The K2 Episode 14 Recap

Je Ha drives this episode.

The K2 Episode 14 Recap

The President’s son, Kim Suk Han, has his men hold Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) as he goes and retrieves the memory card that everyone wants to possess. Je Ha smiles knowing he only has to get the memory card from Kim Suk Han’s hand. Kim Suk Han realizes this and runs. Je Ha engages in fighting Kim Suk Han’s men in the hospital corridor. Thank goodness, a fight! I’ve been missing the action element to this series. Kim Suk Han runs up the stairs with the police, who we know Assemblyman Park has in his pocket, in hot pursuit. The police corner Kim Suk Han in his car. They ask him to step up. Reluctantly Kim Suk Han gets out of his car. When the police tell him to put his hands over his head, Kim Suk Han realizes they want the memory card like Je Ha does. He doges and runs. He runs into Je Ha who deals with the police. Kim Suk Han circles back to his car only to have the two police guys circle back too. He won’t hand over the memory card and steps near the parking lot railing. He looks to the ground. I’m guessing they are a couple of floors up. Je Ha rushes up and sees Kim Suk Han lose his balance and tumble over the railing. Lighting fast Je Ha grasps Kim Suk Han’s hand. In a clever and perhaps impossible move, Je Ha swings Kim Suk Han to the lower level floor. Je Ha manages to extract the memory card from Kim Suk Han’s hand during the exchange. Hanging by the railing Je Ha looks into the eyes of the police. They promise to pull him up AFTER he hands over the memory card. Je Ha spies a pickup truck coming down the road and decides to drop on top of the pickup truck. Instead of landing in the pickup truck, Je Ha grazes it and rolls into the road. The police shoot and hit Je Ha. Ouch! He staggers to the other side of the road. He hides the memory card in the grass near a post. He starts to stagger down the sidewalk. Col Jo and the JSS car pulls up next to Je Ha and pulls him in the car. Concern and fear for Je Ha has Col Jo yelling to the JSS go as fast as possible ignoring the two police cars hot in their heels. Terrific opening scene! Gosh I’ve missed the fighting, the car chases, the action element. Welcome back to The K2!

Assistant Kim brings the phone to Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon A). It’s Col Jo. He tells her Je Ha has been shot. Yoo Jin stands and the horror on her face tells you she cares deeply for Je Ha.

Agent J4 wakes a sleeping Ko An Na (Yoona) and tells her Je Ha has been shot.

Yep, the two women that love Je Ha are now on high alert.

Col Jo tries to stem Je Ha’s bleeding while the car barrels down the road with the police in pursuit. My honey, Agent So and his other hospital gowned agents join the pursuit. They pull a coordinated move where the JSS car with Je Ha pulls a U turn while the JSS car with Agent So does the same and blocks the chasing police cars. Agent So gets out of his car, holding his neck brace and yells at the police. My honey is fine but what about Je Ha?

The police chief learns Kim Suk Han escaped thanks to JSS. He demands they find him. Shaking his head, he makes a call. Will he call Assemblyman Park who has the police in his back pocket?

Agent J4, K1, and Housekeeper all fret waiting for new about Je Ha.

Anna prays for Je Ha in her room begging for his safe return. Agent J4 calls her and she runs to the living room to see a new report that Kim Suk Han was attacked and his attacker, an employee of JSS, is being pursued by the police.

k2_ep14_3b k2_ep14_3a
Assemblyman Park watches the same report and sees this as an opportunity to attack JSS and charge them with a crime. He calls the police chief and directs him to go to Could Nine. Yoo Jin’s Brother’s father in law is in the room and cackles his approval at Assemblyman Park’s plan to attack JSS. Assemblyman Park tells the police chief to find JSS’s computer systems and wipe out all the data. Assemblyman Park admits his only concern is that if Je Ha has the memory card, then Yoo Jin will soon have it. That wipes the smile from father in law’s face.

Col Jo tells Yoo Jin they have Je Ha on a stretcher and are heading to the JSS infirmary. Yoo Jin redirects them to Cloud Nine. She doesn’t want the police to get their hands on Je Ha when they arrive.
Yoo Jin is on the ragged edge and is visibly upset when the doctor and Col Jo wheel in a bloody Je Ha. Assistant Kim on the other hand relishes her adversary bleeding and hopefully dying. Yoo Jin order the doctor to get whatever medical supplies she needs to save Je Ha. I’m assuming Cloud Nine has its own mini medical room and the doctor won’t have to return to the infirmary. Col Jo runs out to get the supplies. What, Col Jo gets the medical supplies? Yoo Jin deputizes the doctor as a member of Cloud Nine. The look of horror in Assistant Kim’s face – priceless. The doctor is shocked and thanks Yoo Jin for the honor. Yoo Jin declares the fate of JSS is now in the doctor’s hands. Yoo Jin declares Je Ha must not die. The doctor assures Yoo Jin she’ll do her best. No pressure, no pressure.

