The K2 Episode 7 Recap

Je Ha promises that he’ll stand by Anna.

The K2 Episode 7 Recap

Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) administers CPR and begs Assistant Kim Ko An Na (Yoona) (aka Anna) to wake up. Recall she’s having an allergic reaction to the strawberry ice cream Je Ha gave her. Anna’s eyes flutter open then close. Je Ha mentally begs her not to die. I wonder if this makes Je Ha harken back to the Iraqi desert and losing the woman he cared for then. His desperation to save Anna now when he couldn’t save the woman he loved in Iraq.

k2_ep7_1Col. Jo is told by the JSS President that he cannot take Anna to a hospital. Recall that Anna’s presence must remain a secret or it could derail the presidential bid of Anna’s father, Assemblyman Jang Se Joon (Cho Song Ha). When Col. Jo reaches the park where Anna is, he calls Je Ha to bring Anna to the car. Col. Jo tells Je Ha that they must go to the JSS headquarters not a hospital. Je Ha tells the driver to get out and takes over making a mad dash through the city. The car needed a louder horn. They arrive at JSS headquarters, put Anna on a stretcher and whisk her into the building.

The girls that took the selfie in the park and caught Anna in the background, stare at the picture wondering why the girl in the background looks so familiar. One of the girls thinks that the mystery woman could be “Angel” that the famous designer in Spain was looking for. She posts the picture to social media and asks if this is “Angel” the mystery muse of the famous designer in Spain.

The doctor administers to Anna and orders Je Ha out of the room. He goes out of the room but just barely. He sits in a chair and thinks about convincing Anna to eat the strawberry ice cream by saying her father wanted her to eat it. Je Ha is beside himself knowing that he gave Anna the ice cream that put her in this situation.

Anna dreams of the night she found her mother. In this version she finds her mother on the floor sleeping pills scattered around her. Her mother’s bedroom window is open. Someone is behind the door, flashes a light in Anna’s face and grabs her.

The dream startles Anna awake. She sits up. The doctor asks if she’s fine. Anna wants to know where she is. The doctor tells her she’s at JSS headquarters and Je Ha brought her from the park. Je Ha hears the voices and sees Anna sitting up. Relief washes over him. The doctor tells Anna that if Je Ha had gotten her there much later it would not have been good. Anna stares at the door and sees Je Ha staring at her. She remembers Je Ha giving her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Interesting that in that scenario Je Ha looked away first. Anna held his gaze until he had to look away. What does that signify?

The doctor tells Je Ha, agent J4, and agent housekeeper that Anna will be fine physically, but she’s worried about her mentally. Je Ha rushes away. Thinking of her own job security agent J4 asks if Anna said anything negative about her. Agent housekeeper and the doctor shake their heads and walk away. We need to start a petition to fire agent J4.

A livid Je Ha confronts Col. Jo. He’s blunt. Anna is practically better off dead then being exposed to the world. Col. Jo can’t believe that Anna ate the strawberries knowing it could kill her. Je Ha wants to know who canceled the ambulance. Col. Jo says it doesn’t matter. He tells Je Ha that the only thing he can do is to protect Anna. Col. Jo is straightforward again. If Anna had been taken to hospital, anyone that knew about Anna would be killed. Col. Jo amends that Je Ha would not have been killed because he’s a member of cloud nine. Col. Jo advises Je Ha to get a grip. He tells him acting emotionally will only get him fired. Livid, Je Ha storms out of the room. He’s truly upset by this, the Iraq tie-in and his failure to protect Anna in Madrid is the one two punch.

Mr. Song consoles Je Ha. He says it’s too bad that Anna has to live like she does because she has bad parents. Je Ha can only agree that Anna has bad parents. And to make it worse, her father is a presidential candidate. Mr. Song notes that legally Assemblyman Jang is not Anna’s father, as she has a different last name “Go”. Anna’s mother, movie star Ume Hye Rin, married Go Am Wook, and he is legally Anna’s father. Mr. Song explains that Anna’s mother was pregnant by Assemblyman Jang when she married Go Am Wook. Mr. Song says when Anna’s mother returned to Korea, she resumed a relationship with Assemblyman Jang, even though he was married to Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon A). They acted like a family behind Yoo Jin’s back. Mr. Song says when Anna’s mother committed suicide, that’s when Anna was taken abroad. Mr. Song worries that Yoo Jin may not allow Anna to live, if she’s going to cause this much trouble. Je Ha puts his head in his hands wondering what he can do. All of that background detail is interesting. I wonder if Anna’s mother was involved with Assemblyman Jang prior to his marriage to Yoo Jin and then resumed it when she returned from Korea with Anna in tow. There’s no way that Yoo Jin would’ve been happy once she found out that Assemblyman Jang and Anna’s mother were pretending to be a family behind her back. We’ve seen how ruthless Yoo Jin is. Her vengeance was to kill Anna’s mother and keep Assemblyman Jang by her side with the threat of harming Anna too.

