The K2 Episode 6 Recap

Je Ha tries to be a Knight in Shining Armor for Anna but things go wrong.

The K2 Episode 6 Recap

Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) stands in the elevator as it goes down to cloud nine. He exits the elevator to find two long hallways which end at a glass door. He submits his palm print and has his eyes scanned to enter the room. He sees JSS President, Col. Joe, Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon A), and Assistant Kim in the glass walled conference room. He sits on the couch to wait for them. Inside the conference room Yoo Jin is ruthless as she deals with potential enemies. She’s willing to take an innocent man to court and block him from getting future jobs, and she’s willing to release a sex tape to destroy another (even wanting the man’s children to see the sex tape before it goes public). Yoo Jin spots Je Ha waiting outside the conference room and smiles.

Agent J4 is giddy when she tells the agent housekeeper that Je Ha has been honored by being called to cloud nine. Ko An Na (Yoona) (aka Anna) overhears them discussing Je Ha and his new elevated status. J4 declares she must make Je Ha hers. Agent housekeeper tells her that Je Ha will never return to guard duty at the house. She warns J4 to do her job and protect Anna because no one will be watching the CCTV cameras that evening. Anna eyes the CCTV camera outside of her room speculatively. Excellent!

The JSS President, Col. Joe, and Assistant Kim exit the conference room. They see Je Ha waiting. Col. Joe tells him to go in to see Yoo Jin. Je Ha enters the room and tells Yoo Jin that he’s impressed with the top-notch facilities. He gets down to business and asks why she wanted to see him. She wants to hear something from him. Je Ha asks what she wants to hear. Yoo Jin wants to know about the Je Ha, the man that rescued her without a request, thought to bring an umbrella, and was old-fashioned enough to offer a handkerchief to her. Je Ha asks what she specifically wants to know. Yoo Jin knows about his military experience from the viewpoint of Col. Joe, but she’s interested in what happened to him in Iraq in his own words. She assures him they will begin their plan to take down Assemblyman Park soon. She reminds Je Ha that the room is soundproof. Je Ha wants to know why her microphone is functional and who is listening. Yoo Jin states the listener is a computer. She demonstrates asking the computer who the fairest of them all and the computer responds Snow White.

Anna watches news footage of her father. She learned that he will be visiting the Catholic Church the next day. She looks at the CCTV and ponders her options for escape.

Yoo Jin explains that the computer, nicknamed “Mirror”, has Artificial Intelligence (AI) to weave information and rationalize outcomes and decisions. Yoo Jin says if Je Ha will share his story with her, then Mirror can answer any questions he still has. Je Ha asks why she assumes that he has unanswered questions. Yoo Jin counters he wouldn’t have joined JSS if he didn’t have unanswered questions. Irritated because she’s right, Je Ha says nothing. Yoo Jin laughs and says that the only one that can get the information that he be interested in is her because her voice activates Mirror.

Anna observes J4 eating while watching TV. She takes the opportunity to slip into J4’s room. She rifles through her drawers and takes her earpiece, badge, wallet, and a syringe. Anna has a brain. I like it.

Je Ha sits down to tell Yoo Jin the story of his time in Iraq and why he hates Assemblyman Park.

Iraq Flashback…Je Ha returns to base, happy to soon see the woman he loves. Je Ha sees her handling translation duties between Assemblyman Park and another man. He gets her attention and mouths that he loves her but she silences him with a shake of her head. He sits in his Jeep to wait for her to conclude her business with Assemblyman Park. When Assemblyman Park gets into his car to exit the camp, Je Ha sees two men put a black hood over her head and drag her away. Je Ha leaps out of his Jeep but is slowed down as Assemblyman Park’s car passes in front of him. He hears a shot. He rushes and finds the woman he loves on the ground dead. Je Ha is felled by a single punch. That seems unlikely. When he wakes, he has a gun in his hand. He throws the gun to the ground and rushes to her side. He pulls back the hood and confirms her identity. He sobs out his sorrow. Two soldiers drag him away from the body.

Present day…Je Ha tells Yoo Jin that he was framed for murder. He learned that Assemblyman Park left Iraq that very day. Je Ha relays that he would manage to escape prison and made his way through the desert countries to Europe. He looks at Je Ha and says that is why he must kill Assemblyman Park. To avenge the death of the woman he loved. Yoo Jin agrees that Je Ha has sufficient reason to want Assemblyman Park dead.