The police lead by the police chief enter JSS. The JSS president warmly greets them acting surprised at their visit. The police chief tells the JSS President this is the end for JSS. An agent crossed a line that will cost JSS. The police produce a search warrant and begin the search.

Meanwhile the doctor and Col Jo (what?) operate on Je Ha in the cone of silence conference room. I wonder if “mirror” could give analysis during the operation and helpful tips? Je Ha flatlines and they work to revive him. Yoo Jin bursts into the room and wills Je Ha to live. They have to chock Je Ha’s heart multiple times. Je Ha starts dreaming about Anna and going to Subway with her. Really Subway?! Product placement blows sometimes. At the park as Anna and Je Ha munch their Subway sandwiches they enjoy each other. After lunch they hold hands (both look smashing in wool coats) and walk the grounds of the park. In Je Ha’s dream he’s now in Anna’s room and has the same injury and collapses. Anna freaks and calls to him as he sinks into unconsciousness. Anna wakes dreaming about Je Ha’s injury just like Je Ha’s dream. Cool! Agent J4 enters Anna’s room and tells her Je Ha is at JSS. Anna bounds out of bed.

The police chief tells the JSS President to get into the elevator with him and his men. The police chief presses the ninth floor but nothing happens. He orders the JSS President to cooperate or be arrested for obstruction of justice. The JSS President uses his badge and they are whisked to the 9th floor. The police start hacking the system. Col Jo and Je Ha watch on the monitors. Yoo Jin asks “mirror” if the important data will be safe. The computer confirms that the police are only touching the main company server which has employee data. Yoo Jin smiles. The police chief is all smiles informing Assemblyman Park that the main JSS server has been hacked. He’s thrilled. As he hangs up the phone, Assemblyman Park declares the Yoo Jin is no longer a threat. He laughs the laugh of triumph over a long-standing adversary.

Back at the dark conference room, the men learn the JSS’s servers have been compromised. They worry that Assemblyman Park might get access to the classified information. Yoo Jin’s Brother’s father in law assures them that their own technicians will stop the police from accessing the classified information. But what if Yoo Jin has the memory card? The men worry at the President’s reaction to his son being hurt. They wonder if Kim Suk Han still has the memory card. They agree once Kim Suk Han wakes, they know more.

Kim Suk Han wakes in the hospital remembering hanging with only Je Ha hand stopping his plummet to the ground. He asks his agent about the man that saved him. The agent says the man is believed to be at JSS headquarters. Kim Suk Han orders his men to stop pursing the man that saved his life. His agent can’t believe what Kim Suk Han is telling him to do.

The police technicians tell the police chief that data on the server isn’t what they want. That doesn’t make the police chief happy and the JSS President can’t suppress a grin. The police chief gets a call ordering him to cease and detest, and the order comes from the President. Irritated but realizing the President trumps Assemblyman Park, the police chief must order his men to stop.

As the grinning JSS President escorts the police chief out to the building, the police chief tells him he got lucky tonight. The JSS President brags that he is a formidable foe. Ha! A legend in his own mind. The police chief scoffs and leaves with his team in tow.

Outside JSS the police chief must report to Assemblyman Park that he was ordered to top by the President. Assemblyman Park closes his eyes realizing that can only mean one thing…the memory card was taken from Kim Suk Han. He’s not happy, not happy at all.

Conversely Yoo Jin is all smiles when the JSS President tells her about the President’s intervention. She believes Je Ha has the memory card. She crows that JSS is now untouchable and all powerful. Yoo Jin asks Col Jo if Je Ha had the memory card on him. Col Jo informs her Je Ha did not have the memory card. Yoo Jin tells everyone to fake it and act like they’ve got the memory card and the power that goes with it. She orders Col Jo to find the memory card Assemblyman Park.

Yoo Jin’s Brother visits Kim Suk Han in the hospital room. He asks if it was Je Ha that got the memory card.  The look Kim Suk Han gives him confirms his guess.

Assemblyman Jang Se Joon (Cho Song Ha) wonders if Yoo Jin has “it”. He remembers Je Ha telling him that the memory card would give him the leverage to protect Anna, restore her mother’s reputation and rid himself of Assemblyman Park and Yoo Jin once and for all.

Col Jo has the men, including Agent So, scour the grounds near the parking garage. Assemblyman Jang arrives and asks Col Jo if his men are looking for something Je Ha dropped. Col Jo can’t hide his surprise that Assemblyman Jang knows about the memory card. Assemblyman Jang says Je Ha was going to give him the memory card. He asks Col Jo to give it to him if he finds it. Assemblyman Jang realizes that Col Jo is more loyal to Yoo Jin. He warns Col Jo the memory card in Yoo Jin’s hand would thwart his presidency making him a puppet president. Col Jo tells Assemblyman Jang to say no more because until he finds the memory card, this is moot.

