Boy Sitter Episode 7 Recap

Boy Sitter: Episode 7: This was a good episode. Our couple opens the door for others to become more important in their lives. Yuan Fei’s son is cute and has terrific chemistry the other actors. 

Yuan Fei (Annie Chen) decides she must tell Jian Ren (River Huang He) that they have a son. She texts him to meet her where they first met 6 years prior. Unfortunately, Jian Ren’s cell phone is at work and he’s packing for vacation. Jian Ren realizes that he is without his cell phone but decides it will be a good idea to unplug during his vacation. Yuan Fei waits for him. Jian Ren leaves his apartment for vacation. As he exits the building, Xiao En (faithful coworker and hopeful love interest) comes up to his ready to go on vacation with him. Good grief, I would not be thrilled to have someone crash my vacation. Best friend Wen Hua runs up to Jian Ren with his cell phone and shows him the text from Yuan Fei. I’m glad Wen Hua brought him the cell phone though not sure I would be thrilled to have my friend reading my texts. Jian Ren reads the text from Yuan Fei and makes to go to her. Hae Ran tells him maybe now is the perfect time NOT to go to Yuan Fei and begin the healing process of removing her from his life. Jian Ren considers then runs to Yuan Fei. She is just ready to leave when Jian Ren shows up. I am relived they meet. I thought this might be a series of near misses.

They remember their first meeting. On a rainy day Yuan Fei dashed into the store to purchase an umbrella. Jian Ren was also in the store to purchase an umbrella. Jian Ren got there first and Yuan Fei’s pleas about not getting soaked before a job interview did not change his mind. He does feel guilty and waits outside Yuan Fei’s job interview. The job interview did not go well. In the pouring rain, Jian Ren offers Yuan Fei the umbrella. She takes it and walks giving him a thumbs up as he tells her his name. Jian Ren admits he was captivated with her zest, her impulsiveness, and her passion from the start.

Yuan Fei says she has a secret to tell him. Jian Ren wants to share his thoughts. She tells him to share his thoughts first. Jian Ren admits he loved her 6 years ago, loved her during her absence abroad, and loves her now. He knows they both love each other. HOWEVER…he believes it may be best if they take a break from each other. He does not want their love to turn to hate because they cannot control the other. He simply states our love should end here. They will still have beautiful memories. Yuan Fei does not understand breaking up when they love each other. Yuan Fei asks if his decision is related to his involvement with Xiao En. Jian Ren admits that Xiao En is a faithful friend that has been patiently waiting for him to open his heart to her. He thinks maybe he should try and make it work with Xiao En. That logic is flawed…I love you, but it is hard, so I’m going to try and force a relationship with another. Let me know how that works out. Jian Ren hopes they can still be friends. To her credit, Yuan Fei is hurt and straightforward. She does not want to be friends with Jian Ren. She loves him and has always loved him. In her mind it is all or nothing. Based on what he’s offering, she declares it is nothing and she does not want to be friends with him. Wow, that was a good breakup scene.

Yuan Fei tells best friends, Wen Hua and Mei Lin, that she and Jian Ren broke up for good. She’s decided not to tell Jian Ren about his son. Wen Hua protests. Jian Ren has the right to now he has a son. Yuan Fei tells him Jian Ren does not want that complication in his life. She’ s been a single mother for 6 years. She’ll continue being one. She asks Wen Hua to keep this secret from his best friend Jian Ren. With misgivings Wen Hua agrees to keep the secret. He will stop begging Jian Ren to be more responsible and set his friend free.

Xiao En is waiting for Jian Ren when he returns to his apartment. She tells him she doesn’t want to him to live a shell of a life like he has for the past six years. She wants to continue to be his special friend and stay by his side. He warns her one day she will find out the person she loves is just an illusion but she won’t be able to let go. I believe she’s already at that point. She asks if they can date each other.

Best friends Wen Hua and Mei Lin fret that the child will never know his father. Mei Lin believes it is wrong to keep Jian Ren from his son. Wen Hua believes Jian Ren would only run away from the responsibility of fatherhood.

Yuan Fei is forced to take her son to a business meeting with Hao Ran (Sia Melvin). They end up playing in park instead of business. Cute interactions among the three of them.

Hao Ran takes Yuan Fei and her son home. He carries the boy into his bedroom. As she gets him settled into bed, Hao Ran sees the large cardboard cutout of himself. Recall she made when she was psyching herself up to get his business. Her son has since taken to referring to cardboard cutout man as his father. Hao Ran asks why she has a cardboard cutout of him. Yuan Fei is embarrassed and forced to explain she made the cardboard cutout when she was pursuing a business relationship with him. Later over coffee Yuan Fei admits being a single mother is hard. Hao Ran suggests they take care of her son together. Wow! That was unexpected. Yuan Fei thanks him for the offer but she is not interested in a relationship right now. Hao Ran states he was not offering a relationship. What?

