Boy Sitter Episode 14 Recap

Boy Sitter: Episode 14: Yuan Fei and Hao Ran get engaged after he revises his expectations. Jian Ren supports Xiao Ren’s new job and Yuan Fei’s engagement. Is their chance at happiness gone forever?


Jian Ren (River Huang He) writes a goodbye letter to Dia Bo. A goodbye letter he will never send the boy. The letter goes like this:

Dia Bo,
I did not like you when we first met. Our second encounter was not much better. But the third encounter, and the next, and the next, it was different.
Your daddy Hao Ran is annoying, but he is right. You need a good father. You do not need someone that refuses to grow up.
When I saw how cute you were, I realized I had blown it.  I stood by and let another man take my place. And now I’m about to give you up.
I hope you never know I didn’t want you. I hope you never know I hurt your mother. I hope you never know I wanted to leave you until I realized I loved you.

Xiao Ren sees his tears and comforts him, even though he refuses to tell her why he is distressed.

Jian Ren and his best friend Wen Hua have a good conversation about their friendship and how life was simple back in their college days.

Newly divorced but still in love with each other, Wen Hua and Mei Lin, meet for lunch. He shares that Jian Ren is evolving. He notes that Jian Ren is saving money for Dia Bo’s education. Mei Lin is surprised and wonders aloud if Yuan Fei and Jian Ren might still have a chance to reunite.

ep14_3b ep14_3a
Hao Ran (Sia Melvin) is home bummed out that Yuan Fei broke up with him. His daughter is surprised to see him working at home. She comments that the last time he did that, he was getting a divorce. His daughter comments the Yuan Fei is the only girlfriend that realized she could not be a mother to her. Hao Ran and his daughter share a nice moment. Good to see them connect with each other.

Yuan Fei (Annie Chen) prepares for an interview with another company. She is surprised when Hao Ran arrives. The hiring manager called him about the upcoming interview. He tells her they must talk. She grudgingly agrees.

Hao Ran tells Yuan Fei that he sees things different now. He offers a new marriage contract. The provisions are revised. If he has a work function she can decline to attend with him if she has work obligations. Yuan Fei can take initiative when ever she wants. She can even request he wear tacky couples clothing. All the other provisions have an option for her to refuse. There is a new provision. She asks what it is. He offers her the contract for her to find out. When she takes the contract, a diamond ring slips onto her finger. Hao Ran says the new provision is that she does NOT have to be an obedient woman. He likes her just the way she is. She proved she loved when she agreed to change for him. He asks her not to be apart from him. He asks her to marry him. Yuan Fei is stunned.

Lovely proposal and the best moment of the series for Hao Ran. He spoke from his heart. He gave her the opportunity to consider his proposal. His sincerity is obvious.

ep14_6d ep14_6b
Yuan Fei cannot decide what her heart is telling her to do. She heads out to her favorite late night chicken vendor. Jian Ren, hankering for chicken, shows up. They chat while they eat. She asks him if she loves Hao Ran. He declines to answer that. He does say that slowly changing for another is a sign of love. He knows that she tried to be Hao Ran’s obedient woman. He asks if Hao Ran loves her. She confirms that Hao Ran loves her. Jian Ren notes if you are willing to accept another’s love, then you love the person too.

Lovely conversation between them. The fact that she is comfortable and honest with Jian Ren says everything.


The next morning Yuan Fei and Dia Bo leave to head to school. Hao Ran shows up wanting to take them to school. He cannot wait and asks if Yuan Fei has decided to accept his marriage proposal. He whips out the ring and asks her to wear it, if she accepts.

At Xiao Ren’s going away party, everyone notices Yuan Fei’s ring. She confirms she is engaged. Drunk Wen Hua tells everyone he worries that Jian Ren will be alone with Xiao Ren leaves the country. He tells them Jian Ren is saving money for Dia Bo’s education. That is news to Yuan Fei. Jian Ren tries to get him to be quiet. Wen Hua and Mei Lin leave the party.

