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Fabricated City Review

Review. Fabricated City is a 2017 Korean film about one man’s quest for justice. Kwon Yoo (Ji Chang Wook) is framed for a murder he did not commit. His posse is crucial as they search for the truth. But there’s

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Would I Date Him? Melting Me Softly

This time on “Would I Date Him?”I reflect upon the leading man from the series Melting Me Softly. Our candidate: Ma Dong Chan, portrayed by Ji Chang Wook, is a director of a television series that does outlandish experiments. He

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Melting Me Softly Review

Synopsis. Melting Me Softly is a 16-episode 2019 kdrama about a two people who engage in a “freeze me for 24 hours” cryogenic experiment that goes awry and they end up frozen for 20 years. When they are unthawed they

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Melting Me Softly Episode 16 (Final)

Melting Me Softly Episode 16 (Final)  2019… The Ma family look at Dong Chan’s empty place. He’s avoiding life in his bed. The Go family look at Mi Ran’s empty place. She in the cryogenic pod to gain life when

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Melting Me Softly Episode 15

Melting Me Softly Episode 15 – Hot Guy and Cold Girl 2019… Go Mi Ran (Won Jin Ah) is driven to work by police investigator Young Tak. She learns Dong Chan is meeting Doctor Hwang. She guesses that Dong Chan

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Melting Me Softly Episode 14

Melting Me Softly Episode 14 – The People Who Want to Get Frozen 2019… After explaining why she didn’t tell him everything and learning that it hurt him, Na Ha Young (Yoon Se Ah) hugs Dong Chan and tells him

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Melting Me Softly Episode 13

Melting Me Softly Episode 13 – The Truth Too Late 2019… At the broadcasting station, everyone gathers in the lobby for the variety show’s opening episode. In the middle of the episode, it cuts to the CEO Lee’s wife’s voice

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