The K2 Episode 9 Recap

Anna escapes the confines of one captor. Je Ha follows her. 

The K2 Episode 9 Recap

It’s the day after Anna’s coming out to the public. Ko An Na (Yoona) wakes, stretches, and smiles when she remembers Je Ha’s encouragement yesterday.

Agent Housekeeper and Agent J4 are in the kitchen getting breakfast ready when Anna surprises them with a cheery, yes I said cheery, good morning. Agent J4 manages to chirp good morning while Agent Housekeeper gapes in surprise. Anna asks if they can all have breakfast together. More gaping, but Agent Housekeeper agrees.


As Anna, Agent Housekeeper, Agent J4, and Agent K1 sit at the table, Anna eats with relish. She prods the others to join her. She declares the food tastes better eating together. The agents must be wondering who is this person at the head of the table and how did she transform for quiet night owl to cheery morning bird. Anna apologizes to Agent J4 for the hard work she’s had to do over the years. She believes she’ll be able to get Yoo Jin to release the agents from their duty. Agent K1 tells Anna none of them can leave this job, even if they want to.


Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) enters Cloud Nine and finds Assistant Kim and Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon A) inside the “cone of silence” conference room. As Assistant Kim exits the conference room, she tells Je Ha she’ll personally kill him if he hurts Yoo Jin. Je Ha response is “whatever”. That’s got to smack of insolence to Assistant Kim. Yoo Jin asks Je Ha if his actions yesterday were based in sympathy for Anna. Je Ha retorts that stopping the ambulance would have killed Anna, something that was not a wise move. Je Ha bluntly says that Yoo Jin is no different in her actions than Assemblyman Park. He doesn’t want to have another death to plague his conscience like his former fiancée in Iraq. Yoo Jin immediately realizes that Je Ha has revealed his feelings for Anna run deep if he compares her to his former finance. This hurts Yoo Jin and she struggles to hold the tears back. She comments that Anna must be thrilled to have Je Ha in her corner. Is she an all or nothing employee? Totally loyalty is the only acceptable response? Isn’t she telling us and Je Ha that she harbors personal feelings for Je Ha which she must now stuff down? Yoo Jin gets a grip and declares they must concentrate on getting Assemblyman Park. But before they get down to business Yoo Jin wonders if evil doers at Assemblyman Park and victims are like Je Ha’s former finance, does she qualify as a victim because her own father was like Assemblyman Park? And doesn’t she qualify as a victim for her marriage to Assemblyman Jang? Yoo Jin notes that children of wolves (aka her father and Assemblyman Jang) are wolves themselves and that includes Anna. Interesting point! Je Ha stares at her impassively. Yoo Jin is near tears realizing that he feels no sympathy for her plight. She tells him they need to talk to the artificial intelligence computer “mirror” for an update. Excellent scene for Yoo Jin. Just when you think she’s a cold hearted witch, she reveals she at least has feelings for herself. But Je Ha doesn’t share them. That’s the problem with being strong, others assume you don’t need support and want to go it alone.

Agent K1 tells Anna their assignment to guard her guarantees their disposal (death) one day.  Anna looks surprised.


Yoo Jin tells Je Ha that they need to find the proof of the dealings of the secret meeting in Iraq. Je Ha wonders if proof exists are all these years. Yoo Jin leans into him and states that evil dealings always have a paper trail. It’s a protection mechanism.

Agent Housekeeper and Agent J4 aren’t excited about losing their lives for their job. But their stuck and they must perform their duties well. Anna calls for Agent J4 who cheerily calls and response and heads to Anna.

Je Ha stands to put distance between himself and Yoo Jin. He tells her he’s only there for revenge on Assemblyman Park. Stopping his run for the presidency doesn’t interest him. Yoo Jin tells him that stopping his run for the presidency will hurt Assemblyman Park. And of course, seal the deal for Assemblyman Jang to become President.

Anna faces a gaggle of fans when she goes to leave the house. Agent Housekeeper and Agent J4 encourage her to deal with it like she did yesterday. Anna almost ignores her fans as she heads for the car, but decides interacting is better. She offers pictures with the group in lieu of an autograph.