The doctor gets supplies from the infirmary and tells Mr. Song that Je Ha is hurt and at Cloud Nine. She leaves. Anna rushes into the infirmary desperate to know where Je Ha is. Mr. Song tells Anna that Je Ha is at Cloud Nine. Agent J4 translates that means the 9th floor but it is restricted access. Anna rushes to the elevator and learns special access is required to go to the 9th floor. Undaunted she goes up the stairs to the 9th floor with Agent J4 behind her. But the access door is locked. Yoo Jin watches and tells Assistant Kim to get rid of the unwelcome guest. Before she leaves she stares at Je Ha and asks the doctor for an update who states Je Ha is much improved.

k2_ep14_8b k2_ep14_8a
In the lobby Anna is pleading to see Je Ha when she sees Yoo Jin. She rushes to her and demands to see Je Ha. With a malevolent gleam in her eye, Yoo Jin tells her to address her properly and call her Mother. She says a stepmother is still a mother. Anna just can’t say those words and instead begs Yoo Jin to let her see Je Ha. Yoo Jin fixes a steely gaze on Anna and says no. She walks past her. Anna calls Yoo Jin Mother and stops her exit. Anna turns to Yoo Jin and says the hated word again, Mother. Yoo Jin turns in surprise. Anna gets down on her knees and begs Yoo Jin to let her see Je Ha. Yoo Jin is suddenly aware that this is a public area and she must show concern for Anna. She rushes to Anna and pulls her to her feet. She hugs Anna who stands there stoically. Yoo Jin realizes she must consider what Je Ha would want too. Good scene for both actresses!

Yoo Jin leads Anna to Cloud Nine and Je Ha. Yoo Jin tells Anna that Je Ha is still in critical condition from his surgery. She asks Anna if she’s going to leave the country. Anna promises to leave once Je Ha gets better. Yoo Jin has her doubts that Anna will leave. Yoo Jin firmly tells Anna that Je Ha is a wanted man for attempting to kill Kim Suk Han. Yoo Jin claims she’s put herself in jeopardy to save Je Ha. She tells Anna she must put Je Ha first and leave because he’ll never leave Anna. Yoo Jin promises to save Je Ha. She tells Anna to leave and save Je Ha. She promises money to Anna. She hopes maybe one day they’ll meet again. Yoo Jin then threaten the lives of Anna’s security team. Anna stares at Je Ha. She tells Yoo Jin she’ll leave but Yoo Jin must promise to keep Je Ha alive. Yoo Jin promises. Anna stares at Je Ha and enters the cone of silence conference room. Yoo Jin dispassionately watches Anna make her final visit to Je Ha.

k2_ep14_9b k2_ep14_9a
Anna cries and cradles Je Ha’s sleeping face. She asks him what they will do now. She tells him not to die. She kisses him. Yoo Jin isn’t happy to see the kiss. Anna tells Je Ha she loves him. She tells him not to die. Nice scene!

Assemblyman Jang asks where Yoo Jin is sending Anna this time. Yoo Jin assures him that Anna won’t be forced into hiding anymore.  Hanging with the famous designer is best for Anna. In Korea Anna and her mother are now scorned. But overseas no one cares about the crippling scandal. The delusional Yoo Jin states that she’ll be good to Anna, just as if she were her own daughter, even so nice that Anna will forget her real mother. Assemblyman Jang manages not to scoff and roll his eyes, but inwardly he’s shaking his head at the ludicrous declaration. Yoo Jin boots that Anna even called her mother and laughs with glee. Assemblyman Jang manages to say that he’s glad they both want the same happy ending for Anna. Wow! Yoo Jin flirted with the crazy line in the sand with that conversation. How Assemblyman Jang managed to take her seriously proves he’s a good actor too. Aren’t all politicians actors to some degree?

Back at the dark conference room, Yoo Jin’s Brother reports he’s sure the memory card was stolen from Kim Suk Han. The men wonder if they’ll need to switch their support from Assemblyman Park to Assemblyman Jang. Yoo Jin’s Brother’s father in law counsels patience. They all receive the same message from Yoo Jin. That was a nice move Yoo Jin! She plays chess well! I enjoy her having the upper hand with the men. Some chuckle and say she’ll have a cute new member at the table. Yoo Jin’s Brother and his father in law look unhappy.

Yoo Jin laughs with glee when she receives a response inviting her to join them.

The JSS President is stopped by Yoo Jin’s Brother who wants to talk.

Packing Anna’s suitcase, Agent J4 and Housekeeper worry that Yoo Jin will kill Anna once she leaves. Anna tells them that won’t happen. Anna tells them Yoo Jin promised not to hurt her or them. She smiles a brave smile. She thinks about Yoo Jin’s promise to save Je Ha and protect the agents if she left. She cries.

