Boy Sitter Episode 13 Recap

Boy Sitter: Episode 13: Best episode of the series. Yuan Fei realizes that Hao Ran’s requirements will not work for her. Jian Ren supports Xiao Ren’s quest for an overseas position. Xiao Ren is not pregnant! Jian Ren considers ending his budding relationship with Dia Bo.

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Yuan Fei (Annie Chen) and Jian Ren (River Huang He) are interviewing for an overseas position that requires good English skills. The pickings are slim in the company. Yuan Fei tells Jian Ren that Xiao Ren’s English skills are exceptional and that he should encourage her to interview. She also chides him to better physical care of Xiao Ren (believing she is pregnant). She asks him if he will deny his responsibility to Xian Ren. Jian Ren admits to what he did with Yuan Fei and Dia Bo. Nice to see them have an honest discussion that includes Dia Bo.

Newly divorced best friends, Mei Lin and Wen Hua, hook up.

Jian Ren asks Yuan Fei, can a woman deny her needs to her partner and truly be happy? Yuan Fei can only answer for herself. No, denying your own needs, in the end will, not work. She tells Jian Ren that when they were together she had doubts about the career path she had chosen. She remembers when no one else supported her, he did. Yuan Fei will never forget Jian Ren’s declaration that she had to believe in herself. Jian Ren knows what he has to do. He asks Yuan Fei to stall the rest of the interview process. Another honest, interesting, and positive conversation between them.

Jian Ren finds Xiao Ren and tells her that she needs to pursue her own goals. She cannot deny her needs for him. Xiao Ren is honest. She is afraid that if she pursues this overseas position, when she returns in 1 year, he will have moved on. Jian Ren promises to be there for her. He will not let go of her when she pursues her dreams. That is the most honest Xiao Ren has ever been. I like it!

Xiao Ren decides to try for the position. She and Jian Ren dash back to work. She interviews. Jian Ren buys her pretty high heel shoes to celebrate her willingness to explore the potential new opportunity. It is a sweet gesture.

ep13_5b ep13_5a
Hao Ran (Sia Melvin) makes Yuan Fei dinner to thank her for how hard she’s had it trying to change for him.

ep13_6b ep13_6a
Yuan Fei brings Hao Ran breakfast. Much to her surprise, Hao Ran’s daughter is visiting. The girl is not welcoming. Hao Ran has little control over his rude daughter. Trying to help out, Yuan Fei offers them two tickets to the amusement park she and Dia Bo are going to this weekend. Kid’s stuff the daughter says with disdain.

Jian Ren hears from best friend Wen Hua that Xiao Ren is pregnant. He is stunned. He watches in horror when Xiao Ren stumbles down stairs at work. He blurts out she must take care of herself because she is pregnant. Now it is Xiao Ren’s turn to be stunned. She is not pregnant!

Xiao Ren is impressed that Jian Ren cared for her unborn nonexistant child. She tells him he could be a wonderful father. She encourages him to interact with Dia Bo.

ep13_7b ep13_7a
At the amusement park Yuan Fei and Dia Bo are surprised see Jian Ren and Xiao Ren there. They all hang out and have a wonderful time. Nice to see all the adults get along and care about Dia Bo’s happiness first. Yuan Fei and Xiao Ren have a good conversation. Xiao Ren does not appear to the threatened by Yuan Fei. She even thinks that Yuan Fei, Jian Ren, and Dia Bo should spend time together as a family!

Yuan Fei is surprised when Hao Ran’s daughter shows up and declares she will join them. After the rides, they are all eating. Dia Bo refuses to eat his vegetables. Jian Ren is firm with Dia Bo and the child acquises much to Yuan Fei’s surprise. Hao Ran’s daughter picks up that there is some kind of relationship between the adults that is beyond friendship. Jian Ren tells her to mind her own business. Hao Ran’s daughter stomps off in anger.

Hao Ran’s daughter kicks a trash can in her anger and injures her foot. Yuan Fei, Jian Ren, Xiao Ren and Dia Bo take her to Hao Ran’s apartment after taking her to the doctor. Hao Ran’s daughter continues to be rude. Jian Ren is particularly irrirated by her behavior. Yuan Fei asks Jian Ren and Xiao Ren to wait outside until Hao Ran returns.

Hao Ran is not happy to see Jian Ren, Xiao Ren and Dia Bo playing outside his apartment building. He is clearly threatened by the growing relationship between Jian Ren and Dia Bo.