When J4 takes a bathroom break, Anna puts the liquid from the syringe into her drink. Agent Housekeeper is asleep in her room. I like that Anna has a clear plan to disable the agents watching her. She must get grim satisfaction at using the drugs typically used against her, against them.

Yoo Jin tells Mirror to answer all questions Je Ha has. Je Ha wants to know why Assemblyman Park visited the camp that day. Mirror doesn’t know. Yoo Jin directs Mirror to use twice as many resources and invoke AI to make educated guesses. Mirror asks Je Ha the location of the tent where assembly Park had his meeting at the camp. Je Ha provides the exact location. Mirror responds that it is likely that Assemblyman Park conducted secret talks. Mirror lists the people at the meeting identifying a clan leader as the likely person Assemblyman Park was there to talk to. Je Ha demands to know what they were talking about. Mirror doesn’t know. Je Ha demands to know why the woman he loved was killed. Mirror states that she interpreted the sensitive conversation and was killed because of it. Je Ha is not surprised; this is what he is suspected all along. Assemblyman Park used her to translate, then killed her, so no one would ever know his business dealings. Je Ha demands to know what Assemblyman Park’s business was. Mirror doesn’t know but states that two weeks after the visit, the clan leader created his own private army. Yoo Jin guesses that this was a weapons deal for Assemblyman Park.

Anna steals out of the house dressed in J4’s work attire. Smart of her to make her hair look like the bob J4 wears. As she makes her way down the drive, an agent calls to her on her earpiece and asks where she’s going. The bright lights of the headlights stun her for a moment, but Anna regains her wherewithal and tells the agent that she’s going down to the store. The agent sighs and says if she keeps doing this, he’ll have to report her. He asks her to get him a cup coffee and Anna agrees, surprising him.

Anna hails a cab and asked the driver to take her to an unknown location. Anna rolls down the window and enjoys the breeze. When the direct sunlight begins to affect her, she puts on sunglasses.

Yoo Jin wants to know if Je Ha loved the woman that was killed. Je Ha is unsure if it was love or responsibility he felt because he was referred her for the job of interpreter. Je Ha tells Yoo Jin he’ll head home now. Yoo Jin tells him now that he’s in elite status, he will live at company quarters, and she’ll protect him and those he cares for from this day forward. Je Ha interprets that as being her personal slave. Yoo Jin states that she’s never betrayed someone who’s never betrayed her. Je Ha counters that masters always betray their slaves. However, that people that don’t betray their friends, do exist. He asks if she’ll be his friend. He leaves. She smiles and shakes her head at his friend request.  Je Ha is certainly comfortable with blurring the lines of employer and employee with Yoo Jin. I thought the logic was solid that if they were in powerful versus powerless positions, he would be used. Suggesting that Yoo Jin be his friend, instead of his boss, was bold and charming.

The cab drops Anna in her former neighborhood. Anna walks to her childhood home and stands outside. She thinks happy memories of herself and her mother. The young actress the place the young Anna is appealing. Tears slide down Anna’s face.

The security guy driving Je Ha home asks him if he will be reporting the cloud nine every day. Je Ha says he won’t. The security guy asks Je Ha if he failed.

As Anna walks the neighborhood she imagines seeing a younger version of herself and her mother walking the neighborhood. She ends up at a photography studio and notices a picture in display window, is of her mother and herself. Steeling herself to interact, she walks into the photography studio and the owner comes out. She asks about the photo in the display window and he immediately sees that she is Ume Hye Rin’s daughter. The owner remembers her name is Anna. She confirms this.

When Je Ha returns to the house, the guard informs him that J4 has been gone a long time. Je Ha rushes into the house and finds J4 asleep on the couch. He pulls the pillow from underneath her head which wakes her. He looks at her in disgust (because she was sleeping on the job) and rushes upstairs. Je Ha finds an empty bedroom. Where is Anna?

The photography studio owner tells Anna that the display window photo was taken when Anna’s mother, movie star Ume Hye Rin, stopped by to have a passport picture taken. After that photo was taken, impulsively Anna’s mother asked for a family portrait. The photography studio owner asks Anna if she went to America. Anna is perplexed. The photography studio owner tells Anna that the passport picture was for a visa to America. The photography studio owner reveals that there is another woman in the family portrait. He removes the photo from the frame and folds back the hidden portion of the picture revealing a dark-haired woman sitting next to Anna and her mother. Anna remembers the woman. That’s a good revelation. Something as simple as a folded photo reveals a hidden clue.

