The K2 Episode 2 Recap

Our leading man is willing to put himself in harm’s way to make a point.

The K2 Episode 2 Recap


Ko An Na (Yoona) runs through the streets. As she crosses a cross walk two cars shined their lights in her eyes. She flashes back to when she was a young girl and the reporters circled her flashing as she was led into the police station by the police. A young Anna remembers her mother on the bed asking her to hand her the sleeping pills, which she does. Anna cries fearing that she killed her mother because she gave her the sleeping pills. Through tears she tells the doctor and the police officer that she killed her mother. Back to the present Anna is like a deer in the headlights. One of the cars that has a designer and two models and it turns off his headlights. The designer gets out and snaps pictures of a dazed and confused Anna declaring that she’s his muse. When they get back in the car and leave an elderly woman helps and across the street. Anna mutters that she didn’t kill her.

Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) gets off a bus aware of the CCTV when he enters the lobby. He spots police officers and turns around. In the men’s restroom he snatches an army jacket and hat which he dons to blend in. He exits the bus station without the police stopping him.

k2_ep2_2a k2_ep2_2b

The president apologizes profusely for not catching the man that reattached the banner (Je Ha). Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon A) condescendingly tells the president that the inept can never get the job done right. She’s not happy that banner man could potentially talk to a reporter about what he saw in the apartment or help another candidate with what he saw. Col. Jo tells Yoo Jin that it’s impossible to catch this man, because he’s former special forces. Col. Jo says that he trained this man. Col. Jo says this man was one of the best fighters in all the private military companies. That gets the president’s attention and respect. Yoo Jin is still worried about him going to the press. Col. Jo reassures her that banner man is on the run and has international warrants on his head. Col. Jo says banner man just came back to Korea. Yoo Jin is duly impressed with banner man’s credentials but she still wants him caught. The president claims he can catch him. Yoo Jin says just locate him, and Assistant Kim will handle him. Col. Jo says if they could recruit him to join them instead of work against him it would be to everyone’s benefit. Yoo Jin could care less about banner man’s future, she wants him caught and silenced. Assistant Kim says Assemblyman Jang be there shortly. Yoo Jin dismisses the president and Col. Jo. Yoo Jin is no-nonsense when it comes to protecting her husband’s reputation. Probably because her status and power is tied to her husbands. Col. Jo respects Je Ha and wants to work with him again. Don’t you get the feeling that Je Ha would loathe working as part of a team. What could they offer to tempt Je Ha to join them?

Assemblyman Jang Se Joon (Cho Seong Ha) comes into the house just as the president and Col. Jo are leaving his wife’s office. He sees the unhappy looks on the men’s faces and knows his wife read them the riot act. He chuckles and tells them it’s not the end of the world. He apologizes for causing them problems.


Yoo Jin watches her husband get into the car and take off surrounded and followed by security teams from the president’s company. She tells assistant Kim that her husband is a rude man. He causes all his hassle yet never apologizes to her. Assistant Kim asks if Yoo Jin is disturbed when her husband has other women. Yoo Jin just chuckles and tells assistant Kim that banner man will be dangerous. Assistant Kim is positive that she can handle him. She tells Yoo Jin that there’s been a small problem with Anna. Assistant Kim hands Yoo Jin a tablet with a photo of Anna uploaded to social media. Yoo Jin is shocked. Assistant Kim says that a famous designer took this photo and posts it to his social media page. Assistant Kim says that everyone is trying to identify the mystery girl in the picture. Yoo Jin flips out knowing that if the picture goes international, things could really get ugly. Assistant Kim suggests they kill Anna. Yoo Jin angrily says that Anna is the only thing that controls her husband. If Anna dies, she loses him. I am fascinated by this marriage. What does Yoo Jin get being married to Assemblyman Jung? Yoo Jin decides that it’s better to have Anna close. She directs assistant Kim to bring Anna to Korea. Assistant Kim worries that Yoo Jin’s mental health will decline with Anna so near. Yoo Jin barks that the presidential nominations are just around the corner, that has the priority over her own mental health. Yoo Jin stares at a picture of Anna and says “they look alike.” I like the fact that Yoo Jin has a ragged edge of control, if that translates to a mental health issue, so be it. It makes this character much more fascinating to be able to lose it at a moment’s notice versus have complete icy control.

k2_ep2_4ak2_ep2_4b Assemblyman Jang asks what his schedule is like for the day. Assistant song delivers a litany of public photo op opportunities that makes him cringe.  Assemblyman Jang asked to speak to Col. Jo privately. Alone in the car Assemblyman Jang asks how Anna is. Col. Jo reports that they were able to recapture her. Assemblyman Jang wants to know how his daughter is doing mentally. Col. Jo tells him that she still has the same social phobia. Col. Jo thinks that if he saw his daughter she might improve. Assemblyman Jang is unable to do that at this time. Assemblyman Jang tells Col. Jo that his wife may be the employer, but one day he will be president. Assemblyman Jang tells Col. Jo that if he’s elected president, he’ll appoint Col. Jo to be security for him. Assemblyman Jang states until then Col. Jo must ensure his daughter safety. He shrugs knowing that his daughter hates him for what he’s done to her but he can’t let her go. He says Anna is the reason why his wife has absolute control of him. Assemblyman Jang says that if Anna dies, everything his wife wants will blow up in her face. Col. Jo promises to protect Anna at all costs. So here it’s obvious that Je Ha will be pulled into protecting Anna somehow.

