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Wok of Love Episodes 9-10

Wok of Love Episode 9 The episode starts in the past.  Chae Seol Ja (Park Ji Young) makes the mystery woman (Lee Mi Sook) noodles. She grumbles she hates eating alone. In the present… It is morning. Doo Chil Seong

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Mystery Queen 2 Episode 10

Mystery Queen 2 Episode 10 The woman that identified herself as Seo Hyun runs away from a man. She texts Profiler Woo for help.  to meet her. She tries to make a call. The man finds her. He reaches for

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Great Seducer Episodes 9-10

Great Seducer Episode 9 Ringleader Choi Soo Ji (Mun Ka Young) isn’t happy when she hears that Kwon Shi Hyun (Woo Do Hwan) has garnered Tae Hee’s interest. She senses that Shi Hyun is interested in Tae Hee. She gripes

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Hwayugi Episode 10 Recap

Hwayugi Episode 10 Recap Jin Sun Mi (Oh Yeon Seo) dreams that she and Oh Gong will never be. Woo Hwi Chul (Cha Seung Won) and Assistant Ma find her and she stirs. She explains the demon took her younger

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Money Flower Episodes 9-10

My Thoughts: Money Flower Episodes 9-10 Cast of Characters with Nutshell Details Jang Boo Cheon (Jang Seung Jo) returns to Korea with his wife (Mo Hyun) and mistress/mother of his son (Seo Won). He lies to Pil Joo that he

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Revolutionary Love Episode 10 Recap

Revolutionary Love Episode 10 Kwon Je Hoon (Gong Myung) looks at the files on his computer that clearly show illegal dealings of Gangsu. He silently tells his father that backing that family has forced him to do things he now

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Mad Dog Episode 10 Recap

Mad Dog Episode 10 “A Dog that Barks at the Sun” Park Soon Jung (Jo Jae Yun) and Kim Min Joon (Woo Do Hwan) get close to the safe. When Soon Jung spots it and puts his hand near it,

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