Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 14 Recap

Who ever said “it’s good to be King” did not live in this kingdom.

Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 14 Recap

2 years has passed…

Hae Soo (IU) is the top court lady (like Royal Concubine Oh) and Chae Ryung has been promoted from servant to court lady as well (courtesy of Wang Wook). Chae Ryung reminds Hae Soo that eighth Prince Wang Wook (Kang Ha Neul) still feels the same about Hae Soo. She has no response.

Wang Wook delivers a Royal order from the King. Wealthy families are to rotate supporting the palace guards. Wang Wook reminds everyone that the king’s illness makes it so that he cannot attend the morning sessions, so they must enact his orders with Wang Wook as the proxy. Fourth Prince Wang So (Lee Joon Gi) and Wang Wook stare at each other.

sh_ep14_1bb sh_ep14_1aaThirteenth Prince Baek Ah (Nam Joo Hyuk) walks in the forest remembering Woo Hee. He turns and there she is! He turns around unable to believe that she’s real. He thinks he’s hallucinating her. When he turns back, she is still there. He asks if she’ll disappear if he tries to touch her. Woo Hee tells him that she was hoping that the wound she gave him had not healed, so he wouldn’t have forgotten her. Baek Ah pulls her into a hug and tells her that he didn’t come to her because he believed he would only bring her sadness. She admits she did the same, not seeing him so she would not make him sad. I’m glad to see this couple still has a sweetness. With the two-year gap hopefully her assassination attempt of the former king can be water under the bridge. It wasn’t common knowledge what she did, so hopefully she can actually have a life with Baek Ah. I’m all for this couple finding happiness.

sh_ep14_1b sh_ep14_1a
Chae Ryung gets herbs ready for the King’s bath. Ninth Prince Wang Won (Yoon Sun Woo) intercepts her and forces her to accept a little something extra for the King’s bath.

King Wang Mu (Kim San Ho) tells Hae Soo that he’s very tired after a bath, and his memory is fuzzy. Hae Soo says he’s not sleeping well. She has a special tea and pillow that should help him sleep better. Hae Soo leaves Chae Ryung in charge of the King’s bath. Chae Ryung adds additional herbs. I’m assuming that the herbs Wang Won foisted on her are in the bag.

Baek Ah and Wang So wish Hae Soo happy birthday. Baek Ah’s present is well received. Baek Ah teases Wang So who is unable to come up with the present. Wang So tries to defend his lack of a gift. Hae Soo quips because she’s only a court lady having a birthday should be sufficient, a.k.a. the gifts aren’t needed. There’s an interesting tension between Wang So and Hae Soo.

Hae Soo hears animal sounds and smiles a little smile guessing that it’s Wang So. She’s right, Wang So is outside her quarters hoping that she’ll come out. Hae Soo asks Wang So if he was the one making the animal sounds. He asks if they were too realistic. She states she knew it wasn’t a dog or a wolf, she thought maybe it was someone choking on a rice cake. Ha! Wang So holds out his hand and tells her that he’s got something wonderful to show her for her birthday. He smiles. She tries not to smile. She takes his hand and off they go.

Wang So takes Hae Soo to look at the stars. As Wang So points out the various stars, Hae Soo counters with the names from the present day. She even tells him a story about one of the stars. That makes Wang So reminisce about finding his mother telling stories to a young fourteenth Prince Wang Jung (Ji Soo) and he was jealous. His mother saw his jealousy and hid Wang Jung from him. Wang So wonders if his mother knew that one day he’d be able to kill a brother (referencing the death of third Prince Wang Yo (Hong Jong Hyun)). Hae Soo is sympathetic and says older siblings always want their younger siblings to disappear. Wang So wonders if her sympathy should make him only look at her. Wang So tells her that whenever he sees her, his load is always lightened. He wonders if he could live without seeing Hae Soo. He tells if she won’t come to him and be open to a relationship, then don’t give him hope that one day they might have a relationship. He admits the hope that one day they will be a couple tortures him. He stares into her eyes and moves to kiss her. She puts up her hand and reminds him that he promised he would never kiss her without her permission. But as we all know he did kiss her last episode (quick peck), after he made that promise. He asks if he can kiss her and then quickly leans into make it happen. She stops him and disallows the kiss. That was a cute little exchange. Wang So isn’t done trying, but she rebuffs him once more. Wang So jokes that the king will marry her off to some old man. Hae Soo scoffs that the king favors her so much, that he would never marry her off without her consent. Wang So accuses her of being a show off since she’s special to the king. They both smile. Wang So asks her to confirm she’s got a day off soon. He tells her that they should go to the prayer tower. He’s got something he wants to tell her there. He asks if she will go. She stares at him. He smiles that darling little smile. Thank goodness. I lived to see romantic tension between the two of them. Has Hae Soo sworn off men? Wang So keeps trying, bless his heart. Here’s hoping she caves. How can she not melt when he smiles at her?

The King shivers and complains to Wang Wook that even though it’s hot outside he’s cold. He can’t sleep, and when he does he only has nightmares. Wang Wook suggests that the King abdicate the throne to him. Wang Wook says that the rumors that Ji Mong spread for him that he was the son of the Dragon, to explain the red scarring on his body, isn’t working. Wang Wook says it’s time for the King to stop bearing the burden of the throne, and give that burden to his brother. Wang Wook promises to take care of the King for as long as he lives. So Wang Wook’s pursuit of the throne is still foremost in his mind. It looks like Wang Wook won the King’s second in command position when he revealed Wang Yo’s plan to take the throne from the king two years ago. Does Wang Wook still think that if he were King he could win Hae Soo?

