Boy Sitter Episode 12 Recap

Boy Sitter: Episode 12: Yuan Fei has to curb her behavior to satisfy the stipulations of Hao Ran’s marriage contract. Yuan negotiates in vain, Hao Ran will not compromise, she must sign the contract as is. Jian Ren may have another child on the way. It appears Xiao Ren is pregnant.

Yuan Fei (Annie Chen) and best friend Mei Lin review the marriage contract from Hao Ran. There are 29 rules of conduct, many which seemed designed to subjugate Yuan. For example, if Yuan Fei has a business meeting and Hao Ran wants her to attend a charity event with him, she must cancel the business meeting and attend the charity event. Yuan Fei fumes at the restrictive rules. She tells Mei Lin she will discuss the contract with Hao Ran at Dia Bo’s sixth birthday party. Surely there is room for compromise she reasons.

ep12_12a ep12_12c ep12_12bep12_12d
Dia Bo’s birthday party has a good turnout of all the adults in his life – Yuan Fei, Mei Lin, Jian Ren (River Huang He), Wen Hua, Wen Quig, Xiao Ren and Hao Ran (Sia Melvin). The gifts are eclectic, just the the adults who selected them. Wen Hua gives Dia Bo a Batman comic book. Hao Ran gives him 3 first class airline tickets to New York to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Chargrined to give his gift after Hao Ran’s extravagant gift, Jian Ren gives the boy a stuffed cat named Abby that will help Dia Bo find his father. Dia Bo comments he already has someone to be his father and asks Hao Ran if he will be his Daddy. Hao Ran is thrilled, Yuan Fei is shocked and not all that happy, and Jian Ren is dismayed.

Walking home Jian Ren tells Xiao Ren that watching Dia Bo ask Hao Ran to be his father was not pleasant. But Jian Ren says he is not ready to be Dia Bo’s father so he must accept this. Jian Ren accepts the fact that if he is not willing to be a father, Hao Ran can and will take his place.

Yuan Fei is shocked that Hao Ran refuses to alter any of the 29 conditions of the marriage contract. His point of view is straight forward. You need me more than I need you. Besides that, when it comes to contracts, he never compromises.

Mei Lin offers advice to Yuan Fei how to suppress her feelings and defer to Hao Ran at all times. Yuan Fei chafes at the tutoring but submits.

The next morning, like the dutiful fiancee, Yuan Fei brings Hao Ran breakfast, sweetly setting the food in front of him. Hao Ran watches in amusement as Yuan Fei simpers docilely for him. Hao Ran demands per the contract that Yuan Fei attend a meeting with him that day. He imperiously tells Yuan Fei has has called in sick for her at work. While not happy that she must miss an important meeting, Yuan Fei cotows to Hao Ran’s wishes.

Meanwhile Yuan Fei’s and Jian Ren’s boss realizes that a new CEO will be named for their company. He tells Jian Ren they should head to meet the new CEO casually and make a good initial impression.

When they arrive at the hotel for the casual meeting, they are shocked to learn that Hao Ran will be taking over the company. Yuan Fei who is with Hao Ran is equally shocked to learn this news.

Surprising Jian Ren his boss tells Hao Ran’s executive secretary that if Hao Ran is looking to downsize the management team, he should be fired not Hao Ran. He reflectively notes that he has chased power and position for years but upon achieving them, found them not worth the life energy his used to get them.

ep12_16b ep12_16a
Jian Ren is surprised again at lunch with Yuan Fei dutifully peels Hao Ran’s shrimp when he tells her to. Watching Yuan Fei visibly hold her retort then do as requested surprises all of them.

When Hao Ran takes Yuan Fei home she asks why she was not told that he would be the boss of her company. Business and personal are separate and Hao Ran did not want to mix the two. Yuan Fei admits that subjugating herself is difficult. Hao Ran laughs and tells her that he appreciates her attempt but he will only give her 50 out of a possible 100 points for everything she did as his girlfriend. Yuan Fei is outraged but Hao Ran smiles and says he knows she can improve her score.

The next day at work, Yuan Fei overhears Xiao Ren throwing up in the ladies bathroom. Xiao Ren claims something she ate is disagreeing with her.

