Boy Sitter Episode 8 Recap

Boy Sitter: Episode 8: Jian Ren learns who Dia Bo’s mother is. Yuan Fei learns that Jian Ren spent time with Dia Bo. Hao Ren makes an offer to Yuan Fei. Dia Bo continues to bring the cute. 

Last episode Yuan Fei (Annie Chen) was given wrong room key by her co worker and fell asleep in Hao Ran’s (Sia Melvin) bed.

Yuan Fei wakes to Hao Ran’s prodding. Horrified she learns her co worker gave her the wrong room. Trying to muster as much dignity as she can, she leaves the room. In the hotel lobby her co worker informs her that she won’t be able to leave until the afternoon. Yuan Fei does not want to wait, she’s been apart from her son too long. Hao Ren overhears her plight and offers to drive her back. She accepts his offer.

Yuan Fei’s best friends, Wen Hua and Mei Lin, are waiting for Jian Ren (River Huang He) to drop off Dia Bo, Yuan Fei’s son (also Jian Ren’s son but he does not know this yet). They are surprised when Yuan Fei and Hao Ran arrive looking for Dia Bo. They lie that he is at the farmer’s market with Wen Hua’s mother. When Dia Bo scampers in, he informs his mother he was not at the farmers market.   Jian Ren and Xiao En enter in time to hear Dia Bo address Hao Ran as “papa”. In a blink of an eye, everyone in the room is upset:
1.  Jian Ren is shocked that Yuan Fei is Dia Bo’s mother. He is shocked to hear Dia Bo call Hao Ren”papa”.
2. Yuan Fei is shocked that Dia Bo has been introduced to Jian Ren. She looks accusingly at her friends Wen Hua and Mei Lin. She is upset that Jian Ren knows she has a son.
3. Wen Hua and Mei Lin are shocked that Jian Ren found out that Dia Bo is Yuan Fei’s son. They are shocked that Yuan Fei found out their actions to create a relationship between Jian Ren and Dia Bo (father and son) without her knowledge.
Only Hae Ran and Dia Bo are unaffected by the turmoil of the four friends. Hao Ran thanks Jian Ren for bringing Dia Bo home and suggests to Yuan Fei they leave.  Secrets cannot stay suppressed and when this one was revealed it, things got messy fast. This was an excellent scene. You saw every character’s reaction. The misunderstanding, hurt and betrayal between the four friends was palpable.


ep8_10 ep8_11
Jian Ren demands to know if Dia Bo is really Yuan Fei’s child. Wen Hua and Mei Lin confirm this. Jian Ren demands to know who is the father of Dia Bo. Wen Hua and Mei Lin recommend he ask Yuan Fei that question. Jian Ren states Yuan Fei will lie to him. He needs the truth. Wen Hua tells him not to pretend that he does not know what he knows. Wen Hua tells him he broke up with Yuan Fei years ago so he could live a separate life from her. Does he really want to ask the question when he may not want to know the answer? Jian Ren takes Xiao Ren and they leave. Another good scene!

ep8_13 ep8_12
Jian Ren recalls Dia Bo saying his father does not want him. Xiao Ren asks if he thinks Dia Bo is his son. Jian Ren thinks it is a possibility.  She asks what he will do. Jian Ren says his life goals have not changed. He does not want to get married. He does not want children. But life has suddenly produced his son. Xiao Ren says if Jian Ren’s lifeplan does not include a wife and children, she will make her life plan match his. She declares she is satisfied with only him and will support him no matter what.

ep8_14ep8_15ep8_17 ep8_16
The next morning Jian Ren and Yuan Fei ride the elevator together to the office. Jian Ren tells Yuan Fei she should thank him for taking care of her son yesterday. Yuan Fei snipes that she is sorry Dia Bo interrupted his alone time with his girlfriend. Jian Ren says the DNA test will tell him the truth. Yuan Fei says that Jian Ren is not Dia Bo’s father. Jian Ren asks who is. She won’t answer. He states if memory serves him correctly, the incident where they could have conceived Dia Bo occured about 6 years ago. He asks if Dia Bo’s birthday is next month. Yuan Fei reiterates that Dia Bo is not his son. He continues the confrontation in front of their coworkers. He remembers that she would not return his calls when she left for France. Was she pregnant before she left? Their co workers are stunned. Jian Ren asks if he is Dia Bo’s father. Yuan Fei denies and lies that he is not Dia Bo’s father.  He is sure Dia Bo is his son. Yuan Fei counters are you going to marry me or be his father if he is your son? Jian Ren says nothing. Yuan Fei tells him neither of those options are necessary as Dia Bo is not his son.

Yuan Fei tells Mei Lin if she had kept Dia Bo away from Jian Ren none of this would have happened. Yuan Fei sighs that Jian Ren does not want the responsibility of Dia Bo. She worries about her job. What if others downgrade her talents because she is a single mother? She believes continuing to lie that Dia Bo is not Jian Ren’s son, will improve everyone’s lives.

