop, Lawyer Min asks Ms. Bang to join   Law Firm at a substantial pay raise. Ms. Bang claims she doesn’t like change. Chief Oh enters and barks at Lawyer Min for poaching his staff. He kicks Lawyer Min. He grabs Ms. Bang’s wrist and drags her out.

Outside, Chief Oh yells at Ms. Bang for the interview. He asks if she did it for monetary reasons due to her sick father. Ms. Bang is taken aback. Chief Oh explains his daughter told him. He demands to know why Ms. Bang didn’t tell him. He points out they’ve worked together for 10 years, is this all there is between them. Ms. Bang counters with the same phrase. Fearing she’s revealed a personal interest in Chief Oh, she barks he is difficult to talk to and stalks away.

Jae Sang drives Shi On and Dong Taek back to work. He grouses that no one is in the passenger seat. Dong Taek asks Shi On about her knee. Jae Sang correct him that it is the left knee not the right knee. Shi On claims it is the right knee.

At work Shi On rubs her left knee. Dong Taek arrives with food and sees her. They eat. He asks why she lied that it was her right knee not her left. Shi On didn’t want to give Jae Sang the satisfaction. Dong Taek notes that she and Jae Sang bicker. He admits that makes him jealous. Shi On doesn’t understand. Dong Taek says he isn’t ready for a relationship if she and Jae Sang never finished theirs. Shi On is surprised by his assessment.

Dong Taek is a smart guy, not your typical mooning second lead.

Mrs. Jang talks to her son about the incidents at school. He explains his rage spills out when he sees weak people. He admits that’s all he has learned in the house. He tells his mother and other word for victim is failure. Mrs. Jang is taken aback. He cries. She cries. She hugs her son and apologizes for being a weak mother. He sobs what can he do?

Nice scene. The weak = victim isn’t right all the time but can be in certain circumstances.

Ji Ho and Detective Yang find commonality in a K-pop group.

Mrs. Jang arrives to everyone’s astonishment.

Chief Oh chews out Prosecutor Lee for communicating with Mrs. Jang without his knowledge. Prosecutor Lee counters that Chief Oh makes decisions without his knowledge. If Chief Oh ignores him, Prosecutor Lee will do the same. Chief Oh asks what the deal with Mrs. Jang was. Prosecutor Lee states he’ll save her and her son from Mr. Jang’s brutal tyranny. He asks Chief Oh if he agrees.

When Prosecutor Lee joins Mrs. Jang in the interrogation room, she asks how he will protect her. She states no divorce attorney would take her case and Mr. Jang beat her after every consultation. Prosecutor Lee says a man with a private island in the Philippines which is a veritable fortress owes him a favor. When Mrs. Jang gives him solid evidence, she and her son will go the island. When Mr. Jang is in jail, Prosecutor Lee will handle her divorce case. Confused, Mrs. Jang asks if Prosecutor Lee will quit the prosecutor’s office after this case. Prosecutor Lee confirms this. The team watching behind the two-way mirror are surprised. Mrs. Jang states her husband has a bloody hammer in his safe. She believes she can retrieve it tonight because her husband is meeting with the district attorney. That gets everyone’s attention.

It makes sense that it was Mrs. Jang’s son that drove her to take this risk. As Prosecutor Lee stated a person’s greatest strength and weakness is family.

Mr. Jang tells Lawyer Kang and Lawyer Min he’s looking forward to the dinner meeting with the district attorney. He suggests they leave early.

The team figures out the logistics. Detective Ra argues they are putting Mrs. Jang at too great a risk. Prosecutor Lee counters Mrs. Jang is already at risk in her own household. Unless Detective Ra has a better idea, the time is now.

The meeting between Mr. Jang, Lawyer Kang, and the district attorney gets underway. Everyone is cordial.

Mrs. Jang brings flowers to her husband’s office telling the secretary she made the bouquet in her flower class. She goes into his office and retrieve the hammer. Unfortunately she leaves the office door ajar. She puts the weapon in her purse and leaves the building bidding the secretary a good night. Detective Koo and Detective Ra watch her exit. They tail her.

Prosecutor Lee, Chief Oh, and Ms. Bang wait for the next step, retrieving Mr. Jang’s son.

Unfortunately two thugs masquerading as police arrive at the school to pick up the son.

Mr. Jang complains to the district attorney that innocent until proven guilty isn’t holding true in his case. He points out that the public doubts him since the bodies were found.

As Mrs. Jang drives, she receives a text showing her son’s unconscious body. She pulls over. Her phone rings. It’s CEO Yun stating he has her son and he’s administered an animal tranquilizer. She asks why he’s done this. CEO Yun replies it is her fault for acting out.

Flashback…After Lawyer Kang asked Pastor Park if anyone other than Mr. Jang knew the combination for the safe in his office, CEO Yun does some digging. He has Mrs. Jang tailed. He learns of her meeting with Prosecutor Lee.

CEO Yun tells Mrs. Jang he is disappointed in her actions.

Detective Yang and Ji Ho report that Mrs. Jang’s son was taken before they arrived at school. Prosecutor Lee is outraged.

CEO Yun tells Mrs. Jang to be at the address he’ll text in five minutes or else. When Detective Koo walks up to her car, she drives away. He rushes to the car to follow. They lose Mrs. Jang in traffic.

Car chase scenes typically underwhelm, this one was no different.

Detective Yang and Ji Ho burst into the office with the news the men that took the son had their faces covered. Ms. Bang reports Mrs. Jang drove off. Prosecutor Lee wonders if she’s doing this to save her son.

