The K2 Episode 13 Recap

Our leading man shows that he has brains as well as brawn.

The K2 Episode 13 Recap

Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon A) takes her time telling reporters that Anna feels like her daughter but she’s actually the biological daughter of Assemblyman Jang Se Joon (Cho Song Ha). I relish the shock on Ko An Na (Yoona), Assemblyman Park, and Yoo Jin’s half-brother. They don’t understand why Yoo Jin played that card. Hey, I don’t either, but I have no doubt she’s got a plan. Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) is shocked too. The reporters prod Assemblyman Jang to open his eyes and make a statement. Assemblyman Jang defers comment until they get inside the police station. Yoo Jin picks that moment to collapse. Assemblyman Park claps his hands in glee. Assemblyman Park believes Assemblyman Jang is eliminated from the Presidential race by this revelation. Yoo Jin’s half-brother can’t believe what his crazy sister just did.

Yoo Jin’s half-brother catches up to Assemblyman Jang and asks why Yoo Jin did that. Assemblyman Jang declares his disappointment. He tells Yoo Jin’s half-brother that the man that claimed he saw Yoo Jin kill Anna’s mother was an actor. He sneers that Yoo Jin’s half-brother fell into his sister’s trap.

k2_ep13_2b k2_ep13_2a
Assemblyman Jang tells the press that he met and fell in love with Anna’s mother and they planned to marry. He was devastated when Anna’s mother married the director during a state side production of a movie. Assemblyman Jang found him at his lowest point, in jail for a political issue and depressed having lost the woman he loved. Assemblyman Jang claims that Yoo Jin raised him up. Assemblyman Jang claims that Yoo Jin’s support guided him to his first political position. Assemblyman Park snipes that Yoo Jin bought that political position. Assemblyman Jang states that years later Anna’s mother brought Anna to him. Assemblyman Jang says it was a difficult time for his marriage. Anna is hurt by his words. Assemblyman Jang explains that Anna’s mother demanded he divorce Yoo Jin and come to America to live or else she’d expose his connection to Anna. The press murmurs. Anna murmurs that her father’s words are lies. Assemblyman Jang says he refused to betray his wife, whom he loved, for the mother of his child. Anna doesn’t understand how her father can throw her mother under the bus. Assemblyman Jang states that Anna’s mother threatened suicide by pills if he didn’t come to see her. Assemblyman Jang admits he’d heard this threat many times in the past so he didn’t believe her. He utters with pain that Anna’s mother killed herself that night. The police ruled her death a suicide. Assemblyman Jang admits he bears the burden and responsibility for the suicide. He apologizes to the nation for his actions. He asks that no one blame his wife, who became a surrogate mother to Anna. Once again he says “blame me, not my wife”.

Anna feels the fury as she promises her father that Yoo Jin will get the blame she deserves once the burglar steps forward to testify.

The police bring the burglar to identify Yoo Jin. He stares at her and says he can’t be sure. The police aren’t happy. The burglar admits he just wanted Anna to get him a good lawyer, the rest was hogwash. He claims that Anna asked him if Yoo Jin was the killer and he was neutral. An officer tells the Police Chief and the Prosecutor that the burglar was being interrogated the night Anna’s mother died. The Police Chief moans in frustration and the Prosecutor barks they must remove the burglar from the interrogation room or things will only get worse.

The JSS President tells Col Jo they would have been better off if their clients had died.

Yoo Jin’s half-brother calls Anna and says the burglar was paid to lie by Yoo Jin. Anna is shocked. Yoo Jin’s half-brother tells Anna not worry, his lawyer will get them out of this mess. Anna doesn’t understand why they are in trouble. Yoo Jin’s half-brother cryptically says they did something wrong.

Assistant Kim is proud to admit to Je Ha that the burglar was her idea. Je Ha is angry that Assistant Kim doesn’t care who she hurts. Je Ha barks that Anna’s mother’s reputation was needlessly tarnished. Assistant Kim leans close to Je Ha and says her job is to protect Yoo Jin. Je Ha warns that she’s made an error she’ll live to regret. They glare and stare.

The Police Chief is relieved when Yoo Jin isn’t angry with that she was detained. She tells the Police Chief to give Assemblyman Park her regards. That surprises the Police Chief.

Yoo Jin is demur and downcast as she’s wheeled outside of the police station. Assemblyman Jang is there. The reporters want to know if Yoo Jin was mistreated by the police. Going for “best actress in a hospital gown” Yoo Jin cries and claims everything is her fault. She’s unable to answer the reporters’ questions about Anna and her mother because she’s so distraught. She faints on the ambulance’s stretcher and is whisked away.

The reporters swarm the Police Chief asking about the other witness. The Police Chief states he only brought Yoo Jin for routine questioning.

Assemblyman Park realizes Yoo Jin’s acting abilities have cast him as the villain that framed her. At least he respects her maneuvering.