k2_ep7_3b k2_ep7_3a
Yoo Jin meets with someone who appears to be an assistant to the president of Korea. He is worried that if he helps Yoo Jin and Assemblyman Jang achieved the presidency, they will stab him in the back. Yoo Jin offers information she has gathered, or rather the artificial intelligence computer “mirror” has gathered, on the president’s recent activities. The man scans the material and asks if she’s threatening the president. Yoo Jin then hands the man evidence that could incriminate her with the financial flow of money between the foundation and her father’s company. The man asks if Yoo Jin wants to share each other’s weaknesses. Yoo Jin says that’s exactly what she wants. The man can only laugh at her bold ways.

Two men try and get to the restaurant, but the JSS guards blocked their path. They walk away and call someone. Anyone thinking it could be Assemblyman Park?

The man and Yoo Jin joke about who will really be the person in power if Assemblyman Jang achieves the presidency. The man asks Assemblyman Jang to join his party. She’s interested, but wants him to pave the way, so she can slink in unnoticed.

Assemblyman Park learns of the meeting and isn’t happy.

Yoo Jin is glowing with happiness after the meeting. Assistant Kim can’t believe her giddy happiness. Everyone in the car laughs along with Yoo Jin.

Assemblyman Park can’t believe that Yoo Jin will join the party. He is surprised the man ended up agreeing to support Yoo Jin. Assemblyman Park’s assistant declares that they must expose Yoo Jin. Assemblyman Park believes the person that exposes evil, will become a hero to the public. He wonders where Assemblyman Jang is.

k2_ep7_4b k2_ep7_4a
Assemblyman Jang is looking lustfully at the makeup girl. The TV interviewer enters and says that Yoo Jin’s meeting went well. So well that though have to soften their questions about the party that Assemblyman Jang will soon be joining. Assemblyman Jang is moderately pleased but really more focused on the girl. Assemblyman Jang the TV interviewer to leave. He makes a move on the makeup girl. Assemblyman Jang is a hound dog!

Yoo Jin arrives at JSS headquarters. She asks the JSS president to take her to the infirmary to see Anna. She tells Assistant Kim to proceed to cloud nine.

Yoo Jin arrives at Anna’s room. She tells agent housekeeper and J4 to do a better job of watching Anna so these kinds of incidents don’t repeat themselves. Yoo Jin I wanted you to be ruthless with J4. Don’t accept her incompetence! Je Ha overhears Yoo Jin dismissing the doctor’s request for psychological care for Anna. She goes into Anna’s room with her cadre of people. But Anna and Yoo Jin only see each other as they stare and glare. Yoo Jin orders everyone out of the room.