Yoo Jin’s Brother meets with Assemblyman Park who is not his usual smiling self. Yoo Jin’s Brother suggests they work together to increase their chance of survival. Yoo Jin’s Brother reminds Assemblyman Park that Iraq was his idea. Yoo Jin’s Brother says that Assemblyman Park’s decision to align himself with his father in law has only caused him to suffer needlessly. Yoo Jin’s Brother promises to get control of Cloud Nine and the memory card. Assemblyman Park does not believe that can be done easily. He tells Yoo Jin’s Brother they’ll talk again when Cloud Nine is secure. Yoo Jin’s Brother laughs that Cloud Nine may be in a different location than the ninth floor.

Col Jo tells the JSS President that the memory card was not found. He hopes Je Ha wakes and tells them where the memory card is.

k2_ep14_11b k2_ep14_11a
Je Ha wakes and the doctor immediately calls Yoo Jin.  Je Ha tries to sit up but the doctor pushes him down and admonishes to stay still. She tells him Yoo Jin brought him here to protect him from capture by the police. The doctor says Anna visited after begging Yoo Jin. Je Ha asks how Anna is. Je Ha asks “mirror” to show him Anna’s visit from yesterday. Clever! Je Ha, you have brains! Je Ha watches Anna’s visit from yesterday. He sees the kiss. He hears the declaration of love. He cries. The music swells and Je Ha cries with abandon. When Yoo Jin bursts into the room she sees the recording of Anna’s visit being played inside the cone of silence conference room. She stares at Je Ha and thinks that love is luxury neither of them can afford.

Assemblyman Park worries that if he aligns himself with Yoo Jin’s Brother and their play to get control of Cloud Nine and Yoo Jin fails, they will be in worse trouble than they are today. Yoo Jin’s Brother tells Assemblyman Park timing is critical. Yoo Jin’s Brother promises Je Ha won’t live long even if he wakes. Assemblyman Park asks if Yoo Jin’s Brother can really trust his inside man. Yoo Jin’s Brother laughs that he has everything under control. Assemblyman Park agrees to join forces with Yoo Jin’s Brother.

Yoo Jin, the JSS President, Col Jo, and Assistant Kim visit Je Ha. When he struggles to sit up, Assistant Kim rolls her eyes wishing he had died. Yoo Jin asks where the memory card is. Je Ha says he didn’t steal the memory card to give to Yoo Jin. She’s taken aback and asks why Je Ha stole the memory card. Je Ha claims he stole it to destroy Assemblyman Park. He tells Yoo Jin she could not destroy Assemblyman Park if she had the memory chip because JB Group would collapse if the contents of the memory chip were made public. Clever logic, will she buy it? Yoo Jin says she’ll handle it. Je Ha tells her he didn’t steal the chip for her. Now the memory chip gives him power to protect himself and Anna. Yoo Jin looks like she just swallowed something that tastes awful. Assistant Kim, Col Jo and the President are shocked by Je Ha’s harsh words. He has moxy!

k2_ep14_12b k2_ep14_12a
In his office, the JSS President tell Col Jo that Yoo Jin is obviously crazy for Je Ha. Col Jo is shocked. The JSS President correctly chides Col Jo for being oblivious about Yoo Jin’s personal feelings for Je Ha. The President states Yoo Jin would have crushed anyone else who told her what Je Ha told her. Col Jo tells the President to calm down. He tells him they’ll talk again after he protects Assemblyman Jang at a political event.

k2_ep14_14b k2_ep14_14a
Yoo Jin asks Je Ha if he took the memory chip for leverage over her. She realizes he did. It’s like her brain can’t accept this. She tells Je Ha they are friends and friends don’t do this to each other. Je Ha nails her when he says that Yoo Jin only knows her own pain but does not care about anyone else’s pain. Bam! With fervor Je Ha says other people are hurting too, she’s not the only one. He points out the elderly couple she threatened, the agents she threatened, etc. He says everyone deserves happiness. Yoo Jin agrees everyone deserve happiness from their position in life. Je Ha nails her again when he says that Yoo Jin believes killing so she can maintain her own position in life if acceptable, which only proves she’s self-centered. Bam! He tells her this is why he can’t be her friend. He tells Yoo Jin that she needs Assistant Kim who worships her, not a friend. Or Yoo Jin needs someone to worship like she worshipped Assemblyman Jang when they were young. Je Ha tells her he’s not interested participating in either option. That’s a shot through her heart! Yoo Jin fights back tears. Stellar scene! Je Ha crushed Yoo Jin. Love it, love it, love it!