Jian Ren’s boss asks why he pushed Yuan Fei to tell him if he was the father in front of everyone. Jian Ren says the more Yuan Fei denied it the more he wanted to push her. Jian Ren is frustrated and wants to run away from the situation. His boss tells him to stick with the rumor that Hao Ran is Dia Bo’s father. The boss tells them two company branches may merge. He suggests he let it slip to the chairman that Yuan Fie is a single mother. Jian Ren tells him not to do this, that hurting women is the coward’s way (nice sentiment).

Jian Ren takes out his frustrations on a boxing bag. He wonders if he is ready to be father.

Jian Ren misses a meeting at work. When Xiao Ren calls him, he tells her he has important client meetings  and the meeting should go forth without him.

The next day Yuan Fei asks Xiao Ren when Jian Ren will return to work.

Mei Lin brings Dia Bo to work to alert Yuan Fei he has as a fever. Jian Ren feels a tug of concern. He tells Yuan Fei to take Dia Bo to the doctor. She snaps she can manage and leaves work for the day.

At Yuan Fei’s request, Hao Ran brings work documents to her house. He is concerned about Dia Bo. Yuan Fei explains the doctor told her to ride out Dia Bo’s fever with medicine and rest.  Yuan Fei tells Mei Lin not to worry, she will stay home with Dia Bo tomorrow. They discuss Yuan Fei finding a school for Dia Bo to learn and play at during the day.  As Mei Lin leaves she asks why Hao Ran is so concerned with Dia Bo. Yuan Fei admits that Hao Ran has expressed an interest in taking an active role in Dia Bo’s life. Mei Lin thinks that means romance. No, Yuan Fei clarifies, the interest is only in Dia Bo.

Hao Ran soothes Dia Bo’s fretful sleep. He offers to spend the night. He reasons if Dia Bo would need to go the doctor in the middle of the night, he could facilitate this.

Meanwhile Jian Ren tries not to show his concern for Dia Bo when he is out drinking with Wen Hua and his boss. As his boss talks about some experiences with his children Jian Ren becomes more concerned and leaves.  As he walks home he cannot shake his concern for Dia Bo. He wakes a pharmasist to get medicine for Dia Bo.

When he arrives at Yuan Fei’s to deliver the medicine and Dia Bo’s favorite toffees (that was a sweet addition) the doctor is discussing Dia Bo with Hao Ran on the porch. Jian Ren overhears the doctor say rest is what the child needs. Relieved Dia Bo will be ok, Jian Ren realizes his medicine and toffees are not needed and goes home.

When Jian Ren returns to his apartment, he finds Xiao Ren dressed in an off the shoulder dress with her mind on getting physical. But when he goes to kiss her, she is tense and trembling like a leaf. He tells her she isn’t ready for this step yet. He tells her they are girlfriend and boyfriend. She does not need to fret. They can become closer when the time is right.

Hao Ran wakes from his sleep on the couch and finds Yuan Fei asleep. He gently places a blanket around her.

ep8_23 ep8_2=2
The next morning Yuan Fei wakes and finds Dia Bo not in his bed. She finds him at the breakfast table with Hao Ran who has made breakfast. Yuan Fei relishes someone else making breakfast. Hae Ran tells her he’ll look after Dia Bo today.

Jian Ren sees Yuan Fei, Dia Bo, and Hao Ran on his way to work. They look like a cosy family. Is he feeling a twinge of jealousy?

At the elevator at the office, Yuan Fei once again tells Jian Ren that he is not Dia Bo’s father. Jian Ren says lying will set a bad example for Dia Bo.

Hao Ran calls Yuan Fei. He’s found a kindergarten that is on the way to work that should solve her child care issues. The director tells Yuan Fei she does not have any openings but will make one for Hao Ran’s child. Yuan Fei is concerned that everyone is assuming they are a family.  Yuan Fei tells him that if he wants family love then he should get that from his daughter not Dia Bo. Hao Ran says the relationship with his daughter is complicated due to his ex-wife.  Hao Ran states the deal is this – I give you and Dia Bo what you need. Doing this satisfies my need. It’s that simple. Yuan Fei says it is not that simple. Dia Bo will get attached to him and hurt when he walks away. Dia Bo breaks the serious moment when he tells Yuan Fei he wants to go to school.