Yoo Jin tells Je Ha that ending Assemblyman Park’s presidency chances will kill his career. Je Ha angrily snaps that he doesn’t care about Assemblyman Park’s career he only wants Assemblyman Park to feel regret for his callous choice of killing his former finance. Yoo Jin retorts that revenge will not be achieved if he simply kills Assemblyman Park. Yoo Jin schools Je Ha that destroying Assemblyman Park’s dream of the presidency will truly hurt him. Then they’ll make it so he’ll never have another dream again. Then when Je Ha offers Assemblyman Park the rope, Assemblyman Park will be so despondent, he’ll kill himself. Yoo Jin believes then Assemblyman Park will regret his choice to kill Je Ha’s finance. She notes there are different ways to extract revenge. Yoo Jin could write a manual “Revenge, It’s Best Served Cold”. She’s either lying or completely wrong when she claims Assemblyman Park will regret killing Je Ha’s former fiancée. Powerful people like Assemblyman Park and Yoo Jin believe pawns are to be used and tossed away. Yoo Jin is like a spider weaving a web to keep Je Ha trapped and with her. She’s drawn to him.

k2_ep9_4b k2_ep9_4a

Mr. Song is visiting his favorite JSS doctor when Anna and Agent J4 show up for sleeping pills to aid Anna’s sleep. The agents that attacked Anna yesterday glare and slink out of the room. Mr. Song introduces himself as a great martial arts instructor. He’s got a healthy ego! He suggests Anna learn self-defense. Anna is interested.

Around the mat, Anna, Agent J4 and JSS doctor watch Mr. Song show them how to deal with a stronger opponent. He suggests the women stare intently at the man the poke him in the eye. The agent yowls in pain. He suggests the women twist the man’s pinky. The agent yowls in pain. Mr. Song has Anna come to the middle of the mat but none of the agents want to face off against Anna. They run. Mr. Song reminds Anna the men were only acting on orders yesterday. Mr. Song declines the doctor’s suggestion she spar with Mr. Song.  LOL! Yoo Jin’s brother enters the room and surprises Anna by hugging her. He introduces himself as her Uncle, the man she just saved. His smile is wide because he views Anna as his pawn to hurt Yoo Jin with.

Yoo Jin tells Je Ha to take care of himself. Je Ha responds he’ll live long so he doesn’t have to send the incriminating video of Yoo Jin. Yoo Jin states she wasn’t concerned about the video. It goes unsaid but it is clear, she’s concerned about Je Ha. Assistant Kim can’t stand Yoo Jin’s interest in Je Ha.

Yoo Jin is stunned to see Anna and her half-brother in the lobby. Yoo Jin’s brother greets her with a big smile and states he’s taking his niece for a bit to eat. Yoo Jin stares at Anna who gives her a steely stare in return. Anna also looks at Je Ha who keeps a neutral face. Yoo Jin demands to know what her brother is trying to do. Feigning innocence her brother tells her he only wants to get to know his niece. Yoo Jin grabs him and tells him no. He pushes her hand away and tells her yes. He pretends to yells Anna’s identity to a passerby. Yoo Jin freaks. He assumes the smiling manner again and tell Yoo Jin that she can’t control Anna in the same manner. He and Yoo Jin turn to Anna. Will she go with him? Will she follow Yoo Jin’s nod no? Anna asks Je Ha if it is safe for her to be with Yoo Jin’s brother. Je Ha states he’ll accompany her. Anna smiles. Yoo Jin is visibly hurt. Anna leaves with Yoo Jin’s brother. Yoo Jin tells Je Ha to watch them closely. She trembles after they leave making Assistant Kim worry. Yoo Jin has been wonderfully vulnerable so far this episode. She has been like a stick of steel but today, she’s a wounded woman looking for support but not finding it.

