The K2 Episode 1 Recap

Our leading man can fight!

The K2 Episode 1 Recap

The show starts with a little girl getting out of bed because she thinks her father has come home. She goes downstairs to greet her father. But no one answers her call. She sees a light in her parents’ bedroom. She calls for her mother. But no one answers her call. She opens the door to her parents’ bedroom and finds her mother on the floor with a bottle of pills scattered. The window is open. She calls to her mother but there’s no response. The camera pulls back and we see that there is a man behind the little girl. The man closes the door. End of scene.


The little girl from the first scene is taken by a woman to a church (the location looks like Italy) run by nuns. No words are spoken as the little girl is left with a stern face nun. Anyone else noticed that the little girl’s dress looks very similar to the night gown she wore in the first scene?

Fast-forward, the little girl is now a young woman, Ko An Na (Yoona). She escapes from the church and runs to town. She’s dressed in a nightgown and no shoes. Seems to be a theme with this character. She drops her coins in the crosswalk. She stares at the waiting cars.


A bloody, battered, man, Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) wakes and makes his way to his room’s window. He scans the outside. He leaves the room and is aware of CCTV as he walks the streets.

k2_ep1_3a k2_ep1_3b k2_ep1_3c

An Na makes her way to the subway. A man follows her. She buys a ticket and rushes to the platform. The man follows her. She runs into Je Ha and apologizes in Korean. He is surprised to hear his native tongue in Italy. He asks if she’s okay. She is surprised to hear her native tongue in Italy. She grabs his hand and explains that a man is chasing her. She begs him to help her but he pulls away. He’s conscious of the CCTV watching. She spots the man following her and rushes down the stairs. Je Ha passes the man as he follows An Na. The man gives Je Ha a cocky grin. An Na hides behind a pillar at the subway platform. The man approaches. Her heavy breathing tips him off where she is. He tells her it’s time to go home. She refuses. The man warns her she’s making him mad. Je Ha appears and tells An Na to run. She sprints down the subway but turns to watch. What happens is a spectacularly stylized fight between the two men. At one point Je Ha appears to lose momentum and An Na flees. But Je Ha gets up and dispatches the man, making it permanent when he breaks his neck. I love a good fight. This fight had excellent high kicks, low kicks, spin kicks and moved down the platform utilizing all the elements in the way. The stunt doubles were woven in seamlessly. My hats off to the fight choreographer in this opening fight.

Je Ha is unhappy to find out that the man he just killed the police officer. The eyes of the CCTV are upon him and backup is called. As Je Ha tries to get out of the subway, An Na appears and begs him to help her. She tells him that her father is in Madrid and she only wants to get to him. She promises that her father can pay him a lot of money. She tells him that bad men are after her. Je Ha retorts that if bad men she references are police, then she’s the one that’s bad. He tells her to let go of him. When two police officers appear at the end of the hallway, her pleas for help ratchet up. He stares into her eyes and decides to help her. He tells her to run, he’ll take care of the police. She runs away. The two police officers approach Je Ha. One has a gun and one has a nightstick. The second fight of the series is not as good as the first, but Je Ha gets the job done and leaves the police officers disabled but alive.

k2_ep1_4a k2_ep1_4b

As Je Ha reaches the street level he passes a car and hears the pounding on a window. He turns and sees An Na in the car. She begs for his help yet again. A police officer watching the car and tells him to move along. An Na pleads with her eyes and her voice but Je Ha just can’t go another round of battle, for a woman he doesn’t even know. He gets into a taxi and tells the driver to take them to the airport. An Na watches his taxi drive away knowing that her chance of escape is over. What else is Je Ha to do? He just killed a police officer. He has to get out of the country and fast. While he wanted to help An Na, but getting himself thrown into jail wasn’t worth helping a woman he didn’t even know. That was a decent way to introduce the two key characters of the show. Let’s see what happens next.

6 months later in Seoul…


Je Ha is spray painting a sign and falls back into an easy chair to have a beer and a snack. Classical music plays while the camera roams over Je Ha’s muscled physique. Later, Je Ha gets a call.


Je Ha arrives at a building to reattach a banner that is flapping in the wind. This is not a small banner nor a short building. When Je Ha enters the lobby the security guard asks for ID. Je Ha says he doesn’t have any. The security guard says he can’t do the job without it. Je Ha turns to leave the lobby. The cleaning lady enters and vouches that this is the same man that put the banner up. She overheard the manager yelling that the banner needed to be fixed ASAP. The security guard still refuses to let him in. Then the cleaning lady says the magic words “madam wants it fixed.” That gets the security guard’s attention.