Anna on the other hand, doesn’t see this as a game where everyone takes a turn on the bottom of the pile and on the top of the pile.

k2_ep13_4ck2_ep13_4d  k2_ep13_4b
A downcast Yoo Jin takes strength from the calls of support as she is pushed through the hospital lobby. Yoo Jin’s half-brother is in her room and offers an apology. There’s a bug in a green plant curtsey of Je Ha. He listens as Yoo Jin’s half-brother compliments his sister on her acting skills. Yoo Jin says he’ll have to wait for her decision on his actions. Yoo Jin’s half-brother demurely agrees. Yoo Jin tells Yoo Jin’s half-brother he’ll have to get Agent Housekeeper, J4 and K1 new jobs when she sends overseas. Je Ha’s eyes widen in surprise. Yoo Jin’s half-brother agrees. As he leaves, he stops and asks Yoo Jin if she killed Anna’s mother. She scoffs and asks if he is recording her. Ha! Yoo Jin’s half-brother denies this.

As Yoo Jin’s half-brother strides down the hallway he elects to ignore an incoming call from Anna. Je Ha watches the smiling snake go. Hey, they finally got rid of that scar on Je Ha’s face.

Yoo Jin flashes back to the night she murdered Anna’s mother. The misdirection from last episode is cleared. As Yoo Jin knocked Anna’s mother to the floor scattering the sleeping pills, Anna’s mother pleaded that Yoo Jin not kill Anna. Yoo Jin responded that love wasn’t a group activity.  Present day Yoo Jin cries. What are her tears about? Her own pain in that moment?

Anna keeps calling Yoo Jin’s half-brother but he isn’t answering. When Je Ha enters the room his look offers support and an unspoken “I told you so.” On the rooftop, Anna admits she should have told Je Ha everything. She cries ashamed that she lied to him. He pulls her to him and accepts her apology. He tells her now the fight begins. They see Assemblyman Jang pull up in the drive. Je Ha tells Anna to hear what her father has to say. I like how comfortable two characters are with each other. The seemed grounded in this short scene.

k2_ep13_7b k2_ep13_7aAssemblyman Jang apologizes to Anna for being a terrible person. He tells her that everything he said at the press conference was a lie. Her mother never blackmailed him, she only pleaded with him. Her mother did not commit suicide. He admits other lies because he knew Yoo Jin was watching. He admits he’s a coward and he’s afraid she’ll end up like him. Anna believes he’s only upset about his political career reduced to rubble. Assemblyman Jang says politics is the only thing that will allow him to save her. Anna wonders why politics trumps real people like herself and her mother. She asks if her father wants her to say nothing until after the election. She asks if her father wants her not to cast aspersions on Yoo Jin. She tells her father he didn’t lie to her because Yoo Jin was watching. He spoke the truth about his own feelings. She looks into her father’s teary eyes and tells him that he’s lost his daughter. Good scene. Anna was strong in the face of the father she spent most of her life idolizing.

Assemblyman Jang walks down the stairs and stares in Je Ha’s eyes. He has the look of a defeated man. He leaves.

Je Ha strides into Cloud Nine and the cone of salience conference room. He tells “mirror” they’ll begin again.

Assemblyman Jang campaigns. Yoo Jin campaigns. Anna watches them with disgust. Je Ha tires to sort a path forward with “mirror”. Assistant Kim watches him, clearly unhappy.

Anna visits her mother’s grave and apologizes for ruining everything. She cries.

OMG, Yoo Jin has the nerve to show up with flowers! Agents K1 and J4 stare at each other in shock.