Je Ha helps Anna into the car, and gets in front. Yoo Jin’s brother is forced to walk around and enter the car himself. LOL! Yoo Jin’s brother tells her they’ll dine at the local hospital. Je Ha asks what he’s trying to do. Yoo Jin’s brother claims that Anna needs medical care. Je Ha recalls the JSS doctor saying that Anna’s mental state is precarious.

k2_ep9_6c k2_ep9_6b k2_ep9_6a

At the hospital, Yoo Jin’s brother, Anna, Je Ha, etc. meet the head of the psychology department. There’s no love loss between Yoo Jin’s brother and this tall doctor. Yoo Jin’s brother says that Anna is here to see Dr. Lee. He requests an escort to the doctor. The tall doctor agrees. He stares at Je Ha who doesn’t seem to notice his scrutiny. What is the vibe between Yoo Jin’s brother and the tall doctor? What’s the vibe between the tall doctor and Je Ha? They reach Dr. Lee’s office. Je Ha stops Anna from entering until he checks out the office. He gives Anna the hand signal to come and she enters the office.

Dr. Lee greets Anna warmly. She tells Anna that she was the doctor that Anna met with on the fateful night her mother died. Nice tie in! Anna remember her and hugs her. Yoo Jin’s brother tells Je Ha he’s helping his niece. Je Ha shuts the door to the office and prepares to wait. Yoo Jin’s brother tells Je Ha they need to talk. He asks Agent J4 to stand guard and asks Je Ha to follow him. The tall doctor stares at Je Ha as he walks away. What’s that about?

Yoo Jin’s brother small talk doesn’t interest Je Ha. Yoo Jin’s brother asks Je Ha to join his team and dessert Yoo Jin. He claims his power will last much longer than the 5 years the presidency will offer Yoo Jin. Je Ha retorts that Yoo Jin’s brother might not last the next 5 years. He laughs and counters that if Anna choose him as protector, he’ll have the power. He urges Je Ha to join him to protect Anna.  He remarks that Anna’s probably already chosen him. Je Ha stares at him then realizes that he’s left Anna unprotected from this man.

He rushes to Dr. Lee’s office but everyone is gone. A nurse states that Anna left already. The driver doesn’t know where Anna is. Agent J4 doesn’t answer Je Ha’s calls. Je Ha is beside himself for letting this situation occur. Let that be a lesson. The smiling supposedly benign brother is a wolf too.


Yoo Jin is angry that Anna is missing. She literally crushes the glass in her hand. Ouch! She orders Assistant Kim to get every JSS agent to search for and find Anna and her brother. Yep, Yoo Jin is vulnerable with a dose of limited control today.

Team Leader So, who is looking better and better to me, brings agents to search Yoo Jin’s brother’s business and home which is also where Yoo Jin’s father’s second wife (mother to her half-brother) lives. She’s not happy to learn agents are searching her home. Her husband (who tried to strong arm Yoo Jin in the reading of the will meeting) calms his wife. This is what they knew would happen.

The JSS President learns from Col. Jo that the license plate of the car that whisked Anna away is fake. The President order his surveillance room team to find Anna or it’s curtains for them all. LOL! He always declares this to this particular team. The President worries that directly engaging the power chairman of JB group (Yoo Jin’s brother) is ill advised. Col. Jo agrees it’s tricky but they take order from Yoo Jin.


JB group cancels their contract for JSS’s security support. The new security company JG informs the Team Leader So they are now in charge. LOL! They hold the cancellation notice in front of Team Leader So. He wins the macho award by tearing up the cancellation notice and telling his agents they won’t stand down. Love it! Have you ever seen so many black suited men?

Yoo Jin can’t believe the JSS security was fired. She’s having a bad day. She struggles to control her anger. She grits out “this is war. Destroy them all”.

Team Leader So receives the word from Yoo Jin. The rival agents start fighting!

The surveillance team finds the van that Anna was in. Je Ha speeds to the location. The surveillance team loses their CCTV feed. They are blind! The President call the police chief about the CCTV feed removal. The police chief apologizes but he is doing what is best for him. The President asks if this is Assemblyman Park’s doing. The police chief does not confirm or deny.

When Je Ha reaches the van it’s empty. The driver gives Je Ha a phone. Yoo Jin’s brother calls him and tells him to come alone to the location he’s texting. He warns him not coming alone could endanger Anna. Je Ha yells his frustration.