Col. Joe has to put a call into the president letting him know that Anna is missing. Needless to say, the president is not happy and shudders to think about telling Yoo Jin of the situation. Col. Joe recommends that he and the agents look for Anna, putting off the inevitable reveal to Yoo Jin for as long as possible. Col. Joe demands to know what Anna took with her. J4 reveals that Anna took her wallet and earpiece. J4 looks at her phone and realizes that Anna’s been using her credit card. She sees that Anna took a taxi. Col. Joe barks at her to call the taxi company and find out the drop off location.

Anna takes a taxi to another location. We hear the voiceover of the photography studio owner saying that the woman in the photo is living at an assisted living facility. The lady at the reception desk recognizes the woman in the photo, Yoo Myung Ja, and tells Anna which room she is in. When Anna enters her room she finds Myung Ja lying on a bed. When Anna speaks to her Myung Ja recognizes her but tells her she’s hungry. The nun in the room tells her that the woman just ate recently.

Col. Joe, J4, and Je Ha speed along the road undoubtedly going to the assisted living facility.

Anna tries again to get Myung Ja to recognize her. This time Myung Ja sits up and urgently tells Anna, calling her by her mother’s name Hye Rin, to take Anna and go to America. Myung Ja says that Yoo Jin knows everything and they have to hurry. Myung Ja pleads with Anna to hurry and flee because Yoo Jin will kill her. Anna realizes that Yoo Jin is the catalyst for all her family’s troubles. She asks Myung Ja if she remembers anything else. Myung Ja reverts to talking about food. Anna is upset that the moment of clarity is gone.

k2_ep6_9b k2_ep6_9a
Two cars JSS agents arrived at the assisted living facility. Col. Joe directs them to block the exits. Anna hears them because she still wearing J4’s earpiece. Col. Joe checks with the reception desk and learns that Anna went to room 101. J4 heads to room 101. Je Ha goes in a different direction. When J4 enters room 101 Anna is gone. Je Ha reports to Col. Joe that Anna is nowhere to be found in the men’s rooms. Col. Joe gets a call from Assemblyman Jang Se Joon (Cho Seong Ha). Col. Joe reports that they are searching for Anna as they speak. He apologizes for losing her. Je Ha practically rolls his eyes, knowing that Assemblyman Jang ignores Anna. When Col. Joe ends the call Je Ha asks what Anna’s father directed them to do. Col. Joe says that Assemblyman Jang does not want Anna to show up at the church where he is making a public appearance. Je Ha shakes his head commenting that Assemblyman Jang is more worried about himself that his daughter. He got that right! Anna overhears Je Ha’s comment as she walks past them dressed in a nun’s outfit. She thinks to herself that her father isn’t like that. It’s only because Yoo Jin is in his life. She walks out of the building. Of course Anna has to cling to the idea that her father cares for her, and it is the evil Yoo Jin that thwarts their relationship. She knows differently, as she saw her father returned to the house and elect not to see her. But she can’t admit the terrible truth to herself. Because when she does the pain will be overwhelming.

Agents surround the church looking at everyone who enters, searching for Anna’s face. Yoo Jin and Assemblyman Jang walk up the hill to the church they help an older woman. Assemblyman Park drives by. Onlookers notice the difference between the callous Assemblyman Park and the caring Assemblyman Jang. Col. Joe and Je Ha are in the church scanning everyone that enters. The ever smiling Assemblyman Park walks into the church and makes his way to the front. He wonders where Yoo Jin and Assemblyman Jang are. He spots them helping the old woman into the church and realizes that they are milking the situation for all it’s worth. He calls to them to sit next to him, but they refuse, taking a seat in the back. Assemblyman Park has to smile knowing that they’ve bested him as far as looking meek and kindhearted.