Yoo Jin’s Brother calls his inside man. No surprise, the traitor is the JSS President. Yoo Jin’s Brother asks if the JSS President has decided to join his team. The President says he’ll meet when he arrives. Yoo Jin’s Brother, the smiling snake, is thrilled. The police assault team is also heading to JSS. Good grief! Je Ha isn’t strong enough to fight, is he?

The JSS President create a diversion so the assault team can enter the building. The fighting begins immediately between the JSS agents and the police. Yoo Jin’s Brother arrives thrilled to see the fighting in the lobby. He tells the police leader to follow him with a large case. Is it explosives? Yoo Jin’s Brother strolls through the lobby telling everyone they are doing a great job. Ha! He relishes a battle where he only need watch.

k2_ep14_16b k2_ep14_16a
Yoo Jin tells Je Ha that she doesn’t want him to worship her. She struggles to articulate what she really wanted. Je Ha interrupts and says she wanted to protect him and make him her slave. That sounds about right.

Assemblyman Park waits in his office for an update.

k2_ep14_17b k2_ep14_17a
Yoo Jin’s Brother meets the JSS President at the elevator. The police load the elevator with the case. Yoo Jin’s Brother and the JSS President get on too. Yoo Jin’s Brother grins like a kid just before opening his Christmas gifts. The elevator descends to Cloud Nine.

Je Ha and Yoo Jin hear the elevator and they look like they know this isn’t going to be a welcomed visitor.

My Thoughts

Superior episode. This was my kind of episode. The perfect mix of action and strategy and angst. I’d missed the action component and it was back. The fight in the hospital and parking lot was good. I still can’t believe the police are basically controlled by Assemblyman Park. It makes me shake my head every time. The strategy was everyone’s scheming to get the memory chip and control Cloud Nine. The angst was Anna’s for forcing herself to call Yoo Jin mother and her bedside confession to Je Ha. The angst was also Yoo Jin’s when Je Ha effectively crushed her when he said their relationship would never be friendship or love.

Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) was unconscious for a good part of the episode but he was the force in this episode. His one-armed swing of Kim Suk Han into the parking lot was unlikely but fun to watch. His hiding the memory card after he was shot was smart. I was a bit surprised the agents didn’t find the chip. But logically it made sense that they could not. While Je Ha survived the surgery the two women that love him, Anna and Yoo Jin grappled for control. Je Ha was moved to tears by Anna’s visit. Smart move for Je Ha to instruct “mirror” to show him Anna’s visit. But it was he cool, calm, collected interactions with Yoo Jin that proved he indeed can play the game. He boldly stated he didn’t get the memory card for her. He boldly told Yoo Jin that he would not become her slave. He dashed her fantasy for a personal relationship. But he must survive the onslaught from Yoo Jin’s Brother and the police. In his weakened state, this may prove difficult.

Ko An Na (Yoona) forced herself to call Yoo Jin mother. Oh, how she hated to utter those words. But it was the only way to see Je Ha and she was willing to do anything to see him even embrace her enemy. Anna was manipulated by Yoo Jin into promising she’d leave the country. But what else could she do? She has no power so her influence is nullified. Anna’s declaration of love for Je Ha was heartfelt. Good scene for the actress. The scene with Yoo Jin was another good one.

Assemblyman Jang Se Joon (Cho Song Ha) is stuck in Yoo Jin’s clutches until he gets the memory card. He surprised Col Jo that he knew about the memory card. But Je Ha was right, the memory card appears to be Assemblyman Jang’s only option to free himself from Yoo Jin and provide protection for Anna. Assemblyman Jang has been less selfish these last couple of episodes and there is a glimmer of a father in him now. It’s nice to see.

Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon A) did everything in her power to save and protect Je Ha. And how did he repay her? By bluntly telling her that he didn’t get the memory chip for her but for himself. That was strike 1. Then he told her he had to protect Anna and himself from Yoo Jin. That was strike 2. Then he told her that she was a self-centered person cruel person when hurt who was not worthy of his friendship. That was strike 3. She’s out. Now what will she do? Will she turn on Je Ha? Will Je Ha save her from the police and her brother?

The fights in this series are generally good. Here’s the fight from episode 8 with the choral background music. I dare you to tell me Je Ha’s opponent isn’t hot when he removes his jacket at the 58 second mark.