Yoo Jin yells her frustration at her brother’s plan which is working to perfection.


Je Ha arrives at the address. He approaches house and Yoo Jin’s brother greets him. He sends Je Ha into the house. Anna is there and asks why he took so long. Je Ha is visibly relieved to see her. Yoo Jin’s brother enters and tell Je Ha to join them for dinner. The them is Anna, Agent Housekeeper, Agent J4 and Agent K1. Je Ha sighs in relief saying he was tricked. I’m not quite getting this. Yoo Jin’s brother cannot be trusted. What about this situation is ok other than he tricked the other agents to join him?

Je Ha calls Yoo Jin who sags in relief when he tells her he found Anna. But that relief is short lived when he gives the phone to Yoo Jin’s brother who tells his sister he’s sorry for worrying her. Yoo Jin knows he’s lying. She tells him that she almost killed his wife, she was so upset at his trick of taking Anna. That hits the mark. Yoo Jin’s brother states she better back down or Anna won’t return to her. Yoo Jin considers then asks why his mother’s husband is being a jerk again. Yoo Jin’s brother claims JSS was fired because his mother’s husband was worried about him due to Yoo Jin’s actions. She warns him that one day he might lose JB Group by relying on men that like. Yoo Jin’s brother tells her to curb her own greed first. He tells Yoo Jin the firing of JSS stands and he’ll return Anna after dinner. Je Ha silently asks Anna if she’s okay, and she confirms this. Yoo Jin’s brother cheerily ends the conversation, happy he’s got the upper hand with Yoo Jin.

Yoo Jin tells Assistant Kim that JSS agents must be removed for JB Group’s business and Yoo Jin’s brother home. She stares at the injured hand whose bandage is soaked with blood from her hard grip.

Anna walks the beach with Je Ha (Agent J4 and Agent K1 trail behind them). She declares her uncle fooled Je Ha when he threatened Anna if Je Ha didn’t come alone. Sorry, I don’t think he was acting at all. Je Ha is noncommittal. Anna declares she’s loves the fresh air.

Agent J4 asks Agent K1 why he agreed to guard Anna if it would cost him is life one day. He sighs. Agent J4 asks if it had anything to do with her. Agent K1 tells her that he did it so one day he could save her life. Sweet! Boldly she kisses him. He stares at her. He says he’s supposed to initiate kisses. He kisses her. Sweet! Anything that gets Agent J4 away from mooning over Je Ha is good in my book.

Je Ha asks Anna if she plans to stay with Yoo Jin’s brother. She’s undecided. She’s not sure she can trust him. But they have one thing in common, they both hate Yoo Jin. Anna states as long as Je Ha is with her, everything will be fine.

Agent J4 and Agent K pull apart from their embrace and start laughing. She runs. He chases her. They pass Anna and Je Ha laughing and running.

Anna tells Je Ha she wants to have fun like that too. Je Ha is not interested. Anna cajoles him using the hand signals he taught her. I adore whenever the hand signals are used. He grouses but eventually succumbs and chases her. It’s slow motion video of them frolicking on the beach. This is better than ramen but still a bit long and gooey.

Yoo Jin’s brother watches them frolic and wonders if they are dating as they seem to like each other. Agent Housekeeper tells him he seems genuine in his concern for Anna. Yoo Jin’s brother declares he is going to be a good uncle to Anna. Agent Housekeeper thanks him for extracting them from Yoo Jin’s clutches. He tells her to continue to take care of Anna. Didn’t the agents just switch from one keeper to another? Granted Yoo Jin’s brother is more pleasant outwardly but really, are they trusting him? Have they turned their brains off? Is the sun frying their logic?

