Welcome 2 Life Episode 11

Welcome 2 Life Episode 11 Recap

Lee Jae Sang (Rain) visits Shi On’s brother’s family memorial. He apologizes for taking 10 years to visit. To her niece Se Rin, Jae Sang vows to protect her aunt and catch her killer. Ji Ho enters to tell him know they must go. He reminds Jae Sang, that he won’t be able go back. Jae Sang says he’s sorry he didn’t take this path sooner.

Chief Oh explains to the team their first case is the orphanage murders and the two bodies on the mountain. They ask who the prosecutor will be. Chief Oh explains this guy knows the ins and outs of bad guys. Prosecutor Lee and Ji Ho enter the room. Mouths drop open in surprise. Detective Koo Dong Taek (Kwak Si Yang) voices what everyone is thinking. Chief Oh replies put his hand on Jae Sang and declare he is the team’s prosecutor. Jae Sang smiles and introduces himself. As the team settles down, direct complaints are issued. Detective Yang wants to know why Ji Ho is there? To be an investigator. Detective Ra Shi On (Lim Ji Yeon) wants to know why Prosecutor Lee is there. She’s told he recently quit private law and the deputy chief assigned him as prosecutor for the team. Detective Ra objects to Prosecutor Lee being part of the team. Prosecutor Lee retorts the team could learn and thing or two from him. He reminds her he is the boss.

Mr. Jang’s wife arrives at his office to pick up the quarterly reports as directed. Alone in the office she eyes the locked cabinet. Mrs. Jang opens the cabinet and the safe therein. She finds the bloody hammer! She recalls the news report about the mountain murder victims having oxidized metal in their wounds. The rusted hammer fits the bill. She barely escapes discovery when Lawyer Kang and Lawyer Min arrive and offer to give her a ride to her husband’s construction company office. She’s nervous as a cat and drops the report. Lawyer Kang hands it to her. He looks at the cabinet. He looks at Mrs. Jang. He wonders.

In his office Prosecutor Lee stares at this nameplate. Chief Oh enters and kicks him for taunting his team. He warns Prosecutor Lee to keep the straight and narrow while the team does the heavy lifting. Prosecutor Lee protests he wants to catch the killer. Chief Oh scoffs that Prosecutor Lee used his connection with the deputy chief to get this assignment. He doesn’t want Prosecutor Lee’s dirty tricks to spoil their investigation. If he does, Chief Oh promises to tank him.

Officer Ha and Detective Yang complain to Ms. Bang about Prosecutor Lee. She suggests they consult the fates through taro cards. The cards reveal a rocky start that evens out and a couple. Ms. Bang hopes that means her and Chief Oh. Officer Ha and Detective Yang eye each other with disdain.

Shi On works late. Dong Taek finds her fending a phone call from a threatening man. He grabs the man and orders him to bring backup because he’ll be by Detective Ra’s side. He pulls Shi On to her feet and gifts her with a new holster. She’s surprised. He knows she was blindsided by Prosecutor Lee joining the team. Dong Taek vows to protect her so she need only think about solving the case.

Shi On walks home wondering what to do about kind Dong Taek. When she gets home, she finds a box of jellies from her new next-door neighbor. She returns the favor, makes a dish and brings it next door. She’s shocked to find her new neighbor is Jae Sang. She accuses him of following her. He claims to have lived in the neighborhood in the past. Three neighbor ladies arrive, and he issues all of them in. They eat, they sing, and Jae Sang charms them all. Outside he bids them all goodnight promising future fun. He turns to head inside but Shi On stops him. She accuses him of moving next to her intentionally. He claims he didn’t know she lived there. She declares she’ll move. Jae Sang laughs stating she has 25 years left on her mortgage. Shi On is not happy he checked her financials. Jae Sang states she need not bother him in the future. He shuts the door on her face.


Jae Sang remembers when Shi On made the pancake for Bo Na and him. Jae Sang munches on the pancake murmuring “still too much salt”. He cries.

