Shine or Go Crazy Episode 13 Recap

Shine or Go Crazy Episode 13 Recap. Best episode of the series. Each scene was well acted, written and directed. Each character shined. Our characters are smart, crafty, and able to maneuver themselves around the chessboard of this story. Our couple supported each other even though they knew they could not be together.

Shin Yool (Oh Yeon Seo) and the villagers celebrate the impending marital relations of Wang So and Yeo Won. Shin Yool smiles but it is bittersweet.

ep13_2 ep13_1
Wang So (Jang Hyuk) enters the bedroom of his Yeo Won (Lee Ha Nui). Time to consummate the marriage. Wang So tells Yeo Won this will not happen. Yeo Won is not going to give up easily. She remembers that Wang So left her on their wedding night. Tonight she asks that he be her drinking buddy.

ep13_3 ep13_4
Shin Yool stares into the night sky. Wang Wook (Lim Ju Hwan) watches her. What is the expression on his face?

Cue opening photo…

Wang Wook finds Shin Yool in the VIP room. He goes into jerk mode and tells her that he is there to continue negotiating about moving the capital to the west. Shin Yool is taken aback that he wants to talk business. He demands tea. She brings tea and pours it for him. He demands she drink it to ensure it is not laced. She drinks the tea. He demands she eat one of the sweets to ensure it is not laced. She eats a sweet. Shin Yool sees right through gruff Wang Wook and thanks him for worrying about her. He denies this and makes to leave. She tells him she understands how he felt when he had to give up Dan Young to his father. She feels badly that she was insensitive in their previous conversation about Dan Young. Now she will endure similar pain. Day 1 has been hard. She admits she is scared to feel like this.

She asks how he was able to bear the pain. Finally the ice around Wang Wook’s heart cracks. He tells her he gave himself over to the pain. He pours her tea to soothe her pain. He places her hands on the tea cup and holds them there. He tells her that the pain lessens with time. He tells her he no longer suffers. Her suffering will end when she meets the right man who will help her forget about Wang So. Wang Wook thinks “I hope that person is me. But it does not matter if it is not me.” Shin Yool pulls her hands away and states some memories cannot be forgotten with time. Wang Wook asks, “does that mean you will go against my sister?”

Let me say that Yeon Seo killed that scene. She was subtle, raw and powerful. I surprised when Wang Wook told himself that he did not have to be the man to make Shin Yool forget about Wang So. Superb scene!

Wang So quietly drinks and asks Yeo Won if she has ever thought about using her abilities to make the world a better place instead of simply strengthening her family position.  Bam!

Yeo Won smiles that smile and asks Wang So when the throne is offered to him what will he do? Will he seize the opportunity to make the world a better place? Bam!

Wang So says he has never considered the throne so he cannot answer her question. Yeo Won tells him when he is ready to answer her question, then she will answer his question.

Wang So has to laugh at her impertinence. He marvels that they are having an interesting conversation. She concurs. He says too bad they did not do this earlier in their marriage or things might have gone differently. She suggests that even though they were on different paths during their marriage, maybe they were looking for the same goal.

Let me say that the writer gifted Ha Nui with great dialog and she delivered in a quiet, strong, yet sassy way. Jang Hyuk was the perfect acting partner. I loved it when he casually asked the initial question. Superb scene!

Shin Yool walks Wang Wook out. He comments that even though they are on the same path, they are going in opposite directions. He concludes being on the same path is all that matters. He bids her good night.

Wang So sees that Yeo Won is asleep sitting upright. He carries her to the bed and gently places her down. He stares at her. She is not the woman he loves. He leaves. She opens her eyes and the pain is evident.

Wang So returns to his room. Sitting alone in her bedroom, Wang So pulls out his butterfly talisman. He thinks of Shin Yool, the woman he loves.

Sitting alone in her bedroom, Shin Yool fingers her butterfly talisman. She thinks of Wang So, the man she loves. The man she believes she lost that evening. The pain is evident.

Yeo Won goes on the offensive…
Yeo Won: Thank you for an evening with my husband.
Shin Yool: Why am I here?
Yeo Won pours her tea and urges her to drink. As Shin Yool drinks the tea…
Yeo Won: Do you think you will leave here dead or alive after drinking that tea?
Wow! Yeo Won smells her tea, then sips…
Yeo Won: Alive I guess.
Yeo Won: Did you know that a first marriage has to be under the King’s orders?
Wow! Shin Yool looks at her startled.
Yeo Won: You do know. Do you know you’ll face death if you break the law?
Shin Yool puts her tea cup down.
Yeo Won: Why are you so surprised? You were confident in front of the King. I am thinking about covering this up. If I cover this up, what will you do for me?