Hao Ran enters his apartment and overhears Yuan Fei telling his daughter that he does love her but finds it difficult to show. His daughter snaps Yuan Fei will never be her mother. Calmly Yuan Fei agrees, she will never be the girl’s mother no does she want to be. She is Hao Ran’s girlfriend and wants a cordial relationship nothing more. Hao Ran enters the room and thanks Yuan Fei for taking care of his daughter.

Later Hao Ran makes his daughter cocoa to apologize for being an absent father for much of her life. They share a nice moment.

Going into controlling jerk mode, Hao Ran tells Jian Ren that he is going to give him all of Yuan Fei’s work. From now on, she will be merely a figurehead. Jian Ren does not like this at all. Hao Ran tells Jian Ren that for the good of Dia Bo, Jian Ren must forsake any future relationship with Dia Bo. Hao Ran believes it will be difficult for Dia Bo to one day find out his father did not want him. Better to let Hao Ran fullfill the father role in Dia Bo’s life and never confuse the boy with his biological father.

ep13_12aep13_12c ep13_12b

Yuan Fei is livid when she learns her role at work is now only a figurehead. She tells Hao Ran she cannot accept his decision. She asks if he can bend a little. Hao Ran tells her no. His wife must be docile, cater to him, and give up her own goals and put him first. Yuan Fei sees this will not work. She tells Hao Ran it is over. They must break up. Thank goodness!

ep13_13b ep13_13a
Xiao Ren gets the overseas position. Jian Ren is happy for her and supportive. He tells her he will wait for her. Xiao Ren senses that Jian Ren is struggling with a decision.

Jian Ren decides that Hao Ran is right. He writes a goodbye letter to Dia Bo. A goodbye letter he will never send the boy. The letter goes like this:
Dia Bo,
I did not like you when we first met. Our second encounter was not much better. But the third encounter, and the next, and the next, it was different.
Your daddy Hao Ran is annoying, but he is right. You need a good father. You do not need someone that refuses to grow up.
Hao Ran saw how wonderful you are. Your father stood by and let another man take his place. And now I’m about to give you up.

* Best episode of the series. The adults acted like adults. For the most part their interactions were positive and supportive. Refreshing to see everyone be honest!
* Jian Ren supportive of Xiao Ran’s pursuit of her own happiness. Terrific episode for Jian Ren. He had honest and meaningful conversations with Yuan Fei. In these conversations you see they love each other and they support each other with their friendship. Jian Ren’s interactions with Dia Bo are always sweet. I like that he acts as a parent telling Dia Bo what he needs to do, not always giving into Dia Bo’s wants. Jian Ren’s interactions with Xiao Ren were wonderfully supportive. He encouraged her to pursue her dreams. He promised to be there when she returns and not desert her. Jian Ren is evolving. Will he ever be able to understand he is denying himself when he denies his son? Not now per the goodbye letter to Dia Bo.
* Yuan Fei rejected the constraints that Hao Ran put on her in his expectations for her. Yes! She was supportive of Xiao Ren’s pursuit of her the overseas position, not to get rid of her, but because she was the best candidate for the job. Nice to see the two women enjoying watching Jian Ren be a father to Dia Bo at the amusement park. They seem to be comfortable with each other. Nice to see Xiao Ran not be adversaraial with Yuan Fei because she fears she will steal Jian Ren. Yuan Fei did a fantastic job interacting with Hao Ran’s surly daughter. She was kind, patient, and frank with the girl. I especially liked when Yuan Fei told Mei Len that marriage to Hao Ran would affect many people. Before she had not realized the ripple effect of their relationship. Yuan Fei speaks the truth and is able to see things clearly. I liked her this episode. When she told Hao Ran that she cannot be the docile woman he demands she be, I was relieved and happy she finally chucked the chains of submission.
* Hao Ran’s need for a docile wife earned him a break up with Yuan Fei. His unwillingness to compromise led Yuan Fei to break up with him. Hao Ran likes Yuan Fei’s spunk and independence but it must be eradicated as his wife. He refused alter his stance and result was Yuan Fei walking out of his life. Hao Ran was an absentee father and earned the subpar relationship with his daughter. To his credit, he wants to change. While wounded, Hao Ran’s daughter does want a relationship with her father. They have a chance.

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