k2_ep13_8b k2_ep13_8a
Yoo Jin puts the flowers on the grave. Anna stands, instantly angry that Yoo Jin dares to visit her mother. Yoo Jin confides that once Assemblyman Jang brought her mother’s favorite flower to her by mistake. Yoo Jin tells Anna that she’s never hated her, even when she thought Anna must die. Good grief, can Yoo Jin hear herself? Who says something like that? Yoo Jin tells Anna they lived similar circumstances. Her father was taken away by another woman too. That woman is her brother’s mother. Did she lock you away for years? Yoo Jin tells Anna that she tried to understand her mother’s path to pregnancy, marriage, divorce and her return to Korea. But she wasn’t willing to step aside from the man she devoted herself to. Anna asks if that’s why Yoo Jin killed her mother. Yoo Jin tells Anna is would have been better if they were blood related. Why? The better to control her with? Anna stares at Yoo Jin in disbelief. Yoo Jin says Go Anna is no longer her name, but Jang Anna is. Yoo Jin tells Anna she’ll legally adopt her. Can she do that? That is cruel! Yoo Jin’s voice grow firm like a parent scolding her child and tells Anna to stay quiet and be the dutiful daughter of the president. Maybe one day she’ll own JB group. Sounds like Yoo Jin is trying to tempt Anna with what would appeal to herself. Yoo Jin tells Anna to get her revenge after she inherits Yoo Jin’s world. Anna tells Yoo Jin she doesn’t want her inheritance. Miffed, Yoo Jin tells her to leave the country. Doesn’t she know that her father isn’t trustworthy? Doesn’t she know that she has a suboptimal stepmother? Yes, she’s referencing herself. Anna stares at Yoo Jin. She asks what happens if she only wants to reveal who killed her mother? Yoo Jin pulls back and says with certainty “Your life will continue to be full of tragedy. You will watch as everyone you love dies. All the agents including Je Ha will die trying to protect you”.  Anna counters that Je Ha will kill Yoo Jin first. Ah, Anna doesn’t know about Je Ha’s Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and his inability to kill. Yoo Jin laughs and tells Anna that just like Anna suffers from stress from bright light, Je Ha suffers from PTSD. He can’t kill anyone. That’s why he’s working with Yoo Jin, to get revenge and Yoo Jin will do the killing that Je Ha cannot. Anna doesn’t understand Je Ha’s need for revenge. Yoo Jin snipes that Je Ha is working to avenge the woman he loved and lost. Yoo Jin tells Anna that once Je Ha gets his revenge, he’ll leave her side. Yoo Jin chuckles at Anna’s ignorance. Anna counters that she and Je Ha will leave together. Yoo Jin scoffs that Anna know nothing about Je Ha. He’s a wanted man that can’t leave the country. Yoo Jin says at least Je Ha told her that he was framed for his fiancée’s murder. But she laughs when Anna doesn’t know Je Ha’s former finance’s name. Yoo Jin tells Anna Je Ha isn’t wanted for his finance’s murder but rather slaughtering innocent Iraqis. Yoo Jin tells Anna to confirm this with Je Ha. She dares her to ask Je Ha how he can’t leave the country unless he has a fake ID that Yoo Jin provides. Yoo Jin threatens that she could lock Je Ha for the remainder of his life with a single phone call. Yoo Jin leans into Anna and asks if that’s what she wants for Je Ha. Wow! Long scene. Tons of camera angles to keep it interesting. Yoo Jin tried everything she could to corner Anna into keeping her mouth shut about her mother’s murderer. Anna did a decent job staying strong but Yoo Jin boxed her in. Just like any good opponent Yoo Jin preyed on Anna’s weakness and threatened those she cared for.

Yoo Jin and Assemblyman Jang work a food line for the poor. Afterword’s Yoo Jin gets in her car and leaves without a word to Assemblyman Jang. He looks up and sees Je Ha watching him.

k2_ep13_9b k2_ep13_9aAssemblyman Jang walks with Je Ha and asks about Anna. Je Ha says that Anna is fine physically. He tells Assemblyman Jang that he’s the worst father alive. Love it! He offers Assemblyman Jang the chance to be a good father. Assemblyman Jang doesn’t think it’s possible, that ship has sailed. Je Ha says he’s found a way to break free from Yoo Jin and defeat Assemblyman Park. In return, Assemblyman Jang will have to reveal who killed Anna’s mother. Assemblyman Jang asks if Je Ha has evidence.

Yoo Jin and Assistant Kim enter the cone of silence conference room. Yoo Jin is impressed that Je Ha spent time with “mirror”. Assistant Kim asks why Yoo Jin gave Je Ha access to “mirror”. Yoo Jin says that a person must reveal their goal during interactions with “mirror”. Yoo Jin asks “mirror” what Je Ha questioned her about. “mirror” responds that Je Ha asked about arms importing in the country of Kumar. Also, oil and gas developments and subcontracts working that field. “Mirror” tells Yoo Jin that Je Ha dubbed the dirty dealings Kumar-gate. Like the pop reference using “gate”. The smile is wiped from Yoo Jin’s face. Is she involved in these dirty deals too?

Assemblyman Jang agrees to Je Ha’s request. He asks what Je Ha has against Yoo Jin. Je Ha says the dirty dealing involve Assemblyman Park and the President too. He offers to give Assemblyman Jang the physical evidence that will make Assemblyman Park drop out of the race for president. Je Ha says the evidence will also remove Assemblyman Jang from Yoo Jin’s grasp. Assemblyman Jang wonders why Je Ha is willing to do this. Je Ha says a politician willing to betray Yoo Jin is useful. Assemblyman Jang has to laugh at the correct characterization. Je Ha warns Assemblyman Jang that Yoo Jin has plans to control everyone and this is their only chance to make Yoo Jin and Assemblyman Park face the consequences for their action. This is sounding like justice, not revenge! Je Ha says Anna only wants her mother’s reputation restored. Assemblyman Jang agrees to support Je Ha and for once in his life, be a good father. They shake hands.

Nervous, Yoo Jin asks if Je Ha asked about things related to her. Mirror denies this. Yoo Jin asks if Je Ha asked about things related to Anna’s mother. “Mirror” denies this. Yoo Jin sighs in relief. Assistant Kim comments that Je Ha might have thought it futile to get “mirror” to reveal anything about Yoo Jin. She considers, but shrugs that it doesn’t matter. Yoo Jin asks “mirror” what Je Ha’s last query was. “Mirror” states it was about those without political ties in Iraq. Yoo Jin tells “mirror” to display the people. Less than a dozen faces are displayed on the screen. Yoo Jin is started to see one of the faces. Yoo Jin utters Kim Suk Han clearly shocked to see the face. She asks “mirror” to confirm Kim Suk Han’s identity which mirror does. Turns out that Kim Suk Han is the current president’s son. Yoo Jin smiles broadly declaring Je Ha just handed the biggest player in Kumar-gate on a silver platter to her.