Nuns file into the church to sing a song, and Anna is among them. That’s a bold choice! As she turns to face the audience she makes eye contact with Assemblyman Jang. He stares at her unable to believe his daughter is in the front of the church. Anna watches in horror as her father asks Yoo Jin why his daughter is in the front of the church. She sees Yoo Jin scan then find her, the shock on her face evident. Yoo Jin immediately texts Col. Joe that Anna is with the nuns. As Col. Joe is reading the text from Yoo Jin, Je Ha spots Anna with the nuns. The nuns sing a song. Col. Joe tells all agents via their earpiece that Anna is among the nuns. Je Ha says that he’ll approach her. Agents move in tandem towards the front of the church. The priest shakes them off not wanting the service disrupted. Je Ha stares at Anna. She turns and watches him. Assemblyman Jang looks decidedly uncomfortable and Yoo Jin looks livid. When the nuns finish the song they file to the side of the church, all of them but Anna. She stands at the front of the church and stares at her father who refuses to look at her. Tears filled her eyes as her father’s rejection washes over her. The agents try and decide whether or not they need to grab her by force. The priest sees Anna standing at the front of the church and assumes that she is there to sing an additional song. He announces to the crowd that there is an additional song from the nuns. Anna sings Amazing Grace. This is a moment where having a singer portray this character pays off. After Anna sings the first stanza, the rest of the nuns join on the chorus. It’s a lovely song and well done. Anna has tears, Yoo Jin has tears, and Assemblyman Jang has tears, though they are all feeling very different emotions in that moment. Assemblyman Park inappropriately stands and claps at the end of the lovely song. Ha! Je Ha starts to Anna but she stops him with a look. As Je Ha stares at her he telepathically wills her not to do what she wants to do. She seems to get the message because she walks to the side and joins the other nuns. She looks at her father, who quickly looks away when she catches his eye. The look Yoo Jin gives her is one of pure hate. Yoo Jin looks totally evil in that moment.

As the nuns file out of the church, Je Ha rushes after them and calls to Anna, but she’s not there. Really? All the agents at the church knew that Anna was dressed as a nun, and no one was there when the nuns filed out of the church? A nun hands Je Ha a note. Assemblyman Jang reads the note in which Anna says “Dad, it seems that I’ve lost my way. Please come and get me. You know where I am.” Assemblyman Jang closes his eyes and listens to his wife tell him that if the world finds out about Anna, his bid for the presidency is over. Assemblyman Jang turns on his wife and asks how she could let the situation even occur. Yoo Jin snaps that his job is to figure out where his daughter went. Assemblyman Jang claims not to know where Anna went.

Yoo Jin stares at her husband in disbelief. She says Anna is waiting for him. Assemblyman Jang claims that it’s been too long, he has no idea where she would be. Yoo Jin snaps that is feels sorry for Anna, who believes her father will find her. Yoo Jin directs Col. Joe to exit the car. Yoo Jin says to Assemblyman Jang that 14 years ago on the last day she ever made breakfast for him, if he’d left her, she would have a shred of respect for him.

k2_ep6_11ak2_ep6_11b Flashback… Assemblyman Jang enters the kitchen where Yoo Jin is finishing his preparing his morning meal. Yoo Jin drops his cup of tea when he reads that Anna’s mother has committed suicide. Of course Yoo Jin already knows about this. Furious Assemblyman Jang slams the paper to the table and turns to leaves. Yoo Jin tells him that if he leaves her now, Anna will die too. Bam! Yoo Jin is one cold calculating woman.

Present day…Assemblyman Jang asks Yoo Jin how could he leave knowing that she would kill his daughter. He calls Yoo Jin a murderer. Yoo Jin stares at her husband and scoffs she might have agreed once. She might have thought that he was staying with her to protect his daughter from her murderous intent. But time has revealed his true reasons for staying. Assemblyman Jang declares that Yoo Jin was afraid that Anna would derail his political ambitions. The husband-and-wife duo stared daggers at each other. Both of them knowing that they got each other pegged, and both of them stuck in the unhappy marriage they’ve wrought.

Je Ha asked Col. Joe if Anna’s parents know where she is. Col. Joe shakes his head no.

The JSS president yells to his security team in the CCTV surveillance room that they have to find Anna. He orders them to check every camera angle around the church. He declares if they don’t find her, this will be the end for everyone.