Yoo Jin tells Anna she looked good as a nun. She thought her voice was lovely. Those pleasantries out of the way, Yoo Jin asks Anna what she expected to happen when she showed up at the church. She scoffs at Anna’s belief that she interferes with her father seeing her. Anna is forced to remember her father’s inability to meet her eyes and that he alerted Yoo Jin to Anna’s presence. Yoo Jin tells Anna that her father doesn’t want to see her. Yoo Jin rubs in the fact that Anna’s father didn’t want to see her when her mother died, and he didn’t want to see her when she went to Spain, and he doesn’t want to see her now. Yoo Jin sympathizes with Anna. Yoo Jin tells Anna to face the truth about her father just like she had to face a similar truth about her own father. Yoo Jin slashes Anna’s heart with these words, “you are of small burdensome fragment of your father’s past.” Anna retorts that if that’s true, let him tell me to my face. Yoo Jin says she can’t force Anna’s father to see her. Yoo Jin claims that couples in love must respect each other’s opinion. That’s rich! Anna says that her father doesn’t love Yoo Jin. That wipes the smile from Yoo Jin’s face. But she plasters on a different kind of smile, a smile that says that you shouldn’t have said that. Yoo Jin asks if Anna’s mother claimed Assemblyman Jang didn’t love Yoo Jin. Yoo Jin feigns sympathy for Anna’s mother saying that she must have hated Yoo Jin. She amps up the painful words when says all that matters to her father is getting reelected. Yoo Jin claims that Anna’s mother was blackmailing her father with Anna’s existence. Want to bet that Yoo Jin is actually referencing her own actions towards Assemblyman Jang, not Anna’s mother? Yoo Jin goes for the jugular when she calls Anna’s mother an alcoholic and asks how Anna could have given her mother the sleeping pills that killed her. Ouch! Yoo Jin is a witch! Anna refutes that claim and says there was someone else in the room that day. That wipes the smile off Yoo Jin’s face. If only Anna could see that. Yoo Jin claims that Anna’s mind is playing tricks with her because she doesn’t want to accept the truth of the matter. Her mother committed suicide and she gave her the fatal pills. Ouch! Yoo Jin is a witch! Anna retorts Yoo Jin’s claim saying that the housekeeper told her otherwise. Yoo Jin scoffs saying that if the housekeeper knew she killed Anna’s mother, she would have killed the housekeeper. Isn’t Yoo Jin stating the truth, that she killed Anna’s mother but couching it otherwise? Je Ha who has overheard everything, can’t take it anymore and enters the room. Je Ha tells Yoo Jin that Anna is ill. Yoo Jin gets his message loud and clear and offers insincere wishes for Anna’s rest and recuperation. Both women stare daggers at each other. As Yoo Jin stands and walks past Je Ha she tells him to come to cloud nine. After she leaves the room, Je Ha tells Anna to dry her tears, and promises to bring her father to her. Great interaction between the two women. Anna proves that she has strength and isn’t a pushover. That makes me happy. Yoo Jin is a viper. Her words were cruel and aimed to hurt. She smiles sweetly and then says hateful things. Je Ha better watch out, getting on Yoo Jin’s wrong side won’t be good.

Team leader So watches the metal detectors scanning the incoming crowd at Assemblyman Jang’s appearance. Though it’s obvious to you and I, Team leader So does not notice a group of men that enter. They go to a basement room take something from tiled panel in the roof, and exit together. Je Ha notices the men as he goes through the metal detector. Team Lead So asks Je Ha why he’s there. He claims he’s only there to see Assemblyman Jang speak. He turns and the men are gone.

k2_ep7_6c k2_ep7_6b k2_ep7_6e
At the event, Assemblyman Jang explains his policies to the crowd. Je Ha scans the crowd. He notices the group of men in the front row. He tells the other agents via the earpiece stating they look suspicious. Team Leader So states they passed the metal detectors. Je Ha isn’t happy with that dismissive response and leaves the room. He spots a police van outside the building and reenters the room. He watches the suspicious men. He sees them coordinate. He tells the other agents via the earpiece. They don’t believe him again. One of the men make a move towards Assemblyman Jang. Je Ha tackles him. It’s Agent K1! It’s a setup. The men throw eggs at Assemblyman Jang who remains cool under fire. He urges the crowd not to hate the men for exercising their right to express themselves. Je Ha is repulsed by the staged scene. Assemblyman Jang plays the crowd perfectly promising to investigate and expel corruption. The crowd is pleased by the promise. Je Ha shakes his head in disgust. The crowd chants their support of Assemblyman Jang. Politics is theatre!

Assemblyman Jang complains to Col Jo that the agents threw too many eggs. Assemblyman Jang’s assistant laughs that the stunk worked perfectly. Assemblyman Jang tells Col Jo and his assistant to wait while he gets a shower. In the dressing room the makeup girl is waiting. He strips and tells her to join him in the shower. She agrees.

Col Jo and the Assistant leave a single guard to watch the door. Little do they know that the guard is working with the makeup girl and hands her a syringe. But Je Ha sees the exchange. As Assemblyman Jang yells for the makeup girl to join him, a thump is heard. Je Ha opens the door to the shower and tells Assemblyman Jang to dress, they have to leave. He points to the girl on the floor. LOL! Assemblyman Jang stares in disbelief. I wish Je Ha had not been backlit in that scene, his look of disdain for Assemblyman Jang was great, but hard to see.

The police underload from the van and make their way to the dressing room.