The King has agreed to marry his young daughter (and she looks like she’s 10) into a remote clan. His daughter tells him she doesn’t want to leave him. The King says he is protecting her. Ji Mong doesn’t think it best either. The King tells him the clan will support him in time of need if he creates an alliance through marriage. The King tries to push his daughter into the paraffin. He is acting erratic. Wang So has a flashback to when his mother had archers shoot flaming arrows at him. Good grief! That’s a childhood memory Wang So has? Queen Yoo is the worst mother ever. Finally, Wang So can’t take it anymore and intervenes. He tells the King that if he sends his daughter to the remote clan, she will only be a hostage. The King counters that he fears death every night, he can’t sleep, he can’t think, and people that he once trusted want him to abdicate. Wang So tries to soothe his brother. The King looks at Wang So and asks if he’ll marry the princess and save them all. Oh no! I don’t like that request.

Hae Soo looks quite pretty as she waits for her date with Wang So. Folks, this is a date. She’s wearing his hair ornament and she’s nervous!  When Wang So arrives, Hae Soo doesn’t see him, so he takes in her beauty with a kind of sadness. Drat, did he agree to marry the princess? When Hae Soo turns, Wang So sees the hair ornament in her hair and hope surges in his body. He smiles. He approaches her joking that he didn’t think she’d come so he took his time coming to the meeting spot. She asks what was the important thing he wanted to tell her. He pretends not to remember and say it wasn’t important. Drat, he did agree to marry the princess or he’d be furthering romance as Hae Soo appears to be open to him. Wang So your timing is off! Hae Soo is obviously disappointed. Wang So teases her about that. He suggests they do something else.

sh_ep14_5b sh_ep14_5a
He takes her out in a row boat. He notices her death grip on the boat and decides to startle her by rocking the boat. It works. He laughs. He’s like a boy torturing the girl he likes. His smiles melts me, I don’t know how she doesn’t cave. She asks if the boat is his. Wang So shares that he brought it when he returned to the palace. She asks why she’s never seen him in the boat. Wang So pauses and confides that he doesn’t want enjoy the palace too much or he may never want to leave. Hae Soo stares at him says she’s wondering what it would be like to set aside something she wanted like he has. Wang So apologizes for not remembering what he wanted to say. She tells him he’ll remember it. She tells him to take his time. Yes, it’s always about timing with our leading couple. She’s not available and he wants her. He’s not available, and she’s more open than she’s ever been. Bummer.

Ji Mong tells Wang So he’s made a big decision. Wang So states if he marries the princess, people will assume he wants the throne. He’ll have more power which will allow him to protect the King. Ji Mong is impressed that Wang So is strategizing. Wang So asks if he’s once again a dog on a leash who is now protecting his master, the King. He wonders if this is his destiny. Wang So says he’s tried of supplicating his wants for someone else. He asks Ji Mong how he can stop being a dog on a leash and instead be free to live the life he wants. Ji Mong comments that most people would consider this an opportunity to become king. He confirms he’s not telling Wang So to take over the thrown by removing his brother. Ji Mong thanks Wang So for protecting his brother. He states the King will not be his master much longer. I’m glad to see Wang So thinking politically. I’m glad to see Ji Mong still supports him. I wish Wang So could live the life he wants, but that isn’t going to happen is it?

sh_ep14_6b sh_ep14_6a
Hae Soo gives Wang Jung and Park Soon Duk, Wang Eun’s wife facials to smooth their outdoor weathered faces. Baek Ah is not happy to see that Hae Soo used some of the rose oil he gave her for her birthday. After the facial, Wang Jung and Wang Eun’s wife complement each other on their brighter and softer skin. Tenth Prince Wang Eun (Baekhyun) overhears and jealousy take over. He accuses his wife of having feelings for Wang Jung. Irritated she leaves. Wang Eun recommends that Wang Jung never marry. Hae Soo tells Wang Eun that he doesn’t even know his own heart. She points out that he cares for the wife he pretends to disdain. Wang Eun comments that Wang So will understand the downside of marriage soon. Wang Jung and Hae Soo are surprised. I’m a bit surprised that in 2 years, Wang Eun hasn’t made more progress establishing a loving relationship with his wife. But he is immature. Bummer that Hae Soo had to find out about Wang So’s marriage from someone else.

sh_ep14_7b sh_ep14_7a
Wang So finds Hae Soo sitting alone. One look at her and he realizes she’s heard about his marriage. He apologizes. She tells him they made no promises to each other. Wang So begs to differ. Everything he told her, a free life, a life away from the palace was a promise in his mind. Nice! He’s not happy that he’s hurt her by breaking his word. He can offer no rational that will suffice. With tears brimming and with dignity Hae Soo offers her congratulations on his marriage. A tear spills onto her cheek. Wang So watches her walk away knowing his chance with her is over. Bummer, bummer, bummer! I have waited 14 episodes for a mutual moment between these two and by the middle of the episode, it’s over. Ugh! Are Wang So’s swoonable moments over? Tell me it isn’t so. That has been a great pleasure of this series. The scene was quiet and well played by both actors.

Wang Wook reads an appeal that Wang So be exiled. The King stops Wang Wook and says the appeal is designed to make him abdicate to Wang Wook. Understanding that he has an issue with his brother, Wang Wook states he only wanted to lessen his burden. The King states he will be sharing his burden with his brother. Wang So is announced. The King tells Wang Wook that Wang So will marry his oldest daughter. Because she’s so young, she will be his second wife. Wang So states Ji Mong has selected the wedding date. Wang Wook and Wang So stare at each other. The King tells Wang Wook that he’s taking his advice. He’ll be abdicating to Wang So soon. Both Wang Wook and Wang So are surprised. Wang Wook is forced to agree with the King and offer congratulations to Wang So. Wang Wook wonders if anyone is crying over Wang So’s marriage. We all know he’s talking about Hae Soo. The King surprised me with his abdicate to Wang So announcement. Can you have a second wife if you don’t have a first wife?