Pastor Park, CEO Yun and Lawyer Kang meet. Pastor Park wants CEO Yun to increase his campaigning for Mr. Jang. Lawyer Kang asks Pastor Park if Mrs. Jang has the combination to Mr. Jang’s safe in his office. Pastor Park doesn’t think so. Lawyer Min bursts in with news about Prosecutor Lee.

Detective Yang and Ji Ho finds themselves together. They bicker and find out they have a shared past. Ji Ho once stole the contents of Detective Yang’s wallet. Detective Yang presses close to Ji Ho and states it is nice meeting him again.


Prosecutor Lee surprises the team by subpoena Mr. Jang for questioning.

Mr. Jang arrives with Lawyer Kang and Lawyer Min. He’s not happy.

Chief Oh chews Prosecutor Lee out for the subpoena without his knowledge.

Outside the interrogation room, Prosecutor Lee tells Detective Koo he’s the enemy’s enemy…his ally.

The interrogation begins with Prosecutor Lee asking Mr. Jang who benefited from Ahn Soo Ho’s death. Mr. Jang states his family who received the 1.5M in cash. Prosecutor Lee points out no cash was distributed. Prosecutor Lee states Mr. Jang is the murderer. Lawyer Kang and Lawyer Min bark their protest. Prosecutor Lee notes that Mr. Jang’s ratings have gone down since the body was found meaning the public is suspicious too. Prosecutor Lee states Mr. Jang fabricated the contract for the land sale after he killed Ahn Soo Ho. The team watches in surprise by Prosecutor Lee’s bold statements. Mr. Jang declares Prosecutor Lee will pay for that. Both men lean towards each other. Prosecutor Lee states he’s willing to investigate even if it ruins him. Prosecutor Lee and Mr. Jang stare at each other.

Mr. Jang is furious when he and Lawyer Kang arrive at campaign headquarter. Lawyer Kang recommends that Mr. Jang concentrate on getting elected. Then he’ll have the power and backers to bury Prosecutor Lee. Mr. Jang agrees.

Ms. Bang find Chief Oh drinking alone as usual. He complains about Prosecutor Lee’s tactics, Prosecutor Lee being used as a scapegoat/shield by his boss, and his inability to change the circumstances. Ms. Bang blurts she hates seeing him hurt. She covers by stating if he’s not team lead, who would be?

Shi On walks home and feels someone behind her. When the man rushes to her she spins and knocks him out. It’s Jae Sang. She takes him into her apartment. While she gets the medicine box, Jae Sang looks around and remembers happy family times. Shi On isn’t happy he’s there. She asks what his motive is. Jae Sang states he wants to catch the culprit. He gifts her with the plunger and corners for hard edges. She demands to know why he joined the team. Jae Sang admits after he woke from his coma, he realized he had a second chance to do things differently. He promises to leave forever once he’s accomplished what he must. He leaves.

CEO Yun and Pastor Park meet with their latest victims, former prostitutes Hwa Soon and Hyun Joo. They swear them to secrecy. The women promise grateful for this chance. CEO Yun’s security man gets a report of a seizure.

The team meets to discuss the two bodies found on the mountain. The two prostitutes were bashed in the head by a hammer per Officer Ha. They decide to check local butcher shops.

Ji Ho tells Prosecutor Lee that Mr. Jang abuses his wife then sends her to a private hospital to recover. Prosecutor Lee declares it is time to take a shortcut.

Detective Koo, Detective Ra, and Detective Yang find the butcher with the longest tenure in the neighborhood. He confirms he uses the hammer to kill livestock. He retorts he does not kill people. Detective Koo assures him that’s not their line of thought. He asks if he knows anything about the first hammer murders from the orphanage. The man counters that’s not the first hammer murder. The first murder happened years earlier. A prostitute was killed by a blow to the back of the head. Her son, a high school student, avoided being murdered by being late from school. They ask what happened to the boy. The butcher says the boy was sent away.

