Boy Sitter Episode 9 Recap

Boy Sitter: Episode 9: Yuan Fei gets a promotion. Not everyone is happy about it. Jian Ren is supportive. Yuan Fei mistakenly believes his support is for Xiao Ren. Yuan Fei cannot attend Dia Bo’s parent teacher conference. Which man will attend in her place?

ep9_1Last episode at a work birthday party for the boss. Yuan Fei (Annie Chen) walks in just in time to see Xiao Ren and Jian Ren (River Huang He) kiss. The boss asks Xiao Ren for a kiss but Jian Ren blocks her. Yuan Fei offers to kiss the boss instead. She gently kisses his forehead. She is gracious and congratulates Xiao Ren and Jian Ren for making their relationship real. She leaves the party.

ep9_2ep9_3ep9_4 Tears stream as Yuan Fei rails against Jian Ren and the feelings that won’t go away. Why does she still want him? Why does she demand that he change? She knows he will never change. Lonely and depressed she calls Hao Ran (Sia Melvin).  Yuan Fei shares she’s upset because Xiao Ren and Jian Ren kissed.  He suggests the quickest way to get over Jian Ren is to enter a new relationship. He offers himself to be her rebound man. He goes to kiss her and she is willing until she pulls away at the last second. Hao Ran quips “Cinderella turned back into the black witch.”  Hao Ran opens up about his failed marriage where he describes the distance that grew between he and his wife. Yuan Fei correctly notes “becoming strangers is half your fault.”

At home Dia Bo wishes for a father. Yuan Fei promises he’ll have a father one day.

Yuan Fei is promoted. The only person that supports her is Jian Ren. Everyone else feels that Jian Ren deserved the promotion. Sensitive about the negative feelings about her new position, Yuan Fei makes a rash promise that she’ll be able to increase sales 10%. Easier said than done. Yuan Fei and Xiao Ren meet an established client who turns out to discount their abilities because they are women. He grabs Xiao Ren’s butt. Yuan Fei takes offense and tells him off before storming out.

The client gets angry and cancels his account. Yuan Fei defends her arguement with the client as justified because Xian Ren was harassassed. When questioned bout this, Xian Ren lies and says nothing untoward happened at the meeting.

ep9_6 ep9_5Astonished at the lie, Yuan Fei drags Xian Ren to the patio. Yuan Fei asks why she lied about being mistreated. Xian Ren says everything she does is to increase Jian Ren’s standing in the company. If lowering Yuan Fei’s standing increases Jian Ren’s standing, then she’s willing to do it. Xian Ren berates Yuan Fei for not accepting Jian Ren as he is.

ep9_8 ep9_7Jian Ren takes matters into his own hands and demands the client retract his dissolution of the business relationship. Jian Ren has proof the client has skimmed money. That gets the client’s attention.

The next day the client restablishes his business relationship with Yuan Fei and the company.

Yuan Fei asks Jian Ren is he had anything to do with the client reversing his position. Jian Ren admits to strong arming the client. Yuan Fei wants to know why he did that. Jian Ren says the client hurt his woman and he had to set things right. Yuan Fei assumes “his woman” refers to Xian Ren. That would be an incorrect assumption.

ep9_10 ep9_9Xiao Ren guesses correctly that Jian Ren strong armed the client for Yuan Fei. Jian Ren admits it saying that too many people aren’t giving Yuan Fei a fair chance to succeed at her new position. He pointedly looks at Xiao Ren and asks her to stop secretly working against Yuan Fie.

Yuan Fei is swamped at work and cannot attend Dia Bo’s parent teacher conference. She calls her best fried Mei Lin to attend in her place. Mei Lin realizes this is a perfect opportunity to Jian Ren to step up and act like Dia Bo’s father. Jian Ren is not enthustastic but Mei Lin pushes back asking if Jian Ren wants his son to be the only child without a father present.