Baek Ah visits Hae Soo with sympathy for the situation with Wang So and a letter from Wang So. He offers the letter stating Wang So says it is his explanation for the situation. Hae Soo reads the letter and says Wang So has a way with words. She admits she was wrong to believe she understood him so well.

As Wang So steps into the royal chambers with the young Princess, Hae Soo thinks about Wang So’s note “I went to the water to rest. But the clouds came.” Later Wang So watches the King sleeping hoping he gave his brother peace.

Wang Jung is surprised to find his supposedly dead brother Wang Yo meeting with his mother at the temple. The first thing I notice…no guy liner! Wang Jung is stunned. Wang Yo quips he needs to work on his poker face. Queen Yoo is thrilled to have her 2 favorite sons together again. Wang Jung demands to know why Wang Yo pretended to be dead for 2 years. Wang Yo is matter of fact; he was a traitor and couldn’t return. His uncle’s care saved him. Wang Jung states he’ll request exoneration from the King. He believes the King would be agreeable. Wang Yo chuckles. He wants the throne. He’s a threat to the King. He surprises Wang Jung with the news that Wang So is marrying the King’s daughter and that the King plans to abdicate to Wang So.  Because Wang So “killed” Wang Yo, Wang Jung is against Wang So becoming King but he refuses to commit treason. Wang Yo declares he won’t fail in his second quest to take the throne. Queen Yoo beams with pride. Wang Yo tries to sway Wang Jung to his side by stating the King is nuts and his choice of King is unacceptable therefore they have no choice but to take action.

sh_ep14_9b sh_ep14_9a
Wang Jung leaps the palace wall. Wang So and the guards chase him. He goes to Hae Soo’s home. Wang So and the guards enter. Hae Soo tells them that she did not see anything. Wang So motions the guards to search her room. Hae Soo blocks the guards. Wang So states he’ll search her room. Hae Soo takes her hair ornament and put it to her throat. Wouldn’t it have been great if she’d been wearing Wang So’s hair ornament? Hae Soo declares she’d rather die than have her room searched. She tells Wang So to get the King’s permission as she only takes orders from him. Wang So asks if there is anyone in her room. Hae Soo states there is no one in her room. She draws the hair ornament over her throat drawing blood. Wang So orders the guards to come with him. Hae Soo sags in relief. Wang Jung is in her room and thrilled at her boldness. Hae Soo says that keeping the peace is worth it. Wang Jung wonders if she would have done the same for any his brothers. Hae Soo confirms this. Wang Jung isn’t surprised but not happy with that fact. Wang Jung asks Hae Soo who she will side with if the brothers splinter and fight. Hae Soo quips she’ll referee. Wang Jung states the family harmony of the old days are gone forever. He tells her she will have to choose sides. She says she won’t be able to choose because she doesn’t want anyone hurt.

Wang So stands outside her palace knowing Wang Jung is in there. Wang Jung draws a blanket over a sleeping Hae Soo and smiles watching her sleep. Good grief, will everyone fall in love with her?

The next day Wang So literally grabs Hae Soo and take her to the lake. He states he knows Wang Jung was in her room. He wanted to break the door down. He demands an explanation why she hid Wang Jung. Angry, she turns on him and asks why he didn’t offer her a straightforward explanation. She says the poem was nice but it wasn’t clear. She wants to know why he is marrying. Is he doing this become the next King? Wang So explains that the princess was about to exiled to a remote clan that would have treated her as a hostage. The only way to stop it was to agree to marry. Hae Soo knows that exile is the one option Wang So would never tolerate because he suffered that fate. She asks why he didn’t tell her this from the beginning. It would have saved heartache. He snaps that he didn’t want her to wait in hope. He knows she doesn’t like multiple wives. Didn’t he just tell her he wants her as his wife but knowing she wouldn’t accept another wife, he thinks it’s off the table? Wang So states he managed to avoid marriage, but suddenly he couldn’t avoid marriage anymore. What kind of explanation could he offer? Satisfied, Hae Soo states the Wang Jung was in her room. She claims he forgot the rules about exiting/entering the palace. Wang So tells her not to lie to him again. He says neither of them want lies from each other even if the truth hurts. Hae Soo asks what they should do when they don’t want to disclose something. Wang So tells her to say that. No need to lie to him. She promises not to lie. He promises not to lie. There! They’ve finally pledged and promised something! Wang So rocks the ribbon in his hair! Wang So asks if she’s over her anger. Hae Soo asks if he’s regretting the choice to marry. Wang So says he had to protect the King, and marriage was the option offered, so he doesn’t regret the choice to marry. Wang So says the princess has relocated to the temple. Wang So asks who Hae Soo referenced when she said she loved someone. He wonders if it was Wang Jung. Hae Soo laughs at his guess. Hae Soo asks if Wang So lied when he claimed to forget the important thing he had to tell her. Wang So confirms this. Hae Soo asks what he wanted to tell her. Wang So stares at her. He steps near her. He tells her “I love you”. Swoon! She smiles. He smiles. She kisses him! Holy Smokes! One moment, this may be the only moment! She stares into his eyes and says “Don’t you forget it”. Excellent! Wang So is surprised and smiles. He grabs her waist and draws her to him. Swoon! He stares into her eyes. He knows he doesn’t have to ask anymore. He traces her face with his hand. Swoon! He bends and kisses her. Swoon! She puts her arms around his waist and sinks into the kiss. I lived to see the day! Excellent! Who knew getting engaged would be the catalyst for them to FINALLY admit their feelings? Hae Soo admitted her feelings subtly and Wang So told her flat out. Even though the kiss was the centerpiece, the rest of the scene was terrific too.