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28 comments on “The K2 Episode 14 Recap
  1. *That was strike 1. Then he told her he had to protect Anna and himself from Yoo Jin. That was strike 2. Then he told her that she was a self-centered person cruel person when hurt who was not worthy of his friendship. That was strike 3. She’s out. Now what will she do? Will she turn on Je Ha? Will Je Ha save her from the police and her brother? ( I do wonder if Je Ha may be her redemption, by saying those cruel words he is sort of holding up a mirror for her to see herself the way others see her. Maybe just maybe as she goes out with a bang she will repent of her misdeeds because of his influence . I honestly do not see a happy ending for her even if Anna’s dad does become president. the only way anyone gets to live peacefully is if Yoo Jin dies or she loses her power. She is not one to choose the second option)

    *Assemblyman Jang manages to say that he’s glad they both want the same happy ending for Anna. Wow! Yoo Jin flirted with the crazy line in the sand with that conversation. How Assemblyman Jang managed to take her seriously proves he’s a good actor too. Aren’t all politicians actors to some degree? ( I have seen the guy who plays assemblyman Jang in a weekly drama called Flames of Ambition and in a sageuk or two and I do like his acting in all of them. So I figure acting as a politician who can deceive others would be a role right up his alley)
    Question to reflect on: Does Assistant Kim really worship Yoo Jin or is she a sociopath who found an effective opportunity to hurt people without consequences just by being by Yoo Jin’s side. I remember her during the earlier episodes during the car chase with Je Ha and Yoo Jin and her blood lust was scary to watch. This lady could have a successful serial killer show all to herself


    • kjtamuser says:

      “I do wonder if Je Ha may be her redemption, by saying those cruel words he is sort of holding up a mirror for her to see herself the way others see her.”

      * Je Ha did speak the truth to Yoo Jin. Is she even capable of recognizing the truth of his words? As Je Ha stated Yoo Jin is “oh-so-sensitive” to her own pain but not others. Doesn’t that indicate Yoo Jin has limited empathy? Certainly how she treats most people proves shes sees them as chess pieces to manipulate at her whim to achieve her goals of power. I’m not sure Yoo Jin is capable of evolving, she’s been mired in herself for so long. I agree with your statement that a happy ending for her seems unlikely, especially with only 2 episodes left. I agree that Yoo Jin would never willingly give up her power. And why should she? Her power has been her shield and offered her a level of invincibility in a male dominated world she exists in.

      * This is my first time seeing Cho Song Ha in a drama (that I remember). He has managed to evolve a worthless character to have a tinge of humanity.

      * Excellent question about Assistant Kim. My take is that she loves Yoo Jin an obsessive way. I don’t care if that love is romantic or not. Because of her over-the-top crazy protectiveness she literally has no qualms about removing anyone she deems could hurt Yoo Jin. That statement makes me wonder why she didn’t get rid of Assemblyman Jang long ago?

      “I remember her during the earlier episodes during the car chase with Je Ha and Yoo Jin and her blood lust was scary to watch. This lady could have a successful serial killer show all to herself”

      * Well said!


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I think Chief Kim is in love with Yoo Jin or completely devoted to her, although I’m not sure which it is, but it is an OBSESSION. Episodes have shown several times that Chief Kim would do ANYTHING for Yoo Jin. Chief Kim is a dangerous woman–a force to be reckoned with!


      • kjtamuser says:

        I agree…the word is…obsession…for Assistant Kim’s possessiveness of Yoo Jin.


      • Beez says:

        @JT I agree about Assistant Kim but I do wish we’d had a chance to actual see what makes her so scary. I don’t mean what happened in her past to form her character type of “made her scary”. I do like that we’ve been made to believe she’s scary but I’d liked to see a backflash or somebody relay a heinous act she’s done that reinforces what we’ve come to believe. And we have to give this actress props as well because we think she’s scary, but since they haven’t shown or told us why, that’s all the actress’ doing through her nuanced performance.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Giggly, my dwarf name for the JSS president, lost his trademark laugh when he decided Yoo Jin lost her marbles 😵 over Je Ha. (EDITORIAL: Mr. PD-nim how can you say Yoo Jin is NOT in love with Je Ha and yet you just allowed this dialog and Yoo Jin’s “love is a luxury neither one of us can afford” and then claim the Yoo Jin does not love Je Ha?).

      While Giggly made the case for Yoo Jin’s lack of sanity, he has already asked out the opposition several times, I’m not quite convinced he truly traded allegiances. Is Giggly leading Chairman Choi into a trap or is he trapping the Cloud 9 denizens?

      @redbutterflys wondered if Je Ha could be Yoo Jin’s redemption. I would like to see Yoo Jin be genuinely remorseful of her evil deeds; I want her to pay for her crimes. How about a nice long prison sentence with 💩💩 politicians, Giggly and Chairman Choi?


      • kjtamuser says:

        “I’m not quite convinced he truly traded allegiances. Is Giggly leading Chairman Choi into a trap or is he trapping the Cloud 9 denizens?”

        Good question. The JSS President aka Giggly has always been on the edge of over friendliness with the enemy. Witness his friendship with the Police Chief. Granted they both get something out of the relationship…another person to laugh insincerely with!

        “I would like to see Yoo Jin be genuinely remorseful of her evil deeds; I want her to pay for her crimes.”