Yuan Fei and Xiao Ren head to the hospital for a meeting. After the meeting, Yuan Fei finds Xiao Ren talking to a nurse about missing her periods. Oh no, this cannot be good.

Hao Ran and Jian Ren play racquetball and discuss business. Jian Ren aruges that Hao Ran should keep his boss. Hao Ran arugues that Jian Ren would be better in that role. Jian Ren claims he will resign if his boss is fired.

Yuan Fei tells Mei Lin she thinks Xiao Ren is pregnant.

Jian Ren tells Xiao Ren that he is saving money for Dia Bo’s college.

Wen Hua and a co-worker pretend to be a couple at the eatery Mei Lin is working out. She gets upset.

To up her girlfriend score, Yuan Fei writes Hao Ran a sweet note. He calls her a tells her that note was worth an additional 5 points. Yuan Fei is excited that she is up to 55 points. She does a little dance in her office chanting that she needs only 5 more points for a passing score. Jian Ren walks in and smiles at her little dance. Embrassased she tries to explain but quickly realizes that would be worse. Jian Ren smiles and does a version of her dance as his exits her office.

* Jian Ren has another pregnant woman on his hands with Xiao Ren’s apparent pregnancy. I like certain aspects of Jian Ren but he has made a mess of the situation. His refusal to accept responsibility for Dia Bo has led to Yuan Fei becoming engaged to Hao Ran and Xiao Ren to hide her pregnancy. While Jian Ren did not like Dia Bo asking Hao Ran to be his father, he clearly saw he had created the situation. How he finds the situation acceptable is difficult to understand.
* Yuan Fei chaffed at the constraints that Hao Ran put on her in his marital contract. She tried to be a good sport but it was wearing. At first the constraints seemed light and fun but as the episode progressed it felt like Hao Ran was not only messing with Yuan Fei but trying to remold her which I dislike. He supposedly fell for the spunk Yuan Fei. Now he is trying to eliminate Yuan Fei’s strengths and turn her into a docile person.
* Hao Ran’s rules in the contract initially appeared to be an amusing power play between them. I did not mind him playing hard ball. However, it bothered me when he ordered her to swing at the golf practice range and he ordered her to shell the shrimp. While he is smiling and joking there does seem to be an underlying need to control her. I do not like this. These demands on Yuan Fei send the message that her behavior must fundamentally change for him. Demanding that Yuan Fei ‘must’ alter herself is harmful to her well-being.

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2 comments on “Boy Sitter Episode 12 Recap
  1. Brittni says:

    Yeah at first I thought the marriage contract would lead to cute interactions and situations between Yuan Fei and Hao Ran. But instead it was just his way of making her the perfect chinese housewife. How could he expect her to choose a charity event over her job? He might as well ask her to quit working, which he may still do. I think this is the shows way of reinforcing the fact that Hao Ran is not the right man for Yuan Fei. I also don’t think Xiao En is really pregnant. I think its either A, just a pregnancy scare. Periods can be late for various reasons. The scare will force Jian Ren to think about being a father. And if he’s willing to accept Xiao En’s “child” then why can’t he accept Dia Bao? B, Xiao En is manipulating the situation and wants to be pregnant because she feels Yuan Fei having his child keeps her hold on him. She’s not blind she knows Jian Ren still loves Yuan Fei and the fact that they have a child together binds them together. She needs something to hold Jian Ren to her. Guilt and pity won’t keep him forever. I could see the show using a fake pregnancy to be the thing to force Jian Ren back into Yuan Fei’s arms. Not sure but if she really is pregnant I may just officially peace out on this show. Because there is really no way that they can have Yuan Fei and Jian Ren the OTP if he has a baby with Xiao En. So if they try the miscarriage angle for sympathy and guilt Jian Ren to stay with Xiao En I will be furious.


    • kjtamuser says:

      You make several good points. Xiao Fei would miscarry was my guess. But not really pregnant would be preferred. For Jian Ren to have two children…that would be challenging for the show to pull off.
      Bugs me that Hao Ran is trying to mute Yuan Fei. He liked her spunk previously!


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