Wang Won visit Wang Wook and brings a guest. It’s Wang Yo. Bam! His guy liner went up a notch. Wang Yo tells Wang Wook they have much to discuss. Wang Wook agrees.

Wang Yo approaches the palace with his cadre of guards and his bow and arrow. I think he looks better with the goatee. Nothing says evil like a goatee. Wang Yo shoots one the guards and order his men to attack. They storm the palace. Wang Yo demands they find the King.

Wang Wook tells his mother a rebellion is underway. Queen Hwangbo and Princess Yeon Hwa are not happy. Wang Wook states he took them out of the palace so they’d be safe while the rebellion was happening. Yeon Hwa can’t believe he’s helping Wang Yo. She yells he’ll betray you when he takes the throne. Wang Wook states Wang Yo is better than Wang So as the next King. Queen Hwangbo is angry that Wang Wook has chosen to become a traitor. Honey, he went down that path several years ago. Wang Wook snaps he did what he had to do to protect his family. Queen Hwangbo asks if Hae Soo has figured into any of Wang Wook’s choices. With tears in his eyes, he confirms Hae Soo has played a role in his choices. In fact, she was the catalyst. Good scene. Wang Wook’s machinations have calculated Hae Soo into the choices, but in no way did Wang Wook do this solely for her. Too many of his choices rejected her, not embraced her. His family ranks higher than Hae Soo, he’s proven that in the past.

The King spits blood in front of Hae Soo and Chae Ryung. The sounds of the guards searching for him are everywhere. They find the King and Hae Soo. They drag Hae Soo away from the King. Wang Yo strides into the room. The King stares at his “deceased no longer but still a traitor” brother. Wang Won is right behind Wang Yo. Solidarity! Hae Soo stares in disbelief. The King reaches out to Wang Yo and asks him to save him. I roll my eyes. Wang Yo bends down to the King and pushes him into the water. The King flails. Couldn’t he just stand up? The King drowns. Wang Yo watches and thinks “brother, you were destined to live your life floundering. If father had known, he never would have picked you to be king.” Hate to say it, but Wang Yo is correct. Hae Soo drops to her knees in front of the floating dead King. Wang Yo tells his now dead brother “I told you I would not lose twice.” You’ve got to respect that Wang Yo followed through with that promise.

Wang So storms into the room dispatching guards followed by Ji Mong. He sees the King dead in the water. Wang Yo turns. He sees his “deceased but no longer but still a traitor” brother. His eyes widen in shock. As he realizes the King is dead, he cries his pain and dispatches several guard to get closer. Wang Yo orders them to stop. Ji Mong gets in the water and turns the King over. He moans the King’s name repeatedly but there is no life left. Ji Mong cries. Hae Soo cries. Chae Ryung looks guilty and runs. Wang Yo says he didn’t kill him. He states the King was addicted to poison and dying. Wang Yo claims Hae Soo put deadly mercury in the bath water. Hae Soo is shocked. Wang Won (the real culprit) pushes Hae Soo to the ground. He asks how the mercury got the in bath water. Hae Soo denies knowledge of the mercury. Wang Yo offers Wang So two options – (1) die with Hae Soo or (2) accept Wang Yo and save Hae Soo. Ouch! Hae Soo is Wang So’s Achilles heels. Wang Yo knows this well. Wang Yo states he won’t forget that Hae Soo poisoned the King and will use it as needed. Wang So yells in anger. He draws his sword and clashes with Wang Yo. His brother tells Wang So that wolfs are loyal to a single female wolf until death. He calls Wang So an animal. He orders Wang Won to put a sword to Hae Soo’s throat. Wang So stares at the sword at Hae Soo’s throat. Wang Yo orders him to choose.

My Thoughts

Superb episode. Payoff for viewers abounded. Wang So and Hae Soo admitted their feelings and kissed. Wang So committed to marry another. Wang Yo returned from the dead to take the throne. Chae Ryung was the surrogate that administered the poison Wang Won / Queen Yoo provided. The King died. This episode delivered!

Hae Soo (IU) kissed Wang So. Hae Soo took matters into her own hands and kissed him. FINALLY, she moved Wang So out of the friend zone. I wondered if it would ever happen. The series is 70% complete with this episode. The writer has made the viewers wait for this moment. Will it be fleeting? Is their only shot of happiness? After the 2-year time jump, Hae Soo was no longer depressed (yes!) and open to Wang So (yes!).

Fourth Prince Wang So (Lee Joon Gi) got his heart’s desire. He’ll need to remember that moment. Wang So, you escaped the friend zone! Finally! Wang So resonates with me. He wants what he wants but proceeds with honor and honesty to achieve (almost always). He has a special “truth zone” with Hae Soo. He freely admitted his feelings for her, she reciprocated, he laid a lovely kiss on her. Be still my heart when he grabs her waist and pulls her to him, swoon! On the politics side of the story, Wang So offered to save the King’s daughter from exile by agreeing to marry her. That moved him to the number one spot in the King’s heart much to Wang Wook’s dismay. He got “shock therapy” when Wang Yo returned and the King died. Then Wang Yo offered the awful choice – die with Hae Soo OR pledge loyalty to Wang Yo & save Hae Soo.

Eight Prince Wang Wook (Kang Ha Neul) is back on team evil. I must say he didn’t seem overly surprised by Wang Yo’s reappearance. Ever pragmatic, Wang Wook realized “if you can’t beat them, join them” and “live to fight another day”. He admitted to his mother that his choices were because of Hae Soo. That proves that he’s lying to himself because he’s clearly rejected Hae Soo numerous times to propel his own agenda to power.

Tenth Prince Wang Eun (Baekhyun) was jealous.  His wife’s easy relationship with Wang Jung made him jealous. Hae Soo told him to open his eyes to his heart.