        Concur. Paying for misdeeds is often lacking in dramas, especially for the powerful and rich. We shall see what the writer has in store in the last 2 episodes.


      • Beez says:

        @KT -“Giggly” is perfect for him! That is what I’ll be calling that actor whenever I see him now, no matter his role in the future.


      • I totally love the Giggly moniker as applied to the JSS president it suits him very well 😀

        Liked by 1 person

    • Beez says:

      Good points, Redbutterflys


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    BACK ON TRACK – The last couple of episodes seemed to have righted the direction of this series. I concur with kjtamuser “This was my kind of episode. The perfect mix of action and strategy and angst.”

    KINDNESS BEGETS KINDNESS – I was pleased Je Ha saved Dr. Kim’s life as he stole the USB. That act of kindness resulted in stopping the JSS search warrant, which threw Je Ha a lifeline by mitigating the stress on the medical team and having Park Team Evil find him. Kindness is a foreign concept for Yoo Jin, which she simply cannot fathom. She resorts to goading her enemies every time.

    TACKY PRODUCT PLACEMENT – I concur with @KJT “Product placement blows sometimes.” Inserting the Subway placement into Je Ha and Anna’s shared dream while Je Ha was fighting for his life makes me NEVER eat as Subway again—did you hear that sponsors? It is another example of the PD extricating joy out of a scene that should have given us anticipation of a frolicking future of our couple.


    • Beez says:

      Ditto! (My boycotting Subway from now on will be helped by the fact that I went there for the first time in 4 years about a week ago and my order (of a half sub (6″), a soda, and teeeny tiny bag of chips) totaled $13 plus change! Really? I can hit Outback steakhouse for that!

      I admit I only went cause drama placement made me THINK I had a taste for it.

      Liked by 1 person

    • kjtamuser says:

      ” I was pleased Je Ha saved Dr. Kim’s life as he stole the USB. That act of kindness resulted in …Kindness is a foreign concept for Yoo Jin, which she simply cannot fathom. She resorts to goading her enemies every time”.

      * I agree that Yoo Jin cannot conceptualize kindness. Any “kind” act she does has an ulterior motive.

      “Inserting the Subway placement into Je Ha and Anna’s shared dream while Je Ha was fighting for his life makes me NEVER eat as Subway again”

      * I’m numb to kdrama couples eating at Subway or group lunches from Subway, but as you noted, Je Ha was potentially having the last dream he’d ever had as he fought for his life on the operating table. NO WAY he dreams about taking Anna to Subway. That was a shake my head moment.


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    ANNA HUMBLES HERSELF BEFORE YOO JIN – Yoo Jin baited Anna to call her “Mom” and Anna got on her knees and begged Yoo Jin to let her see our Je Ha. Yoo Jin looked genuinely shocked to have Anna comply so humbly with her request and considering Je Ha’s feelings once conscious, Yoo Jin allowed Anna to see Je Ha. I think Yoo Jin could not grasp the concept of humbling herself in such a manner. Of course, Anna didn’t get to see Je Ha until Yoo Jin brow beat her into believing she needed to leave Je Ha to protect him and Agents Housekeeper, J4 and K1. I ❤ Anna’s tearful farewell to Je Ha and her tender 💋 kiss. Yoo Jin just can help herself from isolating Je Ha from Anna. Seriously ahjumma, do you really think our hero, whose purpose is justice, would opt to stay with your evil ahjumma self over being with the sweet and naïve Anna?


    • Beez says:

      I’m surprised Mirror didn’t show JeHa the visit from the beginning with all the blackmail and threats. Unless it did and the show wanted to keep time to a minimum by only showing him watching the kiss BUT, I highly doubt that because I wanted to scream at a couple of backflashes this episode.

      I truly don’t mind backflashes. In fact I need them what with my short-term memory issues…but I don’t need them literally 35 seconds after they were shown! I hate when a scene happens and then the very next scene is of a character sitting moross and the show thinks we need to backflash that scene to know what the person is brooding about. IT WAS LITERALLY 30 SECONDS AGO!


      • kjtamuser says:

        “backflashes…I need them what with my short-term memory issues…but I don’t need them literally 35 seconds after they were shown! ”

        That hit home with me when I was doing the screen captures for the episode. We saw Anna’s tender moment & kiss with Je Ha, then Anna dreamed about that moment, then Je Ha watched that moment when “mirror” played it for him. So that scene was shown 3 times in the latter half of this episode.


    • kjtamuser says:

      “Yoo Jin looked genuinely shocked to have Anna comply…I think Yoo Jin could not grasp the concept of humbling herself in such a manner. ”

      * Agreed. Just like Yoo Jin cannot conceive of unconditional kindness, she cannot conceive of being humble out of love.

      “do you really think our hero, whose purpose is justice…?”

      * Isn’t it wonderful that you can state Je Ha is out for justice, not revenge?