Is anyone else wondering if perhaps Mr. Jang committed the first hammer incident, but CEO Yun might have committed the others? He is so cold.

Mrs. Jang is escorted to a room. CEO Yun and his security guard enter. She demands to know where her son is. CEO Yun says first things first. The security guard takes Mrs. Jang’s purse and extracts the bloody hammer. CEO Yun holds the hammer. Mrs. Jang doesn’t understand why CEO Yun is involved. CEO Yun introduces himself as Mr. Jang’s illegitimate son. He states his mother wooed Mr. Jang, got pregnant then tried to exhort money. When that didn’t work, she became a miserable mean woman that took it out on him.

Flashback…When Mr. Jang visits he doubts the boy is his son. CEO Yun’s mother assures him he is. Mr. Jang pays her cash. She’s thrilled and kisses her special son. But when Mr. Jang marries, thugs visit CEO Yun’s mother and threaten to beat her up should she approach Mr. Jang again. Alone and without funds, CEO Yun’s mother rages. She ignores him and hums. As a young man, CEO Yun sees a news report of Mr. Jang’s latest development plans.

CEO Yun tells Mrs. Jang he was special son as long as he didn’t have a mother. He approaches her with menace, hammer in hand.

With a mix of flashback and present day, CEO Yun hammers his mother in the past and Mrs. Jang. The hammers are different.

That was an effective mix of past and present. CEO Yun bashed his own mother and now Mrs. Jang. Yikes!

After the meeting with the district attorney who told Mr. Jang he would not interfere with the special investigation unit, Mr. Jang rails to Lawyer Kang. Mr. Jang gets an urgent call to come.

Prosecutor Lee receives the call from Detective Ra they found Mrs. Jang.

Mr. Jang gets a call too. He follows the humming to finds his blood splattered illegitimate son cleaning his hands with the bloody hammer nearby.

The team rushes and finds a dead and bloody Mrs. Jang. Prosecutor Lee can’t believe his eyes. How did this happen? Shi On looks at him knowing this operation was rushed.

Mr. Jang is shocked. CEO Yun stands and declares once again he protected his father. He laughs.

My Thoughts

Good twist.  Writer Yoo Hee Gyeong delivers another terrific episode. The twist (that I didn’t see) was CEO Yang is the hammer welding brute for two victims (maybe more). Last episode’s red herring was the hammer welding brute was Mr. Jang. But that didn’t make sense. Why would a powerful man commit his own violence rather than order it? Now CEO Yang is revealed to be a bit unstable with the priority of “protecting” his father. What will this do to Mr. Jang? Considering he had dinner with the district attorney during the murder, he has a solid alibi. I would imagine his wife’s murder would garner public sympathy and distract from the other murders. What else can Mr. Jang do but cover up his wife’s brutal murder by CEO Yang? Mrs. Bang endured a horrific marriage but couldn’t get out of the cage. She ended up dying to try and save her son. Switching to team good, Mrs. Jang’s death is a major setback. Not only for the loss of the hammer but because Prosecutor Lee’s plan utterly failed (though he didn’t cause the failure). What will team good do now? What will tip them off that CEO Yang is the murderer?

Lee Jae Sang (Rain) was right, family was the priority for Mrs. Jang. Jae Sang knew she’d crack to save her son and she did. I must quibble about her coming to the team. There was NO element of stealth in that. But that didn’t matter because CEO Yang was following her and knew she’d meet with Prosecutor Lee the day before. Jae Sang’s relationship with Shi On continues to grow. He knew which knee was sore when Dong Tae didn’t. They haven’t edged to romance yet. I’m not sure I want them to while this case is hot and heavy. He did declare he’d quit when the case was complete. What should Shi On make of that?

Detective Ra Shi On (Lim Ji Yeon) didn’t want to rush the operation with Mrs. Jang but was overruled. Shi On can say I told you so, but the failure doesn’t lie with Jae Sang. An unknown third party changed everything. Plus Mr. Jang won’t be the murderer. Shi On does bicker with Jae Sang. In classy move Dong Tae declared Shi On was not ready for a new relationship because her old one with Jae Sang wasn’t resolved. He’s right. But is she willing to entertain getting involved with Jae Sang again?

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as terrific. My rating chart is below:

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4 comments on “Welcome 2 Life Episode 12
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I thought it was odd Mr Jang 🛢👿 had the hammer on his safe … it makes sense he was protecting his illegitimate son … or is he protecting himself by covering up CEO Yun’s 👨‍💼⚗ actions❓⁉️ Looks like CEO Yun 👨‍💼⚗ is worse than Mr Jang 🛢👿 … was CEO Yun 👨‍💼⚗ the culprit in the other world❓⁉️



  2. Jane Tilly says:

    “In classy move Dong Tae declared Shi On was not ready for a new relationship because her old one with Jae Sang wasn’t resolved.” -KJT

    I agree Dong Taek 🕵️‍♂️💔 was classy. I like Dong Taek 🕵️‍♂️💔, he’s a great guy, but how can we not root for JaeSang 👨‍💼💼 after seeing the adorable family he and ShiOn 👮‍♀️👊💢 had in the other reality. I miss BoNa 🚴‍♀️💨


    • but how can we not root for JaeSang 👨‍💼💼 after seeing the adorable family he and ShiOn 👮‍♀️👊💢 had in the other reality. I miss BoNa 🚴‍♀️💨
      Agree and agree.


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