Je Ha escorts Assemblyman Jang out of the dressing room and away from the police, but they spot them. Je Ha grabs Assemblyman Jang and they run to the lobby. As they pass Col Jo, Je Ha says the police, on Assemblyman Park’s orders, set a trap for Assemblyman Jang. As Je Ha and Assemblyman Jang run out of the building the police run into Col Jo and his men. Guns are drawn. The police leader claims that they are being obstructed. Col Jo taunts them to arrest him. The police radio their outside men to block the entrance. Col Jo radios his men to secure the CCTV footage. Col Jo demands to see the search warrant. The police scoff saying that they were responding to a sexual harassment report, no search warrant is needed. Assemblyman Jang’s assistant rushes in and shows Col Jo the pictorial proof that Assemblyman Jang was set up.

Je Ha and Assemblyman Jang speed away.

The standoff between JSS and the police end. The police promise they will meet again.

k2_ep7_8b k2_ep7_8a
Assemblyman Jang is giddy with glee at their narrow escape. He thanks Je Ha for saving him. He asks where they are going. Je Ha says they are going to see his daughter. Assemblyman Jang barks at him to stop the car. Je Ha barks at Assemblyman Jang to man up and tell Anna the truth if he doesn’t ever plan to see her and stop the false hope she has. Assemblyman Jang warns Je Ha that there will be repercussions for his rogue actions. Je Ha tells Assemblyman Jang that he found Anna at Dream Land. Assemblyman Jang closes his eyes realizing why she went there. Je Ha relays that Anna was worried about her father. Assemblyman Jang can’t believe Anna ate strawberries. Je Ha confirms that Anna could have died. Je Ha believes Anna ate the strawberries not to commit suicide but rather to stop being a burden to the father she loves. Assemblyman Jang pounds the window in frustration.

k2_ep7_9b k2_ep7_9a
As they arrive at JSS Headquarters, Assemblyman Jang asks Je Ha to promise to protect Anna to the very end. Assemblyman Jang says if Je Ha makes this promise, he’ll meet with Anna. Je Ha promises. Assemblyman Jang sighs in relief. Col Jo calls Je Ha and Assemblyman Jang takes the phone. He tells Col Jo to pick him up at JSS Headquarters. Assemblyman Jang tells Je Ha he avoids seeing Anna because this puts Anna in danger. Assemblyman Jang admits he’s sold his soul to the devil to achieve his greedy need for power. Assemblyman Jang admits along way he lost his morals and friends. He notes that greed doesn’t have brakes. Nice line! Assemblyman Jang says he must go faster to escape Yoo Jin. Assemblyman Jang states Anna is a hostage. He knows unless he achieves the presidency he won’t have the power to free his daughter. If he quits his quest to become president, Yoo Jin will deem Anna unnecessary and kill her. Assemblyman Jang claims that if he meets with Anna and misspeaks, Yoo Jin will whisk Anna to a place that he can never find her. He hates that Anna is in Korea. It puts her life in danger. Assemblyman Jang says that Je Ha should not have brought him because of the risk to Anna. The JSS President appears. Assemblyman Jang reminds Je Ha of his promise. He bemoans that he now will make his daughter even sadder than she was.  It sounds good but the guy is a good actor. Can we believe his words?

The JSS President is surprised when Assemblyman Jang says he wants to see Anna. Je Ha watches him go.

Yoo Jin learns that Assemblyman Jang is going to see Anna. Yoo Jin requests the CCTV feed from Anna’s room.

Assemblyman Jang enters Anna room and spots the CCTV. He calls to Anna.  She doesn’t respond. He apologizes for not seeing her. She doesn’t respond. He acts surprised that Anna is allergic to ice cream. He’s lying knowing Yoo Jin is watching. Hmm, does he care about his daughter or is this more of the game with Yoo Jin? He asks Anna if she’s in pain.

Yoo Jin stares at Assemblyman Jang in disgust. She can’t believe he didn’t know about the strawberry allergy.

Assemblyman Jang tells everyone to leave him alone with Anna.