Je Ha walks along the side of the road and finds an elderly couple whose car is not working. He and the man banter a bit, and he starts to take a look at the engine.

The president visits a high ranking police officer and asks for help in finding Je Ha. The police officer says there’s protocols that must be followed. The president states that if the police officer helps him then Assemblyman Jang will be grateful. He reminds the police officer that Assemblyman Jang could be president. The police officer realizes it would be to his benefit to help and scrutinizes the pictures of Je Ha taken from the CCTV cameras of the banner building.

Je Ha gets the car running and the older couple take him to their home. Grudgingly the old man offers to feed Je Ha and let him stay the night, but tells him he’ll have to leave in the morning.


It looks like the president’s visit with the police officer yields access to the police databases. The president is thrilled and orders his men to find banner man.

Anna is on the plane back to Korea, though she’s drugged. We see the syringe on the floor, and I’m making the assumption that she has been injected. Anna dreams about being taken to Spain on the promise that she was to meet her father. But that was a lie. It looks like the woman that took her to Spain was a young assistant Kim. That lady is one cold fish!

The old man feeds Je Ha a simple meal. Je Ha hears the cries of the old woman. The man apologizes for getting angry with him earlier.

The president is thrilled when one of his men matches the CCTV camera from the bus station with Je Ha. He orders his men to fan out their searches from that location. The president chuckles that soon he’ll have Je Ha in his clutches.


Je Ha has a dream in which he’s a special forces unit in the Middle East. The unit undergoes fire and Je Ha is shot in the chest. He falls to the ground. He dreams he dies. Je Ha wakes up heavily breathing, the dream upset him. He sits up and listens to the old woman cry. He goes to where the old man and woman are and finds the husband drinking. The old man explains that today is the 49th anniversary of their son’s death. Je Ha and the man walk the apple trees. Old man asked Je Ha to remove the trees. Je Ha agrees.

The President urges his bleary eyed security team to keep search for banner man.

k2_ep2_7b k2_ep2_7a

The old man wakes and recalls asking Je Ha to take down the fruit trees. Instead he finds the Je Ha has cleared the weeds away. The man cries knowing that Je Ha understand his request last night was made out of man. The old woman cries when she sees her husband and Je Ha clearing the weeding in the fruit trees.

A security man tells the President they’ve found banner man.

The old woman is grateful to Je Ha for his help. The old man offers their hospitality if Je Ha wants to stay. The old woman offers some of her son’s clothing to wear while he works. Je Ha thanks her. He and the old man continue clearing the weeds. When they run out of fishing line for the weed whackers Je Ha leaves the fruit farm to buy more. A car drives up to the fruit farm. A man in a black suit gets out. This can’t be good for the older couple. What a simple and sweet series of scenes between Je Ha and the older couple. Surprisingly touching. I’m thrilled to see that Je Ha has a sweet gentle side.

The plane in Korea. Anna’s assistant readies to help the sleeping Anna into a wheelchair.

Je Ha returns to the fruit farm and sees the car in the drive.  He parks behind the car.

Inside the house, the older couple is tied up. The man asks them to identify Je Ha. The old man claims Je Ha left the farm in the morning. The man throws gasoline on the couple. He pulls a lighter out. Je Ha grabs the lighter. The two men stare at each other. Are you ready for a fight? Let’s go!


Both men are well matched and the fight is good. I especially like Je Ha’s spin jump moves. In the end, Je Ha prevails.

Je Ha asks the man who sent him. The man can’t tell or he’ll be killed.  Je Ha has heard that before. Je Ha gets a hammer and prepares to make the man tell him. Je Ha tells the man that hurting the older couple was a mistake. The man tells him from this point onward anyone that helps you will die. My goodness that’s an ominous statement! Je Ha tells the man that they can do this easy or they can do it hard. He doesn’t care. Je Ha raises the hammer to smash the man’s hand and the man begs him to stop. I like that Je Ha was unhappy that the man went after the older couple. But the man surprised him by telling him that the older couple or anyone else that helps in the future will die. That tells Je Ha that he’s got a big target on his back on the powerful mystery person.