The security guard assigns his unlucky subordinate to babysit Je Ha while he reattaches the banner. Je Ha secures rope to his body and the roof. Did I mention it was windy? Je Ha goes to the edge of the roof and basically free falls/repels down the tall building. Holy smokes I love it!

Meanwhile two cars filled with men in masks make their way down the street. They enter the building’s basement parking lot.

Je Ha reaches a banner’s edge and works to reattach it.

k2_ep1_7a k2_ep1_7b

In the building a woman in an négligée prepares a drink. A man, Assemblyman Jang Se Joon (Cho Seong Ha) enters the room and begins kissing her. The TV distracts him because his wife, Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon A), is being interviewed. The woman gives him her drink to sip on while they watch TV.

A gaggle of masked men exit the two cars.

The interview focuses on Yoo Jin’s loving treatment of her Assemblyman husband.

Assemblyman Jang watches his wife simper on TV.

The men make their way through the lobby dispatching the security guards.

The woman turns off the TV and starts kissing Assemblyman Jang. He’s agreeable.

Je Ha makes his way to another edge of the banner of Assemblyman Jang. He looks in the window and sees Assemblyman Jang and the woman kissing. Assemblyman Jang sees Je Ha which unnerves him. Assemblyman Jang clutches his head. He stares at the wine glass and realizes he’s been drugged. Assemblyman Jang falls to the ground. The woman tells the unconscious Assemblyman Jang it’ll all be over soon. She walks to the window, winks at Je Ha, and closes the curtain so he can’t see what happens inside. Je Ha reattaches that side of the banner.

The masked men make their way through the hallways of the building dispatching every pair of security guards they meet.

On the other side of the banner, Je Ha looks into the building and sees the cleaning lady. She sees him and waves. Je Ha sees the masked men striding through the hallway. They enter the room with the cleaning lady. Je Ha tries to alert the cleaning lady she’s in danger but she doesn’t understand. A masked man comes up behind her and knocks her out with a night stick. Her blood spills onto the floor. Je Ha is horrified.

Meanwhile the woman has arranged Assemblyman Jang on the bed and she lays next to him. Looks like it’s time for photos to blackmail him with.

One of the security guards that is battling the masked men presses and alarm button. The apartment door is automatically locked where the woman and Assemblyman Jang are. The first security guard that didn’t want to grant Je Ha access is outside smoking and hears the alarm. He runs into the lobby and sees the gaggle of masked men on the CCTV. His boss calls him and asks him to hold the fort until he gets there. Ha! What are the odds he can do that? The security guard starts up the stairs as the elevators are locked.

Je Ha stares at the cleaning woman unconscious in a pile of blood. He decides he’s going to enter the building through the window. He starts to pound on the window with his body swinging from the rope.

The masked men make their way to the door of the apartment that is locked containing the woman and Asseblyman Jang. They start to pound on the door with a baton.


Je Ha throws a screwdriver into the window then uses his body to hit the screwdriver shattering the window. He rushes the cleaning woman’s side. Je Ha is accosted by multiple masked men. A fight ensues.

The police SWAT team arrives outside the building.

Je Ha continues to fight the masked men. He sees a scar on the wrist of one of them. The masked men receive the “get out of here” call from their leader. They flee. Je Ha rushes to the cleaning woman’s side. The security guard leads the cops to the room. Je Ha tells him to call 911 which he does. The security guard orders the Assemblyman Jang’s apartment door opened.


Back to the interview… Yoo Jin is asked if her husband’s success is due to her powerful parents. Yoo Jin laughs the question away. But the interview persists noting her father is the chairman of the powerful JB group. Yoo Jin states her late father didn’t want her husband to be a politician. The interview asks if her father cut her out of his life. Yoo Jin says her loyalty is to her husband even though it cost her a fortune.

Je Ha sees a man put in an ambulance. Je Ha drives away. The security guards can’t believe that Je Ha managed to break the window with a screwdriver.

Back to the interview… Yoo Jin is asked if she still has a stash of cash from her family fortune. Yoo Jin claims she donated the money to a scholarship fund. The interviewer goes for the jugular noting the wife has an insider relationship with the scholarship managers which allows her to maintain stock in JB group. Yoo Jin’s assistant tells the producer to stop the interview. They go to commercial break. The interviewer and the wife turn off their mikes for a frank discussion. Yoo Jin reminds the interviewer that there were certain things that she did not want to talk about. The interviewer says the hard questions are better coming from her than someone that doesn’t know her. Yoo Jin agrees that everyone has a weakness. She looks into the interviewer’s eyes and says just like you have a weakness about your son. That gets the interviewer’s attention. She agrees to go back to the scripted questions. She apologizes to Yoo Jin for taking things too far. The show restarts after commercial break.