The agents sit at the table with Anna and Yoo Jin’s brother, even Je Ha. Yoo Jin’s brother cheers Anna’s dream of freedom. She drinks. Je Ha stares at her. They eat and drink. Everyone is laughing but Je Ha who is reserved. He watches. Later Yoo Jin’s brother finds him alone. Je Ha saying he’s trying to determine his plan. Yoo Jin’s brother states that Yoo Jin is trying to steal JB Group from him. He’s trying to stop Yoo Jin. Then Anna appeared like a gift. Yoo Jin’s brother knows Anna is Assemblyman Jang’s daughter. Anna is his insurance that Yoo Jin will not be able to take JB Group. Je Ha understands. Yoo Jin’s brother says he wants Anna to be his guardian angel for a long time. Anna’s father calls. Yoo Jin’s brother is breezy with Assemblyman Jang saying everything is well. He notes that Je Ha is there too. Assemblyman Jang asks to speak with Je Ha. Yoo Jin’s brother warns Je Ha that Assemblyman Jang is not alone as he hands him the phone.

k2_ep9_12ak2_ep9_12b Assemblyman Jang Se Joon (Cho Song Ha) reminds Je Ha of his promise to take care of Anna. Je Ha confirms he’s keeping his end of the bargain. Assemblyman Jang thanks him and says he may see him tomorrow. Assemblyman Jang hangs up the phone and we see he’s playing a game with the Prosecutor that questioned him earlier. Assemblyman Jang tells the Prosecutor he’ll hang out for the next several days to prove he was fully investigated. Assemblyman Jang says he must survive before he can dispense with his enemies. Is his plotting against Yoo Jin?

Yoo Jin’s brother asks Je Ha if he’ll join him. Je Ha says there are things he must do. Yoo Jin’s brother notes that Je Ha and Anna seem so easy with each other. He wonders what Je Ha need to do that makes him reject his offer. Je Ha says he’ll find out one day.

Assemblyman Park meets with Yoo Jin’s brother’s father in law. Ah, the web tightens around Yoo Jin. Assemblyman Park urges the father in law to take control of JB Group. Both men laugh.

Anna tells Je Ha that she had too much wine and now she’s overheated. Je Ha puts his hands to her flushed cheeks. He stares at her while she enjoys his cool hands. Je Ha cuts that short and gets her an ice pack instead. He sees her to her room. Je Ha tells Anna he’s going to do another sweep of the house. He notes it is not as secure as Yoo Jin’s house. Anna wonders if any place is secure for her. She smiles and tells him she had fun today. He smiles. He hands her a walkie talkie for direct contact if she needs him. He shows her how to use it. She smiles.

k2_ep9_13b k2_ep9_13a

As Je Ha secures the house, Anna banters with him. They are cute. This scene works for me. They push and pull with each other. It’s obvious neither of them wants to stop talking but they must get some sleep. Je Ha longs for Anna and Anna longs for Je Ha. Anna lays on her bed and admits she likes Je Ha. She calls him on the walkie talkie but he doesn’t answer.

Anna finds him asleep clutching the walkie talkie. She gently puts a blanket on him. She notices he’s sweating in his sleep. Je Ha is dreaming of Iraq. In the dream, as he pulls back the hood of his dead finance it isn’t her. It’s Anna. Excellent! Je Ha wakes with a start. He struggles to regain his mental footing then instinctively pulls Anna into a hug relieved she’s okay. Then realizing what he’s doing he pushes her away. They sit on opposite end of the couch, suddenly awkward at the intimacy of the hug. Anna asks if he had a dream. He confirms this. She stands. He stands. She tells him she was covering him with the blanket. He tells her he was hot so a blanket was necessary. She tells him good night. He tells her good night. They linger but can’t come up with anything else to say. She heads to her room. He sighs at the missed opportunity.

In the living room Je Ha thinks about calling her on the walkie talkie but can’t do it. He chides himself for being an idiot.

In Anna’s bedroom, she thinks about the hug Je Ha gave her and smiles broadly. She wants to talk to him again.

k2_ep9_15b k2_ep9_15a

Je Ha goes to Anna’s bedroom door. He pauses, his hand hovering over the handle.

Anna stands at the bedroom door wanting to see Je Ha. She pauses, her hand hovering over then handle.

My Thoughts

The writer realizes our couple must gel and ASAP. As the series enters the 60% point, the writer focuses this episode with two plot points – Anna & Je Ha getting closer, Yoo Jin’s brother and & Yoo Jin’s struggle to gain an advantage and control each other.