Shin Yool finds her voice…
Shin Yool: I will end everything with Wang So.
Yeo Won: What if he tries to stop you?
Shin Yool: I will end it, no matter what.
Yeo Won: This conversation is going well. I will monitor you day and night. 

She smells the tea and stares into Shin Yool’s eyes…
Yeo Won: Doesn’t this tea taste wonderful? Drink.
Shin Yool accepts the challenge and drinks her tea.

Let me say that writer gifted Ha Nui with great dialog and she killed that scene. Yeo Won skittered to the edge of crazy with that conversation. Yeon Seo’s nonverbal cues were superb. Wow! An incredible 18 minutes of this episode. Quiet, powerful, riveting scenes between our key characters. We have A grade actors on this show!

Shin Yool researches poisons and believe she may have found the poison effecting the king. She recalls Yeo Won’s gem bracelet which could be the poison in solid form.

ep13_14b ep13_14aep13_14c
Wang So asks Gyu Dal (Heo Jeong Min), Baek Myo (Kim Sun Young), and Gang Myeong (Ahn Kil Kang) why Shin Yool called him. Shin Yool enters the room without her veil. She announces Wang So knows she is a woman. Shin Yool’s family is startled. She asks to speak with Wang So in the VIP room.

ep13_15c ep13_15a
Shin Yool gets to the point. She asks Wang So to limit his personal visits. Wang So sees the irony of her request to visit, so she could tell him not to visit. Shin Yool thinks she never should have tried to find Wang So. Wang So realizes why Shin Yool is making the request and silently vows to protect her. Shin Yool tells him she will no longer dress as a man so visits to Gaebong are over too. Wang So demands to know why she is doing this. Then softly he asks if she knows about him sharing his bed with his wife. Shin Yool states they are a married couple, she could not interfere. Wang So clarifies that he did not do what she imagines. Shin Yool forcefully states it does not matter to her.

ep13_15d ep13_15f
Shin Yool turns the conversation in a different direction when she tells Wang So she thinks the King is being poisoned. That gets Wang So’s attention. Shin Yool shares she has seen signs in the King that make her think this. She tells Wang So he must determine how the poison is being administered and stop it. Wang So asks if there is an antidote. Unfortunately no, says Shin Yool. Wang So believes if he can find the source of the poison, Shin Yool can determine an antidote. As he leaves, Shin Yool thinks to herself “the poison came from Yeo Won. I will expose everything.” Ok, that statement makes me nervous. Yeo Won is a formidable opponent. I’m repeating myself…fabulous scene between these two.

ep13_16b ep13_16a
Sik Ryeom (Lee Deok Hwa) tells the King that Wang Wook is in charge of moving the capital to the west. Sik Ryeom riles the King when he claims that the trading company assistant head weaseled her way into the project by gaining a monopoly on construction items. Sik Ryeom asks if the King confirmed that personal relationship with Wang So and the assistant head. The King is not concerned. Sik Ryeom ups the ante telling the King the black assassins are headed by a prince. If Wang So has that position that means the first King choose Wang So to be the next King. The King is not happy with that hypothesis. Sik Ryeom suggests the King demand to meet the leader of the black assassins. Either Wang So will reveal himself or no one will come proving they are thieves. Ok, that logic does not work for me, but the King’s fuzzy mind does not object.

Wouldn’t you know…Wang So arrives to see the King. Sik Ryeom leaves so the brothers can talk. Wang So gets his first “if looks could kill” from Sik Ryeom as he exits.

The King tells Wang So he wants to meet the leader and the black assassins. If they show themselves, he will support them. If they do not show themselves, he will consider them thieves. The King’s assistant and the doctor arrive and take a quick assessment of the King’s health. Not looking good per the glances between Wang So, the doctor and the adviser.

Outside the doctor claims he can make an antidote if he has the poison. Wang So vows to get the poison.

Shin Yool tells Baek Myo and Gang Myeong to do as she asks without questioning her. She declares their very lives are at stake.  Success yields life. Failure yields the end of the company and possibly their death. She asks Gang Myeong to go to jewelers and find the gem, geumhwasuk, that Yeo Won had in her bracelet. They also need to investigate the poison from India.

Wang So, Eun Chun (Kim Roe Ha), and the King’s adviser believe Sik Ryeom is behind poisoning the King. Wang So tells the adviser the King drink the calming tea from Shin Yool. Eun Chun gets the task of finding the poison for the doctor to make an antidote from.