It’s the first day of school! Dia Bo and Yuan Fei are in a hurry to be on time.

ep8_26 ep8_25
Xiao Ren asks if Jian Ren is upset that Yuan Fei keeps denying that Dia Bo is his child. He says it bothers him but he is going to maintain the status quo.  Xiao Ren tells Jian Ren he is the victim because Yuan Fei had his child without his knowledge.  Jian Ren sets Xiao Ren straight. He did not end their relationship properly, he dumped her at the altar. This forced her to believe that she needed to go to France to raise Dia Bo. Her denials are spawned from that. Jian Ren is not acknowledging Dia Bo because he is not ready to be a father and provide a family for him.

ep8_27 ep8_28
ep8_29 ep8_30
It’s the birthday party for the boss. Xiao Ren and Jian Ren arrive. Things get tense as co workers ask about their relationship. They chant for them to kiss. Xiao Ren and Jian Ren are uncomfortable with the spot light on them. Xian Ren tells her co workers that she is not actually dating Jian Ren in a romantic way, that he does not think of her that way. Jian Ren grabs Xiao Ren and kisses her. Just then Yuan Fei and Wen Quig enter the room. Yuan Fei eyes lock on the kissing couple.  In her day dream, Yuan Fei rushes to them, pushes them apart and slaps Jian Ren who admits he only loves her.  What actually happens, Xiao Ren goes in for another kiss with Jian Ren. The boss asks Xiao Ren for a kiss but Jian Ren blocks her. Yuan Fei offers to kiss the boss instead.

* Good episode. The reveal that Dia Bo was Yuan Fei’s son and the ramifications were well written, acted, and produced in the reveal scene. When Jian Ren confronts best friends Wen Hua and Mei Lin that was another good scene. I loved it when Wen Hua told him not to deny the truth he already knew in his heart (that Dia Bo was his son). The overacting was done by the coworkers in this episode. I would have preferred they ended the episode with walking in on Jian Ren and Xiao Ren kissing at the office party.
* Jian Ren believes he is the father but isn’t ready to take the responsibility. This makes sense for this character.  I like that Jian Ren admits how he is feeling without guilt. He felt his first twinge of fatherly concern when Dia Bo was sick and went to get medicine and the toffees Dia Bo loves. That was kind and considerate. When Xiao Ren was not comfortable taking their relationship to a physical side, he did not push her. He wanted her to be ready. That was kind and considerate. When Xiao Ren admits to their co workers that their relationship was not romantic, Jian Ren decided a kiss would silence them all. That was kind and considerate. I like Jian Ren. He is straightforward. He is not playing games. He does not want a wife or child. I look forward to his evolution as he realizes that perhaps he does indeed want a wife and child.
* Why Yuan Fei believes she needs to lie that Jian Ren is not the father is beyond me. She was exclusive to Jian Ren 6 years ago. Dia Bo looks like Jian Ren. The denial seems worthless at this point.  I like Yuan Fei’s caution inserting Hao Ran into her and Dia Bo’s lives. It does seem a bit odd that a man would want to act as a father just because it would make him happy. I admit they make a cute family. The breakfast scene between the three of them was sweet. I like Yuan Fei but she is her own enemy by not being straight forward to avoid being hurt.
* Hao Ran is almost too good to be true. Friend to Yuan Fei, father to Dia Bo, with no strings attached. Hao Ran and Dia Bo are cute together. Hao Ran seems like a terrific guy. He’s kind, considerate, and patient. What’s not to like? But Yuan Fei loves Jian Ren. Will she be able to put that relationship aside and make a real effort with Hao Ran?
* Dia Bo is cute, cute, cute! He has good chemistry with all the actors on this show.
* When Yuan Fei was caring for the sick Dia Bo, the pretty song “A Little Less Talent” by Shi Shi was featured. This song has been strongly featured throughout the series. Listen via the link to the youtube video or the embeded video below.

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2 comments on “Boy Sitter Episode 8 Recap
  1. citable says:

    Hi, I just started reading your recaps after looking to see what others are saying about this drama. 😀
    I think the reason why Yuan Fei still lies about Di Bao being Jian Ren’s child is because once she admits it then what? She knows Jian Ren doesn’t want any kids, so if she tells him then will he step up to the plate and be a dad or will he just ignore him. I don’t think she’s doing it out of spite, but doing it to protect her child from being hurt because she was ready to tell him at one point.
    As for Hao Ran I think he’s just a dad who missed out on seeing his own child grow up due to him working and he’s sees a child without a dad so he’s trying to be there for Di Bao to make up for everything.
    I really hope Yuan Fei can give up on Jian Ren and make room for Hao Ran in her heart he’s great.
    I hope I was able to make sense because my thoughts were all over the place, lol.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I agree that Yuan Fei is not revealing the truth due to spite.Yuan Fei and Jian Ren obviously love each other and do not want to hurt each other. If she’s not declaring Jian Ren the father to protect Dai Bo, then she’s allowing Hao Ran to make that declaration to the child which could hurt him in the end (which Yuan Fei said to Hao Ran in the episode).
      Hao Ran is an appealing second lead. He is caring, kind, and considerate. However Yuan Fei and Jian Ren love each. Hao Ran doesn’t stand a chance in my opinion.
      Thanks for commenting. You made perfect sense. I love the interaction.


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