Ah, now we see. The tall doctor that stared at Je Ha when Anna was brought to the hospital by Yoo Jin’s half-brother is Kim Suk Han.

Je Ha stares at all the hospital CCTV cameras and locates Kim Suk Han. He’s in the chapel. As he exits, he asks the waiting doctors if the surgery room is ready. They leave together. Je Ha realizes something and pushes away from the bank of CCTV cameras.

k2_ep13_10ak2_ep13_10b Assemblyman Park finds Je Ha looking through paperwork on his desk when he enters his office. He smiles and asks why Je Ha has come. Je Ha says he need the balance of the promised money. Assemblyman Park laughs. Je Ha laughs. Assemblyman Park tells Je Ha that Yoo Jin’s popularity is on the rise but Assemblyman Jang’s has taken a nose dive. Maybe everything is okay. Je Ha recommends that Assemblyman Park not relax just yet. He’s got information about Kumar-gate. That wipes the smile from Assemblyman Park’s face. Love it! Assemblyman Park wants to know how Je Ha found out. Je Ha states that Kim Suk Han is being closely watched.

The JSS President, Col Jo stand before Yoo Jin. Assistant Kim enters and tells Yoo Jin that Je Ha met with Assemblyman Park last night. JSS President feigns outrage and snarls at Col Jo about Je Ha. Yoo Jin tells him to stop blustering. This is going according to her plan. She tells Col Jo to provide Je Ha backup. Will it be Agent So? Will it be Col Jo himself? Yoo Jin tells Col Jo the next president will be decided by how well they can execute her plan.

k2_ep13_11b k2_ep13_11aAssemblyman Park goes to the hospital supposedly for a physical. Kim Suk Han is told Assemblyman Park wants to see him. Je Ha watches. While Kim Suk Han administer a CT scan, Assemblyman Park says he needs to talk to him. Kim Suk Han tells Assemblyman Park things get messy when he visits. Assemblyman Park says he’ll have to be careful with the critical object. He warns that Yoo Jin is looking for it too. He warns him to hid it. Kim Suk Han says the object is powerful as it allowed Assemblyman Park to force his father’s long time secretary to quit. He warns Assemblyman Park never to forget he has “the critical object”. As he wraps things up with Assemblyman Park the candidate recommends that he increase security. He wouldn’t want the president to suffer an accident.

k2_ep13_12b k2_ep13_12a
As Assemblyman Park leave the hospital Je Ha watches. Kim Suk Han leaves the entourage. Je Ha sees men following Kim Suk Han. Je Ha gets a phone call. The caller tells him the Kim Suk Han is being followed by a mix of men from the President and Assemblyman Park. Je Ha looks across the railing and sees Col Jo on the phone. Je Ha recommends that Col Jo leaves. Col Jo tells Je Ha he can’t do this solo. Je Ha tells Col Jo to join him. Col Jo admits Yoo Jin sent him. Je Ha smiles knowing that mirror tipped her off. Col Jo says Yoo Jin didn’t tell him the particulars. He wants to know what’s going on. Je Ha tells Col Jo he only has one job, be obvious while he watches Kim Suk Han. Hey, it’s my honey Agent So in a neck brace watching Kim Suk Han. Agents are watching him which Kim Suk Han can’t help but realize. Je Ha tells Col Jo that Kim Suk Han was an important piece of evidence. LOL as JSS agents stalk and stare at Kim Suk Han without any stealth! The agent crossing himself in the chapel – ha, ha! The glare that Agent So gave Kim Suk Ha was darling! The agent bursting into his office just to stare – cute! Je Ha says the goal is to make Kim Suk Ha uncomfortable enough to move the important piece of evidence. That’s when they’ll seize it.

Assemblyman Park learns from his assistant the Je Ha has agents all over the hospital watching Kim Suk Ha. The assistant says the Kim Suk Ha has three bodyguards. Assemblyman Park directs his assistant to watch closely too. If JSS agents get near to the crucial evidence, they have to be ready to get it first. If they can’t grab it, then destroy it. Above all, Yoo Jin must not get the evidence.

k2_ep13_13c k2_ep13_13b
As Kim Suk Ha prays in his usual spot at the chapel he makes a move to access something but stops when he sees the JSS agent watching. He stands to leave. Je Ha and Kim Suk Ha stare at each other as he leaves. Je Ha motions to the JSS agent who shows him where Kim Suk Ha was looking at. But it doesn’t look like they find it.