Operation find that poison is underway but it is not easily ascertained. When the King coughs after reading a scroll, the adviser realizes how the poison is administered.

Sik Ryeom and his 2 remaining conspirators gather in the evil lair. Sik Ryeom declares the King is on his way to death and then the opportunity to rule the kingdom will soon be theirs. To that end, Sik Ryeom introduces their newest member…their manager for the move to the west…and their future king…Wang Wook!

Shin Yool gets a progress update from Baek Myo and Gang Myeong. No progress on finding the gem or poison. Gyu Dal announces Wang So is there.

Shin Yool looks at Wang So before she enters the room. She loves him, it is written all over her face. Wang So tells her they’ve determined how the poison was administered to the King via the scrolls. He has brought of vial poison powder for her to work on an antitode. Wang So tells her the King’s doctors are also working on an antidote. Young Shin surprises Wang So when she asks if Sik Ryeom is behind the poisoning of the King. Wang So apologizes for dragging her into this royal mess. She further surprises Wang So by telling him Wang Wook is the manager of the move to the west.

Wang So asks if Wang Wook is the one that knows about their marriage 5 years ago. Wow! Cards on the table! Shin Yool lies and tells him no one knows. Hmm, I wonder did she miss an opportunity there? I guess her overarching goal is Wang So’s safety. Protecting him from Yeo Won by hiding the truth seems better than sending him into a direct confrontation with her. By the way, another terrific scene with an unexpected zing of that reveal.

Outside the trading company is Yeo Won. She asks her assistant if Wang Wook knows she is visiting the trading company. Her assisstant says yes, Wang Wook knows. Yeo Won smiles that smile.

Here is the scene we have been waiting for…
Inside Shin Yool tells Wang So that future visits must be made to her brother not her.  He looks confused but comprehension dawns when Yeo Won enters the room and asks what he is doing there. Wang So blithely states he is buying tea. Yeo Won is skeptical. Yeo Won asks Shin Yool to accompany her. They leave the room.

Yeo Won tells Shin Yool she knows how to eradicate Wang So from her life.
Yeo Won: You should get married. I am thinking about arranging a marriage for you with Wang Wook. 
Young Shin: I wonder if Wang Wook would agree.
Yeo Won: I’ll ask him.

Oh snap! Wang Wook walks up wondering why they are talking about him.
Wang Wook: Why did you come to meet her?
Yeo Won: You came here like the wind. Were you that worried?
Hate to tell you Yeo Won, but everyone is a bit afraid of you.

Are we having fun yet? Our foursome sit in the VIP room loving the opportunity to get to know each other a bit better.
Yeo Won: I came here to discuss Wang Wook and Shin Yool, but since Wang So is here, we should discuss it together.
Shin Yool: If it is about Wang Wook and me, then only 3 of us should discuss it.
Wang So: Let’s hear it.
Yeo Won: I think Wang Wook and Shin Yool should marry. How about it Wook?
The shocked look on Wang Wook’s face…excellent!
Young Shin: I’ve never considered marriage.
Yeo Won: I asked for Wang Wook’s opinion.
Wang Wook is smiling like the cat that swallowed the canary.
Wang Wook: A marriage to Young Shin. (He stares directly into Wang So’s eyes stretching the moment out). I have never thought about marriage either. I will do as I please with my marriage.
Wow! Wang Wook is no longer meek!
Wang Wook tells Young Shin they need to discuss medical service for the move to the west.  They leave the room.
Wang So: I’m leaving too. I’ve got tea for the King. One more thing…it is time for Wang Wook to break from his sister’s arms.
Yeo Won: As long as I don’t let go, neither you or Wang Wook will be able to escape me. 
Wow! Cards on the table again. Yeo Won is upfront that the two men she values…are never getting away from her.

Shin Yool: Thank you for saying that.
Wang Wook: My sister will not back down easily. Since you are not being direct with her, she must be exploiting a weakness you have.  Or you could be preparing to attack her. Which is it?
Shin Yool says nothing.
Wang Wook: You do not have to tell me.
The conversation turns to the business of the move to the west. Wang Wook tells her the trading company has been chosen as the construction company. As the manager, he will visit her often.

Wang So takes the calming tea to Eun Chun. He directs him to give it to King’s adviser for the King. He tells him not to kill the King’s secretary yet.