Next we see Je Ha outside of Assemblyman Jang’s house. He watches Anna being wheeled into the house, though he doesn’t recognize her. He notices the heavy security of the household and leaves. We know that the man was honest in identifying who hired him. Now Je Ha just needs to figure out why they’re out to get him.

k2_ep2_9b k2_ep2_9a

Anna wakes and sees Yoo Jin in front of her. Horrified she tries to stand but cannot. Yoo Jin slowly walks towards her and comments that she’s an adult now. She says that Anna looks a lot like her mother now. Anna looks at Yoo Jin with pure hatred and calls her a devil. Yoo Jin calmly tells Anna that everything that she did was for her own good and the good of her father. Anna claims that she remembers everything now. She knows her mother did not commit suicide. The benign smile on Yoo Jin’s face is wiped away. She pulls close to Anna’s face and tells her stepdaughter that she should become a nun. She tells Anna’s assistant that Anna isn’t hungry anymore. She orders her to take Anna to her room. The benign smile returns to Yoo Jin’s face.

Meanwhile Je Ha pretends to deliver a package to the home and fights of security guards to make his entrance.

Yoo Jin pours herself a glass of wine. As she sips and slowly walks through the house, Je Ha startles her and she drops the wine glass. Yoo Jin stares into the face of banner man (Je Ha).

k2_ep2_10b k2_ep2_10a

Her line is perfect…
Yoo Jin: Wow, you’re more handsome than I thought. You’re the banner man right? How brave of you to just come inside. I didn’t know you’d appear in front of me.

Je Ha: I’m here to give you a warning. Leave me alone and everyone around me alone.

Yoo Jin: And if I don’t?

Je Ha: if you don’t, I’ll find you no matter where you are. I’ll in this first encounter with a warning. If I see you again, you will die.

Yoo Jin smiles and chuckles noting Je Ha is just like Col Jo predicted.

Yoo Jin: I hear you’re trained to attack the one that ordered the attack on you.

A gaggle of security men and assistant Kim run into the room. All their laser sights are on Je Ha.

Yoo Jin: knowing that, it was actually quite easy to catch you. I’m sorry you were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. You saw something you shouldn’t have seen.

Je Ha: is this your way of loving the husband that cheats on you?

Yoo Jin shakes her head surprised that Je Ha believes that she could love a man like her husband. She calls Je Ha naïve. She doesn’t understand why he came into the mouth of the lion instead of running away. He could’ve lived on the run for years.

Je Ha tells her that he can’t let innocent bystanders die.

k2_ep2_11b k2_ep2_11a

Yoo Jin notes he only met the old couple yesterday. He stepped into this trap because of them? Under different circumstances maybe they could’ve been friends. Je Ha tells her to leave the older couple alone. She asks him if the old couple really knows nothing about him. He confirms that. She tells him for some reason she believes him. But she still can’t let the old couple live. Incensed Je Ha steps to her. A gun is put at his head. Yoo Jin tells him that she won’t risk her destiny on a statement by him. Je Ha says she’ll regret this. Yoo Jin says you never should have warned me. She tells him though never meet again. She tells the guards to take Je Ha away and make his death quick. She smiles that benign smile.

The guards put Je Ha in the back of a car. They hear police sirens. Security outside the house interface with the police officers who claim that they are looking for a man who stole motorcycle. They spot the motorcycle Je Ha left at the front of the house.

Inside the car, Je Ha struggles to free himself by pouring motor oil on his hands to work the hand cuffs off. Yuck, the blood and pain!

The police say the motorcycle is the missing one. The security guard are not happy.


Inside the garage, the security guards hear Je Ha in the car. They open the car and Je Ha dispatches both of them.

The security team in the front of the house deal with police who claim they have to cordon off the area. The interior security team goes to the garage and we are treated to Je Ha dispatches another gaggle of men. The police hear the commotion. I’m digging the stop actions shots! Je Ha is tasered but that doesn’t stop our hero. He surveys the prone guards and finds the key to his handcuff.

Assistant Kim is stunned when Je Ha approaches her in the house. Yoo Jin is stunned when Je Ha walks up the stair and puts a gun to her throat. He tells her this is the second encounter he warned her about. He puts the gun to her head. Anna comes up behind them. She yells at Je Ha to kill her. He turns and sees Anna. He recognizes her from their subway encounter! He stares at her stunned. Anna screams at him to shoot her.

My Thoughts

This episode was much better than the first one. Why? Now that we know the core characters, we can begin to understand their motivations. Will this a small cast of multifaceted characters will stand up to the full series? It must be noted that everybody in this drama is slightly twisted and crazy. That makes for interesting characters that are not cookie-cutter. Now that Je Ha and Anna have met again, what happens next? I look forward to next week.