CEO Yang’s backstory I presume.

Mrs. Jang arrives at her son’s school to discuss his progress. When she’s lead into the conference room, Prosecutor Lee and Ji Ho are there. Prosecutor Lee introduces himself. Ms. Jang stands up. Prosecutor Lee states they know her husband abuses her. Ji Ho produces the medical records. Prosecutor Lee offers to protect her. In return he wants Mr. Jang’s secrets. She scoffs that she wouldn’t tattle on her husband. Prosecutor Lee points out one day her husband will turn on their son. He tells her this is a one-day offer.

At a campaign event Mrs. Jang watches her husband pander to the public. She recalls Prosecutor Lee’s statement that one day Mr. Jang will kill her, then her son will be alone. She adjusts the collar on her son. CEO Yun watches the maternal gesture.

Pastor Park takes one of the women to the location. She’s excited.

Detective Koo, Detective Ra, and Detective Yang meet. Detective Ra wishes the police would have solved the first case which could have avoided the subsequent murders. Detective Yang reports that the first case had no video surveillance and was ruled murder by a robber. The victim’s home was dubbed the mural house. The interesting tidbit is that the prosecutor was Prosecutor Kang, now Lawyer Kang, the CEO of Yulgaek Law Firm.

Aha! The connection between Lawyer Kang and Mr. Jang is revealed.

Mr. Jang, Mrs. Jang, their son and CEO Yun meet with select members of the public. One man compliment’s Mr. Jang’s son’s good looks. CEO Yun states the orange tie looks good on him. The man comments orange is the color of Mr. Jang’s opponent. Mr. Jang fake chuckles and says his son must be a mole. Everyone laughs. Mr. Jang looks at his wife with malevolence. CEO Yun smiles.

CEO Yun isn’t a nice guy in the normal universe.

At home, Mr. Jang tears into his son for the offending tie. He slaps him. Mrs. Jang declares it was her faults and moves in front of her son. But their son moves in front of his mother. Mr. Jang slaps him again. Mrs. Jang pushes her son to the ground and out of the way. She tells him to stay out of this. She kneels in front of her husband and begs forgiveness. Mr. Jang declares the son’s issues stem from the mother. He gets out a golf club to bash her with. She screams and her son cries while his mother is beaten.

Mr. Jang is horrible violent scum.

Pastor Park arrives at the private hospital with the women. She looks around suspiciously. She’s chloroformed by on the security men. Pastor Park calls CEO Yun to report all went as planned. CEO Yun declares they’ll start tomorrow. He looks out the window and hums.

Jae Sang looks at the kindergarten he used to drop Bo Na off at. A taxi arrives and discharges a drunk Shi On. She staggers home and Jae Sang slowly follows. Shi On recalls Detective Yang reporting that Prosecutor Kang was also the prosecutor for the orphanage murders. Detective Koo wonders if Prosecutor Lee was sent by the law firm to disrupt the case. Shi On remembers Jae Sang stating he had things to accomplish before he left. She wonders if he is a mole. A man in black rushes Shi On. In her drunk state she doesn’t see it but Jae Sang does. The man slashes Shi On’s forearm before Jae Sang can tackle and subdue the man.

Shi On wakes in the hospital emergency room. Jae Sang is there. He knows the wound could have been much worse per his conversation with the doctor. Shi On asks why he’s there and she wants an honest answer. Jae Sang says he’s there to protect her.  The medical team arrives to stich her up. Jae Sang tells her to look into his eyes during the procedure. He promises to protect her.

My Thoughts

Jae Sang is on a mission to nail Mr. Jang.  Writer Yoo Hee Gyeong continues the streak of terrific episodes. This one hummed. Jae Sang was bold, Mr. Jang is now the assumed brutal killer, we know CEO Yang was the son of the prostitute Mr. Jang killed, we saw the jealousy between the illegitimate CEO Yang and the legitimate son, Jae Sang offered Mrs. Jang protection if she cooperates, and the connection between Mr. Jang and Lawyer Kang was revealed. That’s a lot of information!