Anna & Je Ha getting close. Our leading couple had moments that resonated with me (walkie talkie chatter) and others that felt a bit manufactured (beach frolic). I don’t fault the actors.The diector likes to lenghten these scences.

Yoo Jin’s brother and & Yoo Jin’s struggle to gain control. I liked this part of the show a great deal. Yoo Jin’s brother has smiled a lot but not shown much in past episodes. Today he took the bull by the horn and invited Anna to escape from Yoo Jin and come under his wing. Yoo Jin lost her bargaining chip, and she lost her cool.

Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) panicked when Anna disappeared. It proved to him that he cared for her, more than he had previously admitted to himself. He’s not 100% sure that Yoo Jin’s brother has Anna’s best interest at heart. He’s right to be concerned. Yoo Jin’s brother admitted Anna was his shield from his sister. He did treat Anna with kindness. Je Ha used their hand signals at the hospital and Anna used them on the beach. This is two episodes in a row where Je Ha is less than excited about having Anna use the hand signals on him. I love whenever they use those hand signals. It’s like they’ve got a secret language between them. Je Ha did eventually acquiesce to the beach frolic. It was a lovely day and I hope the actors had fun. The walkie talkie banter seemed sweeter and more “real” than the beach frolic. I’m sure it’s in the eye of the beholder. Maybe you thought the beach frolic was awesome and walkie talkie ridiculous, or you loved all their scenes. While their relationship is building, haven’t reach the status of a compelling couple yet. One thing the Ji Chang Wook does well; the adorable awkward. If you watched Healer (and if you didn’t I highly recommend it) Ji Chang Wook had many moments where his character was awkward around the girl he liked and he nailed those scenes. I saw the same here. It did seem a bit odd that Je Ha would consider opening her door uninvited and surprising Anna. Finally, Je Ha has to consider whether he’ll stay with Anna or return to Yoo Jin to continue his quest of revenge against Asssemblyman Park. What will he do? In the opening credits, they have Je Ha playing chess. This episode felt like Je Ha will have to use his brains to pick his way through the mine field of the power players of this drama.

Ko An Na (Yoona) grabbed the freedom Yoo Jin’s brother offered. Who can blame Anna for wanting to escape her cruel captor Yoo Jin? No one. That was the right choice for her. Because the agents had told her they would die because they knew her secret, she brought them with her. That was considerate and offered a level of comfort for Anna. She was cute when she tried to cajole Je Ha to frolic and being using their hand signals. I do love the use of the hand signals twice in this episode. When they sat at opposite ends of the couch the awkwardness resonated. When she giggled over his hug, I understood. Who wouldn’t smile over a hug from Ji Chang Wook? I don’t want Anna to be confined to only being a virtual prisoner because of the power she gives her captor. I want more than that for this character.

Assemblyman Jang Se Joon (Cho Song Ha) had a cameo role this episode. He called Yoo Jin’s brother to check on Anna. He reminded Je Ha of his promise to protect Anna. With Je Ha’s assurance, Assemblyman Jang returned to thinking about his path. This time we saw Assemblyman Jang wondering how we’d be able to strike at the chains that bind him. Certainly Yoo Jin holds Assemblyman Jang’s chains. If Assemblyman Jang’s priority is the presidency, then he’ll have to stay with Yoo Jin. Can he extract himself from Yoo Jin’s control even if he elects to stay with her to get elected as President?

Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon A) had a bad day. She lost Anna to her brother. She lost JSS security’s control of JB Group and her brother’s home. She lost her composure multiple times as things went from bad to wrong. I loved that Yoo Jin’s vulnerabilities were exposed. She tugged some empathy from me.

The fourth song of the OST, “Love You” by Min Kyung Hoon is released. Lyrics are are at this link. Check it out in the embedded video below:

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18 comments on “The K2 Episode 9 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I ❤ Je Ha called out Yoo Jin for being no different than Assemblyman Park! Master Song continues to deliver comic relief in this series. 😛

    At the hospital I thought I noticed something between Je Ha and Dr. Tall. They seem to know each other and do not seem to be on friendly terms. Did Dr. Tall have something to do with Blackstone? Did Dr. Tall treat Je Ha for PTSD?