Anna sits alone on a park bench. She watches families play and enjoy being together.

k2_ep6_12Flashback…Anna recalls her parents taking her to an amusement park and the fun they all had together. In the flashback Anna remembers the loudspeaker making an announcement about a missing child. Assemblyman Jang asked Anna if she knew what to do if she were to ever become lost. Anna chirps that she would take the taxi to the bus stop so she could go home. Assemblyman Jang laughs at her perfect answer. Anna chides her father that she’s eight now, and this is common sense. Assemblyman Jang asked Anna what she would do if she was unable to take a taxi. Anna’s answer is simple; she would find her father. Assemblyman Jang tells his daughter that if she keeps looking for him, he won’t be able to find her. Anna realizes that she and her father would be at cross purposes if they were both searching for each other. Assemblyman Jang tells Anna should the situation arrive she should stay in the same location where she got lost and he’ll come and find her. Assemblyman Jang tells his daughter that no matter what, she has to stay put so he can find her. Assemblyman Jang promises that he will come and find her. Anna smiles happily knowing her father would never fail her.

Present day…Anna sits alone and forlorn wondering if her father will find her. Two girls walk by and snap a selfie, I’m guessing they have Anna in the background. One of the security agents calls to the president and says he’s found Anna. The president rushes to the agent screen and sees Anna in the background of the recently uploaded selfie of the two girls in the park. The president smiles in satisfaction, now they just have to retrieve Anna.

Je Ha asks Team Leader So for a favor. Team Leader So is surprised that Je Ha is asking not demanding.

Anna daydreams that her father will approach her with an ice cream in hand. But the reality is different. It’s Je Ha that approaches her with ice cream. As Je Ha offers the strawberry ice cream Anna asks where her father is. Je Ha claims her father sent him. Anna stares at him with disbelief. Je Ha maintains that he never would’ve known where to come unless her father told him. I’m not sure Je Ha is doing her a favor by allowing her to maintain the illusion that her father is somebody wonderful. But in the situation, retrieval of Anna is the prime objective, and so whatever it takes, is what it takes. Also, Je Ha is trying to be kind. But sometimes allowing others to believe an untruth is not the kind.

As Je Ha sits next to Anna he tells her that if she did a good job controlling herself in the church. Anna asks what her father said. Anna asks if her father was mad. Je Ha lies and says that her father wasn’t mad, but he was very worried about her. Anna has to smile at that statement. Je Ha offers her the ice cream again telling her that her father directed him to buy it. Anna looks into Je Ha’s eyes hoping that her father sent the ice cream. Anna decides to believe Je Ha is life and accepts the strawberry ice cream. She eats several bites and declares it is good.

Team Leader So directs the other agents not to make a move until Je Ha brings Anna out of the park. One agent who is watching the pair reports to Team Leader So that they are eating ice cream. That surprises Team Leader So.

k2_ep6_14b k2_ep6_14a
Anna tells Je Ha that this park used to be an amusement park called Dream Land. She confides it was her fantasy world. She tells him it was the first amusement park that she ever went to with her father. She describes the roller coaster that she was too young to ride. She happily tells Je Ha that just going to the amusement park was a thrill. She had something that she could tell her friends that she did with her father. Je Ha smiles and says that must’ve made her happy. But Anna says it really wasn’t that great, because she could never admit who her father really was. Anna says her mother told her to never reveal her father’s identity. Anna says her mother said that her father was so powerful, that if their existence was revealed, that people would bother her father. Anna starts to get upset and she tells Je Ha that she didn’t truly understand, and she was afraid of the bad people that might hurt her father, but she stuffed all the fear inside of her.

Anna starts to hyperventilate. Je Ha takes her arm concerned. Anna says all of this is just a futile fantasy. She breaths harder and Je Ha is truly concerned. Anna says that she now knows that she was the bad person. Anna grabs her chest breathing very hard. Je Ha is very concerned at this point. Anna passes out into his arms. Je Ha calls for an ambulance. Team Leader So is not happy with that request. Je Ha barks at him to do it. Je Ha lays Anna out on the bench. He begs her to wake up.

k2_ep6_16b k2_ep6_16a
Agent housekeeper tells Col Joe that Anna has a severe strawberry allergy. The strawberry ice cream that Je Ha gave could kill her. As agents run to Je Ha, Team Leader So yells at Je Ha that Anna could die from the strawberries. Je Ha’s eyes widen in shock. He realizes she only ate ice cream because he claimed her father sent it. He checks her pulse. It’s weak. Team Leader So directs him to give her CPR. Je Ha administered CPR and begs Anna to wake up. Her eyes flutter open then close. Je Ha stares at her in desperation.

My Thoughts

Anna takes front and center in this good episode. I was impressed with her smarts in exiting the house, and her boldness in going to the church where she knew her father would be. Je Ha is drawn to Anna. He is drawn to damsels in distress. His lie that Anna’s father sent the strawberry ice cream, cost her.

Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) is a now elite agent. He was able to talk to Mirror, I like that name for the AI computer, about what happened in Iraq. The Mirror guessed that Assemblyman Park engaged in secret weapons discussions, and Je Ha’s fiancé was killed because she had knowledge of the negotiations. We got the answer the question on whether or not Je Ha cared for his finance or if it was an engagement of convenience. Obviously he cared for this woman, and wants to avenge her death. Je Ha went out on a limb and approached Anna solo in the park. Unfortunately, he made the flavor faux paus by bringing her strawberry ice cream, not knowing that she had a severe allergic reaction to strawberries. He lied that Anna’s father sent the ice cream, to keep her calm and achieve the end goal of retrieving her. But he really had a secondary agenda, and that was to make a connection with her. He wanted to do his job, but he wanted to do it with kindness. Unfortunately, his choice in ice cream flavors, thwarted his goal. I thrilled they have finally interacted. Now their relationship can become a reality. My fears from last episode, that Je Ha would only watch Anna from afar, dissipate.

Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon A) can care, but she really is a ruthless woman. Yoo Jin’s good side is the place you want to be, because getting on her bad side is painful. Recall how the JSS President shuddered knowing the wrath he’d face for losing Anna. Je Ha is in the honeymoon phase with Yoo Jin. She rewarded him for his spectacular efforts in retrieving her last episode. She opened up the smartest computer in Korea and offered it to help him determine why Assemblyman Park ordered Je Ha’s fiancé killed. But her fury when Assemblyman Jang told her that Anna was at the front of the church was over the top. Her face twisted into an ugly rage as she stared daggers at Anna. The flashback revealed the fateful day after Yoo Jin had Anna’s mother killed, and she issued the edit to Assemblyman Jang that desertion would cost Anna her life. Her relationship with Assemblyman Jang is based in mutual need and hatred at this point. She wants the ultimate power of being the power of the presidency. This is her single sustained goal. Anyone that gets in her way, must be eliminated or dealt with harshly. We all know that sooner or later, she will turn her fury on Je Ha, as one day he will choose to support Anna over her.

Assemblyman Jang Se Joon (Cho Seong Ha) is a pitiful excuse for a father. The flashback revealed Yoo Jin’s ultimatum to him that he had to stay with her or Anna would be killed. Initially you think Assemblyman Jang had no choice, he had to stay to save his daughter. But we know now as Yoo Jin pointed out, that Assemblyman Jang stayed to save his rise to power, to save his personal ambitions, and his daughter was merely an excuse. Even if Assemblyman Jang only used Anna as an excuse, it was quite painful to watch him avert his eyes from his daughter’s pleading eyes. Am I to interpret that he feels some kind of guilt over his desertion? He’s as self-centered as his wife, with the goal of the presidency’s power and status as his driving force. In that, he and his wife are well suited for each other.

Ko An Na (Yoona) made a move, and a bold one at that. I was impressed with how she disabled J4 and escaped the confines of the house. It was pure luck that she saw the photograph in the window, but she learned that an old friend of her mother was now living in an assisted living facility. It was interesting that the photography studio owner called it a family portrait. How is this Myung Ja family? Is it by blood or by closeness to Anna’s mother? When Anna found Myung Ja, she mistook her for Anna’s mother, and urged her to leave the country quickly or Yoo Jin would kill her. Anna used this to confirm her underlying belief that Yoo Jin is the root of evil, and to be blamed for everything bad. She’s not far off by, however, she does not include her father in the culpability pile. Even when she sat alone in the park, pondering her father’s averted gaze, she did not want to believe what it meant. She is desperate for her father’s love, so desperate that she ate the deadly strawberry ice cream that Je Ha offered because he claimed it was sent by her father. Anna can’t see the situation clearly right now; she’s been kept captive for too many years. She’s envisioned that her father will be her Savior for a lifetime. She must come to grips with false fantasy one day and realize that Je Ha will be her Savior, not her father.

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8 comments on “The K2 Episode 6 Recap
  1. Really enjoying the music in this drama.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    CLOUD NINE—I was so nervous for our Je Ha descending to the bowels of the building, AKA Cloud Nine. I felt claustrophobic and kept wondering how he could escape. I felt like his invitation was not the honor his colleagues indicate, but getting further entangled in JSS, which will make it harder for Je Ha to escape when the time comes, it portends the necessity of Je Ha dismantling this organization to gain his freedom.