Yuan Fei asks Jian Ren why he is saving money for Dia Bo. He lies and says that he felt like Dia Bo needed an emergency fund if she broke up with Hao Ran. He laughs saying it is no longer needed now that she is marrying Hao Ran. Speak of the devil, Hao Ran comes up ready to take Yuan Fei home.

Wen Hua and Mei Lin talk about their relationship. Wen Hua worries that if they don’t get back together, they will be like Yuan Fei and Jian Ren, familiar strangers unable to get back what they had years ago. Two people that are lying to each other about their true feelings. Mei Lin sees his point and it is a good one. She tells him she needs just a little more time. He smiles knowing that means she will come back to him.

Jian Ren gives Xiao Ren a piggy back to his apartment. She worries that he will be lonely. He tells her everything will be fine and he will wait for her return.

The next morning Jian Ren finds that Xiao Ren has already left for the airport not wanting an emotional goodbye. Sweetly she has stocked his refrigerator and placed sticky notes around the apartment to remind him to take care of himself while she is gone. He texts her a picture of each sticky note and his response. It is cute. Wearing the shoes he gave her for confidence she strides away.

Wen Hua learns that his mother has gone to confront Mei Lin. His mother’s message, unless you are pregnant, release your emotional hold on my son. Guess what, mother discerns Mei Lin is pregnant! They head to the hospital to receive confirmation.

6 month time jump…

Wen Hua and Mei Lin’s pregnancy is going well.

Mei Len is trying on her dress for Yuan Fei’s wedding. Jian Ren stops by to deliver her shoes. He sweetly puts them on her feet (she cannot reach easily due to her pregnancy).

Yuan Fei exits her dressing room wearing a beautiful wedding dress.

Jian Ren is staring at Yuan Fei, stunned at her beauty, love written all over his face. Yuan Fei is riveted by his stare.

Hao Ran enters the dress shop not happy Jian Ren and his command of Yuan Fei’s attention. Mei Len drags Jian Ren away saying his feelings of love are obvious. He discounts her opinion, saying he had never seen Yuan Fei look like that and he was surprised.

Yuan Fei recovers her composure and bids Hao Ran welcome. She asks if he likes the dress. He confirms his approval.

ep14_15f ep14_15g
Later Hao Ran tells Yuan Fei she cannot see Jian Ren again. She explains she did not know Jian Ren would be at the dress shop. She manages to cajole Hao Ran out his bad mood, telling him she is flattered by his jealousy. Yuan Fei declares to Hao Ran, he is her man and her future.

* Another good episode as the series heads into the last episode. I liked all the interactions, conversations, and plot choices our writers made.
* Jian Ren supported Xiao Ran’s new job and Yuan Fei’s engagement.  Jian Ren has evolved. His wanted happiness for the women he loved. His interactions with Xiao Ran were sweet. I’m impressed she took the job and left for a year. Jian Ren’s interactions with Yuan Fei were so comfortable. His advice that accepting someone’s love also indicates you love was unexpected and positive. He lied about why he was saving for Dia Bo’s education denying that he wanted to be his father. Silly man, doing what he believes he must do instead of what his heart wants him to do will backfire for his future happiness, Yuan Fei’s future happiness and Dia Bo’s future happiness.
* Yuan Fei accepted a beautiful proposal from Hao Ran when he completely reversed his stance on obedience and her individuality. She considered the proposal seriously before accepting. I liked that once she accepted his proposal, she was committed to him. While she feels the pull from Jian Ren, she was not being duplicitious. She picked Hao Ran.
* Hao Ran surprised me by reversing his opinion on the kind of wife he wanted from Yuan Fei. He delivered a beautiful proposal. He managed not to freak out every time Jian Ren popped up. He wants to dominate but stepped back from his initial response and kept his promise that he would allow Yuan Fei to be her own person. The scene with his daughter was nice, they seemed to come to a positive point in their relationship.

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