    I thought the older man frequently with Chairman Choi's mother was his Father-in-law.
    Chairman Choi pulled the wool over Je Ha with the help of a clueless Anna, who is anxious to be out of Yoo Jin's clutches. Anna and the other agents act like being at Chairman Choi's house is a safe move. Are they clueless about being used as pawns in the JB power struggle and increased their risk by adding Chairman Choi etal to the mix inluding Yoo Jin, who may feel betrayed?

    I concur the beach frolic was long and gooey, but an improvement over the happy ramen dance. I ❤ Anna's successful attempt at using the hand signals. The walkie-talkie scene was playful and adorable.

    Excellent call out on Anna being behind the veil on Je Ha's dream–with her eyes closed, I thought it was Naniya. That brings clarity to me thinking Je Ha mistook Anna for Naniya in his semi-awake state. It also reiterates Je Ha's fear of losing the woman for whom he cares.

    Min Kyung Hoon singing "Love You" from the OST sounds very similar to JCW's singing voice–I truly thought it was JCW singing.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Interesting ideas about Dr. Tall. He was fixated on Je Ha who all but ignored him.

      Glad you enjoyed the hand signals success that Anna finally had!

  2. Mama Sha says:

    Seems to me yoo jin likes k2. Dunno but I like the idea. My prediction is yoo gin isn’t really the villain. I dunno but I like her for K2.

  3. Mama Sha says:

    I dunno but I feel that yoo jin is not the villain in the end. I also think she likes k2. For a change I like yoo jin and k2 better.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Ever since he saved her from the burning car, she’s developed personal feelings for Je Ha. She will not be rewarded for these feelings but I’m hoping they help him.

  4. Mama Sha says:

    In contradiction to many, I pity yoo jin. There wasn’t a clear case against her re Anna’s mother’s death. For all we know the story is prepping us for a twist.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I find Yoo Jin interesting and have empathy for her too. Right now I think she killed Anna’s mother, but we shall see.

    • Jane Tilly says:

      I concur with @KJT in hoping Yoo Jin is swayed by her feelings to help Je Ha. I have moments when I pity Yoo Jin and then she turns around and acts viciously and my pity disappears. You reap what you sow…I’m just sayin’

      I think it is Assistant Kim who is in love with Yoo Jin…or…maybe I’m misreading her extreme devotion.

  5. IfEsCo says:

    The drama is getting more interesting…

  6. Beez says:

    I’m with you, kjtamuser, about that beach scene. I’m the BIGGEST sap for romance and would’ve enjoyed the scene except, like the ramyen twirls scene, it went on too long. The director needs to learn that what works with saeguek (Chuno), doesn’t necessity come across the same for a modern setting.

  7. wumanello says:

    I want to know what episode did Choi Seung-hoon (young Km Je-Ha) appeared ? Because I can’t remember that young Je-Ha was featured in the drama.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I agree with you. I don’t think that any scene with Choi Seung Hoon as the young Je Ha they filmed ever made an aired episode.

      • wumanello says:

        But in Wikipedia and other drama site, Seung-hoon was one of the cast. Also other said that Wikipedia is one of the unrealiable site since everyone may edit the content of it.

        • Beez says:

          I don’t know how things are done in S. Korea, but in the U.S., I often see actors listed in the credits even if all of their scenes ended up cut out of the film in final editing.

          And Wikipedia is considered a non-reliable source. It’s okay to refer to for basic information but because it is an open source that anyone can edit, it is not allowed to be used as a reference for citation in formal documents nor is it accepted by college professors as your source material.

          I always used it as a starting point just to find out about a topic. Once I’d read the Wikipedia page, I then had an idea about the subject so that I could then know what I needed to look up from reputable sources. It’s a great jumping off point in my opinion.

          But many times pranksters and trolls will enter false information, for instance, some celebrities’ deaths have been listed when they are still very much alive.

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