    I was horrified to learn Blackhawk framed Je Ha for Naniya’s murder. On the plus side, the “Mirror” confirmed Je Ha’s suspicions and gave a clue to follow-up on. Is the enemy (Yoo Jin) of your enemy (Assemblyman Park) your ally?

    YOO JIN—Yoo Jin has an appreciation for Je Ha’s skills and initiative—her invitation to Cloud Nine gave her more opportunity to control Je Ha. Every time start to think Yoo Jin might a streak of human warmth; we see her “ruthless” side. I concur with @KJT “Anyone that gets in her way, must be eliminated or dealt with harshly. We all know that sooner or later, she will turn her fury on Je Ha, as one day he will choose to support Anna over her.”

    REPREHENSIBLE ASSEMBLYMAN PARK—How did this low-class politician get as far as he has? Assemblyman Park allowed/commanded his driver to honk and plow through the pedestrians on the way to mass; picked his nose—looking like he was going to sample the motherlode; and inappropriately hollered a seating invitation across the chapel to Assemblyman Jang and wife.

    ANNA ESCAPES—Anna finally got to move past her zombie-like existence with ramen-induced gleeful outbursts this episode. Ingeniously Anna immobilized J4, stole her ID, ear piece and wallet and made her escape. Hmm…how many times has J4 let Anna escape?
    While on the lam, Anna relived happy childhood memories of her home and amusement park family outing. Anna used her breakout to track down a maternal relative, Myung Ja, who affirmed Yoo Jin intended on killing her and her mother.

    Anna’s nun disguise allowed her escape from the care center and an inconspicuous entry to the church. I personally took enjoyment in seeing Assemblyman Jang and Yoo Jin squirm while Anna sang beautifully. How she slipped through the fingers of the JSS security detail at the church is beyond me.

    How pathetic is Assemblyman Jang that he cannot remember where Anna’s note surmises he should know. Anna deduced from her dad’s distress at mass that her dad values his career over her. Thanks to technology, Je Ha was able to claim Anna’s father sent him, thus forestalling Anna’s further anguish.

    JE HA—I find JSS to be a subpar security company—why wouldn’t they inform Anna’s new bodyguard about a life-threatening allergy, let alone neglect to equip him with an epi-pen for his charge?


    • kjtamuser says:

      I was pleased with Anna’s initiative and brain power. One day she’ll realize her father’s priorities have her lower than she suspects.
      Yoo Jin seems to accept JSS failings. You’d think she’d have J4 fired without hesitation. Yes, right now Yoo Jin is Je Ha’s ally against Assemblyman Park. I can see her imagining how to use Je Ha to eliminate Assemblyman Park. Poor Je Ha was unprepared for Anna’s allergic reaction. Yes, JSS should be aware and prepared for VIP client issues. How many years have they guarded Anna? You’d think they know everything about her.


  3. “I find JSS to be a subpar security company” @JaneTilly well said, anyone who would employ that J4 character definitely does not qualify as a stellar company. She talks too much,overly obsessed with sex and is just so uninterested in her job to the point that she just needs a good kick in the rear to get her to reset her priorities.


    • kjtamuser says:

      J4 needs disciplinary action ASAP. Two things about JSS:
      1. The massive amount of manpower they bring to every event. Do they get paid per person? How did Anna slip away from the church when every agent knew her outfit and locabtion?
      2. The CCTV surveillance room does seems to be an effective tool.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Agreed J4 is unprofessional, lax and a terrible body guard. J4 complained about being assigned to Anna as if it were the worst position–the job may not be exciting, but it is crucial Anna remain hidden for her poor excuse of a father to succeed in his political campaign. JSS should fire J4’s butt.

      Agent Housekeeper was the one who divulged the strawberry allergy after Anna had anaphylactic shock; Agent Housekeeper missed that crucial piece of information when Je Ha was briefed about Anna.

      Je Ha is the one assigned to the night shift of surveillance room–who was covering for Je Ha when Anna escaped? That person should be disciplined or fired along with J4.


      • kjtamuser says:

        I assume the surveillance agent was the same one that ogled J4. A simple dosci on Anna would have been helpful. I must stop trying to apply logic to these kdramas.


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