In his office Kim Suk Ha calls someone. It’s Yoo Jin’s half-brother! Love it! Sitting at the dark conference room table is Yoo Jin’s half-brother, his father in law, and others. One man states that Kim Suk Han surprises him by his involvement. They wonder who will control the critical evidence. They note that it’s big trouble for Yoo Jin’s half-brother if Yoo Jin gets control of the evidence. Yoo Jin’s half-brother feigns nonchalance. His father worries that Yoo Jin is a formidable opponent. They wonder who will have the power in the end – Assemblyman Park or Assemblyman Jang. Yoo Jin’s half-brother comments that the critical evidence, a memory card, is the game changer. The men decide Assemblyman Park wouldn’t betray them. They chuckle that Assemblyman Park must be the next President.

Kim Suk Ha isn’t happy that Yoo Jin’s half-brother isn’t answering his phone. He leaves his office and stare at Agent So and the other stalking agents. It really is rather humorous watching the agents NOT be stealthy. Agent So, my honey, even winks at Kim Suk Ha as it appears their shift ends and they all stroll past him!

k2_ep13_15b k2_ep13_15a
Kim Suk Ha realizes maybe the agents didn’t have their shift end, maybe someone has the critical evidence. He runs down the hall with his bodyguards and meets Je Ha. He orders his guards to get Je Ha. They grab him. Je Ha watches Kim Suk Ha retrieve the memory card from underneath the chapel chair. That’s a silly place to stash that. Je Ha smiles. Now he knows where the critical evidence was. Realizing he was maneuvered into revealing the evidence’s hiding spot, Kim Suk Ha approaches Je Ha and demands to know who he is.

My Thoughts

Je Ha finally shows the “chess player” side of his character. I’ve been wondering when Je Ha would move from brawn to brains. This was the episode. While I welcome the shift, it made the episode a bit dull. Thank goodness my honey, Agent So and the other stalking agents added humor right at the end of the episode. So, the question is obvious, what’s on the memory chip? Who will end up with the memory chip?

Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) mines mirror for information that could eliminate his two biggest foes, Assemblyman Park and Yoo Jin with a single blow. Smart man! Je Ha asks Anna to give her father a chance. I had to laugh when Je Ha accurately called Assemblyman Jang the worst father on the planet. But he gave him the opportunity to free himself from Yoo Jin’s clutches. I’m assuming he did this for Anna and because he knows Assemblyman Park does care for his daughter even though he is a dreadful dad. No Mr. Song this episode but Col Jo filled in the “older guy giving Je Ha advice” role this episode.

Ko An Na (Yoona) had an unwelcome visitor at her mother’s grave. Yoo Jin brazenly visited Anna’s mother’s grave while Anna was there. Yoo Jin has no problems twisting the knife. Anna should be certain that Yoo Jin killed her mother now. Anna stood her ground admirably even when Yoo Jin taunted her about not knowing everything about Je Ha. But Anna knows that Je Ha is on her side and she he is the man she can trust. Glad to see she realized that and apologized to Je Ha. She’s still in the position of being a pawn more than an active participant which limits the interest in this character. I hope she gets a moment in the last 3 episodes where her intelligence contributes to the end game.

Assemblyman Jang Se Joon (Cho Song Ha) decides joining team Je Ha was his best option to survive. You’ve got to admit that Assemblyman Jang looks out for himself first. If he’s willing to bank on Je Ha, the odds increase that Je Ha will succeed. Assemblyman Jang doesn’t throw in with weak people. Served him right that Anna was not swayed heavily by his tears and apologies. He at least admits he’s a bad dad. This actor is short!

Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon A) was nervous once she realized Je Ha knew about Kumar-gate because that could expose her dirty dealings as well as Assemblyman Park’s. I was a bit surprised that Yoo Jin didn’t go deeper with mirror about all of Je Ha’s inquires. She seemed to dismiss the possibility that Je Ha was trying to get the good on her. Assistant Kim never trusts Je Ha and must roll her eyes at Yoo Jin’s consistent soft manner about Je Ha. She probably wants to scream, he’s out to get you, why don’t you see this obvious point?! Yoo Jin’s confrontation with Anna was a perfect show of Yoo Jin’s strategy to control. Lure, and if that doesn’t work, go for the jugular and threaten. That strategy has gotten her far. Has she finally met her match with Je Ha. Will her attraction to Je Ha be her undoing?

The instrumental music of this series is quite strong. I don’t think I’ve ever waited in anticipation for instrumental tracks on an OST. Here’s a fan made video of the fight scene music:

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25 comments on “The K2 Episode 13 Recap
  1. What is it about Yoo Jin she continues to do some super awful things and yet I feel like I have so much sympathy for her. Even Anna her victim is not getting that much sympathy out of me yet she is the wronged party here. What is wrong with this picture?
    As for Je Ha all I can say is I am glad he is beginning to use his brain he needs to bring his A game to a fight with Yoo Jin or it is over for him and all those he cares about.


