Boy Sitter Episodes 1-6 Recap

I’ve been watching the 2014 Taiwanese drama Boy Sitter. Frankly the drama has limited acting and story. But that isn’t stopping me from enjoying moments of each show.

Here’s the basis for the show: Yuan Fei (Annie Chen) and Jian Ren (River Huang He) were to be married 6 years ago when he decided he could not go through with the marriage. Yuan Fei went abroad and returns at the start of the series as a manager at the same company Jian Ren works at. They still have chemistry but misunderstandings ensue so they do not become a couple again though it is what they both want. The human obstacles to getting back together are Xiao En (faithful coworker and almost housemaid to Jian Ren) and Hao Ran (corporate CEO that both Yuan Fei and Jian Ren try to get to sign a contract for their company). The kicker in the mix is that Yuan Fei has a son, Jian Ren’s son, that Jian Ren knows nothing about. Their best friends are married couple Wen Hua and Mei Lin, who start the series focused on getting pregnant. The only secondary character that is cool is Wen Hua’s brother, Weng Quig, and Yuan Fei’s sole friend at work.

Episode 1
She (Yuan Fei) comes off less mature than he (Jian Ren) does. They both have great hair. The secondary characters (Wen Hua, Mei Lin, etc) overact.

Episode 2
I like him (Jian Ren) more than I do her (Yuan Fei). They both have great hair. The secondary characters (Wen Hua, Mei Lin, etc) overact. The business story is a bit silly.

Episode 3
I like the mystery man, Hao Ran, and how he does not take Yuan Fei’s nonsense. I see chemistry from him to her. I like his mustache.

Episode 4
Thank goodness the best friends, Wen Hua and Mei Lin, are pregnant. I was ready for their quest to get pregnant to be sucessful.

Episode 5
We get the confirmation that Yuan Fei has a son. The kid is pretty cute. The initial meeting between Jian Ren and his son works though he is clueless he is interacting with his son. The mirror imaging stances, his frustration with the crying kid, but there is a pull between them. He is stern with the kid (rightly so). His son looks a bit coddled and spoiled. I look forward to their future interactions.

When Yuan Fei and Hao Ran meet and she has her makeover (not that she needs one) the stylist put her in a dress that is not my favorite. The dress looked better from the back.

Xiao En plays dirty pool by releasing a video making it look like Yuan Fei traded sexual favors for the contract with Hao Ran. Yuan Fei is belittled at work. Jian Ren does not trust her. They argue and he refuses to hear her side of the story.

Mei Lin learns Yuan Fei has a son. She tells her husband, Wen Hua.

Episode 6
Yuan Fei continues to be belittled at work. Jian Ren continues to long for her but does not trust her. Hae Ran continues to block plays Yuan Fei’s attempts at explaining herself (last episode she deleted a text message from Yuan Fei asking Jian Ren to listen to her explanation). Like idiots, they both think the other does not want to hear the truth about the office slander of Yuan Fei. Jian Ren gets drunk at an office celebration of the contract and makes a scene. Hae Ran asks him to let her love him. The next day he tells Xiao En that he is going to take a vacation. He thinks that should let her know that he is not interested. Wanna bet she is still obsessed by Jian Ren?

Hao Ran meets Yuan Fei’s son and they have good chemistry. Yuan Fei’s son wants to meet his father. Yuan Fei is torn. Should she identify Jian Ren as the father? Yuan Fei believes Jian Ren would not want the responsibility of fatherhood. He tells his best friend Wen Hua he does not like children. Hao Ran’s relationship with his teenage daughter is not strong. With encouragement from Yuan Fei, he reaches out and tries to strengthen it but daughter sees father primarily as an ATM machine.

Something happens when the actors interact with the child actor. They seems to act less and interact more. For that reason alone, the child actor is working.

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