Assemblyman Jang tells Anna it’s just them now and she can talk to him. She looks at her father, cries and hugs him. He cries and soothes her. He thinks he’s sorry. Anna says she missed him. He says he missed her too. He pulls away from Anna and tells her she’s a woman now. He tells her when he’s president she’ll be able to live freely. Anna tells him that her mother didn’t commit suicide. Yoo Jin stops what she’s doing and listens intently. Anna states that when she entered her mother’s room, she was already passed out. Anna says that someone covered her eyes. She does not know who was in the room. Assemblyman Jang urges her to forget it. Anna says that Yoo Jin killed her mother. Assemblyman Jang tells Anna to never say that again. It will hurt him and it will hurt her. He tells Anna she’s imagining. She tries to tell him otherwise but he cuts her off. Does she want to see him fail? He threatens to never see her again if she utters lies like that again. He hugs Anna and tells her she must submit. He thinks he’s sorry and she only has to wait a bit longer. Yoo Jin watches. I see a man connecting with his daughter. Am I right?

Je Ha watches at the door.

Anna asks Assemblyman Jang if he loved her mother. Assemblyman Jang claims he did. Anna asks if her mother blackmailed him using Anna. That surprises Assemblyman Jang. He thinks that Yoo Jin is the devil. He got that right! Anna asks if the blackmail was why he walked away. Yoo Jin waits for his answer, Anna waits for his answer, Je Ha waits for his answer. Assemblyman Jang tells Anna these are issues. Anna says she’s an adult. Assemblyman Jang states it’s all in the past. Anna cries that being shipped to Europe and separate for years can’t be ignored. She’s right about that! Assemblyman Jang tells his daughter that becoming president is more important than anything else in his life. He laughs. She stares at him in disbelief. She’s forced to believe Yoo Jin was correct, she means nothing to her father. Anna tells her father she believed an illusion. She sinks to the bed and cries. Je Ha shakes his head at the tragedy this family inflicts on each other. Assemblyman Jang stands and tells Anna to sleep well.  Assemblyman Jang tells her to take care. He promises to see her again. Anna cries and doesn’t answer. Assemblyman Jang sighs and leaves the room. Anna cries. Superb scene by both actors. I believed Anna’s father, he cares for her, but to protect her he simply tells her the truth. He chose the quest for the presidency of her. Which he did. In essence, by telling Anna the truth, he hurts his daughter, because his truth is unpleasant and distasteful and lower Anna’s worth. Sad, so sad.

k2_ep7_11bk2_ep7_11c Assemblyman Jang looks at Je Ha as he exits the room. Je Ha looks down. That stare said quite a bit. Welcome to the burden of Anna, Je Ha! You promised her father, you’ll have to deliver. I hope this gives you happiness in the end, for it will cost you going forward. You’ve entered the family mind field with the vicious Yoo Jin at the head.

Yoo Jin thinks to herself that she attached her fate to scum in Assemblyman Jang. She cries and laughs at her choice. Yoo Jin, I don’t feel sorry for you. I did a couple of episodes ago, but today, I see your choices brought you here. Your quest for power drives your life, you see people as objects to use in your quest for power. Your husband who you may still have a shred of love for, is lost to you, you killed any love by killing Anna’s mother.

Je Ha looks into the room at the crying Anna.

Assemblyman Jang walk away a grim expression on his face.

Yoo Jin cries.

Anna cries.

Je Ha stares at Anna and empathizes.

My Thoughts

Anna finally meets with her father. Assemblyman Jang is such a showman I initially doubted his sincerity. But when he demanded Je Ha is promise to protect Anna to the bitter end, I felt like maybe he was being honest in his concern about his daughter. He convinced me (though I have a flicker of doubt, he is a lying cad) during his conversation with Anna. He didn’t shade the truth to make himself look good. He admitted he’d sold his soul to the devil and Anna was paying more than anyone else. That was a superb scene. Worth the wait for these two characters to finally connect.

This was another good episode. Several non-main character items stood out:
* The director did a reasonable job with the scene of Je Ha speeding through traffic to get to JSS Headquarters. It wasn’t a car chase but a man driving with wild abandonment to save a woman, a woman he cares for.
* The small irritant in this show is J4. Yoo Jin, you are ruthless, you order people killed for less. J4’s incompetence could have revealed Anna to the world ending your lifelong quest for the presidency. Fire her!
* I’m digging Col Jo’s forthright interaction with Je Ha.
* I’m digging Team Lead So’s frustration at Je Ha’s insubordination but his growing respect for Je Ha’s instincts.
* I’m digging the power plays between Assemblyman Park’s police and Yoo Jin’s JSS forces. The stand off between in the lobby was kinda fun and it won’t be the last.
* In general, the support characters are working; JSS cast, the political cast, etc are working together and creating a backdrop for the struggles of our main characters.

Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) is attaching himself to Anna emotionally. He was relieved when he learned that Anna would live and not die by his hand bringing her strawberry ice cream. Mr. Song gave Je Ha crucial information about Anna’s parents. What a tangled web this family has made through lying. Can Je Ha help Anna separate herself from the web? I admired Je Ha’s determination to bring Assemblyman Jang to his daughter. Assemblyman Jang saw that determination and devotion, and extracted a promise from Je Ha that he would stand by Anna to the end. Assemblyman Jang must know it’s going to get ugly, and she needs someone strong like Je Ha looking out for her interest. Je Ha’s interest in Anna seemed realistic this episode. In previous episodes it has been a tad intense for little interactions between the two. But as I said in the recap Anna’s situation and Je Ha’s desire to help her from this taps into his past in Iraq and how he couldn’t save the woman he loved, and how he elected not to save Anna in Madrid and chose to walk away, only intensifies his need to make things right this girl. Je Ha has a second opportunity with Anna, and he wants to succeed. Je Ha was impressed with Anna’s fortitude in her conversation with the viper Yoo Jin. For Je Ha to help Anna escape from the web of her family, he’s going to have to be smarter than Yoo Jin and mirror. That’s a tall order.

Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon A) gutted Anna and enjoyed every moment. Yoo Jin’s quest for power is all that matters. Anna is merely a bargaining chip to Yoo Jin. She needs, loathes and even fears Anna. She must have been impressed, or at least surprised, by the strength that Anna faced her with in their conversation. Yoo Jin went for the jugular and flat out told Anna that her father didn’t love her and her mother died because of the pills Anna gave her. She truly is a witch. Can anyone escape her grasp?

Assemblyman Jang Se Joon (Cho Song Ha) might just be human after all. He showed a trace of humanity when he asked Je Ha to promise to care for his daughter. He told the unvarnished truth, or at least his perspective, that he had traded in his soul for quest for power. He told Je Ha that scene Anna would only cause her pain, but he agreed to do it nonetheless. And he was right. When Anna started to tell him that she did not give her mother the fateful sleeping pills, he tried to hush his daughter, knowing that a listening Yoo Jin would be weighing whether or not Anna’s usefulness still warranted her existence. Do I think he cares about Anna? Yes, yes I do. That is a revelation for this character. He goes up a notch having displayed a shred of humanity. He made the choice of power over his daughter, but at least, he has a shred of regret. He choose well when he saw Je Ha’s passion for his daughter. He may thinking he’s only getting a guard, but he may be getting a son-in-law too.

Ko An Na (Yoona) got her wish and talked to her father. I was impressed with how she held her own when she confronted Yoo Jin. But unfortunately Yoo Jin knew how to destroy her dreams by telling Anna that she killed her mother, not Yoo Jin. I cannot fathom being that cruel to another person. Yoo Jin told Anna that all her memories did not deal with the reality of the situation. Anna’s long awaited discussion with her father didn’t go as well as she hoped. He deflated her when he told his quest for power had a higher priority than her. Anna saw Yoo Jin spoke with truth about her father. Will Anna think that Yoo Jin was correct that she killed her mother? I hope not. I’m intrigued by the variations in Anna’s memories of finding her mother. We see Anna finding her mother, Anna giving her mother the pills, Anna being surprised by someone else in the room. Did Anna go to the room twice that evening? Did she hand her mother the sleeping pills then return later that evening when she heard the intruder only to find her mother dead and the intruder still in the bedroom? Anna may win the worst childhood award. Prisoner by her step mother that killed her mother and ignored by the father she loves desperately. Constantly escaping only to be recaptured. Yep, not a fun life. Can Je Ha help her escape and have a future that isn’t based in betrayal and pain?

The second song of the OST, “Once in a While” by Yoo Sung Eun, is released. Check it out in the embedded video below:

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2 comments on “The K2 Episode 7 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I had my doubts about the assemblyman as well, until it came to his concern for Anna. I think she’s the only other thing he cares for outside of power. I truly believe he is protecting Anna from Yoo Jin by ignoring her. Anna had to be disappointed with her dad, but at least she got to see him and I believe Je Ha will eventually set the record straight when the time is right. Anna keeps getting her soul crushed by Yoo Jin and her father’s neglect.

    Yoo Jin, her mirror and JSS are a formidable force👹–I keep wondering what it will take for Je Ha and Anna to break free. That day will come…

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