  4. Beez says:

    quoting ktjamuser:
    “Wow! Yoo Jin flirted with the crazy line in the sand with that conversation”
    Haha! You tellin’ the truth on that one, kjtamuser!

    And…just why are the baddies sitting in the dark exactly? They all know who each other are. I get the dramatic ominous flair it lends, but it would work better if they broadcast via video feed which would make the darkness seem like they’re trying to hide their identities and then the darkness makes some kind of sense. Otherwise, it just seems stupid.

    And when Yoo jin heard Jeha was conscious and ran into the room all bouncy and hair flowing and …what? are we supposed think those are motherly feelings? C’mon. Even Chief Bad Actor (now officially known as “Giggly”, moniker thanks to Jane Tilly) had to comment that Yoo Jin’s nose is wide open. (Translation: she is totally gone, in loved, infatuated.)

    “She stares at Je Ha and thinks that love is luxury neither of them can afford.”
    That’s the first clue we have that MAYBE her infactuation with Jeha might be more about the power he can give her physically and mentally (knowing when to act without her having to be there to call the shots) as her #1 henchman and not a lover’s infactuation. I look at Yoo jin and just think, of she had the physical prowess to do all that she wants to do without relying on anyone else, she would’ve cut Assemblyman Park’s, her stepmother’s, and her brother’s father-in-law’s throats in their sleep.

    Jeha says the memory chip now protects him and Anna like the email once did. What I don’t understand is what’s changed? Or, in other words, why did he delete the email in the first place? When, back then, did he begin trusting Yoo Jin and when now did he suddenly decide to distrust her? I don’t get any of these actions based on what we’ve been shown as Yoo jin had been ever constant, especially with Je ha.

    What’s in the case? My overactive imagination went to “they’re going to put Yoo Jin (or Jeha) alive in that case”. That’s probably farfetched just because they were carrying it like pallbearers, but didn’t one of the baddies say something like “let’s go get Yoo jin”. I’m probably mistaken. You know how subtitles can be misleading. They probably said “go get her” as in give her her comeuppance.

    “His one-armed swing of Kim Suk Han into the parking lot was unlikely but fun to watch.”
    Exactly! Especially since somehow the memory card that was in Prez’ son’s hand ended up in Jeha’s same hand that he used to swing and toss and release him. That thing would’ve dropped if they had been standing on solid ground just trying to palm it off to each other!

    Thank goodness for Yoo jin giving me a good reason I can justify why I’m watching this show to other people. (To myself I can admit it’s simply because of Ji Chang wook.)


    • kjtamuser says:

      I never understood why Je Ha claimed to have deleted the email. I saw no basis for that action. So giving himself another insurance policy against Yoo Jin is wise, but ridding himself of the first insurance policy made no sense.

      Concur that the swing to safety Je Ha gave the President’s son improbable, but extracting the memory chip from the President son’s hand was more like impossible.

      You can admit your true justification to us. I’ll freely admit I’m only watching this series because Ji Chang Wook is in it.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I concur Ji Chang Wook is the big draw for the series. The action and Song Yoon Ah’s portrayal of Yoo Jin has been compelling.

      I noticed the baddies were not only in the dark, but there was plenty of cigarette smoke swirling around to add to the sinister feeling. Korean broadcast TV must have the same ban on showing people smoking.

      I was happy🤗 Je Ha asked the mirror to replay Anna’s visit. I hope he saw Yoo Jin manipulating Anna. I suspect he did due to his triple whammy exclamation he stole the flash drive to protect him and Anna from Yoo Jin; called Yoo Jin selfish; and admonished killing innocents to maintain power is unacceptable. He continued to set the record straight by making Yoo Jin know he is aware she only “wanted to protect him and make him her slave”. I don’t think anyone else would have survived Yoo Jin’s wrath 👹 saying those words!


      • You guys have made me laugh as I now picture all the guys in that dark conference room as a bunch of silly middle aged men who don’t know where the light switch is and because they can’t admit ignorance they have to sit around in the dark pretending it is what they like to do.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Jane Tilly says:

    Last episode’s flash drive grab still bugs me. I am mystified how Je Ha and his boys did not find the flash drive and replace it with a decoy. Beez said last episode “I find it hard to believe Je Ha & Agent Seo didn’t find the flash drive after homeboy basically pointed, pulled back the curtain, and Vanna Whit-ed it for them”. But at least Je Ha got it and neither Yoo Jin’s Team Evil or 💩Park’s Team Evil have their hands on it. I want Je Ha to secure his insurance from Yoo Jin and the rest of the baddies.


  6. Jennie says:

    What’s the background song when Anna is approching Je ha in this episode?


  7. Anna lee says:

    Do you know what the tittle of soundtrack on this episode?
    Classic song when anna kiss jae ha


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