The King’s adviser receive the tray full of scrolls from the King’s secretary. The adviser suggests the secretary read the scrolls to the King.  The secretary looks scared and carefully picks a scroll to read.

Meanwhile word reaches Sik Ryeom the secretary is reading the King the scrolls. Sik Ryeom directs his minion to secure the poison. There he is…I was wondering where he was…Se Won (Na Jong Chan) comes into the room declaring the poison has been found out. Sik Ryeom directs Se Won to make his move.

Eun Chun follows the secretary but loses him. The secretary gives Sik Ryeom’s minion the poison. The minion stabs the secretary. Eun Chun finds the dead secretary. The minion gives the poison to Se Won.

Eun Chun tells Wang So the secretary was killed when he lost him. Wang So is not happy with the mistake.

The dowager Queen meets with the King and worries about his health. The Queen asks her son to give his brother Wang So a position in the government. The King does not take the request well accusing her of favoritism. He agrees to talk to Wang So.

ep13_28b ep13_28a
The King tells Wang So of their mother’s suggestion he work in the government. He asks what happened to change the vibe between Wang So and their mother. Wang So states they had a pleasant tea together. That gives the King a laugh. He tells Wang So to enjoy his improved status. His tone changes when he asks why the leader of the black assassins has not visited him yet. He declares tomorrow, he will dismiss the guards, and the leader of the black assassins better show up.

Eun Chun believes the King cannot be trusted because of the poison is altering his behavior. Wang So wonders if knowing the truth would help the King. Eun Chun thinks the King might kill him on the spot.

Wang So is bummed because he cannot seek Gaebong’s counsel. For a man with precious few friends and allies, losing one is difficult.

Gyu Dal meets with Wang So instead. Wang So tells Gyu Dal to get Gaebong not Shin Yool. Gyu Dal tells Shin Yool to switch in her guy disguise.

ep13_32b ep13_32a
Wang So turns to talk to Gaebong but instead finds Shin Yool.  Wang So asks Shin Yool to give Gaebong a message.
Wang So: I know everything you jerk. No matter your reason I believe in you. You would not abandon me easily. You find a way to come back to me. I’m trying too. Don’t think you are alone. Don’t worry. I’ll find a way back. Until then I’ll treat you as Shin Yool. No matter how harsh she is, I will not be hurt. I know your heart. Do not be hurt. 
Wang So looks directly at Shin Yool.
Wang So: Do not be hurt. Please tell Gaebong. Do you have anything to say to So So?
Shin Yool: Gaebong says this to So So. He knows you are suffering. He is sorry he cannot console you and be by your side. (Wang So closes his eyes taking in the comfort those words offer). Gaebong offers this as well…If you act the way you think, everything will be resolved. The answers to your questions are in your head.
Wang So: (laughing) Gaebong knows me well and relieves me.

He looks directly at Shin Yool. They nod to each other. As he walks past her he lightly holds her hand. They stand and absorb each other.

That scene in a single word…poignant.

He leaves. Shin Yool goes and grabs her Gaebong clothing.

Outside the trading company Wang So repeats “the answers to my questions are already in my head.”  He leaves.

Shin Yool comes out dressed as Gaebong but cannot see Wang So. Wang Wook walks up and calls Gaebong. Shin Yool turns and is visibly bummed that it is Wang Wook and not Wang So. Wang Wook asks if the disappointment is high that it is only him. She lies and says she was not looking for Wang So.

Dressed as Shin Yool, Wang Wook takes her to task for not preparing for the operation as he instructed. He wants all the facts and figures about the trading company over the last 5 years. He directs her to get tea and snacks.

Shin Yool returns with tea and snacks. In addition, Gyu Dal, Gang Myeong, and Gyeong (Jung Woo Sik) bring stacks of ledgers for his perusal. They leave him to it. Touche Shin Yool! Baek Myo offers to stay up all night with him. Ha!

The time has come…
The King waits alone in the throne room.
Wang So enters in black assassin leader gear, his face covered except his eyes.
They approach each other.

ep13_34b ep13_34c
With a shaking hand, the King removes the face covering, revealing Wang So.
The King recoils declaring Sik Ryeom was right. Wang So deceived him. He declares they are no longer brothers. He only wants his throne.
Wang So tells him say whatever you like. But right now you are not yourself.
The King angrily declares he is himself. He rips his clothes. He tells Wang So made him the leader so one day he would be King.