The next day Hao Ran clarifies, her son needs a father and she cannot provide that. He wants to help because he knows from experience not having a father is hard on a boy. Yuan Fei inquires, father to her son but not a husband to her? Hao Ran clarifies, father to her son and not a husband to her right now, but he reserves the right to change his mind later.

Mei Lin is baby sitting Yuan Fei’s son while she is on a business trip with Hao Ran. Her mother in law and brother in law, Wen Quig (cool dude) visit. Yuan Fei’s son tells Mei Lin he wants to find the man that gave him this business card. He hands Mei Lin Jian Ren’s business card. Recall Jian Ren gave Yuan Fei’s son the business card in episode 5 when his toy broke and Jian Ren promised compensation. Mei Lin’s eyes light up. Is this a way to get Jian Ren and his son to start a relationship?

Jian Ren calls Xiao En and asks her on a date. Stunned she accepts for a date that evening. The doorbell rings. Jian Ren finds Yuan Fei’s son, Di Bao, on the other side. He does not understand how the kid knew where he lived. Mei Lin calls him and says she needs him to take care of the kid, she had an expected appointment come up. She hangs up. Jian Ren is stupefied. He is supposed to baby sit this kid? LOL, he calls the kid “stupid little devil”. Di Bao proceeds to play with his action figurines (Superman, Spiderman, etc) much to Jian Ren’s horror. I love that Jian Ren collects action figures, it speaks to the child in him.

Jian Ren takes Di Bao to the toy store to purchase a substitute toy to the one that was broken in the first meeting. Di Bao picks a substitute toy much to Jian Ren’s relief.

Xiao En arrives for her date with Jian Ren. He is embarrassed, he forgot the date because Mei Len asked him to baby sit Di Bao. Xiao En is surprised he agreed to baby sit. Jian Ren tells her they will need to reschedule. Jian Ren calls Wen Hua and Mei Lin to come pick up the child, but they will not answer their cell phones. Ha! Back at the apartment Di Bao tells Jian Ren and Xiao En that his father does not want him. Di Bao believes he will meet his father soon. LOL, Xiao En makes supper and both father and son pick out the peas. Xiao En comments they eat the same.  Yuan Fei calls Di Bao who tells her Uncle bought him a remote control car. She thinks Uncle is Wen Hua and asks to speak with him. Di Bao hands the phone to Jian Ren but he refuses to talk. Yuan Fei tells her son she’ll be back from her business trip tomorrow and will see him then. Jian Ren cannot believe Di Bao will not be picked up until tomorrow.

At a business dinner, Yuan Fei and Hao Ran refer to their first meeting 6 years ago. Recall she rear ended his car.  Yuan Fei’s coworker files away the information.

Jian Ren calls Mei Lin and tells her to pick up Di Bao immediately. She pretends she is at the emergency room and cannot pick him up tonight. When mother in law and brother in law return from their outing they ask where Di Bao is. Mother in law is relentless with her comments until Wen Hua yells that Di Bao is at Jian Ren’s house because Jian Ren is the father of the child.

At Jian Ren’s house, Xiao En suggests she spend the night to take care of Di Bao.  Jian Ren is visibly relieved at the offer. Di Bao brings the toffee jar and asks for one. This is Yuan Fei’s favorite toffee.  Jian Ren tells him the candy is too old. Di Bao tells him to keep it for himself. Di Bao asks for a bath so he can change into his pajamas.  Xiao En takes him for a bath and stories. Jian Ren stares at the toffee jar.

Yuan Fei’s co workers mistakenly gives her the key to Hae Ran’s room. As she brings her suitcase into the room, she is impressed by the size and appointments of the room. She dives into the bed and makes herself at home.  Little does she know Hao Ran is taking a shower in the bathroom.

Jian Ren almost falls asleep telling Di Bao stories.  Xiao En takes over telling Di Bao stories until both father and son are asleep. She takes a selfie and posts it to her facebook page.

Hao Ran exits the bathroom and finds Yuan Fei asleep on his bed. He likes what he sees.

* Best episode of the series to date. The story was stronger and the overacting was smaller in scope. All the actors have good chemistry with the child who is cute as can be. I liked Jian Ren struggling to take care of Di Bao. Of course Xiao En does the heavy lifting with Di Bao. The chemistry between Hao Ran and Yuan Fei is good. I was surprised by his offer to become Di Bao’s father. Looking forward to the next episode.

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