Fourteenth Prince Wang Jung (Ji Soo) witnessed his brother Wang Yo return from the dead. He didn’t want to join team evil, but agreed to keep silent. “if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice”.

Thirteenth Prince Baek Ah (Nam Joo Hyuk) was reunited with Woo Hee. Baek Ah thought he hallucinated Woo Hee in the woods but she was real. They were both thrilled. I was pleased for them.

Ninth Prince Wang Wook (Yoon Sun Woo) poisoned his brother. He’s loyal scum.

Crown Prince Wang Mu (Kim San Ho) died. The lifetime interview ended last week but the job only lasted 2 years. He was nice but malleable. He got more interesting as the poison gripped his brain. It was suspicious that no one suspected poison. I would have thought that the symptoms would point to poison.

Third Prince Wang Yo (Hong Jong Hyun) was deceased no longer but still a traitor. The guy liner was reduced as he reestablished himself as the leader of team evil. He is poised to be the next King. He has Wang So in his clutches as he exploits Wang So’s Achilles Heel, Hae Soo.

The tenth song of the OST is “My Love” sung by Lee Hi. Check out the video below.


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12 comments on “Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 14 Recap
  1. Kelli says:

    This episode had me snarling and cheering at the same time. They threw us one hell of a curveball thinking the ever majestic So/Soo ship was sinking, then about faced and gave us the scene of the series. I was swooning right along with you over that kiss scene.

    The relationship those two have is beautiful. I didn’t need to see the two years in between because they already had the basic trust/friendship down. She is his Achilles heel, but also his core strength. Yo, Won, and Wook should tread carefully in how they treat her. So will go ham on them if she is harmed.

    Speaking of guy liner extraordinaire, I was happy to see him back. Every time I see him, I think ‘You’re the kind of bad I’m seceptable to’. Yes he’s evil, but he doesn’t hide it like his brothers do. Kudos to him for rocking that look, and not losing twice.

    Chae Ryeung was great to have back by Soo’s side but it is short lived I think. Back in episode four it seemed she had something with Won. I at least want them to give an explanation of their relationship.

    My heart floated for Baek Ah and Woo Hee. Their one scene was a breath of fresh air. I want nothing but happiness for them. Also, Baek Ah is pretty awesome in his connecting So and Soo. He sees it all and is supportive of them.

    • kjtamuser says:

      You are so right that Hae Soo is his core strength. Wang Yo has his own mojo. I find him more appealing than Wang Wook in many ways. Baek Ah is an amazing friend to our leading couple. Glad she came back for him.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        BAEK-WOO—I am rooting for Baek-Woo! I thought Woo Hee would have brought a love child in tow. Baek Ah has managed to keep himself out of treasonous plots and yet be on Wang So’s side. I wonder how that will play out next episode.

        TREASONOUS WOOK, ROUND 2—I ha8 how Wook changed. He and Won tried to pull a gaslight on the King to make him abdicate the throne with the poisoning assistance of the freshly emancipated Chae Ryung. Wang So empathized with the King’s daughter being married off to the Khitan, like when he was send to the Kangs. I thought Yeon Hwa would be a better candidate to be a Khitan bride.

        Queen Hwangbo is angry Wook got involved in another treason attempt, when he barely scraped out of the last one. She was furious Hae Soo is his motivation—that ship has sailed buddy… Wook showed us his cowardice yet again by dumping his impetus for treason on Soo.

        JUNG—Jung looks like he is smitten with Hae Soo, even before she protected him from So. Is Wang So clueless after all these years that he didn’t grasp Wook was the object of Hae Soo’s affection? I’m disappointed Jung was complicit in the treason due to filial loyalty. “if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice”.

        SOO-SO—I cannot fathom how Hae Soo could resist Wang So’s charms for 2 years. Just when Hae Soo wears his hairpin, the King asks Wang So to protect him by becoming his son-in-law. Is the King using Wang So as a pawn, a shield, or does it even matter? I’m so disappointed Wook has become cruel—his gibe about how no girls will be crying about Wang So becoming a married man. Does Wook have any idea Hae So will be the one crying?

        I was cheering to see Hae Soo not only accepted So, but took the initiative to kiss him first! I agree So pulling Soo towards him and kissing Soo properly was swoon-worthy! I like the honesty policy between Hae Soo and So.

        YO HO HO!—Holy smokin’ hot prince! Yo looks so amazing with his facial hair and luscious locks! If looks were the only criteria for judging these princes on—GIVE ME A YO TO GO! Too bad this dark prince is power hungry and sorely lacking in kindness and good character. @Kelli I agree Yo is different than the other brothers; he is audacious in his evilness. Yo stated in an earlier episode he was good at finding others’ weaknesses—he’s got So’s number!

    • swati says:

      you have nailed the importance of Su in So’s life. He is really in a tough spot. Team evil really brought the big guns. Wook is involved in this planning because i dont think guyliner (Wang Yo) or Assistant Guyliner (Wang Won) has that sort of manipulative brains.

      Chae Ryung reasons for this seems to be the question here. Did she do this because of Won or was she told some other noble plot. (my bet is Wook has something to do with this).

      It will be interesting to see how So deals with his position and back footing now.

      Cant Beak Ah and Woo Hee go far away and later we can have another series about their love story. (too much wishful thinking??).

      • kjtamuser says:

        LOL on guy liner and assistant guy liner.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        “guyliner” ditto LOL!

        I would also like to Baek-Woo run away and find happiness. Baek Ah could be in danger since he has been on Wang So’s side, which would make him an enemy to Yo.

        As @Kelly pointed out there was a mysterious interchange between Chae Ryung and Wang Won in episode 4, right after she and Soo were beaten. Won gave her something-I thought it looked like money in a small bag at Damiwon. Was he bribing her to put the mercury in the water? She did look like she regretted her actions. I hope we will get an explanation.