Lee Jae Sang (Rain) has a mission…protect Shi On. Jae Sang didn’t waste time bringing Mr. Jang in for questioning. He was clear, Mr. Jang is the murderer. That was a bold move. Then Ji Ho found the evidence that Mrs. Jang was a battered wife. Jae Sang offered her protection IF she’d turn over evidence against her husband. She resisted. He predicted Mr. Jang would one day turn violent towards her son. That happened. The question, is Mrs. Jang so badly beaten that she won’t be able to reach out to Jae Sang? On a lighter note, Jae Sang worked his charm on the neighborhood ladies drawing Shi On into their gathering in the house right next to hers. Then Jae Sang saved her from an attacker. He vowed he would protect her. He means it. He’ll lay down his life for her.

Detective Ra Shi On (Lim Ji Yeon) learned the orphanage murder was the first hammer murder. Shi On was troubled by Detective Koo’s theory that Jae Sang could be a plant from the law firm. This was within the realm of possibility given that he’d just quit the firm. But she had to weigh that with his declaration that he was given a second chance at life, and he was going to live it differently. That coupled with Jae Sang saving her from the attacker and his vow to protect her was powerful proof of that vow. Of course Dong Taek made the same vow to protect her. Which one has more sway?

I rank this episode (on a scale from 1-10) as terrific. My rating chart is below:

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2 comments on “Welcome 2 Life Episode 11
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    It was awesome to see JaeSang👨‍💼💼 go after Mr Jang 🛢👿❗ Die to JaeSang’s 👨‍💼💼 history of dirty tricks, I don’t blame the Investigation Team for not believing JaeSang 👨‍💼💼, he is going to have to build trust with consistent good choices.

    Mrs Jang 💢👩 needs to take JaeSang 👨‍💼💼 up on his offer and escape with her son from the horrendous poor excuse of a human being husband, Mr Jang🛢👿.

    CEO Yun 👨‍💼⚗ seemed to be more of a victim in the other world, he seems to take after Mr Jang🛢👿 more in this world. CEO Yun 👨‍💼⚗ deliberately stirred up trouble between Mr Jang 🛢👿 and his son … and took glee in it … CEO Yun 👨‍💼⚗ is a Schadenfreud. Are the kidnapped women being used for CEO Yun’s 👨‍💼⚗ medical experiments or are the punching bags for Mr Jang 🛢👿❓⁉️

    I was glad JaeSang 👨‍💼💼 was there thwart further attack on ShiOn 👮‍♀️👊💢.. how long will it take for her to believe him. Was the attack from Mr Jang 🛢👿 or simply a disgruntled criminal ShiOn 👮‍♀️👊💢 previously caught❓⁉️ think time will tell if ShiOn 👮‍♀️👊💢 is more inclined to lean on Dong Taek 🕵️‍♂️💔 or JaeSang 👨‍💼💼. My money is on JaeSang 👨‍💼💼 … recovering his family is his motivation.


    • CEO Yun 👨‍💼⚗ seemed to be more of a victim in the other world, he seems to take after Mr Jang🛢👿 more in this world. CEO Yun 👨‍💼⚗ deliberately stirred up trouble between Mr Jang 🛢👿 and his son … and took glee in it … CEO Yun 👨‍💼⚗ is a Schadenfreud.
      Agreed that in the opposite universe CEO Yun had a more sympathetic vibe. Not so in the normal universe. I had to look up Schadenfreud and it fits CEO Yun, “pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune”.

      time will tell if ShiOn 👮‍♀️👊💢 is more inclined to lean on Dong Taek 🕵️‍♂️💔 or JaeSang 👨‍💼💼. My money is on JaeSang 👨‍💼💼 … recovering his family is his motivation.
      Dong Taek missed him window of opportunity. Jae Sang is back and wants Shi On.


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