The production values are solid. The fight scenes are good. The fight at the farm was top notch. The garage fight was solid. I’m digging the music. Who knew I’d like that? Give me more chanting!

Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) showed that he had a soft side when he cared about the older couple and their safety and well-being. Ji Chang Wook’s eyes seem to implore you to care. This episode he was a man on the run being tracked by security forces using the police database of CCTV. Je Ha didn’t know how important his predator was until the fight at the older couple’s house. That was the best fight of the episode. I find one-on-one fights to be more believable. While the one on five fights are fun to watch, you have to mentally shake your head knowing that all this is impossible. I’m not saying that the one-on-one fights are probable, but my mind more easily accepts the possibility. Plus, one-on-one fights can get down and dirty in a way that many on one can’t. His first encounter with Yoo Jin was superb. If you don’t think that JCW can act, you’ll change your mind when you watch that scene.

Ko An Na (Yoona) has had a hard life. She found her mother’s dead body she was young. She now believes her mother did not die of a sleeping pill overdose. Does she suspect that Yoo Jin had anything to do with her mother’s death? Did Yoo Jin want her mother out of the way? So many unanswered questions, I look forward to each episode answering some and raising others.

Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon A) is scary with her calm icy way, but you have to throw in a dash of crazy too. The way she said that she needed to keep control of her husband through Anna, has led me to think that having her husband become president of the country is the most important thing to her. That doesn’t explain why she’s kept him by her side all these years, so I’m sure there’s more to the story. But it does seem like Yoo Jin craves power pure and simple. Her husband’s ascension of the political ladder only feeds this craving. I don’t know if Yoo Jin has any humanity in her. The way she pretended to sympathize with Je Ha about his concerned of the older couple then coldly through it back in his face stating that they must die, forces me to wonder if she’s a monster.

Jang Se Joon (Cho Seong Ha) cares about his daughter. He’s not going to win father of the year by allowing his daughter to be a virtual prisoner in a foreign country. He knows that his wife’s control over his daughter controls him. Did he marry Yoo Jin for the power and prestige her name brought him? Did he kill Anna’s mother? When did he get involved with Yoo Jin?

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8 comments on “The K2 Episode 2 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    While I love The Wookie,that goes without saying, but what I want to comment on is the adorable little girl’s missing front teeth.It was a pleasant surprise to see because Hollywood tends to give child actors and models falsies.

    Of course I love the show but I felt the stop action is distracting. I love it when it’s done well, but here, it seemed selected for the wrong moves (amateur martial artist here). At one point, it’s still going as the gasoline bad guy was nowhere near Wookie and it shows Wookie jerkily moving into position. Didn’t I hear the director or someone involved with this show also worked on Chuno? Cause the stop action/ slow mo’ effects were used to perfection there. If they are Chuno alum, I hope they consult with whomever picked the shots for slow mo’ for Chuno in the future.

    Other than that I am BEYOND stoked to have JCW back in what appears to be a big budget, quality, large scale production!


    • kjtamuser says:

      The child actress is good. I went back and checked out her teeth. I had not noticed the missing front teeth. You’ve got an eye for detail!

      You are right. Director, Kwak Jung Hwan, was also the director for Chuno (one of my favorite action dramas). I’ve seen stop action in several dramas lately. Utilization of the stop action is subjective. For me it’s about the balance between the action and capturing a moment when the fighter is in an interesting pose. If used heavily it can disrupt the rhythm of a fight. I loved the quick moving subway fight in episode 1.

      I found an article that stated “K2 is high-budget. The trailer clearly shows that most advanced filming techniques have been used. For the first time, a South Korean drama will use time slice photography, like the one seen in Hollywood blockbuster Matrix.”

      I echo your happiness that JCW is back and in a drama the showcases him.


      • Beez says:

        Ewwww…to slice motion. Thanks for the info but, while I like slice motion (didn’t know that’s what it was called) in fantasy,I like my realistic shows to avoid things like that. That’s why the camera work on K2 is bothering me. A little slow mo’ can add to the visual experience, but too much, and also especially the jerkiness as the speed of the action is sped up alternatively, detracts for me. I know they speed up film so that it can be shot slower so the actors/stunt people can avoid injury, but I shouldn’t be able to discern it’s happening… and I could see it. 😦

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Beez says:

    ktjamuser, I know a lot of times you’ll list (or post) the soundtrack at the end of your recaps. Can you tell me the name of the song, and who’s singing it, during the ending credits of episode 2? (It may have been on ep 1 as well but most times I don’t watch to the end because I don’t like previews.)


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    The child actress is very good. My heart breaks for Anna–separated from her surviving parent by the nasty piece of work. Makes you wonder how many psychological games have been played on Anna.

    I do like the action so far–our Wookie is looking mighty fine!


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