        I believe His Royal Hotness (AKA guyliner, AKA Yo) had been planning this coup with his mother and uncle (Wang Sik, brother of Taejo) since before he was presumed dead. Yo has had two years to plan his attack without any scrutiny. Wook seemed to be genuinely surprised to see Yo was still alive. Yo took advantage of Wook poisoning Wang Moo (the King), to make his treasonous coup succeed. Do you notice His Royal Hotness already claimed to be innocent of the King’s death as he pointed the finger at Hae Soo?

        It will be interesting to see how Wook strategizes to regain his momentum to get the throne and Hae Soo. Yeon Hwa was right about their immediate family being in danger from Yo. His Royal Hotness is always looking for weaknesses and Hae Soo may be Wook’s weakness too. Yo is threatening Hae Soo’s life to control So–while Wook wants So controlled or dead, he has other plans for Soo. If Yo holds a grudge for Wook foiling his prior coup, Wook, Yeon Hwa and Queen Hwangbo may be in mortal danger. Can Wook survive Yo being king or will he change alliances in attempt to gain the throne?

      • Review Leaver says:

        Yep- She’s his noose around the neck. And absolutely, Wook is the mastermind behind this scene. I think he planned to frame her so that she could not get away from him when (per his pre-Yo plans) he became king. Once Yo found him, he basically bartered the girl he “loves” to hand Yo the noose around So’s neck. And Cae Ryung is on team evil. I don’t care how cute or nice she acts. So’s position right now is unenviable. Wook is likely going to try to convince guy-liner of team evil that So has got to Go…… but I do give Yo more credit. He’s less likely to be led around by Wook. And So….. sucks to be him, huh? The only one worse off right now is Hae Soo and Mu (*who is dead). Regarding Hae Soo-. Two regicide attempts in one person’s CV cannot be a good thing. Hae Soo’s future is bleak unless So is the absolute emporer hgoing forward. Good luck to him

  2. swati says:

    Thanks for the recap 🙂

    Now this episode has really solved my 3 weeks of agony of what makes Hae Su dedicated to Wook. 🙂 So glad of this episode.

    Coming to the episode wow… Su-So relationship is amazing. Love the kind to relaxed and chill relationship they have were they understand each other too well (he knew she knows about his marriage and she knows he wont let anyone leave alone a child become hostage to another family in the name of politics).

    What i love most of Wang So character is that he atkes responsibility for his decisions and doesn’t try to explain his actions as noble. He says things for what they are and deals with the consequences of his choices. That’s what makes me admire this character so much.

    Wang So please don’t change. I am gonna be mighty pissed of with the show if the turn So into a assassin on leash for the team evil. This guy has to more capable than that. I really hope So comes back with something really amazing to get back at Yo and exonerate Su from the being responsible for killing Mu.

    Why chae ryung… why?? Are u madly in love with Won or is Wook involved… Really this betrayal is gonna hurt Su.

    Either Yo 2.0 become far too smart in last two years (was he reading up politics related literature??) or Wook is mighty involved. Nice reference to Wolf being dedicated to a female Wolf because that exactly explains So’s dedication to Su. tey really have him cornered.

    I hope So doesn’t get stuck in a very narrow corner. I hope the writers do a better job than just show So as a helpless guy who is stuck because of his girl. (come on now So has to be smarter than that and has more spine).

    Waiting for episode 15 (are the odd episodes better than the even ones??)

  3. kjtamuser says:

    * I also wondered if WH would return with a child in tow.
    * Wook lied to his mother and sister (and himself if he believes his own rhetoric) that Hae Soo was the reason for his latest open treason attempt. Wook does seem to have gone to the dark side. That guarantees he is still obsessed with Hae Soo.
    * LOL “Give me a Yo to go”. Good point remembering Yo’s previous claim to figuring out weaknesses.

  4. Review Leaver says:

    Ah. Great episode. Thanks for the summary!

    Thoughts, Hopes, and comments:

    This episode began after a 2 year time- slip and seemed to show that Soo had finally overcome her depression and self blame, and come to feel she had a deep friendship with Wang So. He, on the other hand, appears to have been waiting two years in a state of tortured hope for her. I loved how he expressed this, in the scene under the stars. His smile at the end of that scene was soooo cute!
    In a later scene, Hae Soo’s bitter-sweet expression that she didn’t know so much about him and had thought she did), was the only context given to how much they had grown to know the other over the past few years.

    I had been wondering how they would explain his child marriage (hinted in the trailer last time) and not make me hate him; but the reason was solid. He would not have been able to tolerate being able to stop something like child-marriage to Kitan (child-abuse- hostage exchange) after his own childhood.
    Also, So seemed aware that there was something going on with the king, and that his (So’s) back up was also needed to stabilize his brother’s (Mu’s) safety and position politically. By this marriage choice he could do both. After all, as shown in past episodes, when the king was not strong- the ensuing political games threatened everyone in those times. No one would have been safe. His brother Mu was going ? crazy- but was otherwise a kind and fair king. Wang So was in a position to prevent anything from happening. He was very aware that Wook would be a big throne threat if Mu was not better supported. And Wook would have been a non-option for him.

    During the Marriage discussions: Wook’s little dig-about hoping no nice girls were crying for the loss of such a good man (during his wedding wishes to Wang So)………..Wow. Wook knew exactly where to poke the hot iron rod of pain into So.
    That comment shows just how cruel this guy can be. I also think the poisoning of the King (by Wook) is a level of amoral evil…. way more horrible than Prince Wang Yo’s. King Mu seems to be very aware of this after he was asked to abdicate; and I had to be impressed by his decision of handling this Wook situation by getting Wang So involved.