Wang So tells the King he is poisoned. Wang So describes the hazy vision and trembling the poison inflects. The King flips out yelling at him.  Calmly Wang So explains the scrolls made him cough. The scrolls had poison power on them. Wang So says the secretary that delivered the scrolls was killed. He asks…who would do such a thing? He answers…Sik Ryeom.

ep13_34d ep13_34e
The King looks at his trembling hands.  On bended knee, Wang So asks the King for permission to punish Sik Ryeom. He vows to help him lead the right way. The King runs to the throne, unsheathes the sword, and runs at Wang So with the sword raised and ready to strike.

* Best episode of the series.  The acting superb, the dialog was taunt, and the reveals kept coming. Hardly a wasted scene in the entire episode. It would be a shorter list of the scenes that did not work well – Gil Bok (what’s the point of this annoying character) and Shin Yool doning the Gaebong outfit only to have Wang Wook find her in it. That seemed a bit out of place.
1. Wang So did not consummate his marriage to Yeo Won. He was not a jerk about rejecting her but reject her he did. Staring at the butterfly talisman apart from Shin Yool while she was doing the same…fabulous.
2. Yeo Won’s tea with Shin Yool was the gem scene of the episode. I was surprised with the “will you live or die after drinking the tea” line Yeo Won smacked on Shin Yool. Best Yeo Won scene of the series. She seriously flirted with a side of crazy in that scene. Shin Yool delivered as well. She knew to tread carefully with Yeo Won.
3. Yeo Won interrupting Shin Yool and Wang So at the trading company was excellent.  She enjoyed making them both uncomfortable in that moment.
4. Wang Wook taking a hard stance with Yeo Won about her suggestion he marry Shin Yool was welcome. I like the new evil oriented Wan Wook. He is more interesting. Loved it when Shin Yool left him alone with a room full of ledgers. But no worries, besotted Baek Won offered to sit up with him all night.
5. The confrontation between the King and Wang So regarding Wang So being the black assassins leader was terrific.  Wang So worked to draw the King’s attention to Sik Reyom’s actions which provided the real culprit but the King would not see it in his fogged state of mind.
* Jang Hyuk as Wang So had his best scene when he needed to talk with Gaebong which he accomplished by talking to Shin Yool. That was a beautifully acted scene on Jang Hyuk’s part. I was also pleasantly surprised when he revealed that he knew she was his first wife. Gone are the days of holding onto a secret for too many episodes. Yes, Gaebong is a girl and Shin Yool is Gaebong, I’m referencing you as the secret that overstayed your welcome.
* Yeon Seo’s portrayal of Shin Yool was solid even though her man was pulled away from her.  Her suspicions about Yeo Won were spot on. She makes me nervous plotting against Yeo Won, but no one deserves it more. Loved her deserting Wang Wook in the room of ledgers. Served him right for his prissy treatment of her.
* I’m a bit surprised a new song on the OST has not been released the past 2 weeks. There was a new song featured in the show in the beginning 15 minutes, perhaps that will be the next song. Maybe over 24 episodes they do not release a song a week as they did the first 4 weeks.

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  2. dawnshine says:

    Ah, really enjoy reading your recaps and your thoughts about the acting and each scenes. This episode focuses more on YW. But I’m glad everyone shined here and delivered their scenes/roles very well. I mean sometimes when you’re not the focus on a particular scene, it’s easy for viewers to ignore your part there. It’s not the case here.

    For the scene YW asked her maid if she had informed WW her visit to Chunghae, not WS. She wanted WW to be there so she could bring up the marriage arrangement for him and SY in front of WS. She doesn’t want WS to visit Chunghae and has been spending people monitoring both. Gilbok is one of them, which is why we saw one brief scene of him trailing WS. As for the scene for SY as Gaekbong running out to look for WS, it’s just to wrap up that beautifully done poignant scene between the OTP…to show as much as she tried to suppress her love with WS at this stage (due to YW’s threatening), she understood that WS needed her comfort when WS touched her hand gently…that part is just to enforce that. It’s also a good comparison for us to see between WS and WW in SY’s heart. WW, sorry, I don’t think you stand a chance at all. Hah!


    • kjtamuser says:

      Appreciate you pointing out that YW asked her maid about WW not WS. I revised the recap. I concur on why SY switched to Gaebong. The idea of WW marrying SY makes me uneasy. SY’s heart will always be with WS. Thx again for your insights.


  3. Jenni Joy says:

    I hope you will let me know when that song from Episode 13 is released. Loved it.


  4. […] favorite moment of the series for Yeo Won was episode 13 when she went head-to-head over tea and poison with Shin Yool (Oh Yeon Seo). Those ladies threw down […]


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