Yuan Fei notices that Xiao Ren is actually smart and capable. She offers her a promotion to work with her. Xian Ren turns her down. She does not want to leave Jian Ren’s side.

ep9_12After much soul searching, Jian Ren attends the parent teacher conference. Hao Ran is also in attendance. Jian Ren prods Hao Ran that the biological father is here and he can leave. Hao Ran notes that a real fathers interact consistently and with affection with their child. When Dia Bo does not want to speak in front of the class. It appears he is concenrned he’ll stutter. Hao Ran offer to take Dia Bo home. Jian Ren wants his son to face adversity head on and begins a rap that all the children love and join in on.

ep9_15 ep9_14Later he and Dia Bo discuss techniques to be less scared to avoid stuttering situations. He has Dia Bo draw a turtle so he can imagine his classmates as turtle making them less scary. Jian Ren tells Dia Bo he stuttered as a child but grew out of his stronger for the experience. He tells Dia Bo “you have my genes”. Dia Bo wants to know what “you have my genes” means. Jian Ren side steps answering that. Dia Bo gives Jian Ren his turtle drawing noticing that Jian Ren had a hard time answering that question and might need the drawing more than he does. Ha! I loved watching these two interact. It put a smile on my face.

When it is time to leave Dia Bo goes with “Daddy Hao Ran” and waves good bye to “Remote control car Uncle” (Jian Ren).

Bad news for married couple and best friends, Wen Hua and Mei Lin, they are not pregnant. Wen Hua and Mei Lin are upset that it was a false pregnancy. Wen Hua’s mother is quite upset and does not say nice things to Mei Lin. Upset her husband did not stand up to his mother on her behalf, she leaves.

ep9_17 ep9_16At Yuan Fei’s house Mei Len cries through her explanation of the false pregnancy and Wen Hua limited support in front of her mother in law. Hao Ran is there but quickly leaves when Yuan Fei tells him to. As Hao Ran exits the house, Wen Hua and Jian Ren arrive. Hao Ran tells Jian Ren get used to seeing him around the house. He plans to be around quite a bit. Mei Len and Wen Hua argue and make up.

* Pleased that Jian Ren went to the Dia Bo’s parent-teacher conference. When Jian Ren helps Dia Bo get over the stuttering moment by signing then later counseling his son to imagine his friends as turtles – that was great. When Dia Bo asked what “you have my genes” meant, Jian Ren balked at admitting the truth. The actor that plays Dia Bo is cute as can be. Jian Ren and Dia Bo’s interaction put a smile on my face.
* The office politics is the weaker of the story lines. Xiao Ren’s willingness and openness to lie to discredit Yuan Fei is disturbing. Xiao Ren’s attitude is that anything that promoted Jian Ren’s career is acceptable, ethics are not important. Jian Ren figured out that Xiao Ren was lying and told her not to continue. Thank you Jian Ren! The best thing you can say is that Xiao Ren does not deny her actions.
* Jian Ren kissing Xiao Ren takes their relationship up a notch.  Jian Ren is not being true to what he really wants. That is too bad. I like this character, his loyalty and his no nonsense. He decision to not be with Yuan Fei because he cannot be what she wants him to be, makes them both lose in love.
* Yuan Fei has a tough road in work because she’s a woman.  I like Yuan Fei’s ability to tell Xiao Ren that she could do more with her career. Unfortunately Xiao Ren’s priorities put Jian Ren’s needs above her own. It was cruel when Xiao Ren lied about harassment of the client. Too bad Yuan Fei did not realize that Jian Ren was speaking about her when he said he had to protect his woman.
* Hao Ran needs to back off when Jian Ren interacts with Dia Bo. Kids can have multiple positive males in their life. There does not have to be a single person that wears the title of Daddy. I liked Hao Ran’s willingness to back away from kissing Yuan Fei when she was distraught over Jien Ren and Xiao Ren’s kiss. What does he really want from Yuan Fei?
* Here’s another pretty song “Addiction” by Genie Chuo, Taiwanese Mandopop singer, from the OST. Listen via the link to the youtube video or the embeded video below.

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