Je Ha returns home.


The make artist compliments Yoo Jin’s poise. Yoo Jin gives her cookies. The makeup artist snaps a picture of the cookies (but really the focus is Yoo Jin’s handbag) and leaves. The assistant tells the Yoo Jin that her husband was attacked again. They think assemblyman Park is behind it this time. The assistant gently removes the wife’s makeup. That seems kinda creepy. Is the wife a fragile creature?

The makeup artist posts the picture of the handbag behind the cookies. She tells the producer that she respects the Yoo Jin. The interviewer hears the praise and shakes her head.

k2_ep1_11a k2_ep1_11b

Yoo Jin tells the assistant to have the crime scene altered so it doesn’t look like one particular group attacked her husband. The assistant asks what to do about the woman in the apartment. Yoo Jin says to leave her be for now. They will use her at a later date. I rescind my question about the wife being fragile. Yoo Jin asks how old her husband’s latest woman was. She smiles when the assistant tells her the woman was 29. That’s better than a minor, Yoo Jin quips. Assemblyman Jang calls his wife and tells her that he knew that she would take care of his mess. He tells his wife that the man that fixed the banner got a good look at his face and needs to be taking care of. This is the first Yoo Jin has heard about someone fixing the banner. She sighs and promises to take care of it. She ends the call. Yoo Jin calls the president and asks if he’s hiding something from her. The man on the other side of the phone call denies it saying he’d never betray Madam. Yoo Jin says she wants to believe him but she is suspicious. We see the president striding through the lobby of the building assuring Yoo Jin that he will resolve the issue. After he hangs up the phone he wonders how she found out so quickly. The president is irked that he has to expend energy just to catch the man that hung the banner.

Je Ha knows he’s in trouble and packs a bag. He hears an approaching van coming up the drive.

Chief Jo watches the footage of Je Ha fighting the masked men. He stares at Je Ha’s face and says” it couldn’t be”.

It looks like eight armed men get out of the van outside of Je Ha’s house. He watches them stealthily approach his home.

Chief Jo tells the president to call back the men, he says they could all die.

The armed men begin to enter the house.

The president laughs at what Col. Jo a.k.a. Chief Jo told him. The president asks if the man that hung the banner is a special forces operative. Col. Jo confirms this.

Je Ha positions himself in the house. The men search for him.

k2_ep1_12a k2_ep1_12b

The president doesn’t believe one man can defeat the best team of An NaS security. Col. Jo tells the president he’ll soon eat his words.

One of the security team encounters and fights Je Ha. He dispatches the man easily.

Col. Jo tells his assistant they must leave at once and gets into the car.

What enhances a fight? Classical music! Je Ha puts on his tunes and grooves to the classical music while he dispatches the best team of An NaS security.

Je Ha walks away from the house and ditches his cell phone.

Col. Jo is relieved when he finds his men still alive at Je Ha’s house.

k2_ep1_13a k2_ep1_13b k2_ep1_13cAssemblyman Jang returns home and finds his wife waiting in the living room. He asks why she is still awake. Yoo Jin tells him she has to clean up messes. Assemblyman Jang asks if anybody else made trouble for her besides him. Yoo Jin says that his daughter ran away again. He grabs her and pulls her close. She stares into his eyes and says Anna should have matured by now. But unfortunately she has not. She pulls away from her husband and says the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Assemblyman Jang reminds Yoo Jin that if anything happens to his daughter their contract is null and void. He walks away leaving Yoo Jin shaken.


Anna runs through the streets. Why is she always without shoes? She runs into a cross walk. She flashes back to her childhood and bringing the man a jar of sleeping pills. She shakes and murmurs “no way”.

My Thoughts

I’m intrigued. As usual I knew next to nothing about this series except Ji Chang Wook starred in it, and that was enough for me to watch. The first episode was a decent mix of a damsel in distress, a rogue special forces operative, a wife that loathes but needs her philandering husband, and the husband who seems to do whatever he wants and gets away with it. As the interviewer said everybody has an Achilles heel. I look forward to finding out which each character’s Achilles heel is.

Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) had limited dialogue but did all his talking with his fists (and the rest of his rocking body). Ji Chang Wook’s physique is impressive. I could’ve watched him sleep in that La-Z-Boy with the cameras gliding over his well muscled body for a longer time. But let’s focus on the character. There’s not much to say other than he can win any fight that he wants to, and has a sense of right and wrong (he helped An Na in Italy, he helped the cleaning lady in Seoul), and he’s a loner. If you watched the series Healer, right off the bat you can see this is a more adult role.