  2. Beez says:

    quoting ktjamuser:
    “Yoo Jin tells Yoo Jin’s half-brother he’ll have to get Agent Housekeeper, J4 and K1 new jobs when she sends overseas. Je Ha’s eyes widen in surprise. Yoo Jin’s half-brother agrees.”

    er..ah…the subs I got indicated their new jobs would be pushing up daisies, if ya know what I mean.

    “She cries ashamed that she lied to him. He pulls her to him and accepts her apology.”
    He has no choice but to accept it considering the grace he’ll expect when his own untold truths come to light.

    “He [Ass. Se joon] admits he’s a coward and he’s afraid she’ll end up like him.”
    And how the heck would that happen? It’s not like he’s been a fatherly influence on her life.

    “Yoo Jin tells Anna she’ll legally adopt her. Can she do that? That is cruel!”
    I’m not sure, but I think it’s automatic once Anna becomes a Jang.

    I know Je ha didn’t kill any civilians, but is he wanted for that, too? Or did Yoo jin just throw that in to cause Anna some serious doubtage?

    But see, Yoo jin wouldn’t have had a chance to spew all that doubtage had Anna leaped upon her and began pulling her hair out by the root the way I was yelling at her to the moment Yoo jin showed up at her mother’s grave. And with each subsequent insult- upon- injury I was like “NOW! ASSAULT HER NOW!”

    At first, I thought calling the super computer “mirror” was corny, but I like Yoo jin’s reason given in this episode for calling it that. Plus, I read somewhere that this is the Snow White story with evil stepmother, daughter, and JeHa is the huntsman that is sent to kill but spares Snow White. I liked that. Does anyone know if the writers say the story is actually based on Snow White?

    “The tall doctor that stared at Je Ha when Anna was brought to the hospital by Yoo Jin’s half-brother is Kim Suk Han.”
    But why did he focus in on Jeha like that? I hope they give us a reason and itxs not just a throwaway scene.

    This is the first episode I want to watch a second time. (Well, I will eventually end up watching that fight scene between JeHa and Shinichi over a few times, but that doesn’t count). Maybe it’s the “brawn combined with brawn” as kjtamuser points out. But it’s probably the swept back hair. And when he was biting his lip along with that new ‘do. *fanning self*


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I thought once Anna’s paternity was revealed to the public the agents guarding her were in the clear. However I concur with Beez, I think Yoo Jin instructed her brother to put Agents Housekeeper, K1, & J4 six feet under 🌻🌻🌻 – why not send them overseas with Anna? Will they murder the next set of guards too? Did they already eliminate the Spanish convent’s residents? You would think if JSS had a reputation for eliminating agents it would be difficult to recruit new agents. Yoo Jin’s disregard for collateral damage is disturbing. 😲

      I’m glad Anna confessed her deception to Je Ha. I’m confident his truth will eventually be revealed to Anna. Je Ha’s plan may not be successful if they don’t trust each other, which is precisely why Yoo Jin is trying to put a wedge between our couple.

      I agree with 💩Jang’s self assessment that he is a coward and the worst father in the world. 💩Jang’s absence assured genetics will be his only influence in Anna’s life.

      As 💩Jang’s wife, Yoo Jin can legally adopt Anna; I believe this only be a threat to get Anna to leave the country. I think Yoo Jin divulged Anna’s paternity to remove Chairman Choi’s further threats and one less ammo for 💩Park.

      I too would have liked Anna pulling out Yoo Jin’s hair … except I would be afraid of the retaliation 👹 Yoo Jin would return to Anna.

      When were first introduced to the “mirror” I caught it as a Snow White reference, but I didn’t go into analytical mode or I might have put together the pieces as Beez did – nicely done Beez it makes sense to me! The ramen dance reminds me of Disney Snow White dancing around the cottage or forest. So far we have Agent Housekeeper as Doc, K1 as a combination of Bashful and Happy and J4 as a combination of Grumpy, Dopey and Sleezy …er… Sleepy. Maybe Master Song could be Sneezy!

      @KJT nice catch on Dr Han being the staring physician from the earlier episode – I figured they would eventually make a connection. I wonder if the doc recognized Je Ha from Kumar? Is that why he stared?

      I enjoyed this episode, it does make me wonder if someone from the series read some of our comments about the things that bother us and made a course correction. 😉


      • kjtamuser says:

        Loving your take at a fairy tale analogy…”The ramen dance reminds me of Disney Snow White dancing around the cottage or forest. So far we have Agent Housekeeper as Doc, K1 as a combination of Bashful and Happy and J4 as a combination of Grumpy, Dopey and Sleezy …er… Sleepy. Maybe Master Song could be Sneezy!”

        This episode had to step up Je Ha’s brain power, next week is the last two episodes. He had to go head to head with Yoo Jin, there wasn’t a moment to waste.


      • Beez says:

        @JT – I can’t take credit 😦 I read the fairy tale analogy somewhere. But I nominate Master Song as Grumpy. Trying to be all curmudgeonly but all that disgruntled love oozing out on everybody. 🙂

        Plus, JT, your sh*tty emojis look so funny. They look surprised and disgusted themselves.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Master Song as Grumpy works for me!