    The scene where Hae Soo goes to meet Wang So, with his hair pin finally in place in her hair, was a bit heart-breaking. For a moment, I thought they would not get together due to his marriage issue. Her disappointment during this scene, when he “forgets” why he wished to meet her, was deeply felt. However LJK’s portrayal of So’s emotions, were soooo amazing. Subtle, yet you could feel the regret and longing and cracking of his heart, as he tried to make light of the real reason he had initiated the meeting for.

    And finally, during the boat scene with So and Soo……
    His rocking the boat was cute and all, but I was wondering about the significant bring up of Soo’s fear of water. She was clenching that boat tight, and So had no idea why. The whole she -drowned -and- came -to -another- life fear is unknown to him. With his love for boats, I hope she doesn’t get sent back in time again or something if he finds this amusing. Other than that anxiety (I was with Soo – anxious on his boat rocking joke) it was a cute scene.

    What I loved was that after making his choice, So did not look to justify or rationalize his choice to Hae Soo, though it was tearing both of them apart. He was willing to pay for the consequences, which put him in a level of his own………especially when you later compare this to Wook’s scene with his mother/sister- and all his excuses for his treason. It was also good to see, that they knew each other well enough, that his choice to take another wife, made him aware that to ask Hae Soo anything here would have been asking for sacrifice on her part. He had no face with which to do that. Especially since in his heart – his prior hopes were all promises to her; and he was breaking those promises now with this marriage.

    That being said, I was a bit upset with Wang So for allowing Hae So to find out from others, that he was getting married. I suppose, he felt he had lost her anyways, and after he saw her hope during their “date” he thought it best to crack apart fully. The scene where Hae So says she won’t ask more questions of him regarding the marriage and congradulates him on his marriage was a tear jerker for sure. Well done by IU.

    After that scene, I was certain I was going to cry all episode, due to a Romeo Juliet type situation………. when the episode then threw me an emotional turn about with the post-Jung- in- your- room -confrontation. (When Wang So drags out Hae Soo to confront her about Jung, whom he knows was in her room all night. )

    I loved the friendship they (Soo and So) must have developed over the years, that allowed Wang So and Hae Soo to be able to ask those questions and ask for that level of honesty with each other ………….and give it to each other. The promise for truth going forward was beautiful and promising, but I do worry( given politically how things are), that if Hae Soo breaks this trust, things will really go bad!

    And yes, every time LJK pulls her to him- I have swooned, but this time was amazing. He knew he had been accepted, and that took his possessiveness and care to another level. That tenderness before he kissed her showed without words how precious her acceptance was to him.

    As for our returned guy-liner Prince Yo, leader of team evil:
    I agree, he is a very cool Evil Prince. He has since the start of this series, never been a shadow master (unlike Wook). Yo’s out front and center about what he wants and who he is. He is evil , greedy and cruel- & you know it…………react as you will.

    Wook (who I think is more greedy, evil and cruel) on the other hand, has since the start shown his two faced manipulative tendencies which he works from the shadows of his good decent guy front. KHN was a perfect choice to play this role. His face and acting nail this. Wook always wants people to think he is appropriate, moral and good. Yet his true self comes out, showing he is anything but. This is not new. It has been from the start of the series and progressively grown more scary in him. (I see a lot of internet comments that his sudden about face is hard to digest- but contest that. He was never to me a good moral person.)
    He had a wife, but was eyeing her relation, under his care. He flirted and persued openly Hae Soo, while his wife was alive, and moderately. Hae Soo……someone that his wife considered a daughter. Baek Ah’s the only reason things didn’t go further. He pricked Hae Soo’s sense of right and wrong at that time. Wook is all appropriate talk, but never has he really lived up to it when it came down to the line, especially regarding protection of Hae So. Even in saving her from a marriage to the King, he was careful in protecting himself. And that one time is the only time he went out on a limb for her ever. Even when he knew that Yo was involved with the Monk assasination attempt, he just poked around, but did nothing about it. He could have. Wang So was different- it was his own mother and blood brother. Wang So was torn. Wook had no such reasons to not take action. During the rebellion, he tries to ensure So is killed by Yo, when he knows he’s going to double cross Yo for Mu. Instead of an honest power grab of the throne (like Yo has now done x 2), Wook is the scary guy who befriends his brother Mu and poisons him??!! He is truly Yeon Hwa’s brother. I had to applaud his ruthless evil and cruel-heartless and amoral planning. Luckily though things didn’t work out for him that way. Yo was correct in saying its the quiet nice one’s who are most scary. How very very true here. Yo you can respect. Wook- not so much. Nice contrast on how two people with similar evil goals can be different. Apparently there is such a thing, as honor among thieves.

    Ji Mong’s discussion with Wang So seems to be more a warning of a future to come, than a current political advice. His comment that the king(Mu) would not keep him (Wang So) long, made me think he knew about his (Mu’s) upcoming demise. He seems to suggest that after this, Wang So would be a bit of a leashed dog, unless he turned on his master and became king himself.
    I bet that’s exactly what’s going to happen. And Hae Soo’s going to be the lynch pin on that turning point, as Team Yo-Evil use her to control So (as suggested by the end of this episode). I loved the way the conflict of his choice (between what was right and what was loved) showed up on So’s face at the end of this series, when he was given his choice. LJK nailed it.

    And then Jung. Yeah. Jung loves Hae Soo. And I gave Wang So wayyyy too much credit. He is clueless. Jung? No, Jung is not the person Hae Soo loved! Oh for Pete’s Sake! Even if he didn’t know- he has to wonder about Wook, and all that he has done in the past regarding Hae Soo, right? I was really put off by his Jung questioning to Hae Soo. However, I suppose when you don’t know for sure, and then have the girl you love (and can’t get to because you got married) spend the night with another man (your own brother- whom you were often jealous of) in her room (in ancient Korean social context) you would loose your cool sense of what’s happening…???
    And Hae Soo…………..just tell him who is was already! I’m getting so anxious about this Wook in the woodwork issue between the two of you!