Ko An Na (Yoona) spent most of the episode running from her captors. I’m dubious of singers dipping their toes into the acting pool. Their singing charisma doesn’t always translate to acting ability. Because the character had so little to do but run and beg for help (while not wearing shoes) I have no comment on Yoona’s thespian talents. Why is An Na kept locked away? What’s the secret that she found in her mother’s bedroom so long ago?

Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon A) is fragile and powerful at the same time. I don’t think that she loves her husband, but for whatever reason, she needs him. What kind of contract do they have between them? I love the fact that everyone calls her madam with deference. With just a couple of phone calls she commanded powerful support. But her husband tries her patience with his philandering ways. Are women the only vice he has?

Jang Se Joon (Cho Seong Ha) does what he wants and his wife cleans up the mess. I can’t believe that many people were involved just to get compromising photos of Assemblyman Jang. There’s too little to go on to comment about this character other than he does have a certain charisma. I look forward to finding out more about what makes this character tick. Why is he satisfied with having his daughter locked up? Did he kill his wife? Does his daughter know this truth in her subconscious? How did he get involved with his wife? Inquiring minds want to know.

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15 comments on “The K2 Episode 1 Recap
  1. Cheska says:

    I was amused by the fight scenes. It’s one of the best I’ve seen. And what makes me more impress is that the actor have no doubles. JCW invested so much effort on this drama. He actually spent 2 mos in action school to prepare for this. I’m glad his effort brings good result. On the other hand both Yoona deliver their roles so well too. I have no complaints so far in my opinion all the main actors did a great job, the music background is on point. Visual is awesome! I watched it without subtitle and still get me hooked. I’m looking forward for the next episode.


    • kjtamuser says:

      Glad you enjoyed the episode. Thanks for the information on JCW’s intense effort to master the actions scenes. I’m wondering if the smaller cast will make the story more intense and interesting.


  2. Giufyduh says:

    Sorry, but it’s Spain..not Italy. Madrid is the capital of Spain. Btw, nice recap! 🙂


  3. It's alright says:


    Nice recap.

    I was thinking Spain, all along too, because of the use of ‘por favor’. But it was very ambiguous it could have been two European cities linked by train for all I care when I heard JCW ask Yoona,”괜찮아 “? I was like yay, where has the dialog been uptil now?

    Perfect scenery in the first half of the show. I am loving the bullet time effect in JCWs action scenes. Oh — and maybe not so much his choice of music, I think it’s called Bach’s no3, hehehe, but loved that he used a boom box to accomplish this it takes me back to our chingu birth year of ’87, — the boom box that is. Kinda reminds me of the time I used to play Tomb Raider, and the game in the one practice scene goes into bullet time effect if you accomplish the gun draw and flip kick simultaneously — or something like that. Hey it was almost 10 years ago, well at least for me.

    Lol I seriously wish we get some other tunes boom box style whilst JCW is having a go at the baddies in episodes to come.

    Thanks for the very informative recap!!!!


    • kjtamuser says:

      Giufyduh (comment above yours) agrees having identified Spain as the country and language. Thanks!

      The boom box was a nice throw back to “back in the day”.

      Glad you liked the recap. I’m liking this drama too!


  4. Maria says:

    Je Ha did not kill the plain-clothes police officer, that was a chokehold (cutting of the blood flow to the head -> leading to unconsciousness within seconds).


  5. studiomarie says:

    I say Healer and fell in love with this actor. (Don’t tell my husband)

    The fight scenes are a work of art. I read that he was suffered a serious injury and is swearing off action roles. I can see why. I would love to see him in a romantic comedy. He can act goofy and charming at the same time. Check out Healervif you doubt me. Lol


  6. Beez says:

    I forgot to mention – has there ever, in the history of tv kisses, been anything as distracting gross as the Candidate’s vacuum sounding kisses? WhaTheEverLuvin’Heck????


  7. Jane Tilly says:

    What a great start filled with action! I could look at JCW all day (and all night for that matter!) ❤

    An Na's dad is the scum of the gene pool and his wife is a shrew. Clearly a contract/political marriage where they deserve each other.


  8. Yoonyon_lg says:

    I’m looking for the song in episode 11 that starts around the 42:07 mark. I can’t seem to be able to find it. Please help. Thankss 🙂


    • kjtamuser says:

      Do you mean the song that plays while Yoo Jin puts her makeup on? They haven’t released that song on the OST yet. I hope they do, it is a good one.


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