        On my end the 💩 emoji has a slight surprised look – not much of an expression – eyes open and mouth a gap, they look much funnier once they post. These are on my phone; I can’t get them or even successfully copy them using my laptop, which I prefer to use for longer comments.

        Liked by 1 person

    • kjtamuser says:

      Beez, you kill me with laughter when I read your comments about JCW! 🙂 “But it’s probably the swept back hair. And when he was biting his lip along with that new ‘do. *fanning self* LOL!

      “At first, I thought calling the super computer “mirror” was corny, but I like Yoo jin’s reason given in this episode for calling it that. Plus, I read somewhere that this is the Snow White story with evil stepmother, daughter, and JeHa is the huntsman that is sent to kill but spares Snow White. I liked that. Does anyone know if the writers say the story is actually based on Snow White?”
      What a cool concept. I can see the analogy when the fairy tale and this story. I did a quick google and found a couple of recaps that made the reference when Yoo Jin spoke to mirror but one comment called out Je Ha as the Huntsmen, Anna as Snow White and Yoo Jin as the Evil Queen. So others have locked onto this idea too.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        No doubt about it, JCW does look his best with his hair swept back. As always Beez flexes her amazing phraseology muscles! 🙂

        I wonder if Je Ha was able to hide what he asked the mirror. I could see Je Ha being smart enough to ask the mirror questions without revealing his true intent, thus avoiding Yoo Jin’s trap. I wonder if he was smart enough to reprogram the mirror to only divulge information he selected to Yoo Jin.

        When we were first introduced to Dr. Kim (I incorrectly identified him as Dr. Han above), he did not have all the bodyguards … what changed to make him protected or watched before Je Ha showed his hand to Assemblyman Park? I found it interesting Dr. Kim was identified as a psychiatrist and yet he was asking about if surgery preparations were ready (as if he were going into surgery)? Psychiatrists do not perform surgery, at least in the U.S. Why would a psychiatrist be part of a medical services team in Kumar, a country that speaks another language?

        I have noticed since episode 1 the background during tense times has a chant “I got caught, sh*t” take a listen at 57:45 at the hospital–it cracks me up every time I hear it! 😛

        Je Ha’s “So that’s where he hid it” comment doesn’t ring true to me, unless there is a very good master plan to swoop in and grab the USB quickly while retaining possession of it. How could JSS not find the USB with Dr. Kim practically giving away the hiding place before? I think JSS got the USB with the evidence and planted a decoy, but if Je Ha has it on his person he will likely lose it. If JSS gets it, the Yoo Jin ends up with it, which I would think is not part of Je Ha’s stratagem … unless another decoy goes to Yoo Jin and kjtamuser’s honey TL Seo is holding onto the original for Je Ha … I could see this as a means for TL Seo to pay back Je Ha for saving his life. Maybe I’m just making things too complicated.


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    Grrr … what is up with DramaFever not having episode 14 yet? I am highly caffeinated and ready for the next episode after watching this episode twice! 😡


    • kjtamuser says:

      JT, you may already know this…if you are watching on DramaFever, you can become a “fan” of a show by selecting the “Alert Me” when new episodes are available. That sends an email with a direct link to the next episode. If the DF website or phone app or roku app or however you access DF isn’t updated, you select the emailed link and the episode opens in your web browser. The emails are timely.


  4. Beez says:

    @Jane Tilly – For some reason, I never got a notification that you posted the comment that I’m taking the below quote from. I just happened to decide to read through the comments on the actual thread instead of only replying thru email like I usually do. Plus, there’s no “reply” option on this post of yours. I wonder how many of everybody’s posts I’ve missed thru-out all the threads?

    Anyway, quoting JT:
    “I think JSS got the USB with the evidence and planted a decoy…”

    Yeah to everything you said in this post. What you said makes waasy more sense. I find it hard to believe JeHa & Agent Seo didn’t find the flash drive after homeboy basically pointed, pulled back the curtain, and Vanna Whit-ed it for them. If ever there was a time for the director to yell “do over”. That’s why I’m all for pre-produced shows. I noticed a lot of kdrama fans are saying “no” to the format but I don’t know why? What are they against? Fully thought out stories that avoid plot holes, avoid leaving established plot threads handing, and have a definite well thought out ending? Afraid the actors will get some rest and not start to look haggard mid show (and avoid car accidents). The disgruntled fans cited some preproduction shows that they say weren’t any good but they identified the shows by their initials and I couldn’t figure out which ones they were talking about.

    Oops, back to this K2 episode: And I thought the plan was watch him move it and steal it afterwards but I guess they’re just going to outright steal-snatch it from the doctor-president’s son. He’s got crappy secret service agents to allow all the blatant surveillance, although it was funny. 🙂

    But Jane Tilly’s thought that JeHa already switched the flash drive makes more sense. I hope that us what happened cause otherwise the whole thing’s kind of goofy.


  5. @kjtmuser sorry for the many inserts they were supposed to get posted as links rather than entire articles.