    And someone’s comment that Yeon Hwa should have been married off to Kitan was amazing. I had to laugh hard at that. Yes- that would have worked out well. I wouldn’t have known if I would be sorry for her or for Kitan. Though we may have had Yeon Hwa married to So then- huh?
    But alas, I bet she’s going to come in full force soon. With Yo back, she’s likely going to get really persistent that Wang So be her savior. Or get back on her- So, you should be a king train. Her brother’s now on borrowed time as long as Yo is ruling. And given that Yo is unlikely to marry her as a his Queen (given his supporters help x 2 years now to get the throne ) – (& given her brother’s role in his past Coup attempt), she’s aware of being in a bad spot. And she’s selfish enough to do anything to protect her interests and self.

    While I’m still hoping for a Hae Soo gets an adoption into the Kang Clan along with a new second identity ending……… I am aware that I’m very much a “want a happy ending” fan. Given what’s going on, its a coin toss if this ends in her going back in time vs lives on in this time tragically if they choose the no happy ending option. I am really hoping that Wang So’s tendency to marry girls in distress, don’t get him married to Wook’s sister Yeon Hwa. Especially since he is apparently clueless about Hae Soo and Wook in any way.

    I am most worried about Hae Soo trying to protect Wook going forward. Wang So is basically trapped out of his love for her into serving Yo. (I suspect he will chose her and life). But Hae Soo doesn’t know it was Wook who was poisoning Mu via Mercury. With Yo back, Wook’s chances for a long life are tenuous if not non-existant. And Hae Soo here commented to Jung she will not let anyone get hurt. But she cannot do that without being seen as betraying someone else here. I really hope she doesn’t risk it all to help Wook out of a tight spot while Wang So is aware. That’s going to really suck.

    All in all this was the best episode so far. They rocked my emotions, my interest and we have no idea how it will all go . So also got (finally) out of the friend-zone, though it was bitter-sweet, given his marriage and now his trapped servitude at the end (from his feelings).

    With Yo and Team Evil in charge of the SHR ship for now- we can look forward to a lot of death, blood, and cruel games using Hae Soo as bait, & involving So. What will break his camel’s back, and cause him to “bite” back to rule this house (as Ji Mong foresaw it)?
    How will Wook slither from Yo’s payback here, and how will Yeon Hwa protect herself and try to get herself Wang So?
    I’m hoping they do as good a job as they did in the past few episodes to spin that tale.
    Sounds like good times for us as viewers ………. we’ve resolved some of the big progression issues in SHR with this episode. It’s going to allow the show to move forward quickly now.
    Hang on to your seats!

    • Jane Tilly says:

      I am ecstatic the highly anticipated Soo-So relationship finally came to fruition ❤ ! So drawing Soo into him and kissing her was *SWOON-WORTHY*!

      Even though Hae Soo almost drowned, has she been afraid of water? She deliberately went back to the pool at Damiwon in episode 2 in hopes of returning to the present and didn’t seem to be afraid to be in the water. Did I miss something?

      I concur Wook has become duplicitous, cruel and scary. His Royal Hotness is forthright about his evilness—while I do not condone his actions, I appreciate Yo’s guilelessness. Proclaiming Wook as “Shadow Master” is a dead-on pronouncement!

      Wook is a selfish prince who didn’t bother to tell his loving wife that he loved her, even though he knew that is the one thing she wanted/needed to hear. Even though polygamy was allowed, it was very inconsiderate of him to flirt in front of Lady Hae, especially with her cousin Hae Soo. Wook promised to rescue Soo and then abandoned her without a word of explanation. He forsook Hae Soo when she needed him the most.

      Wook double-crossed His Royal Hotness; what kind of punishment will Yo have in store for him? The Shadow Master masterminded the poisoning of the King—using poison is considered to be cowardly, especially for men. @Review Leaver made a great point about how similar Wook is to his conniving sister Yeon Hwa—it just took us longer to notice the Shadow Master’s subtle deceit.

      • Review Leaver says:

        I love the terms here…..

        His Royal hotness…….Yo to Go…..
        Guy Liner and Assistant Guy Liner……

        Your statement of Give me some Yo to Go was classic.
        They are all …..Just Awesome. I don’t think I can watch the next episode without thinking/ snorting out each time I now see these men come on screen …… as my mind will call them Guy liner and assistant guy liner- and intermittently (when Evil gets me all hot and bothered) ….His Royal hotness……to go….

        When evil is attractive, it is often the bold all out unapologetic ones that get us. Loki in Thor is another example. Yo just needs a cape and he’s set to go.

        Wook is the silent serial killer who smiles and lives next door type. Those you never get the hots for. KHN’s acting is so awesome on this character, that despite his handsome face(I normally love him), and gentleman manners (Wook has his facade down), your skin crawls every time you see him, as you look for the nearest exit.

        I wonder when Hae Soo’s blinders are going to come off about this guy………… she’s not fully aware the extent of his sins. Meanwhile she seems to worry a lot about So’s potential future threat all due to some visions…..
        To be honest in those visions, Eun is already shot with arrows when So cuts him down. And in another he is merely in Royal robes of the King, looking unhappy. I am not sure other than the red color that tints her visions, what exactly is scaring her about So, when Wook is an all time new standard of concern.

        As for the Water. No she did go back to the pool which is? shallow, but is still water often. However, she was definitely holding tight to the boat that was barely moving. I assumed that she did not wish (of all ironic times to return), when she was with So- after finally hoping to accept his feelings for her- though that is not what she got. It was just a sort of assumption on my part- when I saw that scene……… and I’m not sure what made me think that now that you brought it up……

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