    • Beez says:

      Isn’t it annoying when we fans know the show and characters better than the producers, directors, actors, and sometimes even the writers?

      I was heavily involved in a Fandom of a show that lasted 10 years and if ALL of us fans have the exact same perception that none of the staff who created it share, well that’s because the finished product was presented that way.

      It’s not our imagination. While all the players that create the show only see their bits and pieces, we see the finished product that is broadcast as a whole and it is what it freakin’ is; and once it’s aired, it has become ours…as is.

      Don’t get me wrong, when fandom is divided on what did the show mean to convey, then I defer to writers and directors,but when there is no disagreement, when we ALL see the same thing on our tv’s…

      And if the director didn’t like what Yoo jin [actress] is doing with the character he should re-direct her. Obviously she’s a good enough actress to give him what he wants. He probably realizes he NEEDS what she’s interjecting into the show. He’s probably just trying to stir up more interest with his useless comments.


      • @Beez you quite are right it is highly possible that he was trying to appease Yoona (Anna) fans as well as generate more publicity and instead he wound up pissing off Song Yoon Ah’s fans. A miscalculation on his part,he should have just kept quiet and let the drama play out to the end without comment


        • kjtamuser says:

          It did stir up fans, but if we all start talking about it, it’s good for the show. The ratings are 4 or 5, that’s not too good, so stirring the pot, intentionally or not, raised the show’s profile.


          • Beez says:

            Yeah, but I HATE B.S.ers and after watching Ep.14,it’s obvious the Yoo jin one-sided romance was written into the show. I won’t say more here because I’ll reserve it for the Ep14 recap. *SMH over utter nonsense*

            Liked by 1 person

      • kjtamuser says:

        I agree with you Beez.

        Even if the producer doesn’t realize he NEEDS what Song Yoon Ah is interjecting into the show, he NEEDS it. The show would be much less interesting without Yoo Jin’s longing for and vulnerability to Je Ha.


    • kjtamuser says:

      No problem. Good addition to the comments.

      My thought on what the PD said – he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

      Yoo Jin’s attraction for Je Ha was evident when Je Ha swept Yoo Jin in his arms to save her from the burning car. Yoo Jin went into swoon mode. Then Je Ha saved her from the conference room by setting off the water sprinklers and he brought the umbrella. That put Yoo Jin into swoon mode again. Yoo Jin has romantic feellings for Je Ha. Yoo Jin is jealous of Anna. Yoo Jin is jealous of Je Ha caring for Anna not her.

      I don’t care what the producer said. I know what I know.

      As Beez said below “if ALL of us fans have the exact same perception that none of the staff who created it share, well that’s because the finished product was presented that way.”

      That is 100% correct. These shows are a fantasy. But what the producer thinks he or she is creating is their vision. The actors add their own interpretations beyond what the producer directs. We see it, we understand it.

      I just read the twitter post from banghae. Thanks for posting that RB, I didn’t see it before I went into rant mode. Banghae’s list is more complete.

      I don’t know if Song Yoon Ah could admit it but she’s portraying an older woman who wasted years under the spell of husband that only used her (yes she used him too). But in the romantic sense, Se Joon used Yoo Jin’s feelings for him. Now Yoo Jin feels that stirring of romance again. She feels it again for a man that others warn her against. But she can’t help herself. Je Ha saved her, protected her, encouraged her, etc. Who wouldn’t respond to that?

      I’ll stop now.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Maybe the PD needs to gets some staff opinions before he releases an episode, just to make sure the PD got their intention across. I appreciate what the Yoo Jin character brings to the storyline: conflict to the viewer just when you start to feel sorry for her, she nastily retaliates against her enemy(s) with out any regards or concern for any collateral damage to innocents. Then you remember Yoo Jin is the soulless Evil Queen. I do not root for villains, but there is something about Song Yoon Ha’s performance that I can not describe that makes me forget she is a villain and root for her to succeed, at least until I remind myself … Oh yeah she has no regard for innocent people (collateral damage). Well done Song Yoon Ah!!! 🤗

        Song Yoon Ah and Ji Chan Wook’s performances keep us coming back despite the gaps in the storyline. Yoo Jin is the moth to Je Ha’s flame. How could any woman resist a man who has repeatedly come to her rescue? Je Ha’s swept back ‘do and countable abs make him absolutely irresponsible – RESISTANCE IS FUTILE! The attraction and conflict makes this series compelling television. PD, you should be praising Song Yoon Ah, not blaming her.


        • Beez says:

          @JT “Je Ha’s swept back ‘do and countable abs make him absolutely [irresistable] – RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!”
          And add to the mix -killer bod and that little bubble top lip. I’ve never wanted to nip anybody’s lip before but everytime I see it…

          Liked by 1 person

        • kjtamuser says:

          “Je Ha’s swept back ‘do and countable abs make him absolutely irresponsible – RESISTANCE IS FUTILE! ”


          Add his darling smile, a rocking head-to-toe body, and certain boyish charm, and you can’t help but be slayed by him.


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